The Weather outside is Frightful


Akiela Xal

Disclaimer: Story mine. Characters sorta. Picture #6

Written November 14, 2008

Flick-flick, flick-flick, went the windshield wipers; the radio playing Dashing through the Snow. "More like 'Sliding through the Rain'," grumbled the raven-haired woman as she peered through the streaks left on her windshield from the wipers. "Damn. Knew I shoulda had those things changed with the oil."

Suddenly taillights lit in front of her. She jammed on her brakes as hard as she could, to no avail. Her poor tires just couldn't get any traction on the slick road. She slammed into the car in front of her with enough force to send it spinning out of control. Her own airbag deployed, breaking her glasses in the process, so she didn't see the other car spin and wrap around a streetlight.

Flick-flick, flick-flick. "Damn! Just what I needed. I'm already late, I can't afford this."

Slowly she got out of the car, attempting to settle the remains of her glasses on her nose. She looked around for the other vehicle. Spotting it wrapped around the pole she let out a gasp, "No!" Pulling out her cell phone she dialed 911 as she ran across the slick pavement to check on the other driver.

Reaching the other car she saw broken glass everywhere, the other driver bleeding from numerous cuts. She could smell gasoline so she tried to wrench the door open. It wouldn't budge. "Damn!" The airbag was blocking her access to the other woman, so she punctured it with some of the broken glass and brushed as much of the remaining glass out of the driver's window as possible. Thinking fast she draped her coat over the doorframe and leaned into the vehicle to release the seatbelt. "Good thing you had this on babe, or you'd have been really hurt," she muttered.

Once the belt was released she carefully maneuvered the other woman out of the car and as far away as she dared. She removed her scarf and tied it around other woman's head to stop the bleeding, then had a chance to sit back and really look at the petite blonde lying before her as the sirens drew closer. She's beautiful. I wonder what color her eyes are. Her reverie was interrupted as the eyes in question fluttered open and proved to be a verdant green.

The smaller woman tried to sit up, but the raven-haired woman held her down with a hand to her shoulder. "Easy there."

"Wha- what happened?" she asked.

"You've… I mean… um… we've been in an accident."

"You're the one who hit me?" she asked dazedly. "Wait, what am I doing on the sidewalk."

"When I went over to check on you I could smell gasoline, so I pulled you out. I didn't dare take a chance." To emphasize her point, the slowly leaking car suddenly burst into flames as the rescue vehicles arrived.

"Oh, God!" they moaned together.

Two paramedics hustled over to them and began treating the two women.

"Hey, Pony, this one's gonna need to go to the hospital," said one.

"This one too, Sol," the other replied.

"What? No, I'm fine," said the raven-haired woman.

"Look, lady. You may think you're fine, but these gashes on your arms are gonna need stitches."

"What gashes?" she asked looking down at her arms. Sure enough there were six-inch gashes along both arms. She felt a little light-headed.

The next thing she knew, Reese Atkins found herself lying in the ER, her wounds already tended. The raven-haired woman was studying her surroundings when she heard, "Good, you're awake."

Turning her head toward the sound, Reese smiled to find the pretty blonde from the accident on the bed next to hers. "Hi," she said, smiling sheepishly, "I… um… don't have a problem with blood, unless it's my own."

"S'ok. I'm Kieran by the way, Kieran Mahoney. I'd shake your hand, but…" she lifted an arm slightly to show it encased in a sling.

"Oh, I'm sorry," said Reese slipping off her bed and padding over to the smaller woman. She grasped the uninjured hand in her own, wincing as the action pulled at her stitches.

"Are you ok?" Kieran asked.

"As good as someone with I don't know how many stitches can be," she joked.

"I think I got ya beat in the suture department, hon," Kieran said good-naturedly.

Reese's face fell. "I'm so sorry I hit you. I thought I was under control, but when I pumped my breaks the car just wouldn't stop."

"Shhhh it's ok, accidents happen. It could have been anyone," the petite blonde soothed. She found herself lost in the blue eyed gaze of her companion.

Ah, you're both awake now, good. The doctor has already signed your discharge papers; I'll get a wheelchair for you Ms Mahoney."

"Wheelchair?" asked Reese.

"Um… yeah, my leg is broken too," Kieran shrugged. Seeing the look on the raven-haired woman's face, the petite blonde said, "Don't start that again," and gave the hand still holding hers a squeeze.

Returning, the nurse helped Kieran into the wheelchair and ushered both women down the short hall to the nurse's station, pausing by the desk to pick up some forms. Reese happened to glance up and grinned when saw mistletoe hanging directly over the smaller woman.

Following the taller woman's gaze Kieran saw what made her grin. Trying to keep a straight face she said, "I never kiss anyone whose name I don't know."

The raven-haired woman's head snapped back down to lock gazes with the petite blonde. "I'm… I'm Reese. Reese Atkins."

"Well, then, Reese, c'mere."

The taller woman did as she was bidden finding the sweetest lips she'd ever tasted. Both women ignored the clearing of the nurse's throat beside them because the fire inside was definitely delightful.

The End


Story by: Akiela Xal
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