They Came From The East…



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Disclaimer: Story mine, characters mine.

There were three of them heading our way and even before they entered town we knew there was something special about them. At least, that was what Sheriff Boyd had told at last week’s town meeting. 

My best friend Kate and I had been working in the saloon all day. Mr. Jenkins wouldn’t giving us a day off during Christmas, stating that there would be many men looking for a good way to spend their lonely Christmas.

At first we both weren’t pleased that we wouldn’t be able to go home, but when we heard that the three men from the east had hit town, we knew this Christmas was going to be one we would definitely remember.

Three persons walked into the saloon. The first two walked straight up to the bar, both of the men ordering Whiskey. They definitely weren’t from around. Their clothing was spectacular, not the average outfit for a man of the West.

I noticed Kate was staring at them from her place at the piano. When I looked around the saloon I saw she wasn’t the only one. Those two men were being stared at by practically everyone in the room.

But it was the last rider who caught my eye.

Sitting down at a table only a few feet away from me, the rider removed his dust-covered turban, revealing dark hair. I straightened my dress and walked over to the man. “Hiya. Can I get you anything to drink?”

The rider looked up, blue eyes staring into mine intently. I sucked in a deep breath. A woman! “Are there any rooms available for tonight?” the dark-haired woman asked, an exotic accent filling my ears which sent a shiver down my spine.  

I could only nod. This stranger, this rider, this woman, coming from the east…With her beautiful voice. I was completely under her spell.

“Could you show me to one? I’d like to freshen up, please.” The woman stood up, holding the fabric of her turban in her hands.

Again, I nodded. “Follow me.” I signed her in at the register, learning her name. Selena. Just as exotic as her voice.

With Selena walking behind me, the spell seemed lifted, if only temporarily. “Must be nice to have an actual roof above your head during Christmas?” I asked as I guided the two of us upstairs and towards the small room which was situated at the back of the first floor of the saloon.

I opened the door for her, letting her enter first. The room was small, but neat. A bed and a chair. That was all that stood in the room, with one small window facing the east. “I know it’s not much…” I started.

Selena looked around the room, then turned back to me, nodding her thanks. “Where can I bathe?”

“There’s a tub in a separate bathing room, opposite this room,” I replied as I looked into the woman’s eyes again. That was my undoing…The spell was back.

“Thank you…” Selena replied, one eyebrow raising in question, silently asking for my name.

“Beth,” I whispered from my place in the door opening. “I’ll bring you some hot water and a towel.”

 Selena nodded. I stepped aside to let her pass and as she entered the bathing room, I headed downstairs quickly. As I was filling a second bucket with hot water from the kettle, Kate walked into the kitchen.

“Those two foreigners are looking for their friend,” she said.

“She’s upstairs, going to take a bath.” I held up the buckets and started to head out of the kitchen.

She?” Kate said sounding just as surprised as I’d been when I saw who the rider really was.      

I knocked on the door and waited for Selena’s exotic voice. “Come in,” she said.

I gulped hard as I walked into the room, nearly dropping the two heavy buckets I was carrying. There she stood, right next to the tub, all of her six-feet length naked to the eye.  

Tearing my eyes away from this foreign beauty, I quickly filled the tub and hung the towel over the chair that stood in the corner of the room, I tried to make a quick escape, but Selena’s velvety voice nailed me to the floor. “Beth?”

“Yes?” I said, turning back to Selena, having my eyes cast down at my shoes.

“Please wash my back?” At her question, my head shot up, our eyes locking again. She held out the wash cloth for me to take as she stepped into the tub. Why would I wash this stranger’s back?

Because I couldn’t resist her.

Wordlessly, I took the cloth and kneeled down next to the tub as Selena settled her long frame in the tub. As I started to wash her back, Selena let out a soft, appreciative groan. Through the cloth I could feel the muscles in her shoulders were all bunched up. Unconsciously, my fingers started to manipulate the knots in her back.

“What is this…Christmas?” Selena asked after a moment of silence.

“It’s the celebration of the birth of Jesus, of Christ,” I said, repeating father Thomas’ words.

“La Navidad.” Selena turned her head, facing me. “How do you celebrate?”

I shrugged, looking over to the chair in the corner as I tried to avoid staring at Selena’s beautiful body. “People go to church…And celebrate with their family.”

“And you?”

I closed my eyes as her questioning reminded me of the fact that I wouldn’t celebrate Christmas this year. “I’m working.”

A large, wet hand cupped my chin, turning my head back towards her. “Beth,” Selena started. As I opened my eyes she continued, “Where is your family?”

“In a town twenty miles from here,” I whispered, a tear threatening to fall.

“Stay with me tonight?” Selena asked.

I nodded –the only thing I could do while being under her spell.

She came from the east...


Story by: MBInc
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