Santa Claus's Daughter



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Noel risked a glance at the woman driving. Sean still looked upset and vivid, but remained deadly silent. Noel looked back out the windshield. The atmosphere outside the car reflected what the atmosphere on the inside. It was dark, raining, and gloomy on the lonely street. When Sean stopped at a red light, Noel couldn't keep quiet any longer.

"Why don't you say something?"

Sean lost it. She shouted, looking at Noel with wild eyes, "What in the hell do you want me to say? You just told me you are Santa Claus's daughter and that you're not fucking kidding! How in the hell did I not realize my girlfriend was fucking insane!"

Noel winced at the harsh language but she beamed, "I'm your girlfriend?"

Sean gave her a look of disgust. "I don't date lunatics."

Noel's heart fell and she tried to stop herself from crying. When Sean saw the tears come into Noel's eyes, she had to stop herself from feeling guilty. She was the one who had the right to be upset.

"Where to do you want me to drop you off? The North Pole?"

Noel stiffened at the jab and said, tersely, "My apartment will be suitable."

Sean tried not to get upset over the fact Noel was upset. She just kept driving.

"I'm taking my daughter out of your class tomorrow. If I so much as see you near her, I will call the police."

Noel's heart broke at the thought of never seeing Kristen again and she didn't try to stop her tears from falling this time.

Sean lost it again. "You have no right to be crying! You come into my life, make me feel things again and now you…"

"Sean!" Noel screamed. Sean whipped around to see she had driven into the opposite lane. The semi truck coming their way blew its horn at them but it was too late, they were going to hit it.

Sean closed her eyes as she braced for the impact. It never came. She opened them in confusion and all she saw was white. "Am I dead?" She whispered. She looked beside her and saw Noel breathing hard from fright. "Are we dead?"

Noel looked sheepish as she shook her head.

"Then what happened?"

"I panicked."

"You panicked?" Sean repeated as she looked outside the car. The whiteness was actually snow. "Where the hell are we?"

"The North Pole," Noel stated.

Sean gave her a look and then opened her door. "I'm getting as far away from you as I can."

In her rush she forgot to take off her seatbelt as she lunged out the door. Noel tried not to giggle at the sight of Sean struggling. When Sean finally got loose, she fell onto into the ground. "It really is snow," She said when Noel came around the car.

"If you look over there, you can see the workshops."

Sean looked and she did see what appeared to be workshops in the distance. She gasped when she saw what appeared to be reindeer flying above it.

"I'm dreaming. I have to be dreaming. I going to wake up and find out this is a dream."

Noel helped her up and said, as she brushed the snow off of Sean, "You're not dreaming, this is real."

"But… how? Why?" Sean asked, still looking dumbstruck.

Again Noel looked sheepish. "I panicked. I couldn't let us hit the truck so I brought us here."

"You brought us here? Me and my Camry to the North Pole? How?"

"Magic," Noel stated simply.

Sean looked around again, awed as she could see what looked like the Northern Lights. This couldn't be real but it was. She had felt the snow and she was starting to get cold since she hadn't dressed for the tundra. She looked back at Noel who wore a scared but hopeful look.

"This… is real?" Sean asked, gesturing towards the workshops and reindeer. Noel nodded. Sean reached out to take Noel's arm, gently pulling her closer. "And you're real?" Noel nodded again. "And you're Santa's daughter?"

Noel gave a weak smile. "Noel Claus. Pleased to meet you."

Sean pulled Noel into a hug. Peeking to make sure the reindeer were still flying, she hugged Noel closer, breathing in her smell. The smell of freshly fallen snow and cookies.

"Noel?" She asked.


"Noel Claus?"

"Yes," Noel said again with a soft smile. She gasped when Sean bent her head to start kissing her neck. "You can't do that here."

Sean lifted her head to look into Noel's blue eyes. "What? The elves might catch us?"

Noel almost felt hurt again but saw the warmth in Sean's eyes as she jested. Noel chuckled, "Actually, yes, and it would shock their little hearts."

"But how do you get baby elves if the act of kissing would shock them?"

Noel laughed as she started tugging Sean back to the car. "I'll tell you later."

Once inside the car, Sean asked, "Can you take us home?"

Noel nodded. When Sean blinked, they were no longer at the North Pole. They were sitting in Sean's garage.

There was silence for a moment before Sean whispered, "I'm sorry I didn't trust you. I almost killed you. I'm so sorry."

Noel quickly reached out for her. "It's okay. I'm fine. We're both fine. If I hadn't told you who I was, you never would have let the car go into the other lane."

Sean then placed a kiss on her forehead and then both of her cheeks. When she kissed her lips, Noel's grip on her tightened.

When they broke apart to breathe and to shift into more comfortable positions, Sean said, "I can take you home or…"

"Or?" Noel prompted, not liking the first opinion.

Sean smiled at her, the desire in her eyes making Noel tremble. "Or you can come inside."

"Let's go inside."


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