by ME Tudor


Bette Porter walked into her partner, Tina Kennard’s home office, with their four year old daughter in her arms. “I’m getting ready to put Angelina down for bed.”

Tina turned from her computer and held out her arms to her daughter. “Come give Momma T a kiss.” She took the baby from Bette who looked over Tina’s shoulder at what she was looking at on the computer.

“Since when have you been interested in soap operas?” Bette asked, looking at Tina.

Tina hugged Angelina to her and kissed her cheek. She handed her back to Bette. “I’m not. I’m doing research for a film that Helena is doing.”

“How is Helena doing a film?” Bette asked as she took Angelina from Tina.

“Her mom gave her money to do a documentary about woman characters on television that have influenced young girls.”

Bette raised a surprised eyebrow and shook her dark head, “I’m surprised that Peggy Peabody would be interested in doing such a film.”

“Me too,” Tina agreed, “But she’s given Helena the money. I bet she’d take it back if she knew that Helena was wanting to put a lesbian spin on all the characters we are talking about covering.”

Bette rolled her dark eyes, “Like who?”

“Like the Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman and she wants to add Bianca Montgomery and Maggie Stone from All My Children to the list of women who have influenced young women.”

Bette shook her head again then leaned down to kiss Tina on the lips. She looked into Tina’s hazel eyes, “You are going to have your hands full dealing with her on this.”

“I know.” Tina agreed.

“Coming to bed soon?” Bette asked from the doorway.

“Yeah,” Tina smiled over her shoulder at Bette, “Reading about all these hot woman has got me excited but I have the hottest woman of them all.”

Bette grinned as she left the room to put Angelina to bed.

Tina reads more about Bianca Montgomery and Maggie Stone from “All My Children.” She sighs and rolls her eyes. “Oh my God., these women really did have a lesbian relationship. Helena you have got to get over this.” Tina shuts the computer off and gets ready for bed.

Bette is waiting for her. When she crawls in next to Bette, Bette rolls on top of her. Pushing the blond hair back from Tina’s face, she looks into her eyes lovingly, “So you have the hottest woman, huh?”

Tina takes Bette’s hand and puts it between her legs, “Yeah, see how hot and wet you’re making me.”

Bette slides her fingers into Tina, “Are you sure that I’m the one making you this wet, or was it the other women you were reading about?”

Tina thrusts herself against Bette’s fingers, “No, you’re the one making me this way.”

“Let’s see,” With a few quick, precisely places strokes of Bette’s fingers, Tina arches of the bed, moaning as she climaxes. Bette kisses her lips, “Yeah, I guess it was me.”

“Told you,” Tina whispers hoarsely and flips Bette onto her back. “Now it’s my turn to taste how hot and sweet you are.”

Across town, Helena is unpacking the new computer she ordered online last week. It arrived this afternoon and she had just finally got the chance to unpack it. Tina had tried to talk her out of buying a computer online, but this was such a sweet deal with her limited funds that she couldn’t pass it up. She had to make this documentary the very best ever so that her mother would start giving her money again.

She had moved back in with Alice Pieszecki, after her disastrous affair with a gambler. Alice was not all that happy about her being back and was helping Helena as much as possible with this documentary in hopes that Helena’s mom would finally give her enough money for her to move into her own place.

Helena had the computer up and running in a little more than an hour. She started writing her ideas about the documentary. She wants to take these powerful women characters and show what they would do if they were living today. She decided she would start with Xena and Gabrielle. “Let’s see,” she said out loud to herself, “If Xena and Gabrielle were living today, who would they be like.” She taps her pen lightly on her chin, then the idea comes to her. “Bette and Tina.” Helena begins writing about Xena and Gabrielle but makes them into modern day characters, very similar to Bette and Tina.

* * * * * *

Xena and Gabrielle are walking on the road to Damascus when they are suddenly standing in a luxury apartment in downtown Los Angeles, dressed in pants suits. “What in Hades is going on?” Xena growled.

Gabrielle looks around the room. “I don’t know Xena. How did we get here?” The young blond moves closer to her warrior friend, looking around in fear of their new surroundings.

“I don’t know but I’m going to find out.” Xena says and reaches for her sword which would normally be on her back but it’s not there. She looks down at the outfit she’s in. “This has to be Aphrodite’s work.”

“Maybe, but where on Earth did she send us?” Gabrielle asks moving to the large windows showing the view of Los Angeles. “Where is this place? What is this place?”

“Like I said, I don’t know but I’m going to find out.” Xena begins opening doors, looking in rooms and closets. She goes into the bathroom and stares at the toilet. She touches the handles and jumps back when the water comes rushing into it.  

Gabrielle comes up behind Xena as she jumps. Gabrielle rushes to her. “What is it?”

“Some strange privy with water rushing into it.”

Gabrielle peers over Xena’s shoulder, “Interesting.” She sniffs Xena’s suit jacket. “Wow, you smell great.”

Xena’s brows furrow and she tilts her head to smell her collar, “Well, at least Aphrodite did cover up my day and a half’s worth of sweat and dirt with some fancy smelling oils.

“Yeah,” Gabrielle mumbled, thinking that her friend had been getting pretty ripe before they arrived in this place, “at least she did that.”

Xena frowned at her companion. “Let’s see if we can get out of here.” Xena led the way and opened more doors until she came to the one that went to the hallway. They were about to step out when they were suddenly thrown back into their world.

“Whoa,” Xena put her arm up to stop Gabrielle from walking into a tree.

Gabrielle grabbed Xena’s arm and stopped. She sniffed Xena’s arm and turned away. “I guess Aphrodite was just playing around. She sent us back home, odor and all.”

“Thanks,” Xena snapped. “Let’s find a inn and a bath. I’ll deal with Aphrodite later.”

* * * * * *

Helena shut off the screen to her new computer, after powering it down. “I think bringing the characters of these strong women into today’s world will be fun.”

“What characters?” Alice asked as she and Shane came into the apartment.

“Mummy gave me the money to do a documentary on women in television who have influenced young girls. I hired Tina to help me with the script but she just wants to do factual information. I think it would be much more fun to bring the characters and their strengths into our world and show what they would do if they were living today.”

“Like what kind of characters?” Alice asks, flopping down on the sofa, with Shane flopping down next to her.

“Like Xena and Gabrielle, the Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman, Detective Scully from the X Files, …” Helena was counting them off her fingers as she named them until Alice interrupted her.

“Like Charlie Angels, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the women from CSI?”

“Exactly,” Helena says excitedly.

“What about Clarice Starling from “Silence of the Lambs?” Shane asks.

“Yeah,” Alice agrees, “and Sydney Bristow from Alias.”

“Excellent,” Helena says turning her computer on again. “Also, I want to show the lesbian undertones of all these characters, so young lesbians will see that its okay to be gay and a strong woman.”

“That’s a great idea,” Alice and Shane both say.

“You guys help me write some of these story lines.” Helena turns to the computer then waves for Alice and Shane to move closer, “Come on give me some more story ideas.”

* * * * * *

Xena and Gabrielle found an inn to stay in for the night. After a small meal of stale bread and potato stew, they took sponge baths and crawled into the lumpy, freezing straw bed.

“I wish we could make a fire in this room.” Gabrielle grumbled.

“Just be glad we’re sleeping in a bed instead of on the hard ground.” Xena chided her, “If you’re that cold just move closer to me.”

Gabrielle gladly moved closer to the warrior she was so in love with. She wished that they could find a warmer, more comfortable room where she might show Xena how she really felt about her.

* * * * * *

Helena, Alice and Shane stayed up all night going over the various characters and how they would put them into today’s world with women lovers. They had already covered most of the women in shows together that either already had a lesbian sub-story line or lesbian undertones. Alice and Shane both agreed that Xena and Gabrielle would be much like Bette and Tina in today’s world and they all agreed that Xena would be a high power attorney and Gabrielle would be a reporter. Most of the other characters that they talked about were in shows that were already based in today’s world or a fairly similar world except the women from Star Trek and Stargate SG1.

“I don’t know if I would want to bring woman from a future world back to today’s standards. I think they have it better in their time.” Shane stated.

“I think you’re right.” Helena agreed. “Well, keep them in their time. What about “The Facts of Life” girls, Jo Polniaczek and Blair Warner.”

“Oh yeah,” Alice laughed, “They definitely liked each other more than they would have ever been able to show in the early Eighties.”

Shane laughed too, “Yeah, could you image the Mrs. Garrett catching them kissing on Jo’s bike.”

“I’m not sure who you’re talking about.” Helena said with a confused look on her face. Brushing back her long brown hair, “Facts of Life”, was that a show on television?”

Shane and Alice looked at each other and laughed. Shane pushed her out of control mop of dark hair back and looked at Helena, “You’ve never seen “Facts of Life?”

“No, I’ve never heard of it.”

Alice and Shane looked at each other. Alice got up and moved Helena from in front of the computer. She looked up the show online. “I’ll find it for you.” All the while they have left open the document talking about Xena and Gabrielle living in today’s world.

* * * * * *

Gabrielle snuggled closer to Xena. She had certainly warmed up. Gabrielle opened her eyes to find that they had become naked sometime during the night. She raised her head and looked around. They were back in the fancy place they had been the night before, in a nice warm bed and they were both naked. It was as if Gabrielle’s silent wish before she went to sleep had come true. She looked down at Xena’s sleeping form. By the Gods, this woman was so beautiful. Gabrielle leaned down and kissed Xena on the corner of her mouth.

Xena opened one sky blue, sleepy eye to look up into Gabrielle’s emerald green ones. She grinned at Gabrielle’s dreamy expression, thinking that the little one was getting awful brave this morning. Xena decided she would catch the little imp by surprise. With one quick motion, Gabrielle was on her back and Xena, in all her naked glory, was poised over her.

Gabrielle had let out a gasp when Xena grabbed her but now she was speechless as she took in Xena’s beautiful full breasts swaying in front of her eyes. She would reach up and touch them but Xena had her arms pinned down.

Xena looked down at Gabrielle and herself. They were naked and in a stark white room with bright sunlight streaking through white blinds. “We’re back.” She announced looking around.

“Uh huh,” Gabrielle agreed but not taking her eyes off of Xena’s beautiful breasts.

Xena looked down at Gabrielle and followed her gaze. With a chuckle she rolled off Gabrielle. “Don’t tell me you’ve never seen another woman’s breasts before.”

Gabrielle looked up at Xena, “I’ve seen other women’s breasts before, but I’ve not seen yours, not this close.”

Xena’s breath caught in her throat but she found the quiet words, “Have you wanted to see them like this?”

Gabrielle met Xena’s beautiful blue eyes, “Yes.” She whispered, “I’ve wanted to see them, to touch them,” her eyes dropped to Xena’s breasts as she whispered, “and to taste them.”

Xena rolled onto her back pulling Gabrielle on top of her. Gabrielle feasted on one breast and then the next. Xena finally pulled Gabrielle up to meet her eyes right before she kissed her and rolled her over onto her back. “Let me show you what I’ve wanted to do to you.” Xena whispered as she kissed her way down Gabrielle’s body, stopping briefly at her breasts then moving further down until she had settled between Gabrielle’s legs. Pushing her further apart with her broad, powerful shoulders, Xena finally got to taste the sweet prize that she had wanted to have for so long.

Gabrielle clutched the soft pillow under her head as she arched into Xena’s mouth. She cried out as she climaxed. She was so glad they were here in this quiet room and not in the nasty inn where everyone would have heard her cry out just now.

Xena kissed her way back up to Gabrielle’s mouth, letting Gabrielle taste herself on Xena’s lips.

Gabrielle licked at Xena’s lips. “I want to taste you.” She said and quickly flipped her warrior lover onto her back. She didn’t hesitate to make her way to the warm, wet place she sought. She was certain this was just a dream and that she would wake up any moment. She quickly pushed Xena’s legs apart and began to feast on her juices.

Xena was making guttural sounds and calling Gabrielle’s name until finally she arched high off the bed rising Gabrielle up with her and falling back down as she cried out Gabrielle’s name.

Gabrielle moved back up to Xena’s lips and looked into the dazed blue eyes. “I’ve been wanting to do that to you forever.”

“You can continue to do that to me forever.” Xena’s said in a soft sigh and gathered her lover to her breasts, holding her until they both fell asleep.

* * * * * *

“Okay,” Alice was saying after she showed Helena the video clips of the “Facts of Life” show. “What do you think?”

“Oh yeah,” Helena agreed, “They definitely had a thing for each other. I think we should write them into the story, kind of in today’s world. I’m sure that if Mrs. Garrett had caught them today she would have the same reaction.”

Shane laughed, “I can see it now. Write this down Alice,” Alice turns to the computer and starts typing, “Jo and Blair are sitting on Jo’s Harley Davidson, parked in the garage, facing each other. Jo is feeling Blair’s breasts while kissing her passionately. Mrs. Garrett walks out, she stops at the corner of the garage, she gasps and puts her hand to her mouth. Blair looks up and sees her. She falls backwards off Jo’s bike. ‘It’s not what you think.’ She tells Mrs. Garrett. Jo just wanted me to show her how to kiss.’ Jo says, ‘Right. She just wanted me to show her how to kiss.’ Blair jumps up, ‘No I was showing you.’ Mrs. Garrett holds up her hands, ‘I’m going back into the house and I expect to see you two young ladies in the kitchen in one minute.”

Alice laughs, “Perfect.”

* * * * * *

Jo cups Blair’s breasts, squeezing the nipples lightly. Suddenly Blair falls off the back of the bike. Mrs. Garrett is standing there glaring at them. “In the house girls, now!”

Blair and Jo look at each other. “Eww,” Blair says loud enough for Mrs. Garrett to hear and wipes her mouth.

“Kiss my butt, Blair,” Jo says as she gets off her Honda and looks at it as if it’s grown an extra set of handle bars. Jo turns and sees Blair standing at the edge of the garage looking at her.

“I don’t know why that just happened and if you tell a soul I’ll deny it.”

“No way I’m telling anyone,” Jo growled.

“Good,” Blair says and with a flip of her blond hair turns to go into the house but stops and pokes her head around the corner of the garage. “I didn’t say this, but you’re a pretty good kisser Polniaczek.”

Jo smiles and scratches her dark head as Blair disappears again. She says to herself, “Yeah, you too Warner.” She looks back at her bike. She knew she had to have been dreaming to think she was sitting on a Harley.

* * * * * *

Helena turns off the computer again, sending all the characters that she, Alice and Shane have pulled out of their worlds back to where they were. Helena plans to meet Tina later in the day and show her the story lines that she, Alice and Shane came up with. They had some really good ones even though they spent half the night arguing about why they couldn’t put Jamie Sommers, the Bionic Woman, with Diana Prince, Wonder Woman. Shane kept insisting that they would kill each other, while Alice and Helena were convinced they have the best sex ever.

Later that day, when Helena met with Tina, Tina scuffed at their ideas. “Helena, we are supposed to be putting together a documentary about women who had positive effects on young women, not which ones who have had sex with other women or would have sex with other women.”

“Yeah, but don’t you think it’s interesting that so many of these shows have had lesbian subtext in them.” Helena argued.

“That’s only because lesbians are reading that into the storyline.” Tina stated and turned back to her computer. “Now look,” She pointed at the email that Peggy Peabody had sent her that morning, “Your mother has given us a deadline of two months. We are not going to be able to get all this together if we are still arguing about what we are trying to say.”

Helena rolled her eyes. “Isn’t there some way to at least hint at the lesbian connection?”

Tina looked at Helena and gritted her teeth. “Maybe we can hint at it but we are not going to make this a full blown lesbian show. Okay?”

Helena smiled, “Okay. I can live with that.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Tina showing Helen the factual information about the characters. Tina had lists of statistics of what girls were doing at the time in which the shows were popular. She had the records of sales of the dolls and accessories, anything that related to the shows that could be bought or that can still be bought.

Helena tried desperately not to fall asleep while listening to all the boring information. Tina looked over at Helena who was nodding off again. “Why don’t you go ahead and go home. We’ll get together later in the week and look at what else we have.”

“Sure,” Helena stretched her long arms out and yawned. She got up and gathered her things. “I still think it would be more interesting to talk about the lesbian subtext.”

Tina just shook her head as she watched Helena leave.

* * * * * *

Later that night, Tina lay in Bette’s arms, her head on Bette’s breasts after a long love making session. “What do you think I should do about this thing with Helena?”

“If she won’t take no from you, you may have to get a hold of Peggy and have her deal with Helena.” Bette said and kissed the top of Tina’s head.

“I really don’t want to have to go that route. I don’t want Peggy to think that I’m incapable of managing a small group making a documentary.”

“I know what you’re saying, Babe, but we are talking about Helena. I’m not sure if you will be able to convince her to let this subtext thing go.”

Not far away at Alice’s apartment, Alice, Helena and Shane were back at putting the different women that Tina had said influenced young girls in romantic situations in stories on Helena’s computer.

Shane had finally agreed to let them put Jamie Sommers and Diana Prince together. She still thought it was potentially dangerous to one or both women but Helena and Alice told her that they would write a story about them and see if they could convince Shane that it would be okay.

Shane starts reading the story they’ve written. She stops and looks at Alice. “She’s a tennis player? I thought that she was supposed to be a bartender.”

“In the new series they just started, she is a bartender, but the original Bionic Woman with Lindsay Wagoner, who was great in that role, she was a tennis player.”

“Did you know that they are also making a new Wonder Woman movie that is supposed to be out in a few years?” Helena asks Alice.

“No kidding, well, it doesn’t matter. Only Lynda Carter can be the real Wonder Woman.” Alice stated and put her hands on her hips.

Shane just shook her head. She turned to the computer to start reading the story but suddenly the screen went black. “Hey?”

“What?” Helena asked looking over Shane’s shoulder.

“The computer just died.”

“I think the power just went out.” Alice said looking around the room at her digital clock and desk lamp that were both off. She went to the wall and flicked the switch for the overhead light and nothing happened. “Yep, power’s out.”

“How are we going to work on the story ideas and script for the documentary?” Helena asked in dismay.

“I don’t know.” Alice answered and went to look out the window. All of the streetlights and house lights were out on the entire block. “We’ll have to find some place that has power where we can work.”

“I’m going to call the Planet.” Helena stated dialing her phone. “If they have power we can go down there.”

“No we can’t,” Alice shook her head. “It’s Wednesday night and Kit has a band playing down there tonight. There’s no way we could work with all the noise.”

Helena hung up her phone. “You’re right.” She tapped her phone on her chin thoughtfully. “What about Bette and Tina’s place?”

“That’s a great idea.” Alice agreed and Helena started dialing their number, “Tina needs to get on the boat with us about our story ideas anyway.”

“There’s no answer,” Helena started dialing again. “I’ll try her cell.”

Tina and Bette were on their way to the drop Angelina off at the babysitter’s so they could have a romantic dinner out. Tina heard her phone ringing. “Don’t answer it.” Bette told her.

Tina pulled the phone out of her purse and looked at the number. “It’s Helena.”

“Don’t answer it.” Bette said again.

Tina looked at the phone again then put it back in her purse. What ever it was could wait.

“She’s not answering.” Helena stated.

“Try Bette’s cell.” Alice said as she started packing up their notes and the computer. Shane got up from the computer desk and sat on the couch to get out of Alice’s way.

“It went straight to her voice mail.” Helena said with a growl.

“Don’t you have an office at the studio?” Shane asked.

“Yes,” Helena answered excitedly and started getting her things together as well. “We’ll go there and work.”

“You might want to call the guard shack and make sure they have power before we drive all the way over there.” Shane stated from her spot on the couch.

“Good idea,” Alice agreed.

Helena called the guard shack at the studio and asked the guard if they had power. “Yes, they do.” Helena exclaimed. She explained to the guard that she would be down there shortly with some friends.

An hour later they were pulling through the studio gates and heading to the side of the building where Helena’s office was. They got out and made their way through the dark studio to Helena’s office. Helena tried the door but it was locked. She searched through her purse for her keys. “Oh shit. I left my keys at the apartment.”

“Try Tina again, she’s got a key. If she and Bette are out and about they might run the key by.” Alice said.

Helena called Tina and Bette’s cell phones again but Tina and Bette had both shut their phones off when they had arrived home so they could get Angelina to sleep. “No answer,” Helena announced.

“Call the guard. He should have a master key to get in.” Alice said

“That’s a good idea.” Shane agreed.

It took almost another thirty minutes before the guard, who had been patrolling on the other side of the studio, got to Helena’s office. He unlocked the door. “Please let me know when you leave.” He said as he walked away from the door.

Helena went in and turned the lights on. They plugged in the computer and turned it on. There was a bright flash, a popping noise and the computer’s screen started showing all the different files of the stories opening and closing. They did this for about five minutes then suddenly there was a bright flash on the screen. The computer made another loud pop and smoke started coming out of the ports.

“Oh Shit!” Alice cried.

Helena stood there staring at the computer in shock. “I just paid a thousand dollars for that. Now it’s fried.”

Shane had disappeared when the smoke started coming out of the computer. She came back with a fire extinguisher and sprayed the computer until it quick smoking.

“Now it really is fried,” Alice commented as she watched Shane continue to spray the computer with white foam.

“Did you save anything on a thumb drive?” Alice asked.

“No,” Helena sighed. “We’ll have to start all over again.”

Shane picked up the computer and turned it over to make sure that it wasn’t still smoking. “You want this?”

“Not now,” Helena sighed. “It’s useless.”

“Okay,” Shane said and dropped the computer into the nearest trashcan.

“Let’s go back to the apartment and see if the power’s back up.” Alice stood and headed for the door. “We can work on the stories on my computer.”

Helena called the guard and told him they would be leaving. They went out and got into Alice’s car and headed back to Alice’s apartment.

* * * * * *

Gabrielle looked around the dark room that she was suddenly in. She was still naked from where she and Xena had undressed each other and lay down on Xena’s blanket to make love. The last thing she remembered was lying on top of Xena, kissing her then there was a flash of light and now she was here. She was certain she was in the strange building that she and Xena had suddenly appeared in before. She moved slowly feeling her way through the darkness. Her eyes were slowly adjusting to the dark. She could make out a bed with a person lying on top of it. She moved slowly to the side of the bed. Dark hair splayed across the pillow, Gabrielle was relieved that Xena was here too but she seemed to be asleep.

Gabrielle moved closer to the bed. She put her knee down on the bed but Xena did not move. She got on the bed on her hands and knees and crawled slowly towards Xena’s sleeping figure so to not startled the warrior awake. “Xena,” she whispered as she moved closer. There was a moan and Xena shifted to her side. Gabrielle could see that Xena was naked too. She moved closer and kissed her on the cheek. Xena moaned again and moved her head towards Gabrielle. Gabrielle leaned down and gently kissed Xena on the lips. Xena kissed her back. Gabrielle deepened the kiss. Xena moaned and reached up with both hands sliding them around Gabrielle’s back.

Gabrielle boldly slid her tongue between Xena’s lips. Xena’s tongue met Gabrielle’s in a sweet duel. Gabrielle finally pulled her mouth from Xena’s and began kissing her breasts. Taking each nipple into her mouth and gently biting them. Xena sighed and cupped Gabrielle’s butt. Gabrielle continued her movement downward but Xena stopped her. Xena rose up on her knees and pulled Gabrielle up with her so that Gabrielle was straddling her lap.

Xena ran her fingers through Gabrielle’s wet pubic hair and parted her nether lips. Gabrielle let out a deep moan as Xena’s fingers slid through her folds. Gabrielle slipped her hand between them and began running her fingers over Xena’s swollen clit. Both of them moaned when Xena slid her fingers inside Gabrielle. Xena pushed her fingers further and faster into Gabrielle. Gabrielle continued stroking Xena’s swollen clit. Both women cried out when they had orgasms at the same time.

Xena laid back, pulling Gabrielle down with her and kissed her deeply. Gabrielle began kissing Xena’s neck, and chest. She pushed Xena back onto the bed. She continued kissing her way down Xena’s body. She settled between Xena’s legs as Xena moaned loudly. Gabrielle could not get enough of Xena. She lowered her face to Xena’s slick folds and began running her tongue over them. Xena tasted so sweet. Gabrielle run her tongue through Xena’s folds and inside of her. She sucked at Xena’s swollen clit until Xena screamed her release.

She kissed her way back up Xena’s body to her mouth. She kissed her deeply again then settled down with her head on Xena’s chest.

* * * * * *

Xena instantly went into her warrior pose with her hands up in front of her, ready to ward off any attackers. She was in a pitch-black room. She listened carefully to the sounds around her. There was someone sleeping in the room, she could tell by the soft even breathing that it was a woman. She moved towards the sound and hit the edge of a something hard with her knee. She reached down. It was some sort of a low chair or table. Her eyes were adjusting to the darkness. She could see the figure lying on a piece of furniture that looked like a bench covered in cloth. She looked down at the sleeping figure and instantly recognized the flowing blond hair. It was Gabrielle.

Xena looked down at herself, just realizing that she was still naked from where she and Gabrielle had lain together on her blanket and were about to make love when they were suddenly sent to this strange place again.

She studied Gabrielle’s sleeping form. She was wearing a thin white sleeveless shirt and a gray cloth that looked like pants cut to look like a skirt. She reached down and gently put her hand on Gabrielle’s thigh. Gabrielle sighed softly. Xena moved her hand further up Gabrielle’s thigh until her hand was at the edge of the opening of the short pants. Gabrielle sighed again. Xena leaned down and softly kissed her. Gabrielle reached up and put her hand behind Xena’s head. Gabrielle slid her tongue in Xena’s mouth making both of them moan. Xena put her knee down on the clothed bench between Gabrielle’s legs. The bench was soft and pliable like a bed. Xena and Gabrielle’s body’s sunk deeper into the bench as Xena lowered her body onto Gabrielle’s. Her desire for Gabrielle was so strong that she wanted to make love to her all the time.

As if Gabrielle sensed Xena’s thoughts, she grabbed Xena’s hips, pulling Xena’s leg hard into her core. Xena could feel the heat and wetness at the vortex between Gabrielle’s legs. She slid her hand between them and intimately cupped Gabrielle between her legs. Gabrielle moaned and pressed into Xena’s hand. Xena slid her hand under the waist band of the short pants and parted the slick folds between Gabrielle’s legs with her fingers.

“Oh!” Gabrielle gasped as Xena slid two fingers inside of her. Gabrielle grabbed Xena’s hand and began to rock her body against it. Xena began pumping her fingers into Gabrielle. Gabrielle grabbed Xena’s upper arm and was pulling her fingers into her in hard fast strokes. Within minutes Gabrielle arched off the bench, crying out as wetness surrounded Xena’s fingers.

Gabrielle laid there holding Xena’s fingers inside her until the tremors of her orgasm finally faded. She pushed Xena backwards so that she was lying on her back on the bench. She kissed her so hard and deeply that it too Xena’s breath away. Her quiet bard had turned into a tiger. She was sucking and biting at Xena’s neck and working her way down to her breast where she took one nipple in her mouth. She sucked and nipped at it until Xena groaned and moved her head to the other breast.

Gabrielle gave the other breast similar attention then began to move lower. Xena instinctively opened her legs when she realized the direction Gabrielle was heading. She held her breath as Gabrielle kissed her way down Xena’s smooth flat stomach. Gabrielle pushed Xena’s legs apart and moved between them. Xena cried out when Gabrielle grabbed her hips and aggressively began sucking at her clit. Xena grabbed Gabrielle’s head and held it to her as the waves of orgasm rushed through her body again and again.

Xena pulled Gabrielle up to her after the waves finally subsided and kissed her deeply. Gabrielle laid her head on Xena’s breast. They were lying like that when there was the sound of machines clicking on as the power came on.

Xena looked down at her precious lover and hazel eyes met hers. Both women jumped up. “Who are you?” They asked at the same time. They heard the same question come from another room.

Xena ran to the room the sound was coming from and saw Gabrielle standing across from a dark haired, naked woman. Gabrielle ran to Xena, put her arms around her and buried her head in Xena’s shoulder. The other two women, Bette and Tina, ran to each other and wrapped up in each other’s arm. “Who are you?” All four women asked simultaneously.

Xena looked down at Gabrielle’s terrified eyes. “Aphrodite! Get your ass here!”

Tina looked at Bette and raised a questioning eyebrow, “Aphrodite?”

Suddenly there was a bright flash and Aphrodite was stretched out on the bed. She looked at four women, “Having an orgy and didn’t invite me?” She smiled sweetly.

Xena moved towards the bed to grab Aphrodite but she quickly disappeared, then reappeared by the door. “Now, now Xena. Calm down. I can explain.”

“You better be able to explain this.” Xena said with a wave of her arm towards Bette and Tina.

“Are you really the goddess Aphrodite?” Tina dared to ask.

“Well of course,” Aphrodite smiled at Tina.

Bette moved towards her, “Bullshit.”

“Bette, I would advise you to back up. You don’t want to really test my powers.” Aphrodite warned.

Bette backed up and wrapped her arms around Tina again. “What is going on?” She demanded.

“Well…” Aphrodite started.

“Aphrodite, what have you done?” Xena demanded.

“I wasn’t intended towards you and Gabrielle, I swear.” Aphrodite began, “What happened was this stupid human from their world,” pointing at Tina and Bette, “said that I had never existed and had never had any power. He put it on this thin box thing with these strange makings that make marking on another part of the box. So I put a spell on it so that anytime he wrote anything about anyone, those people came to life in his world.”

Tina and Bette looked at each other, “Was it a box like that one?” Tina asked, pointing to the laptop sitting on top of the desk in their bedroom.

“Yeah,” Aphrodite said pointing to, “just like that one.”

“Oh no,” Bette breathed.

“What?” Aphrodite asked innocently looking from Tina and Bette to Gabrielle and Xena.

“You put a curse on a laptop computer and I think our friend bought it from the jerk who said you didn’t exist. Every time she wrote something on it, it made the people come to life like those two.”

“I’ll kill Helena,” Bette growled, thinking that Helena had written up this scenario.

“Well, that is true to some extent.” Aphrodite explained, “Apparently that box of yours developed a mind of it’s own and it started creating it’s own stories. I let it happen because the human it was happening to was losing his mind and it was quite fun to watch.”

“But now, another human has the computer,” Tina stated, “who has no idea what is going on with the computer. So they are writing stories and affecting people’s lives.”

Aphrodite nodded, “And the box is adding to whatever she is writing.”

“Oh no.” Tina groaned. “It’s hard telling how many people’s lives Helena has messed up.”

“You have to fix this.” Bette demanded.

“Who are you to tell me what to do?” Aphrodite stated, moving in front of Bette who didn’t back down.

“Please,” Tina said, pushing between the two woman. “You have to fix this before something even weirder happens.

Aphrodite looked back at Xena who had broken out of Gabrielle’s grasp, “Yes, Aphrodite,” Xena growled you must fix this as if it had never happened.”

“Are you sure about that Xena?” Aphrodite asked with a smile.

“Yes, I’m sure about it.” Xena growled.

Aphrodite looked knowingly at Gabrielle who really didn’t want to go back to the point where nothing had happened between her and Xena. Aphrodite smiled wickedly, “Okay, I’ll fix it just like you said.”

She waved her arms towards the sky. “Things will go back as if none of this had ever happened. She brought her arms down and there was a loud crack and flash of light.

* * * * * *

Tina woke up on the couch and stretched. She hadn’t meant to fall asleep but she had dozed off while reading. She got up and went into the bedroom to see Bette leaning against a pillow with her reading classes on. She climbed into the bed and took Bette’s glasses off. Bette woke and pulled Tina down for a kiss.

“You know I just had the weirdest dream about Xena and Gabrielle.” She said sleepily.

Tina looked at her, “That’s weird. So did I.”

* * * * * *

Gabrielle stretched out as she woke. She was lying on Xena’s bedroll. They had slept close together last night because of the cold. She looked over at Xena’s beautiful sleeping form. She had had that dream again last night about them making love. She wished so much that she could make love to Xena the way she wanted to. She studied Xena for a moment. She decided Xena was in a deep enough sleep that she could kiss her lightly on the lips and Xena would never know but when her lips touched Xena’s, Xena’s hand came up and cupped Gabrielle’s head, holding her mouth to Xena’s. When their lips finally parted, they pulled back and looked at each other. “I just had to make sure it was you kissing me.” Xena said in a whisper.

Gabrielle studied the warrior’s eyes that were dark with desire. “Who else would dare to kiss you?”

“I didn’t think you would,” Xena grinned, “but I’d had a strange dream about another woman from another world kissing me.”

Gabrielle’s green eyes turned more green and angry with jealousy. “And where is this woman now?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care.” Xena said cupping Gabrielle’s face. “I’ve dreamt many times of you kissing me and only once of this strange woman, but you are the only one I have ever wanted to kiss me.” She pulled Gabrielle down for a kiss then flipped her over onto her back. “Would you like for me to show what else I’ve dreamed of us doing together?”

“Yes,” Gabrielle whispered, letting her hands rest on Xena’s hips. Xena may think she was going to show her something exciting but Gabrielle had her own dreams of what she had done to Xena to fulfill. She pulled Xena down for a kiss and the two lovers lived out the dreams that they had recently had, pleasing each other many times throughout the day.

* * * * * *

The guard stopped Helena as she started to go through the gate. “You’ll have to wait Ms. Peabody.”

“Why?” Helena demanded.

“Apparently someone put their laptop in the trash and it caught on fire. Your office was completely destroyed.”

The End

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