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Gabrielle reflected with a certain warmth that Xena, the 'Warrior Princess' one time 'Destroyer Of Nations' had grown to accept the young bard as her friend.

Well, tolerate her at least. It was just as well.

"Xena, don't chicken out on me"

No sooner had she spoken the words Gabrielle wished she had bitten her tongue. Though a dark glower had appeared, the bard was now quite expert at reading her friend's face. The most beautiful, expressive visage in the known world. The bard even had time to reflect that implying the warrior was a coward was the last thing anyone should do-indeed it likely was the very last thing some people had done.

Happily, this murderous glare was not the genuine article, but rather a subtly different variation. One the bard noted seemed exclusively reserved for herself.

"I beg your pardon?"

Xena's tone also lacked any genuine venom.

"You're right. I'm sorry, bad wrong choice of words"

Despite her security, the blonde still stumbled the apology. That glare was still scary.

"And you a bard, too"

The raven-haired warrior added with a hint of a smile.

"We did promise the Amazons, you know Ephiny, Epinon-and I am their Queen in waiting"

"Quite a pair , both of them"

Xena spoke with a mischievous grin and wistful look.

Gabrielle seemed perplexed but was too eager to wonder what Xena had meant.

"The cream of Amazon society meeting in one place, with you as special honorary guest! And don't blame that corn on your foot, I know it healed ages ago"

"For your information it was a bunion.  Anyway, I'll think about it, but don't go milking that Amazon Princess thing, you are just not ready for it"

There was a genuine compassion this time in both face and voice. It confirmed to Gabrielle, indeed to Xena herself that the warrior was growing fond of this irritating, headstrong but mostly adorable young blonde.

"Did you know our water canteen has a leak?"

Gabrielle sounded indignant.

"We could get that fixed by Solari, plus the Amazons have proper huts. I don't mind sleeping outside, but last night I was frozen to the marrow"

The bard seemed unable to drop the subject.

"Please Gabrielle!  Go write a scroll or something, I just need some alone time"

The warrior had tried hard not to sound harsh, she just about succeeded.


Xena had found herself in a pickle.  Of course her whole life was full of scrapes and jams, but this one could not be solved by sword or chakram-

There had been little need for details, it was obvious from the outset that the warrior had lived a life of much violence.  Gabrielle had accepted this and was content that her companion was on a path of redemption. Other aspects of Xena's past however were not discussed.

It was not a source of pride to the warrior, but she must have had as many lovers as people she had slain. The two things were oddly related, each in many ways an exercise of power rather than purpose. And power was addictive.

It seemed clear to Xena that the bard was if not virgin, then surely innocent in matters which many would find depraved. To reveal this particular aspect of her past may alienate Gabrielle, and Xena did not want that.

For the warrior, perhaps only Lao Ma had shown what a loving relationship could be like. Xena herself had discovered during many debaucheries, that being with a woman provided the greatest pleasure in a physical sense, Lao had provided glimpses of other pleasures-friendship, comfort, love-yet at that time these were still weaknesses to the embittered 'Destroyer of Nations'.

By the time the tall, beautiful yet tortured soul had chosen to give up her weapons and seek solace at her home in Amphipolis, even natural feelings of lust had deserted her. Then of course, events had intervened.

That irritating blonde who for some reason would not be shaken off had not instantly re-lit the fires in Xena's loins. Yet as they journeyed together, Gabrielle had proved witty, resourceful, charming. Dammit! The girl was adorable, the warrior was falling in love whether she cared to admit it or not.

The day they stumbled upon the Amazon village, everything just spun out of control.  Ephiny had been suspicious, even hostile to Xena from the beginning.

With the death of Terreis, and a potential war in the making, the warrior had determined to investigate. It proved to be no accident that Ephiny was the one to accompany her.

Sheer animal magnetism. Would the chaste Gabrielle understand such a thing?

During the search for clues to the killer of Terreis, the warrior and the amazon had bickered, brawled with each other, fought with thugs and all the time had

exchanged glowering looks.

Xena had trained herself to be a warrior, Ephiny was bred as one, both had found the quality of reading another person.  Each new there was a strong physical attraction, each could see the years of experience, carnal experience smouldering from their very sinews-

Though it was the amazon who had initiated the passion, the previous exhange of looks, glances and leers had been the true beginning.  Effectively Xena had given the other woman permission to instigate her assault, and Ephiny had readily accepted. The beautiful amazon with the cork-screw curls fell upon the warrior as a hungry wolf, devouring the firm flesh of her prey, Xena at first was content to enjoy being ravished and remained as submissive as she possibly could be.

It may have been months since her body had received such sublime attention, and soon the warrior was writhing in orgasm and ready to take the assault to her lithe companion. The day grew gloomy, night descended, yet the love play continued with enthusiasm. In the occasional breaks, Xena worried that their extended absence would be noticed, felt pangs of guilt concerning Gabrielle, and learned some interesting details about this particular amazon village.

The warrior awoke as the first light penetrated the tree canopy.

Ephiny remained in slumber, a satisfied smile still etched on her face.

Xena may have awoken the woman in her special way of old-but decided to instead to remove herself for some self-relief. She was all to aware of how easy it would be to allow sexual abandon to re-enter her life. Not so terrible perhaps, but now Gabrielle was in the equation.

"I had to pee"

The warrior explained to the now wide-eyed amazon, who was watching Xena saunter back to their overnight camp. Xena gave in to a luscious deep-tongued kiss before pushing Ephiny aside.

"We do not speak of this. All we did was investigate, alright?"

This rhetoric brought a smile to the amazons face, but she understood that Xena was deadly serious. There was little time for speculation as the warrior strode purposefully back to the amazon village.

It transpired that their overnight absence was not in fact the gossip of the village.  Everyone seemed to accept the warrior's explanation of an overnight observation, and that the captured centaur was not responsible for the death of Terreis.

Xena was a little concerned that her bard companion was nowhere to be seen.

The bold and buxom Epinon led the warrior into an empty hut.

"You know Terreis gave your friend her right of caste?"

Xena nodded but said nothing.

"Amazon Princess is no mere appellation.  It is an honour, a duty that carries heavy responsibilities."

"I'm aware of certain Amazon customs, though they vary from tribe to tribe"

Xena's response was guarded. She had no sense at all that Gabrielle was in danger, yet she didn't like being kept apart from her.  Protecting the young blonde had more or less been the warrior's sole purpose since they had hooked up.

"Gabrielle has been busy"

Epinon was staring at Xena rather in the fashion that Ephiny had-

"She must learn of our history, our customs and laws.  She has been a willing student"

Was that a smirk or had Xena imagined it?  The warrior felt almost mesmerised, certainly she had attained little sleep the previous night.

"You look tired Xena. Slip under the covers-"

The voice was almost hypnotic, Epinon glided towards the warrior and helped her into the bed. Now it was her eyes that were hypnotic, and those amazing breasts-

The warrior believed she heard a slight giggle from outside the hut before her face was immersed in Epinon's bosom. Suddenly a roving hand had found exactly the right place and yet again the warrior was abandoned to lust.

Although she had been alone upon wakening, Xena felt a total sham.

Yet again she had revelled in hours of love-making and she was certain that Epinon had not been the entire source of her pleasure. Ephiny had indicated the previous night that Epinon had a penchant for multiple partners.

The warrior clearly recalled a time when at least one more body had entered the bed, very possibly more.  So much for her 'love' of Gabrielle, Xena felt self-loathing that she was now again simply a wanton slut.

She had finally met up with the bard and basically marched her out of the village.

"This amazon thing is a huge mistake, we are leaving now!"


All that had occurred a matter of days ago.

Each day since, the warrior had taken herself off to masturbate.

The carnal beast had been aroused from it's slumber, yet Xena felt only shame whilst walking with the innocent beauty that was Gabrielle.

When the bard had suddenly announced that they were expected back to participate in the ceremony, Xena was in a turmoil.  Gabrielle seemed bemused by the warrior's reluctance, but what did she know of such matters?

Xena had suffered vivid dreams in which the bard was ritually crowned, whilst she Xena, was committing rape on innocent amazons, or even on an innocent young bard.

After Xena's "alone time" outburst, Gabrielle herself felt bereft.

As was bidden, she had moved away and pretended at least to work on a fresh scroll.

Stumbling upon that amazon village had been the most amazing thing in her life. (Aside from meeting Xena) It had almost been like a gift from the Gods.

Of course the death of Terreis had been horrible, and she had not understood the 'right of caste' but with Xena leaving to search for answers, the bard had been placed in the trusted hands of Epinon.

The shock of suddenly becoming an amazon princess was as nothing compared to what she had learned.  The fact was that Gabrielle had loved Xena from the very first day, yet she knew nothing of how to convey such a love.

Sure, back in Potodeia she had read some of the works of Sappho and so was aware that women could bond physically as well as emotionally-but reading about it and actually doing it seemed worlds apart.

How could a scrawny kid from nowhere interest the most amazing and beautiful woman who had ever lived?

The first thing Epinon had done was to introduce Kella and Allika.

"What was for Terreis is now yours"

She had said it so matter-of-factly.

The two young amazons stepped forward smiling, then proceeded to undress Gabrielle.

"Wait! I don't want slaves!"

The bard was adamant.

"It is our honour and our pleasure"

They had spoken in unison with the hint of a giggle.

Epinon looked on with a severe visage.

"You do not wish to disrespect our ways"

Gabrielle felt chastened.

The undressing continued, with some touching that may have been inappropriate. It certainly introduced new sensations to the bard's body.

The innocent blonde felt the best course of action was to keep looking at Epinon, take her lead from the woman in charge.

Kella and Allika set about re-dressing the blonde in amazon attire, but their hands kept straying-

Her eyes fixed on Epinon, Gabrielle first noticed the rush of dampness between her own legs, and then watched in shock as the buxom amazon began to feel her own body. Caressing her breasts until the nipples were prominent, then allowing her hands to stroke firm thighs before settling in to that special place. This sight only increased the bard's own excitement, and soon the two younger amazons were peppering Gabrielle with kisses.

The bard's legs buckled.

"No, stop, I don't want-"

It was too late.

Kella and Allika had eased Gabrielle down on to a large bed and were now doing what came naturally to them. The bard was lost and no longer cared, her body was urging on the two vixens as they kissed and caressed her from head to toe.

"And now for weapon practise"

Gabrielle was only vaguely aware that Epinon had produced a carved phallus.

Writhing in ecstasy at the ministrations of her 'slaves' her instincts allowed her to seek out their bodies with a hungry mouth, and eager hands.

When Epinon finally replaced the phallus with her tongue, Gabrielle all but passed out.

The 'lessons' had continued long into the day and night.

As the sun went down, Epinon had dismissed Terreis' former companions

and took a while to chat to Gabrielle.

"You love Xena, and want to keep her happy"

"Yes, of course"

"Then allow me to teach you"

It briefly crossed Gabrielle's mind that Epinon's further teachings were little more than the amazon enjoying herself with some gusto. By now, the only response she could give was-


Gabrielle awoke alone and slightly disorientated.

She also felt somewhat tender in various parts of her body.

Part of her wished to explain the activities of yesterday as a rape, yet she knew that was just not the case. In fact once she realised the intent of her two 'slaves' she had willed it rather than resisted.

The bard wondered and worried about Xena.  She was not too concerned for the warrior's safety, if anyone could look after themselves it was Xena-

Rather she was anxious to know if her companion was aware of the bard's 'initiation'.

Was Epinon even now telling the lurid details of their passionate, lust filled evening? Of how it was Gabrielle herself who had insisted the love-making continue with an animal like fervour?

After bathing and dressing in her new 'amazon' attire, the blonde bard was visited by the apparently inseperable Kalli and Allika.

They entered the hut hand-in-hand, as ever smiling.

"Xena has returned with important information. She is in conference with Queen Melosa, Ephiny and Epinon. They are working hard to prevent a possible war"

Gabrielle understood from the tone of the announcement that she would not be re-united with her friend soon. She didn't know whether to be pleased or upset.

"She has been informed that you are learning the ways, history and customs of our tribe. Xena understands the importance of such traditions and is happy you are safe and being well treated"

Gabrielle wondered if Xena knew exactly what 'well-treated' had entailed.

"So what happens now?"

The amazons exchanged a twinkling glance.

Kalli elected herself spokesperson.

"When young amazons attain a certain age, our Queen has the privilege of introducing them to the joys of womanhood. Since Melosa is busy, you have inherited the right from Terreis to perform that duty. It so happens young Sabena is ready for her passage-"

At that point a young brunette entered the hut.

"An honour to meet you Princess"

Sabena said with a bow.

Gabrielle was stunned into silence.

It was Allika who continued.

"Do you wish us to leave or stay and help in the ceremony?"

Despite the fact that Sabena seemed more than eager, Gabrielle remained dumbstruck. It was all too much too soon.

"I can't-I really can't"

The bard stumbled out the words and was shocked to see Sabena look crestfallen. Before she began to tear up and hug Allika for comfort, the novice blurted out

"I have been practising on my own, I do know some things!"

Kalli approached her princess.

"This truly is an honour for these girls, Sabena has been waiting for this day for a long time. Allika and I will be here if you wish. How can you resist such a beautiful young girl?"

The bard was flummoxed, she had made a hash of her first official duty, but despite the events of yesterday, she still felt it would be a betrayal of Xena.

The woman she loved-but the woman who had not tried to seduce her as these amazons had done so brazenly.

Sabena had now buried her face in Allika's cleavage, and clearly prepared for what was to come was suckling on a nipple.

"Sabena! Your princess desires the pleasure of you in her bed!"

Gabrielle had surprised herself with this sudden command.

The young amazon wasted no time, and in turn Gabrielle wasted no time in warming to her task.


Back at their makeshift camp, the silence still loomed between the two friends.

It was an uneasy quiet, one that Xena felt compelled to break.

"Gabrielle, there is something I must tell you"

The bard dropped her scroll and sat down by her friend. She sat closer than possibly they ever had before. That just made the warrior feel more uncomfortable.

"Back in those days when I was out of control, killing was not my only vice"

She took a deep breath.

"I was a bit of a sex fiend too. Men and women, though I quickly found that I really only liked women. I'm not talking romance Gabrielle, I mean pure wanton sex. You could say I was insatiable. Female warriors, bar wenches and whores. I must have been a visitor to every whore-house in Athens and beyond. Basically I was  a whore"

Gabrielle felt a strange tingle of excitement, though her companion could barely look her in the eye.

"I grew weary of it, as I grew weary of everything in my life."

Another pause.

"Back in that amazon village, somehow Ephiny and I got together. We didn't spend the whole time battling ruffians, we were mostly making love.

The next day, while you were studying, Epinon visited my hut and I did it with her too"

Gabrielle was now almost squirming with excitement and struggling to suppress a giggle.

"That amazon village is little more than one big orgy. Ephiny told me the truth about what really goes on there. So you see, if we return for whatever ceremony they have planned, I just know I will be tempted again."

"Xena, I may be disgusted by violence, but I cannot honestly say that having sex is wrong. I cannot judge you for your natural feelings"

The warrior gave her companion a sideways look.

"Doesn't it sound so sordid to you?"


Gabrielle was building to her own confession.

"Did you find Epinon a good lover?"

That question shook Xena.

"That woman has had plenty of experience"

Her voice was almost wistful.

"What on earth made you ask that?"

Xena was jolted from the memory.

"Maybe I should explain to you about my lessons"

Gabrielle said with a huge grin.


"You little minx!"

Xena was astonished.

"So is your eagerness to return to vist Epinon, your 'slaves' or to deflower more young flesh? Steal more cherry? I can recommend Ephiny if you fancy her too"

The warrior sounded a little bitter.

"I want to return to bond with you, and consumate that bond. The amazons have a special ceremony. Kalli and Allika are 'bonded' though they still enjoy the occasional group stuff, I wanted to be bonded with you and you alone. I love you Xena"

The warrior's eyes filled with tears.

"Maybe you can't settle for just one girl, I'll even accept that as long as you always return to me. I just love you so much"

They were both weeping as they hugged tightly.

"I have urges too Xena, I thought you weren't interested so I was thrilled when the amazons bedded me, and at leat now you know I have some experience"

"Why don't we bond here and now. I love only you Gabrielle. If you still want to go back for the ceremony or anything else-I will agree. I am your slave now and my life will be lived only for you"


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