The Rules

Unlike the last challenge...there is really only one major rule must start the story with X&G but you may include uber incarnations (of same) if that's where your muse takes you.

You are free to write as much or as little as you wish, in any form. As such, for fairness, we have broken the contest up into three format categories:

Outline format (bare bones synopsis---less than 10 pages)
Script format (settings, stage direction and dialogue)
Epic format (Prose---regular story format, generally more than 10 pages)

There will be one champion chosen for each category.

Also deadlines for each category will be different to allow for the length difference in writing. Pieces must be submitted within the following time periods:
Outline format --- two weeks...deadline 7/14/01
Script format --- four weeks...deadline 7/28/01
Epic format --- six weeks...deadline 8/11/01

A Bard may submit only one entry in any of the forms... submit your storyline to Steph at the Academy of Bards contest address of  
by the date indicated. We will begin accepting entries on July 1st.

Stories will then be categorized, numbered and posted anonymously. Voting will begin immediately after the stories are posted and the voting period will be determined by the total number of entries...(1 day for each if there are 30 total entries, then readers will have 30 days to read them all and vote). Each voter will get to pick their choice for champion in each of the three categories. Stories must *NOT* be posted anywhere else until the ending of the contest.

Prizes (to be determined) will be awarded to the winners of each category. We have LL/ROC signed items and Xena T-shirts (and let's see what other kind of goodies I can come up with in the next few weeks). All entries will be posted permanently at the Academy and at Alexiares' new site. The Great X:WP Alternative Endings Archive .

Contests not your style? Well, if the muse is talking but you don't want to participate in the can send your series ender to Alexiares at right now. Alexiares, our new partner in crime, is building a wonderful site just for this purpose. Check out The Great X:WP Alternative Endings Archive

Okay, folks, this is your chance to do it all your way...let's have some fun and write some fan fiction. Any questions contact me at

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