Love on Ice



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Taylor shuffled the skates across the ice in an awkward manner. She really didn’t want to be at the skating rink, but her company had made it mandatory, some sort of team bonding thing.  Course some of her co-workers had hit the bar before getting on the ice and were pretending they were figure skaters attempting spins and jumps, mostly unsuccessfully.

The blond marketing assistant inched her way towards the rink’s exit, having had enough “fun” for the night. She had almost made her escape when out of nowhere she was struck by a Brian Boitano wannabe. As she fell to the ice, her left skate twisted and Taylor felt her knee pop and a shooting pain went up her leg. 

“Call an ambulance,” her cubicle neighbor, Ferd Berfel, ordered.

“No, I’m fine.” Taylor announced, embarrassed by the spill and not wanting any more attention. “Can someone give me a hand up?”

“Don’t move, you might paralyze yourself,” an overreacting co-worker pleaded, “I saw it happen on an episode of Dr. Schudde, M.D.”

The injured skater rolled her eyes as she tried to get to her feet. She resembled a turtle on its back. It was quite apparent from the pain when she moved her leg that she wasn’t going to be getting up any time soon. Taylor sighed, she knew she should have called in sick.

The dark haired paramedic hit the ambulance’s air horn to remind a driver in front of her to yield to the emergency vehicle. “Why do they always have to fall during dinner time?” The woman grumbled.

“I’m sure it’s some rich bitch who thought it would be romantic to go ice skating with her boyfriend during the holidays,” her passenger replied.

“Any bets that she’s a blond?”  The driver asked as she pulled the ambulance up to the ice rink.

Taylor had lost all feeling to her butt from sitting on the ice for so long. She watched the ambulance pull up and two figures climb out and walkover with a couple of bags. “Hi, I’m Jillian, I’m a paramedic. What seems to be the problem?” the tall brunette asked as she placed a bag down next to her patient. She just knew it was going to be a blond.

“I was knocked down and felt something pop in my knee. I tried to get up, but couldn’t.”

“Did you hit your head?” the patient shook her head, “Which leg is it?”

Taylor pointed to the affected leg, “My left one.”

“I hate to say this, but I’m going to have to cut your pants leg so I can examine your leg.”

“This day just keeps getting better and better,” the woman replied. Since this was an office sponsored event, she planned on submitting an expense report for a new pair of pants.

As Jillian used her trauma shears to cut Taylor’s pants, the other medic began asking questions and writing the answers down on a clipboard. After the leg was exposed, the brunette received permission to inspect the injury. The knee was definitely swollen and painful to movement. “Okay, we’re gonna get you on the cot and go for a ride. Do you have a hospital preference?”

“Not really. As long as they have something to thaw my ass out.”

The paramedic smirked, maybe this call wouldn’t be so bad afterall.

The office worker gritted her teeth in pain as her leg was immobilized and she was placed on the stretcher. She held on nervously as the paramedics lifted the cot into the ambulance, she was just sure it was going to tip over. Jillian climbed into the back of the vehicle while her partner went up front to drive. They’d decided on the university hospital since it had a good orthopedic department, and it didn’t hurt it would take a little longer to get to so she’d have a little more time with the blond.

The brunette pulled out the supplies to start an IV on her patient. Taylor noticed the supplies and frowned. “That’s not a needle is it?”

“Yep, going to get a line started on you and then I can give you some pain medicine.”

“Um, I don’t think that’s necessary, it really doesn’t hurt that bad,”

“Uh huh and that’s why you keep grimacing every time we hit a pothole. It’s just going to hurt for a second and then it’ll be over.”

“Yeah, like I haven’t heard that before.”

Jillian prepped the arm, “Okay, deep breath”.

Taylor prepared herself for the pain, there was a little sting when the needle went in, but nothing like she had expected. “Wow, you’re good.”

The paramedic chuckled a little, “Thanks. Have you had fentanyl before?”

“No, Tylenol PM is the strongest thing I’ve had.”

“Well, this is definitely stronger than that.” She filled a syringe with the correct dose and injected it into the IV port. “You should be feeling better soon.”

The pain began to subside and Taylor started to relax. She looked at the woman taking care of her and noticed she was really cute. “What do you do when you’re not cutting clothes off people?”

Jillian turned her attention away from her report and back to her patient, “I go to the gym, or play videogames.”

The blond reached over and gently squeezed the paramedic’s bicep, “I could tell you work out. Do you ever go barhopping? I’ve heard of this bar, Icy Blues, but I haven’t been there.”

The brunette raised a questioning eyebrow. Icy Blues was a new lesbian bar in the area, “I’ve wanted to check the place out, but my schedule has been crazy.”

Taylor grinned, her nose crinkling a little, “Well, maybe when I get back on my feet,” she laughed at her own joke, “we can meet up there.”

“I hope you’re better on the dance floor than you are on skates,” Jillian joked. This was definitely worth a cold dinner.



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