Hi guys...
Guess what time it is? Go on guess? That's right you lucky, lucky people it's ....
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Anyway...we searched and scoured and scoured and searched and searched some more...in all the nooks and crannies, under rocks, over hill and dale (and let me tell ya...Dale was ticked when we ran him over <.g.>)...Yes, we went all over the cyber world to find another challenge worthy of all your creative Bards and Artists out there and then well...
This one was handed to us by another Bard.
But not just any Bard...the super, special and talented Nene Adams.
You can find her library of works here: http://www.corrieweb.com/library.htm
First of all, let me thank Nene for giving us her brilliant idea. Take a bow, Nene.
Let me also thank all the secret (mini munchkin) helpers that Steph managed to coerce...ummm...convince to volunteer their time to come up with all those cool titles.
Let me thank Steph for her patience...she's has been dying to get this one started...well, bud, here ya go...
<.drum roll.>
We call this one...
PULP FanFiction 
It's based on those suggestive, offbeat, irreverent (and cheese-filled <.g.>) postcard-type images that graced the covers of paperbacks from the thirties to the seventies (the golden age of the paperback publishing business). For examples go here: PulpPostcards

Steph and those secret helpers (they are so secret even I don't know who they are) came up with a whole slew (that's several more than a bunch) of titles for you to work with...
Go here to find them: http://www.academyofbards.org/contest/2002/pulp

1) Choose a title and write a story or
2) Choose more than one and write lots of stories
There is no limit to the number of stories you can submit in this challenge.
1) Choose a title and create a cover graphic representing the title or
2) Choose several titles and create lots of covers
Like the Bards there is no limit to the amount of entries you may submit.   
3) Let us choose one title for you and you get a 5 vote head-start bonus. We thought this only fair since the Bards got the bonuses last time. Send an email to academy_contest@yahoogroups.com
and we'll send you the title we chose especially for you.


1) You may use any characters (original, uber or even X&G) in the stories...there will be no separate writing categories here. Please do not use your own readily recognizable, already established characters (see rule 3A). Length of story is left entirely up to you. So is the type of story... Gen/Alt/Comedy/Drama...whatever.

2) Keep the story PG13 (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)...major subtext/maintext is fine, just please no triple X graphic prose...keep the story in the same style as the original pulp paperbacks.

3A) Bards...your stories will be posted anonymously

3B) Artists...please sign your work...they will not be posted anonymously

4) All entries compete on a one-to-one basis...so if a Bard or Artist submit several entries, we will not be combining the votes into one total.

5) Feel free to submit entries in both categories. If you are both bardically and artistically talented/inclined...GO FOR IT! 

6) Nuh uh...no six

7) Do not promote or discuss your entries on any other lists (public or private) or any other sites (including your own) until after the voting period ends.

8) The Official ROOLS Committee makes all final rulings on any questions...we have the power and we know how to use it. All rulings are final once the committee speaks.

9) Deadline for entries is February 14th. Voting will begin right after all the stories are coded and everything gets posted. Voters will be allowed one vote in each category.

The Titles

•Demon of Desire (They conjured up something they could not control!)

•Luscious in Leather

•Faster, Pussycat! Kill, Kill, Kill! (Sex and violence became her world!)

•Two to Tango

•Whipped and Chained (She surrendered to dark temptations!)

•Warrior Women

•Big Bad Mommas in Heat (The gang's all here and rarin' to go!)


•Babes Behind Bars (They were innocent... but not for long!)

•Biker Babes

•Sorority Sisters (Mother never told her that college would be so dangerous!)

•Tower of Terror

•Kiss Me Deadly (Who could she trust in a town without pity?)

•Candy Strippers

•Hell on High Heels (She's got 8" stilettos and she isn't afraid to use them!)

•High-rise High Jinks

•Lone Star Sinners (The hottest action in the hottest state!)

•She's Having My Baby

•Addicted to Speed (They went past the limits again and again!)

•Kiss of Death

•Venus in Flames (She was a red-hot woman from another planet, looking for love!)

•Lights, Camera, Action!

•Dress Blues

•FearlessAt her Mercy (It was more than just passion that drove them!)

•Bad and Beautiful

•I Love Leather (It was more than just the smell!)

•Tall, Dark and Deadly

•Red, Hot and Blue (More Fireworks than the Fourth of July!)

•Sin City Confidential 

•Sin-Sational (The More She Was Sated, The More It Took!)

•Only The Good Die Young

•Green-eyed Monster (You Never Know What Verdant Eyes Can See!)


We have lots of Autographed pics available again (Claire/Hudson/Paris/Alex) and are working on some special goodies to include as well. More about the prizes at a later date.

I would like to thank all the Bards and Artists who participated in the last BC. It was our most successful BC to date. I also would like to show my appreciation to the Academy Munchkins for all their work in setting these BCs

So, Steph, Cadryn, Ruth: YOU ALL ROCK !

Now...go check out the sites and put your creative caps on and go have some fun.

Phyllis aka WarriorNutcase