The Meeting



Picture #18
DISCLAMERS: These are my characters.

"There she is, I gotta go," was my last comment as I folded up the phone and tucked it away. I think I heard a squawk from our friend who had been keeping me occupied. I didn't care, finally Logan was there. She was real and she was walking towards me. For months we had teased each other with phone calls, letters, notes and cards. For the last two months I had been vacillating between giddy happiness and the proverbial nervous wreck. Sure we knew the chance we were taking, long distance relationships rarely lasted. We had heard from our friends all the warnings.

"How can you feel that you're in love when you've not even been face to face?"

"Sure it's safe, you are thousands of miles apart."

"How do you know she's for real?"

That was nothing compared to seeing the living breathing object of my world standing before me. One of the world's most used clichés came to mind, time stood still. Nothing else existed for me at that moment. I looked up into her eyes and felt my heart being pieced back together. Never had anyone else done that for me. All the heart ache and suffering and abuse I had endured the last year fell away. The crowds flowed around us; we were the boulder in the river bed, the immovable object. I reached up to touch her face, to make sure she was real, to feel the skin I had dreamed of touching for months now. She closed her eyes and tilted her face into my touch with a sigh. Shakily I traced her lips as tears started to fall from her eyes. I cradled her face in my hands and brushed the tears away.

"Oh baby, don't cry," I whispered. "I can't believe you're here. Gods Logan, I love you so much."

She opened her eyes and drew in a breath. The love that burned in her gaze seared my very soul. She wrapped her grip around my jacket collar and stepped to me, closing the final space between us. The heat from her body touching mine exploded through my senses, it knocked all reason asunder. She lowered her face to mine and brushed her lips across mine.

"Jess I'm here, I'm yours, you are my soul," she whispered back. Tears burned my eyes as she finished her promise with her lips. Emotions collided with reason as I tried to keep control. Her hands slipped down from my collar and circled around to my back while my hands made their way behind her head. My world was complete.


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