Our Hero's Fate

Xena woke early, "Gabrielle·Gabrielle I'm going fishing"

Gabrielle mumbled something in reply. Xena gathered her things and headed towards the lake. She quickly caught two large fish happy with her catch she headed back to camp. When she approached the camp she saw a tall man standing over the still sleeping bard. Xena quickly charged towards the man and pushed him away from Gabrielle.

"What are you doing?" Xena demanded.

"Um·um are you Xena?" the man stuttered.

"Good morning Xena", Gabrielle said as she stretched.

"You are Xena", the man said as excitement filled his eyes.

"Oh hello", Gabrielle said as she noticed they weren't alone.

"If your Xena that means you're Gabrielle the Battling Bard of Potidia", the man said.

" I still can't get used to hearing that", Gabrielle smiled at Xena, "Yes, I'm Gabrielle, you are?"

"Kristoph", the man replied.

"What do you want?" Xena questioned Kristoph again.

"I want to talk to the legendary warrior", the man replied.

"What?" Xena questioned as she glanced up at Gabrielle. She saw that Gabrielle was totally overcome with excitement.

"I want to be the first person in history to have an exclusive with Xena warrior Princess", Kristoph stated.

Gabrielle came and sat down beside her friend, "Xena this is so great", Gabrielle said as a large smile crossed her face.

"You know we're a team", Gabrielle said pointing at herself and then at Xena.

Xena could no longer control herself and broke out in laughter. Gabrielle just shook her head. When Xena finally contained herself she looked at Kristoph and said, "It was nice to met you but we really should get moving".

"So what is it like to travel with Xena?" Kristoph quickly questioned Gabrielle ignoring Xena's comment.

"Well·", Gabrielle started to say.

"We're leaving", Xena butted in.

"Come on Xena", Gabrielle protested.

"Please Xena just a few moments of your time", Kristoph added.

Xena reluctantly sat back down, "fine only a few minutes", Xena said.

Gabrielle took that as her queue to start talking, "Well it great traveling with Xena, I've learned so much and ·", Gabrielle trailed off. Xena knew that Gabrielle would talk forever if asked so she sat there and got lost into her own thoughts.

"Isn't that right Xena?" Gabrielle questioned nudging her friend in the arm.

"Ah·yes", Xena replied as she came out of her daze.

"Well sounds like you and Xena are very close", Kristoph stated.

"As close as two people can be", Gabrielle chimed in.

"Xena do you have anything to add?" Kristoph asked.

"No I think Gabrielle pretty much covered it", Xena said in response after all she didn't have a clue as to what they discussed.

"Gabrielle when Perdicus was killed did it bother you that Xena wasn't around? Do you blame her for not saving him?" He questioned.

"That's enough", Xena yelled.

"I'd like an answer Gabrielle", Kristoph demanded grabbing Gabrielle by the arm.

With that Xena jumped out of her seat and towered over Kristoph." I said that's enough!!!" When he refused to let Gabrielle go, Xena punched him in the face causing him to loosen his grip and fall backwards, landing on his camera.

"No", Kristoph yelled as he realized everything he had recorded was gone. He looked up at Gabrielle and Xena "I'm sorry", he said.

"Whatever", Xena replied as she and Gabrielle headed out of the clearing.

"Please don't go I'm sorry this interview is just so important to me. The people of the world have to realize what you did for them."

"What are you talking about?" Gabrielle questioned.

"You don't understand, you don't have much time left!" Kristoph warned.

Xena stormed up to him "listen I've had just about enough of you", she stated as she turned to leave once more.

"Wait" Kristoph pleaded, "I will tell you what I know".

"Know about what?" Xena asked.

"About your final battle", Kristoph whispered.

With that Gabrielle and Xena both turned around and looked at the man.

"Its written that you two will fight a person from your past, this person has accumulated enough power and strength that they are know unstoppable. One of you will not make it. I'm sorry", He said quietly.

"How do you know this?" Xena demanded.

"I am not from your time, I have traveled far to deliver this message and to catalog your events."

"Who is this message from", Gabrielle

"Eve the messenger of Eli, her last wish was for me to try to help save the life of her mother and a great hero. It was her dying request."

"Eve", Xena mumbled.

"She told me when, where, and with who this battle would take place with. It wasn't suppose to happen like this I am truly sorry", Kristoph replied.

"Who·Who," Xena

"Alti, The destroyer of Nations".

The End·?

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