Fighting the Dark Side


"Hello and good morning, today we are here to see the famous Xena: Warrior Princess in a one on one interview for the first time in history. My name is Montorel and I'm your host for today's event", he smiled as he stood up from his seat, "And now welcome the legendary Warrior herself! Let's bring her out shall we!" Xena walked out from behind the curtain with a large smile for the audience.

"Good morning", she yelled.

"Have a seat Xena and lets get this show on the road", he hurried, "Lets start with the question most of us are curious about, have you thought about returning to the 'dark side'?"

"Definitely not, that's something I will never give into again. I hurt so many innocent people and it took so much to leave and fight for the greater good." Xena answered as the smile left her face.

"What made you change your mind?" Montorel questioned.

"Gabrielle, plain and simple. If it weren't for her I would still be the monster I once was, the monster that she is now." Xena's eyes filled with tears.

"Why do you think she chose to leave you for the 'dark side'? How do you feel now that Gabrielle was become so powerful?" He pushed.

"Scared·" she paused, "If someone so innocent and full of love and hope can become so horrible·" tears now feel freely from Xena's eyes, "I tried to save her as she did me but I failed, I couldn't bring her back to me."

"We have a surprise for you Xena", Montorel admitted, "Lets bring her out!" The curtain flew open and out came Gabrielle, dressed in body armor and a sword on her back.

"Well look who it is", Gabrielle said as she noticed Xena.

"Please Gabrielle take a seat", Montorel pleaded. As Gabrielle sat Montorel began asking his first question, "What made you leave the way of love?"

"Traveling with Xena I learned that people are deceiving, that you can't trust anyone." Gabrielle answered, "I decided that life on earth was pointless and therefore why not make the best of it", she finished as Xena shook her head. "Look at her tears, she's weak along with everyone else. She's no different!" Gabrielle screamed.

"Xena, does seeing Gabrielle make you want to change your mind and follow her?" Montorel asked.

"·No", she replied, "I promised Gabrielle once that if anything ever happened to her I wouldn't become a monster."

"I meant if I died", Gabrielle cut in.

"My Gabrielle is dead. She died when you became a murderer!" Xena cried.

"What made you think you couldn't trust anyone?" Montorel asked Gabrielle.

"She's the reason my life has turned out like this! She still blames me for Solan's death·" Gabrielle looked away.

"Gabby", Xena said as she placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't touch me!!!" She screamed as she pulled away and ran off stage.

"Please Gabrielle just stop for a minute!" Xena pleaded as she ran after her best friend. "Solan's death was my fault." Gabrielle turned around to face Xena but still couldn't find the courage to look her in the eyes. "My hate brought you to Britannia because I wanted to stop Caesar, my need for revenge kept me from saving you", Xena said as she walked up to Gabrielle and placed a hand under her chin forcing their eyes to meet, "I'm sorry".

"What have I done!" Gabrielle whispered as she fell to the floor.

Xena dropped to her knees and wrapped Gabrielle into her arms, "You made a mistake! I should have never given up on you Gabrielle. If it weren't for you I would be nothing, I would be lost but you saved me like I'm going to save you now."

"I love you, Xena", Gabrielle sobbed, "I'll never leave you again".


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