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By D

Twelve fifty – the train was late.  The Marine stood stock still, as befitted the uniform she wore, but inside she was fidgeting like a five year old.  Why today of all days did the train have to be late??  Blue eyes scanned the station, willing blonde hair and green eyes to appear.  Instead, the touch of her aide-de-camp almost caused her to jump.  It was only her iron-willed self control that kept her still.

“Colonel, the train’s....”  But at that moment a whistle was heard and the crowd surged forward, while still maintaining a respectful distance from the decorated officers that waited together.  The whoosh of brakes and a billow of steam was indication enough of the train’s arrival and the crowd waited impatiently for the passengers to begin unloading.

An elderly man exited first, wrapped presents tucked under both arms and a big grin covering his face.  Several other passengers and porters carried gifts and luggage – one carried a tree and another a wreath – all of them making their way towards the exit and their holiday destination.  Santa milled about amidst a sea of uniforms and a Navy man scooped a beautiful redhead into a passionate embrace.

Then Jac saw Laura and time stopped as the world around them faded away.

People no longer hustled and bustled; Bing no longer crooned; even Lieutenant Ian Jacobs disappeared from their reality – the world narrowed until there was only the two of them.

Jac stared, taking in the features she loved so much and hadn’t seen for so long – reddish blonde hair just touched with gray, smiling green eyes that filled with tears even as she watched, a shaking hand that rose to cover the lips she longed to taste to hide the gasp and the sobs that wanted to come.

Laura wanted to run... wanted to throw herself into Jac’s arms with abandon – but she found herself unable to move as she gazed upon the husband she hadn’t seen in far too long.  Instead her eyes traveled along Jac’s length, reassuring herself that she was real.  Short, dark hair touched with more than a little gray; blue eyes that had aged considerably since the last time they had met, yet still twinkled in delight at meeting hers again; lips that curved into a hint of a smile.  The uniform was crisp and one strong hand was curled around a cane.

It was the last that finally propelled her forward and with a glad cry, Laura rushed forward into Jac’s strong arms.  The crowd of people that still surrounded them parted instinctively, then watched with happy, smiling faces as the two lovers were reunited once again.

Jac felt Jacobs’ hand on her back, helping her brace for the impact of Laura’s body, then all she knew was the softness of the woman she loved.  The cane clattered to the floor and Laura jumped into Jac’s open arms, wrapping them both in a fierce embrace.

Jac held on tightly as Laura cried into her neck, absorbing the scent of her and the feel of soft curves nestled in her arms.  Then Laura pulled back slightly so they could look at one another.  She lifted a shaking hand to trace the beloved features she had missed so much.  Jac held her eyes as long as she could, her hands sliding gracefully up and down Laura’s back. When Laura’s touch tickled over her lips, her hands clenched and her eyes fluttered shut, lips pursing to kiss the sensitive digits.

They were brought back to the reality of their surroundings when one of the watching dough boys hollered, “KISS ‘ER, COLONEL!!”  The cheers and catcalls that rang out from the waiting masses caused them both to blush, then Jac cocked and eyebrow at Laura, silently asking if she was willing.  For answer, Laura bent her head and brushed her lips over Jac’s once... twice....  Then Jac shifted one hand into Laura’s hair, bringing their lips together with intent and purpose.

The swell of noise at her action covered their mutual moans, and the kiss went on forever as they reacquainted themselves with one another, touching and tasting until a lack of air forced them apart.  Laura laid her forehead against Jac’s with her eyes closed, simply breathing in their essence.  Gentle shaking brought her back to the present, and green eyes opened to find Jac laughing in pure, unadulterated joy.  With a smile, Laura cupped Jac’s face and slid down her body until her feet once more touched the floor.  Then she wrapped her arms around Jac’s neck, smiling when Jac’s arms slipped slightly to encompass her waist and rest her hands on her hips.

“Hey, Marine,” Laura said softly, allowing her fingers to card through the soft hair at the nape of Jac’s neck.

“Hello, gorgeous.  God, how I have missed you,” hugging Laura to her once more.

Laura returned the hug, then pulled away just enough to take Jac’s arm, accepting the cane from a discreet Lt. Jacobs.   “C’mon, sweetheart.  I think it’s time you showed me how much,” she whispered.  “And I don’t want an audience for that.”

A slight blush ran up Jac’s face, but her eyes sparkled ardently at Laura’s words.  “You realize that means you may never get to see the sights of the city,” taking the cane from Laura nonchalantly.  “I’m not sure we’ll have the time to spare if I’m to show you just how much....”

Laura grinned indulgently, squeezing the arm under her hand.  “I’ve already seen the only sight I’ll ever need to.  Everything else is just gravy.”

The crowd parted before them as they left the station, eyes only for one another, leaving a trail of happiness in their wake.  Jacobs followed discreetly behind, ensuring Laura’s things would arrive at the hotel with due diligence.  Then he would disappear from their world as well.

Tomorrow would bring a new set of challenges, but today they had each other again, and for now, it was enough.


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