by Marianne Fleischman

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Anna reread what she wrote about Jay, who she saw making coffee. Anna was the luckiest woman in the world. They were given a second chance to be together. Jay was living and breathing. If that was the only result of her phone call that fateful day, she thanked god for this day.

Anna lived on the East Coast at the time. She woke up from a bad dream.

She dreamt Jay died in an accident. The dream was clear on the date and time. Past experiences between her and Jay made her believe in dreams.

Anna drank her coffee trying to figure out how prevent this. All of her normal ways, writing and E-mail would be too late. Anna would book a flight for tomorrow. As she finished her coffee, this dream would not come true. She booked a flight for the next day. She packed her overnight bag. Now she would call Jay.

Anna's memory relived the dream.

Anna was home when she called. She felt as if half of her was dead. She found out Jay was killed in a car accident. The guy was DWI and ran the red light. Jay

just started into the intersection and was hit her car broadsided at full speed. Death was instantaneous. Anna could not believe it. She had just talked to her a week ago. She went out for the funeral. She placed a rose on the grave.

In her dream she had promised herself that if she was given a second chance, she would make sure her friend was home when this occurred.

She called Jay and told her she had business on the coast and would be out there tomorrow. Jay mentioned the meeting on that day. Anna would find out if she would be with her in life or in death.

Anna arrived in California the day before. She meets Jay at her office in LA. They went to dinner that night and talked all night. Anna just watched Jay for the longest times, soaking in her image and words. Jay felt Anna's attention on her. She had to find out why Anna took this trip.

The clock reached to 8:30 am on the 12th of November, Jay was here and alive. Anna thanked the gods, hugging Jay closely.

"What was that for?" Jay said appreciating the warmth.

"Just because you are here, right now." Anna choked out.

Anna turned to Jay and told her of her dream. She recalled all the details. Jay was speechless. She remembered canceling her morning appointment for Anna's visit. She turned on the local TV Station. A man ran the light at 8:30 am at the exact intersection she would cross. He missed several cars only to crash into a parking lot. He died being transported to the hospital. Later reports indicated he had DWI.

They were friends for a long time. The friendship was very important to both of them. Each knew deep down they loved each other beyond friendship.

"You are the most important person in my life. I would rather die with you than live without you. " Anna stated.

"Ditto." Jay answered.

They both felt their new life together begin.

Our friendship grew deeper and closer that day. We were given a precious gift, us.

Over these last three years, we cherish each moment we have together. We traveled back and forth for the first year. Two years ago Jay was transferred to New York. We share 'our' home here. Our friendship and love for each other was and is endless.

Anna thoughts came back to present.

Jay was watching her as she placed a cup of coffee on the desk.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return" Jay read.

"Words to live by" Anna quietly spoke stealing a kiss from Jay.

Anna wondered if fate had its' hand in what really evolved. Since that fateful day, their lives were richer. Anna and Jay felt they were given a gift they would cherish forever, each other. Our families would be home for the holidays. Life was good and full, what more can one ask.

Happy Holidays


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