Cold Nose, Warm Heart



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Disclaimer: Story mine, Characters mine or maybe not.


“C’mon  Bear.  We are going to PetSmart.”

I put down my chew toy and bounded over.  She kneeled down and snapped the leash on my collar, then gave my ears a rub.  

“You be a good little boy for Mama in the store and we’ll get you a new squeaky toy.”

AW Mom…I’m not little. 

It was a short ride over.  I waited for her to unbuckle me from the harness and let me out the door. 

“Whoa slow down buddy.  I know you like to walk around in there but Christmas is coming and it’s really busy.  You are going to have to ride in a cart so you don’t get stepped on or run over.”

Mom picked me up and placed me in the top part of the cart.  I put my front feet on the handle and stood up.  Hey this wasn’t too bad.   I could see more than legs.  C’mon Mom…time to find those toys.

Mom pushed the cart and away we went.

Hey!  You passed the toys.  They are over there. 

I moved to the far side of the seat.  Then the cart stopped.

“First thing first.  You stay still.  I’m going to go talk to that woman right there and get us signed up for obedience lessons for the first of next year.  We aren’t going to have a repeat of last week.”  She patted me on the head and put her hand flat in front of my nose.  “Stay.”

‘K .

I looked around.  There were other Moms and Dads and dogs everywhere.  I lost my balance and started to fall into the back of the cart. 

“Whoa, easy there, puppy dog.  You’re gonna fall.”

A pair of gentle hands placed me back into the basket and I looked up into the warmest brown eyes I have ever seen.  I sighed.

“Stay put now, okay?”  She smiled and looked down.  “Watch the puppy, Boo.  I’ll be right back.”

I looked over the side and saw a huge orange colored head.  WHOA!

Take it easy kid.  I’m not going to hurt you.

Who are you? 

Mom calls me Boo but most just call me M.

You’re a dog, right?

I’m a collie.  I’m s’posed to I watch over sheep and stuff.  That why she asked me to watch you.

I’m not a sheep.  I’m a labadoor returner.   I gave her my best tough look and stomped my paw….right into the gift bag next to me.   Shoot.

M laughed. 


Okay, okay take it easy.   

The collie walked around to the front of the cart and stuck her head in the leg opening.  She gently clamped down on the bag. 

Pull your leg out now.

Thank you.  I settled back into the seat.  What are you here for?

My Mom is shopping for presents for Auntie J’s cat.  Dumb ol’ cats. You?

My Mom wants to sign us up for ‘beadie ants lessons.  I’m not sure what those are and I get to get some new toys. We come here all the time. Mom says I’m a killer chick magnet.  The last one we magneted was kinda tall like your Mom but had hair the same color as mine. I didn’t like her.  She said if she was stayin’ over, I had to sleep in the kitchen instead of my bed in Mom’s room.


No kidding. So I did but then I heard Mom yelling. I pushed the door open and saw them wrestling. Mom was on the bottom. So I jumped up on the bed to help.  I tried to bite the lady but I kinda missed.  I hit her butt with my nose.  She jumped up yelling ‘son of a bitch, son of a bitch.’  Well I mean, duh.  Hello?  I am a boy dog.  Mom laughed so hard, she fell off the bed.  It just made that chick lady madder.  She said she hated dogs.  Mom told her to leave.

Good riddance.


What’s so bad about your nose? 

Mom calls me Icee Bear, cuz my nose is always so cold.  Feel. 

I leaned over the side of the cart and M stretched up to touch noses.



“Oh, how cute.  Bear, you made a new friend.”

“That’s Martha,” a husky drawl said from behind Mom.  She waited for Mom to turn. “Hi,” she added and smiled.

“Hello.”  Mom smiled brightly at the tall brunette and then ducked her head shyly.

M looked up at me.  She’s pretty.  I think she likes my Mom.

Yeah.  And your Mom likes dogs…

I got an idea. 

M started to dance from foot to foot.

“Okay, okay Boo.  I know…it’s park time.”  The tall brunette looked out the front store window.  “Oh, it’s starting to snow.”  She kneeled down, ruffled M’s ears and scratched her head and neck.  “I know you’ll like that.”

I swear M melted into a big collie puddle.  Ohh, scratch me, scratch me.  I stood up in the seat and began to wiggle.  Mom was standing there kinda biting her lip, like she does when she is trying to figure something out.

The brunette, who had stood up, then said, “Would you two like to join us.  I’m sure your…boy?” 

Mom nodded. 

She continued, “your boy there could give Boo here a run for her money.”

Mom smiled brightly.  “Throw in a cup of coffee and we’re there.”  She waited for M’s Mom to agree.  “Double caramel or the deal’s off.”

M’s Mom’s eyes widened in surprise and she grinned, her dimples showing. “A coffee drinker after my own heart…”

Mom took me out of the cart and set me on the ground and we all started walking out.  I slowed down and glanced longingly at the toy aisle as we passed.  Sigh.

“C’mon Bear, keep up.”  She tugged a bit on my leash.

’K. I started walking. Oooh…Hey M…are your Mom’s boots leather…yum… 




Story by: MCFLUFFY
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