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Only one vote per person. We have been pretty good about figuring out when people try and cheat :)


Bah Humbug by Ladyhawke Landmines and Roses by A. Hughes and TaraKerry A Christmas Wish by KDarblyne
The Jolly Rancher by TexasRainbow Lee Lee's Diner by S. Lynne
**Winner-Best Story**
'Twas the Week Before Christmas by Greek Warrior
Solstice Memories by Mickey Minner Quills and Swords by Amara K.F. Conqueror's Carol by Iro B. Hunter
The Most Special Christmas by Annie (Bard of New Mexico) **Co-Winner-Most Candy Names Used** Narbles by Gin Candy is Dandy... by Aurelia
**Second Place (Best Story)**
'Tis the Season by Tali_one Fly Me to the Moon by Lex Tenou **Honorable Mention-Most Candy Names Used** Up North by M. Urban
All I Want for Solstice by Chris **Co-Winner-Most Candy Names Used**   The Amazon's Treasure by Claire Chaput


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