The question you might

are they or aren't they,

and why people could never say

yea or nay...

So to begin this day,

to have an answer to

yea or nay,

one turns to those of the way-

the only two that could play

and win this game

of yea or nay.

Was it really true

that amazons could be painted blue?

Was it really you

that stayed stuck together like glue?

"From here to death

and then beyond -

I'll never leave you."

is your response -

from one heart to another,

from one life t'nother.

Will you be

at the other side to greet me?

Will you be

by my side forever?

"Family we are now

and forever,

fates lived longer

and better together.

"Our paths were apart

until we met,

and then we traveled

through darkness

into the light.

"Time and time again,

we did battle;

alone - first you,

then me;

together - you with me.

"When two people merge

there is but one

life to live.

Through sorrow and joy,

happiness and pain,

all four seasons of living

at once.

Do you really love me

darkness and all?

Do you really love me for myself,

or just the ideal of love?

"I love your laughter

and I love your smile.

I love your innocence

and the inner light.

"Your love for me

and the world beyond

is what carries me through

the darkness that surrounds my past.

"So we continue on the path of life

living side by side,

loving life after life,

dreaming night after night."

Like the swirling waters,

the two lovers dance

in a graceful movement

that beckons our eyes

to follow our hearts.

Do you really care for me

and love me as a lover would?

Do you really see me

for all the questions within?

"Once I left you

for another,

with all the dreams

of being a wife and mother.

"Only to realize that

my life and yours

were no longer apart

but entwined

like the finest silks of Chin.

"You taught me

by your selfless giving

even when it caused

you unending pain.

"Your past is gone,

your sins forgotten

and freely forgiven.

Look towards the future

and once more, begin your living.

"In all my questions,

you've answered many,

and those left

do not appear unending.

"Once more you step back

to allow free choice to

be my reign.

"For your love

chooses to be my guide,

to always have you

by my side."

My thanks for

questions answered,

neither coy nor

feeling pandered.

Through an age of love

and laughter,

do you have hope for

a life hereafter.

My questions given,

your answers sought,

to see whether lovers

you were or not.

In truth I see,

not just lovers

but more than mere friends

were meant to be.

To close this age

of rhyme and reason,

without mention

of heavy breathing...

if only to give cause

for us to believe in.

- title by TC/H

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