Last Good Day of the Year



Disclaimer - Story mine, characters not mine. Title does happen to be a song title as well, but song not used as inspiration.

Picture # 8


Not a cloud in the blue sky, not a sign of trouble or danger, nothing but the sound of the falling water and the birds and wind through the grass.

If she wrote much anymore, Gabrielle would hop out of this lake and pick up the quill, turning this day into legend… along with everything else she has ever written.

Not today, though.

Today is a private tale, only shared by Xena's horse and another saved girl. And they don't count, not this time. Not today.

They don't make it down on invisible parchment and they don't register in Gabrielle's mind.

Only nature, only here and now… Only Xena and Gabrielle, together.

It crossed her mind, many moons ago.

It niggled at her senses and made them jump and made them aware of physicality and sexuality.

It became the only thing driving her forward.

It is the reason for everything Gabrielle does or says or feels or thinks.

And then it is tangible, not just an emotion.

Real and wild and hers, Xena slides closer and wraps a strong arm around Gabrielle's wet waist.

Xena dips down and licks the water from Gabrielle's neck.

It is the entire world, given with consent and given with joy… It is love.

With the Fates gone and the landscape changed, it is only that feeling that keeps them bound to each other. Only love that keeps their souls dancing around each other. Love that makes them and breaks them and brings them back again.

Xena is whispering in her ear and the tone is playful. It is that side of Xena that only Gabrielle gets to see, the child and the woman and the lover.

And yet, none of the torture. No torment and no guilt to shade the silly smile gracing Xena's lips.

Gabrielle wonders if any of the others got to see this… and, somehow, she knows they did not.

It is just for her.

Xena is just for her.

Summer beats down the daylight, casting heat along Gabrielle's skin, but it is no match for Xena's touch.

The fingertips linger. They graze Gabrielle's face and chest and stomach and arms.

They create the hottest fire.

And Gabrielle wants for nothing, not today.

She has it all and the whole of everything is theirs. They are finally… amazingly… wonderfully in love.

Not a sorrow in sight. Not a fear left in them.

Not today, this perfect day.



Story by: SPHEERIS1
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