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X: "No, Gabrielle."

[Xena grabs Gabrielle's hand, which is holding the jar of ashes.]

[Gabrielle turns towards Xena and whispers]

G: "Xena."

[Continuing to keep the jar from the water]

X: "No."

[Gabrielle turns to look behind her at the horizon]

G: "Xena -- the sun is setting. I have to bring you back to life."

[Looking regretful]

X: "No -- not if it means condemning the souls of the 40,000 who burned at Higuchi."

G: "The souls are free?"

X: "They're free from Yodoshi's grasp. Akemi didn't wanna tell me this in case I wouldn't come back to help -- but for those souls to be released into a state of grace -- they must be avenged. I must stay dead."

G: "But if I bring you back to life-- "

X: "Those souls will be lost forever."

G: "But, Xena -- that is not *right*. [Cries] I don't care. You're all that matters to me."

X: "Don't you know how much I wanna let you do this? But if there is a reason for our travels together -- it's because *I* had to learn from you -- enough to know the final, the good, the right thing to do. I can't come back. I can't."

G: "I love you, Xena. How am I supposed to go on without you?"

[They both turn towards the setting sun, and sit leaning on each other]

X: "I'll always be with you, Gabrielle. Always."

G: "Xena, [Turns and dips the jar into the fountain water] we'll talk about this on the way home."

[Roll Credits]

Disclaimer: Gabrielle got a good stern talking to during the making of this film.

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