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"Hello, and Welcome to today's show I'm your host Thedories." A man stated as he tried to quite the audience. "Well we've got a great show lined up for you, today we are talking to legendary hero Xena: Warrior Princess" Thedoris finished as the crowd began to cheer. "Shall we bring her out?" He questioned the group their cheers provided an answer and Xena came walking out.

"Hello" Xena said as she waved to the audience.

"Welcome Xena, well lets get right to it" Thedories started. "You've traveled everywhere trying to make up for your past, but among all the good you've done have you been able to forgive yourself", Thedories questioned the warrior.

"No I haven't" Xena stated bluntly. "My army destroyed so much and lives were lost for know reason. A person never forgets that" Xena finished as she remembered her past.

"With all the violence you've witnessed to you ever think about quitting, giving up" Thedories questioned the impatient warrior.

"...Many times" Xena answered. But someone has to stand up for those who can't fight, I do what I do for the greater good" Xena whispered.

"I've heard that when you disbanded your army you were planning to let's say 'lead a normal life' what changed that", Thedories asked as curiosity became to show on his face more with each question.

"I met Gabrielle" Xena replied calmly as a smile crossed her face at the mention of her best friend. "She showed me the way" Xena finished.

"Do you ever grow tried of people turning to you for help?" Thedories pushed.

"No" Xena replied flatly. "It helps me get through the days, knowing people believe in me, and will turn to me in their time of need. There's nothing that feels better" Xena replied.

"How do you feel when you're too late to save someone?" Thedories inquired.

Xena's face saddened "It's hard... but I can't save everyone although I try" Xena explained forcing a smile.

"Over the years you and Gabrielle grow very close and with her help you've been able to stop many wars, but now that she's dead do you plan to continue doing good" Thedories questioned as the room grow quite.

Xena sat quietly and her face lost the smile and signs of tears began to show in her eyes. "I have to keep going for her...she changed my life and because of that I will always be in her debt. She died trying to save me, she gave her life because she thought I could do more alive, for that I will always love her", Xena answered his question as a tear fell from her eye. Her struggle to regain control was becoming more evident. Some people in the audience were also shedding tears for the loss of the wonderful person that tried so hard to do the right thing.

Thedories looked at the warrior it was obvious that she had changed but with the loss of her friend people were left to wonder if the monster she once was would return.

The End


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