I'm Cuckoo For Cocoa-nuts

by McFluffy

Disclaimers: I don't own'em...if I did, FIN wouldn't have occurred except in your worst nightmare and the girls would be happily approaching the midpoint to season 8 and thinking about the cool major motion picture they would be making in the off season...Tropical...ummm...Tropical something or other. {{G}}

In the corner of the living room was the Christmas's lights twinkling gaily, highlighting the silver and gold ornaments. Under the tree, small scraps of wrapping paper and shredded bows dotted the carpet, evidence of the great gift massacre that had occurred earlier in the day.

The fire crackled and hissed as another log met its demise. The orange flames cast interesting shadows on the wall of the occupant residing in front of the fireplace.

The dark haired female moved from her sitting position and stretched her body out. Now that everyone had left or turned in for the night, things were rather peaceful again. She reached over and snagged a throw pillow off the low couch. With a yawn, she decided to settle down on the hearthrug. Lying on her belly, she crossed her limbs and gently rested her head. Her eyes closed in repose, as she enjoyed the warmth and the silence. Ahhhhhh, peace and quiet at last. A slight grin tugged at her mouth when she heard her companion's approach. Well, peace at least.

A small blonde female, on all fours, slowly crawled up. With much poking and prodding to the other large body she made herself at home and cuddled in close. Once she achieved her required comfort level, which was by lying half across her partner's back, she sighed contentedly and laid her head down on the strong shoulder. The exaggerated sigh brought about a silent chuckle from the dark female, her body shaking.

"Stop moving...I just got comfy." She said with annoyance and she smacked the living pillow under her. "Nice party, huh Xe?"

One ice blue eye cracked open and regarded her with amusement. " was good to see all the kids again. I really missed them. They looked so cute in their Christmas play costumes. Although I could have done without the stupid pet tricks, Lucy tried."

"Yeah, trying to get a dog to balance apples on her head and then attempting to shoot one off with a dart gun was a bit more excitement than I had in mind for us today."

"It's nice to know I can still catch arrows, or in this case sucker darts, in mid-flight."

"My hero." Gabrielle said, with mock seriousness.

"Well, I do have many skills," Xena deadpanned.

Gabrielle rolled her eyes. "Well, it was still a good day. I loved the Santa piñata. Although a blindfolded lil' Renee with that broomstick was more of a menace to all the lamps in the livingroom than the piñata."

"You mean you loved playing with the little toys that fell out of it. You, my little bardie, are still just a kid at heart."

"I can't really argue with that." She licked her soulmate on the ear, causing Xena to shiver.

"Y'know Gab, the kids trying to scare each other with those ghost stories earlier got me thinking about some of the weird things we have faced over the years."

"Oh, you mean like me turning into one of those Bacchae creatures...what are they called now?"

"Hmmm...yeah...ummm...vampires, I think."

"Y'know what I remember about that time...those flying skeleton bats...those scary looking Dryad thingies we had to go find in that graveyard." Gabrielle's voice took on a low purr, "and I remember biting you right..." She leaned over and nipped Xe's neck, "here."

Xena laughed. "And what about my Mom's tavern and the last time we were in Amphipolis..."

"ICK! Don't remind me...that haunted house...those, was that place in need of a broom or twelve. Oh, and the monsters and, ewwwww, those worms..." Gabrielle started talking with an exaggerated super salesman voice, "and let's not forget the Ol' Backyard Gateway to Hell' complete with wonderful dry ice fog effects and a big ugggg-ly demon."

Xena smiled, then sobered quickly. Gabrielle, knowing exactly where Xena's thoughts had just traveled, began to lightly scratch Xena's back in comfort.

"When I think of the Inn, honey, I prefer to remember the good stuff...all the nice times we had, the smells of all your Mom's pastry treats baking...oooh, especially her pumpkin pies."

She nuzzled Xena's ear. "C'mon...we shouldn't be dwelling on the past, we should be thinking about all the good stuff going on now. We are here...together. It didn't take us long to find each other in this incarnation. We have a great place to live. Good friends and people around us who love us. Good food." She lightly bit down on the shoulder her head was resting on. "Y'know, lots of kibble to nibble." Gabrielle smiled. "Now, c'mon, I know you...that isn't the only thing on your, dinar for your thoughts."

"I know we should be grateful...but, I dunno, these bodies leave a lot to be desired. They aren't the usual bodies we deal with."

"Yeah, well...I for one am glad you're not in a 'Joxer' looking body again. Talk about scary stuff...EEK!" The bard snickered.

"Gabrielle, be serious," Xena growled. "We have problems here. I love you and always will, but with these particular bodies we just can't...well... indulge in certain...urges...y'know?"

Gabrielle leaned over and went nose to nose with Xena. "I do not believe this," she said exasperatingly. "You are not going to bring that up again are you? Sheesh! I thought you were over that obsession. Didn't you get enough in our last incarnation? By the Gods, Xena, when you were in Harry's body you were relentless...morning...noon...night... "

"Gab...I can't help's an addiction..."

"Xe? You're a dog. I'm a cat. We just can't eat chocolate. Get over it."

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