OK...I have never entered a writing contest before, nor written anything. What the heck.... here goes..

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Remember you said "Short is really really good here"

The Mystery of tape, SUV, bubble wrap and dive knife solved.



I can't help thinking that this is so not how I envisioned spending my Saturday morning here in beautiful down town Beverly Hills  I quickly spit out the little bitty piece of packing tape from my mouth as I hear footsteps approaching.  I look around the back of my SUV and smile at my friend as she stops beside me.

"What are you doing?" she asks as she looks down at all the itty bitty pieces of tape scattered around me and the back of the truck.

 Grinning sheepishly I exclaim, "Well, these posters are too big to take on the plane. I had to have them shipped here to Beverly Hills. I didn't want them getting damaged so I taped them up in bubble wrap real good to protect them while in transit."

" Ahhh, and this explains the tape all around..how?"

I shift my eyes to the poster in my hand. " don't have scissors to cut the tape off. You can't sign them until I can get this dang tape off." She stares at me as I once again put a corner in my mouth and begin to gnaw away on the tape. She turns and looks towards the hotel and states she can go in and get a knife or something to help me out.

I quickly slap my forehead and lunge for my backpack tucked in a far corner of the SUV. After rummaging around inside for a bit,  I triumphantly shout out a "YES"and hold up my dive knife!

Relax I say as I notice her eyes bulge.  I brought it with me as I want to try and get in some diving while here in California.

As she slowly nods her head in understanding and leans up against the tailgate, I cheerfully hack away at the tape and bubble wrap. As I mumble something to the effect of 'die die you clingy Octopus' I notice my friends eyes are darting every which way. I quickly glance up and down the street. After seeing nothing amiss, I ask her what she is looking for.

"Cops. This will make a wonderful sound bite for Extra or ET."

The breeze picks up and sends our chuckles and bits of bubble wrap floating down Beverly Hills Blvd.

The end!

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ps. If this royally stinks... I blame it on cutting English class one to many times. If not... I would like to thank my English teacher for teaching me everything I know.  (vbg)