To Find A Rainbow



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" Mama Mama, can I take Bailey to see the waterfall today? I wanna show her the big rainbow." Talia turned from the sink to look at her daughter, she was a beautiful little girl with long redish blonde hair, and bright green eyes. " Well Rose did you ask Bailey's mother if she could go? As long as she says it's OK then yes you may go but make sure you have her permision first.

Rose pumped her fist a couple of times " Yes, yes, yes Thank You mama. I'll go get her then come back and pack some snacks."

Rose ran out the front door hoped on her bike and rode down the road a little ways to Bailey's house. Bailey was the same hight as Rose was but with black hair that was pulled through the back of her baseball cap and she had really pretty Ice Blue eyes. She was waiting for Rose on her porch with her backpack on when Rose rode up. " Rose did she say it was OK? Can we go for that hike you asked my parents about?" Yep. Mama said it was ok, we just gotta go back to my house to get some snacks and stuff. " OK mom gave us some bottled water to take too."

Back at Rose's house they filled their packs with trail mix, fruit snacks, fruit and some candy. The last they snuck in then took off.

Ok. Now that we're out here what is it that you've been wanting to show me Rose. You know I'm not a paitiant person. " I'm going to take you to a special place that my Aunts showed me. They brought me there a few weeks ago when they came to visit. We even made a fort for us to play in up there." OK but why is it so special? " Well I asked them the same thing and they said that I should only bring someone who means a lot to me and who I think will enjoy it. So I told Aunt Alex and Jazz that I wanted to bring you up and if we could make a fort for us to play in. So we made one and that's where we're going. The other part of the surprise will have to wait until we get there." Cool, Lets go. I wanna see this place! "It's only a little further up. When we get to the stream we can stop and rest for a few." All right, I am a little hungry.

So, Rose. Could you at least tell me what you and your Aunts made the fort out of? Please!! I can't imagin there would be a whole lot of 2x4's and stuff out in the middle of the woods.

"Ok lets see. We first looked around for a good place to build it and after a while we found this little glade with four trees that made a big square in the middle. So we used those for the poststo hold the walls up. Alex, Jazz, and I went looking around to find some things to build with. We found vines, some wood that was lying around, big chunks of bark, and some big branches full of leaves that had fallen off trees. We also found these big leafy plants and grabbed some of the leaves from it along with smaller sized ones for the roof. We also used the big chuncks of bark and the long branches we found. The wood and vines to build the walls and the smaller leafy branches to fill in the holes. It looks so cool and it blends in with everything around it and we have a great view when the sun shines over the trees and stuff."

By the time Rose was done explaining to Bailey they had been sitting at the stream for 15 minutes. " OK Rose lets eat and then we can go, I really wanna see this place."

It only took them another twenty minutes or so to reach their destination. " Wow this is cool, it almost looks like a jungle. The waterfall is huge. I thought I reconized the sound but I wasn't sure of a rapids or this. It's so loud but if you can get past that it can be really soothing. "Ok Bailey lets go put our stuff inside the fort then we can come back and put our feet in the water. The other surprise is just about to show. Gotta find just the right spot to watch from."

Bailey and Rose were just sitting down when the sun stated to peak above the trees. As it shone on the waterfall a beautiful bright rainbow appeard. It started from just below the top and ran all the way down to the middle of the roaring waters.

" Oh wow that is so beautiful, Rose this is what you wanted me to see right? I'm so glad you brought me here to see this, thank you so much." Bailey turned so fast to hug Rose that her momentum almost nocked them into the water. You're welcome, you can see this about the same time every day. I'm glad you liked it. This will always be our place Bailey, we can come and go as we please if we're not in trouble that is! You can even bring you're moms up here to show them where we'll be so they won't worry so much. My Mom and Dad already know cause my Aunts had to see if it was OK for them to bring me out here.

Sooo... now that we're here do you want to play Amazons in the fort? " OK I'm Queen Gabrielle and you can be my second in comand Eponin since Xena and Ephiny are out with the other Amazons protecting the border.

The End

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