"Death and Temptation"




Xena is looking down at Gabrielle. Her face is full of remorse as she views the tear streaks that glisten on the slumbering bard’s cheeks. She kneels down and tries to touch Gabrielle’s face, but her hand goes right through. She sighs.


Gabrielle, I’m so sorry it ended this way. I know you’re

hurting my friend and if there was anything I could do to

spare you this pain I would.

Xena pauses a moment as though she senses something, then stands and turns around quickly. She sees Michael the Archangel standing there. She frowns menacingly.


What do you want Michael?


I see being dead hasn’t improved your disposition any.

Good to see you too, Xena.

Michael walks around Xena so he can better see Gabrielle. The woman twitches a little

in her sleep as though she is having a nightmare.


You didn’t answer my question.

She moves protectively between the Archangel and Gabrielle


Well, you see Xena. Each night since your death, Gabrielle

has prayed to be reunited with you. My god is deciding

whether to grant her prayers or not.

Xena looks concerned and takes a step towards Michael.


Gabrielle is going to die?

Michael shakes his head and smiles at Gabrielle’s sleeping form.


No. She’s too great a force for good to take her away from the

living right now.


So if Gabrielle isn’t going to be joining me in death, that would



That you would be brought back to the living. Yes. It’s an

option we are considering. But the decision will be based

on you Xena.


Me? What do I have to do with this? And what about the

40,000 souls from Higuchi?

Michael walks past Xena and stands right next to Gabrielle.


We will cross that bridge if and when we decide upon a

course of action that requires it. But first, I need to see if

you’re willing to do something for us. We don’t have

much time.


Hold on a second. You’re saying your god is thinking

of answering Gabrielle’s prayer to bring us back together,

but in order for him to do so, you need something from me?


Yes. And the problem is, Gabrielle’s prayers have become more

urgent in recent days and we’re worried someone else may try to tempt

her into a deal of some sort.


Who would that be?

Michael looks at Xena, his face shows concern and disdain


Lucifer. He’s still looking for a way to get revenge on you for

sending him to hell.

Xena’s focus goes from Michael to Gabrielle’s face.


What do you need me to do?




Gabrielle is traveling atop Argo Jr. she pats the horse’s neck affectionately.


Did you know your mom hated me? Okay, maybe not hate,

but we certainly didn’t get along those first few years. I remember

the first time I rode her, she wouldn’t listen to a thing I said…

Gabrielle’s reminiscing is interrupted when a young girl who looks about 12 runs up to her. The girl is out of breath from running and appears frightened.


Please, help my family! They’re going to kill them.

Gabrielle dismounts from the horse and bends to the girl’s height.


Slow down. What’s wrong?


Raiders, they’re attacking my parents. You have to help them.

Gabrielle climbs back into the saddle.


Okay. Stay here, and hide if anyone comes. I’ll be back to get you.

Gabrielle nudges the horse and gallops away down the road.


Gabrielle rides up to the small house and sees three men loading up their horses. They see her and stop, drawing their weapons. Gabrielle removes the chakram from her belt and wings it. The weapon strikes the men’s swords and disarms them before ricocheting back to her. She catches the chakram. The men look at Gabrielle and then at 2 bodies that lay nearby, and decide they have what they came for so they flee on horeseback.

Gabrielle gets down from Argo Jr. and hurries over to the two bodies lying on the ground. One is male the other female. There is blood. Gabrielle bends and checks them, but there is nothing she can do for them, they are already dead. She walks over to Argo Jr. and removes a blanket from her bag and covers the couple with it.

GIRL <offscreen>

Mother, Father!

Gabrielle turns and sees the girl running towards her parents’ bodies. She stops the girl and holds her.


They’re gone. There’s nothing you could have done.


No. They can’t be dead. I should have run faster, then

you could have saved them.

Gabrielle kneels and hugs the girl, trying to comfort her as she cries. Gabrielle strokes the girl’s hair in an attempt to sooth her.


What’s your name?




That’s a very pretty name. I’m Gabrielle. <pauses a moment>

Aleni, is there anyone around here that can take care of you?

Aleni releases Gabrielle and dries her face with her sleeve. She glances past the bard at the two lumps under the blanket.


No, not close by. I do have an aunt and uncle in a village

about 2 days from here though. Maybe you can take me

to them.

Aleni looks pleadingly at Gabrielle.

Gabrielle finally nods in agreement.


Okay. Why don’t you go inside and pack some things and I’ll take care of some stuff out here. She removes a shovel from a saddle bag in order to dig graves for Aleni’s parents.

Aleni smiles and almost skips into the house. Gabrielle looks puzzled by the girl’s sudden shift in behavior.



In the shadows, Lucifer is sitting on his throne. The area is poorly lit by a few torches and pits of fire. Cries of pain and anguish can be heard from a distance. A man is standing before Lucifer, we see the man’s back. He is dressed in a Roman battle uniform.


Is everything going as planned, Brutus?

Go to Brutus’ face.


Yes. It’s as you said. Gabrielle has promised to take

the child to her family.

Lucifer laughs deeply.


Very good. Xena might have escaped me, but I think

it’ll be a sweeter revenge to trap her soul mate

down here to suffer for eternity.

Brutus smiles as he nods his agreement.


I can’t think of anything I’d rather see, my Lord.


Make sure you keep an eye out for Michael and his do

gooders, they may try to interfere with our plans.


I will. They won’t stop us. Gabrielle and Xena cannot be

allowed back together.



Xena stands with Michael and a few other Archangels. Xena is in a defensive posture, her face angry.


You want me to go up against Ares and kill him?


Yes. It’s the only way, Xena. Ares is causing too much

hatred and death on Earth, he needs to be stopped.

Xena paces around the Archangels.


Okay. Then why don’t you take him out yourselves?

Raphael steps forward.


We can’t. That’s why we need your help. A mortal must be

the one to kill him.

Xena stops pacing and stares down the angel.


And there lies the problem. I am a mortal, or at least I would

be if you brought me back, and Ares is a god Exactly how do

you expect me to kill him?


We would be willing to return to you the power to kill gods,

temporarily of course, if you agree.


So, if I agree to this plan. You’ll give me back the power to

kill gods. I kill Ares and then what?


Then you can go back to your life with Gabrielle.

Xena pauses in thought.


And the souls from Higuchi?


They will be taken care of. You have my word.

Xena turns on Michael angrily.


Your word? You tried to kill my daughter, Eve, and then me.

Do you really expect me to just take your word for this?

Michael is losing patience. He sighs.


Xena, the choice is yours. Either do what we have asked or don’t.

I should warn you, however, that Gabrielle’s soul may be dependant

on that choice. The other side doesn’t always play fair, and Gabrielle’s emotional state is pretty unstable right now. She’s desperate to get you back.


Xena sets her jaw. She knows Michael is right, but she hates being forced into helping him.


Okay. I’ll do it.






It is dark except for the campfire Gabrielle and Aleni are sitting next to.

Aleni looks up at Gabrielle, her face lit by the light of the fire.


Have you ever lost anyone you loved?


Yes. I have.


Have you thought about what you’d do to get that person back?

Gabrielle frowns, not quite sure what the girl is asking her.


What do you mean?

Aleni scuffs her feet in the dirt a little. She appears nervous.


Umm. I don’t know. Like would you cut off one of your fingers if it

would bring them back?


This wasn’t something Gabrielle was expecting and the conversation unnerves her a little. Aleni looks at her waiting for an answer.


Yes. I would cut off a finger if I could get Xena back.

Aleni appears to muse this over for a moment.


Would you kill yourself if it meant you and Xena could be

together again?

Gabrielle has had enough of this morbid conversation.


It’s late, Aleni, and we need to get up early

tomorrow. We should get some sleep.


Okay, Gabrielle. Good night.

Aleni curls up on her sleeping fur. Gabrielle remains in a seated position. She appears deep in thought as she stares into the fire.


Michael and Xena are standing together on the sand filled path. Neither appears especially comfortable being there.


Ares is building an army just South of here. He’s planning

to conquer the whole area. I’m sure he’d be more than

happy to have you back on his side.


Oh yeah, it’ll be just like old times. (takes a threatening

step towards the Archangel) Now you’d better look after Gabrielle,

cause if anything happens to her, nothing will stop me from

destroying you, Michael.

Michael tries not to react to Xena’s threat, but it is evident he’s worried.


Don’t worry about Gabrielle, Xena. We’ll see she’s safe.

And as soon as you finish this task you’ll be able to take

care of her yourself. I think you might want this.

He hands Xena her "old" chakram.


The Archangel disappears leaving Xena alone. The warrior princess hooks the chakram to her belt and begins walking towards the camp. She stops. Ares materializes before her. The man looks Xena up and down.


I heard you were dead.


Yeah, well things change.


So I see. So why are you here, Xena? Planning on stopping

my war?

Xena steps closer to Ares and runs a finger down his bared chest.


Actually I thought I might join in on the activities.

Been a while since I had a good, bloody battle.

Ares looks at her skeptically, but is enjoying her attentions.


And what about Gabrielle? You know, the irritating blond

who convinced you to take the path of right and justice.


Xena smiles wickedly at Ares and raises an eyebrow


Well, like I said, things change. I see now that I can’t deny

the darkness in me. It’s just too much fun to give into it .

So here I am. Do you want my help or not?

Ares appears to consider this a moment before a broad grin appears on his face.


Welcome back, Xena.





Gabrielle is lying on her bedroll next to the campfire, which is burning dimly. Dawn is beginning to break. She suddenly opens her eyes when she hears a voice calling her name. Gabrielle looks over at Aleni, but the girl is missing. The voice gets louder.



Gabrielle stands and walks into the nearby woods trying to find where the voice is coming from. She spots a glowing light behind some bushes and when she approaches, she sees Xena standing there. She rushes over and embraces her.


Xena, I’ve missed you so much.

Xena smiles sadly as she holds Gabrielle.


I know. Not a minute goes by that I don’t think about you,

Gabrielle. It’s so lonely here without you. I just wish we

could be together again.


Gabrielle releases her grip on Xena and she gazes up at her friend. Gabrielle’s face is streaked with tears. Xena brushes a teardrop from Gabrielle’s face.


There has to be a way, Xena. I’ll never give up hope, we will

be together.

Xena shakes her head slowly.


I wish that were true, Gabrielle. But you know I can’t come

back to the living. So the only way that would happen would

be if…

Gabrielle looks down at the ground dejectedly.

GABRIELLE <finishing Xena’s sentence>

If I were to die and join you in the afterlife.

Xena nods in agreement and places a hand on Gabrielle’s shoulder.


And I couldn’t ask that of you no matter how lonely I am

here without you. <pause> I have to go now, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle reaches out and grabs Xena’s arm.


No. Please, just a little longer. Don’t leave me again, Xena.

Xena leans in and places a kiss on the top of Gabrielle’s head.


I’m sorry, Gabrielle. I have to. I wish you could join me.

Xena takes a step back from Gabrielle and disappears.

Gabrielle stares at the spot a long moment, a despondent look fills her face.




Xena appears and Brutus walks over to join her. He has a look of apprehension on his face.


How did it go?

Xena morphs into Aleni, who is smiling broadly.


This is going to be too easy. Gabrielle is so devoted to Xena I

think she’s already considering killing herself to join her friend

in death. I think one more visit from Xena and she’ll be ours.

Brutus relaxes a little at the good news and smiles.


Excellent. I shall inform Lucifer of your progress. Now you’d

better get back before Gabrielle wonders where you’ve gone.



Xena is standing by a wooden table that holds a map of the area. Ares is next to her pointing to a spot on the map.


We just need to position our army here to cut off our opponent’s

path of retreat and they’ll be ours to destroy.

Xena nods and moves closer to Ares.


Sounds like a solid plan to me. Now how about we forget about

this war stuff until tomorrow. I’d like a little quality time alone with

you, if you know what I mean.

Xena slides a finger down the side of Ares’ face seductively.


Oh yeah. I think can be arranged.

Xena turns from the god of war and walks towards the exit.


Good, I know the perfect place.

EXT. Campsite-Day

Gabrielle and Aleni are packing up their gear and stowing it in Argo Jr.’s saddlebags.

Gabrielle glances over at her young companion.


I can’t believe you got lost finding somewhere to use the bathroom.

Aleni shrugs and smiles.


Yeah. It’s not hard for me. I have a terrible sense of direction.

Gabrielle climbs onto the horse and holds her hand out to Aleni

and pulls her up so the child sits behind her.


Then I guess it’s a good thing I know where we’re going then.

Argo Jr. begins sauntering down the path. Aleni glances around the area as she holds onto Gabrielle’s waist.


So did you and Xena use to ride together like this?

Gabrielle stiffens at the comment, the morning encounter with her soul mate still fresh in her mind. Though she still wonders if it was real or some sort of hallucination.


Yes, a few times. I usually liked to walk though.


You must have loved her a lot.


Yes. I still do.

Aleni smiles wickedly knowing she’s upsetting Gabrielle with the conversation, but continues feigning innocence at the hurt she’s causing.


But Xena’s dead, right? How can you still love her if

she’s not here anymore?

Gabrielle shifts uncomfortably in the saddle.


Xena may not be with me in the physical sense, but she will

always be in my heart.


Yeah. But wouldn’t you rather be able to touch her? To talk to her and have her answer back?



Of course. But that’s not possible, so I just have to keep

hold of my memories of Xena.

Aleni leans in closer to Gabrielle.


I’ve heard of this place, not far from here, that you can speak

with your dead loved ones. We can go there if you want and

you can talk to Xena.

Gabrielle shakes her head.


I don’t know. I really should get you to your uncle’s.


I bet Xena would love to talk to you. I bet she misses you a whole lot.

Gabrielle closes her eyes at this comment. She didn’t want to think about how lonely and sad Xena had sounded during their morning conversation. Reopens her eyes.


Maybe a quick stop there wouldn’t hurt.

Aleni looks like the cat who just swallowed the canary.




Xena and Ares are inside a darkened cave. There are torches scattered around that give some light. There is a stone sarcophagus in the room that sits before a large stone structure that is in the shape of a skull. On the top of the skull is a gold, metallic, eye shaped object that has a red, glowing circle in the center where a pupil would be.

Ares takes a closer look at the sarcophagus and frowns when he notices the top is carved with his likeness.


The Eye of Hephaestus? What’s going on here Xena? Why’d

you bring me here?

Xena motions around the tomb like a tour guide.


You know Hephaestus made all of this just for you, Ares. I

figured the least we could do was come see it.

Ares appears angered by this. He clenches his jaw.


What are you up to, Xena? Remember, you gave me

back my godhood. You can’t do anything to me now.

He smiles cockily as he removes his sword.

ARES (cont.)

But if you’d like to try.

Xena smiles as she removes her own sword from its scabbard and the pair begin battling each other. The sound of metal hitting metal echoes through the tomb as the swords clash. Xena dodges one of Ares’ blows and swings her sword, knocking Ares’ sword to the ground and cutting his arm in the process. She raises the sword to his heart.

Ares glances down at the cut and the blood seeping from it. He appears confused and shocked by this new development.


But how? You lost the power to kill gods.

Xena shrugs noncommittally.


Let’s just say there are certain people who would give

anything to see you out of the way, Ares. Even restore

my power to kill gods.


You weren’t able to bring yourself to kill me before, Xena.

What makes you think you can do it now?

Xena unhooks her chakram with one hand while she keeps her sword on Ares.


Well if I kill you, I get to return to the living, to Gabrielle.

Ares face twists at that name.


If it wasn’t for me, Gabrielle would have died on Mount Olympus.

I’m the one who brought her back.


I know that, Ares. Which is why I’m not going to kill you.

She launches the chakram and it bounces around off the tomb walls, then the Eye of Hephaestus. The chakram breaks into two pieces, one gets lodged in a far wall, but the other half connects with Ares’ head. He falls back into the sarcophagus and Xena quickly closes the top, trapping the god of war in the coffin.

Xena grabs from the ground the chakram half that hit Ares and rushes to exit the tomb as the heavy, stone doors have began to close. She rolls under the door just before it closes, barely escaping being trapped with Ares.

Xena yells for Michael. The archangel appears and looks at the broken chakram in Xena’s hand.


So your task is complete.

Xena is anxious to get back to Gabrielle.


Yes. Ares won’t be causing any more problems. Now I

want to see Gabrielle.


Of course.


Michael moves his hand and they both disappear.


EXT. Rocky path-Day

Gabrielle and Aleni are still riding the horse. They are traveling down a rocky path. There are mountains in the distance.


It’s probably better if you go the rest of the way by yourself,

Gabrielle. It’s just at the end of this path.



Gabrielle gets down from Argo Jr. and then helps Aleni off the horse.


I’ll keep an eye on the horse for you.

Gabrielle nods and heads down the path on foot. She travels a sort distance when she comes to the end of the path, it’s a cliff edge, with a sheer drop that goes down into pitch darkness. You cannot see the bottom. Gabrielle stares down into the abyss trying to decide what to say.


Xena. I don’t know if you can hear me or not, but I just want

to know that you’re okay. I miss you so much, sometimes I

wish someone would end my life so I can be with you.

ALENI AS XENA <offscreen>

Sometimes we have to take things into our own hands.

Gabrielle turns to find Xena standing there. She can’t help but smile upon seeing her soul mate. Xena holds her hand out for Gabrielle to take. She does.


Do you trust me Gabrielle?

Gabrielle focuses on Xena’s face. Xena has a concerned look on her face.




Then come with me Gabrielle. Stop all the pain and hurt

you’re feeling.We can be together for all of eternity. You’ll

never be alone again.

Gabrielle’s attention switches from Xena to the drop and then back to Xena.


I don’t know if I can Xena. There still might be a way to bring

you back to the living.

Xena takes Gabrielle’s smaller hand in her larger ones and brings them up to her chest in a pleading gesture.


Please, Gabrielle. Do it for me then. I don’t want to go on another day

without you. The loneliness is unbearable for me. Please.

Gabrielle pauses in thought a long moment, Xena’s words cutting through her soul.


If this is the only way.

Xena smiles as she takes one of her hands away from Gabrielle’s. They face the edge holding hands and begin to step towards the edge. Gabrielle closes her eyes as she’s about to step off into the abyss but hesitates at the last minute.

XENA <Offscreen> voice full of panic

Gabrielle! No!

Gabrielle stops short and turns her head. She sees Xena standing there. She looks over at the person holding her hand and also sees Aleni. Gabrielle releases the girl’s hand and backs away not sure what is going on.

Michael appears next to Xena. He sees Aleni and knows she is one of Lucifer’s disciples.


Back to hell with you demon; tell Lucifer he’s failed.

Aleni morphs from a young girl to a hideous demon with leathery wings.


You haven’t heard the last of us.

Demon Aleni jumps down into the abyss and disappears.

Gabrielle is in shock over what’s going on. Her attention goes from Michael to Xena. She is hesitant to believe that this woman is actually her Xena after what she just witnessed with Aleni.


Are…Are you really Xena?

Xena smiles at Gabrielle and nods.


It’s really me, Gabrielle. You didn’t think I’d stay dead for

good did you?

Gabrielle rushes forward and wraps her arms around Xena.


I knew you’d come back. I prayed we would be together again.

Xena holds Gabrielle and looks over her head at Michael. Who nods and then vanishes.


I know. Thank you for not giving up hope, Gabrielle.


Xena, nothing will ever separate us again.

Xena rests her cheek against Gabrielle’s head as she continues to hold her.


Neither heaven nor hell could tear me away from you, Gabrielle.






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