Command Performance



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Grey hated traveling.

She worked from home whenever possible, but sometimes remote troubleshooting wouldn't get the job done. A quarrelsome server had necessitated this last-minute trip, but she was finally ready to leave. Or would have been, if the weather had cooperated.

Snow in Chicago had closed her last avenue of escape. She was stuck. In Las Vegas. On New Year's Eve. Sometimes, life just sucked.

She headed back to her hotel, dejected, looking forward only to a warm bath and a good night's sleep.

But as with all things on this trip, there was a snag.

Flowers, where none had been before. Large, elaborate flowers. And an envelope, her name prominently scrawled, propped against a pillow. Inside, she discovered an extravagant letter of gratitude, along with one ticket to the most sought-after show in town. One ticket? Either her grateful client considered her too pathetic to get a date, or this was a command performance.

The former was no problem; she'd just blow it off. The latter could be trickier - Richard Howard wasn't just a good client, he was her best client. The encapsulated system she had designed for him allowed her to live quite nicely; he also happened to own the casino she was staying in, as well as the theatre that featured the aforementioned show. If he expected her to join him, there was no choice. Damn. The bed would have to wait; the bath was a necessity.


More presentable but still weary, Grey was escorted to one of the best seats in the house. She was surprised to see the seat beside hers empty: had she been stood up? Ten minutes, and she'd hit the exit. Ten minutes later, that thought had vanished. The show really was impressive.

The music was mesmerizing, the movements of the dancers balletic and sensual. She wasn't certain if the performers were male or female, but it really didn't matter. When the seat beside her eventually filled, she was too enthralled to check out her new companion.

When the house lights rose at intermission, she was disappointed. No wonder it was such a hit - exhilarating and erotic, it left you wanting more. She belatedly remembered her tardy neighbor, and was surprised to discover a woman occupying the seat. An incredibly beautiful woman. Scrutinizing her. When their eyes locked, Grey felt a jolt. She smiled, tentatively.

The woman's eyes were alight in the dim theatre, piercing. "Are you enjoying the show?"

Grey nodded. The woman's gaze didn't alter; she seemed to be staring inside her.

"I'm Julia Howard; Richard is my father." Well, that explained a bit. "I asked to meet you."

Really? Back to confusion; Grey hadn't known this woman existed two minutes ago. Her puzzlement must have showed.

"Your system. I use your system. It's a beautiful design, and I wanted to meet you." There was a look of intensity on her face; as the house lights flashed, Grey wondered if she was this passionate about everything that interested her.


As the last echoes of applause faded away, Grey impulsively offered her arm. "Would you join me for dinner?" She was extremely attracted to this alluring woman.

Julia looked around, as if recognizing her surroundings for the first time. The crowd was raucous; as the New Year approached, the frenzy strained towards crescendo. It was suddenly too much: agitation, adrenaline, testosterone. Grey was dismayed at the look of distaste that crossed her companion's face.

"I have a room upstairs; would that be suitable?"

Suitable? She had expected a refusal; anything less was ideal. As Julia led the way to a bank of elevators, Grey felt the tension rise and spin around them.

They entered what appeared, from the outside, to be a standard hotel room. Inside, she was greeted by an elegant apartment. A breathtaking wall of glass overlooked the Strip, impossibly far below.

"Do you live here?"


There were millions of questions swirling, but Grey resisted. Instead, she walked over, and picked a bra off the back of the sofa. Holding it up, she smiled. "Entertain much?"

"Never." There was no teasing in the tone; for the first time, Grey detected a hint of uncertainty.


"Would you like me to leave?"

"No. Please don't." A timid smile graced the lovely mouth; Grey was enchanted, but didn't want to overstep invisible boundaries.

"Would you like dinner, then?"

"Would you kiss me, instead?"

These were the most tentative words yet. Grey wished very much to do exactly that, but needed to be certain. "Are you sure? That's what you want?"

"Very sure."

Grey reached out, and brushed a soft cheek. Julia's eyes fluttered closed. When their lips met, she opened them for a moment, as if reassuring herself, then increased the pressure.

They began kissing in earnest, then. Though no sound could reach them, behind Julia fireworks began to illuminate the night sky.

"How strong are these windows?"

"Very," she murmured. "Bullets won't pierce them."

Grey worked her hand beneath the silken skirt, caressing a warm thigh.

"Turn around for me, then; put your hands on the glass."

Julia noticed the fireworks going off, as soon as she turned. In an act of faith, she leaned forward, and pressed her hands flat against the abyss. Beyond the glass reality receded; brilliant flashes of color embraced her.

"Spread your legs, Julia; let me touch you. Watch the lights; they're for you. Everything is for you." The lithe body shuddered as Grey pressed inside, and quickly began to spasm as she was drawn tightly back against her new lover's body. Grey slowed her movements to prolong the pleasure, but the sensations were too intense. Orgasm claimed her, as explosions continued to paint the desert sky.

As the display faded to wafts of drifting smoke, Grey pulled the sated woman securely into her arms. "Happy New Year, Julia. And may there be many, many happy returns."


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