Picture - #14
DISCLAIMER:  Everything’s mine.  Caution: relationship between two women.

“Hold it.  Just a little more to go.”   The tattoo artist could feel the tension in her body as his customer lost patience.

“Hurry up!” she growled, becoming as fierce as the wolf he was tattooing on her upper back.  She reached up and toyed with a strand of her red hair, impatient to get out of there and go on another date with the hot honey-blond, blue-eyed bank teller she’d met a month ago.

*                         *                           *

“Yeah, Dan,” Kellie told her best friend when he got back from his trip to Europe.  “She’s really hot.  She even drives a cool car.  As a matter of fact, that’s how I first noticed her.  She pulled up to the bank in something that looks like a classic Corvette, but it had four wheels that look like they belonged on a drag racer.  The license plate is one of those vanity deals that read PRWLR, and that car looks like a real prowler.  But that was nothing compared to its owner!  When she stepped out… WOW!  She was a hot redhead with legs almost like stilts.  You know how I like long legs.”

“Yes, but you wouldn’t know what to do with them, girlfriend!  You are such a sexual prude.”

“Never mind that.  Can you imagine how cool it was that I got her as my customer?  And deep emerald green eyes!”  Kellie whistled.  “They look really wolfish.”  Kellie’s heart started racing at the dangerous thrill those eyes gave her, especially when she remembered those eyes giving her their full attention right before the ladies’ first kiss, a kiss which tasted exotic like warm cinnamon.  She couldn’t wait to see Marcella again.

As if reading her thoughts, Dan spoke up.  “You have a hot date with her again tonight, don’t you?”

“Yeah!  Right after she’s finished getting her brand new wolf tattoo.”  Kellie giggled.  “She promised to show it to me tonight.”  Kellie sighed, remembering what she had to go through to clear the calendar for her date.  “I blew off a spur-of-the-moment family Christmas dinner for this one, though, and had to promise to absolutely be there tomorrow.”

Dan laughed, knowing Kellie’s erratic relationship with her family.  “The price of gain is pain, eh?”

Kellie laughed without humor behind it.  “Play now; pay later.”

*                          *                         *

The next day, Kellie was firmly ensconced on a leather couch in her family’s small mansion on the hill.  There was a cozy fire crackling in the living room’s fireplace.

“Yes, Mother.  I was out on a date last night.  No, Mother, it was not with ‘some nice guy.’” 

“I don’t know why not, dear.  Why do you insist on pursuing women?”

“It’s not like I have a choice,” Kellie repeated with a deadly calm in her voice.  “It’s just whom I’m attracted to.”

“Nonsense.”  Her mother still didn’t take “no” for an answer.

Kellie was spared another round of fighting by the maid’s entrance signaling that dinner was ready.  Kelly downed the last of her wine and set her glass on the coffee table.  She got up with a firmness in her posture that told her mom that the discussion was over…again.

Kellie, her parents, and her older brother sat down to eat their traditional Christmastime dinner sans spouses or other significant others, just the way it was when Kellie and her brother were kids.  The roast beef was still as good as Kellie remembered it, and although there was not as much to talk about at the dinner table as there used to be, it was still a fairly pleasant dinner when she tuned out her brother’s shop talk and concentrated on the light Christmas music playing in the background.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash in the kitchen and before anyone could process what was going on and get up, a burglar in black clothes and black ski mask ran into the room.  Kellie thought she saw the intruder hesitate when he saw her, but he pulled a gun, gathered everyone in a far corner of the large dining room, scooped valuables into a sack, and motioned for Kellie to come over.  “Don’t call the police and she’ll be fine,” came a false gruff voice as the burglar grabbed Kellie and hauled her and the stuff away. 

“I’ll be okay!  Really!  Just do as he says!” Kellie yelled from the kitchen.

Once outside, the burglar dragged Kellie behind a bush and gave her a hard kiss, bruising lips on lips.  Kellie pulled away and slapped the burglar, but he persisted.  He gave her a soft, tender kiss that was eerily familiar to Kellie.  It tasted like warm cinnamon.  Kellie drew back, surprised.  “Marcella?”

“Yeah, babe.”  She pulled off the ski mask and a cascade of red hair tumbled down.  Wolfish green eyes flashed in the light from a street lamp when the wind moved a tree branch.

“But why?”

“I never did tell you how I earn my living, huh?” Marcella said sadly.  “It’s the only way I can afford to live like I do.  You can come with me now or… or you’re free to go.” 

They ran hand-in-hand down the hill where Marcella’s car waited for them.

*                           *                         *

“What the hell?”  Marcella opened her eyes when she heard the sound of many footsteps outside.  Red and blue colors swirled around the room.  It was 5 in the morning and Kellie wasn’t in bed. 

“Open up!  Police!”  They crashed through the bedroom door and were on Marcella in seconds, cuffing her.

“I thought you loved me...” Marcella stammered at Kellie.  “You called them?” she asked as she was being led away. 

Kellie fingered a ring she’d taken from Marcella’s cache, smiled wickedly, and leaned into Marcella’s ear so the officer couldn’t hear.  Her hot breath tickled Marcella’s neck, and Marcella suddenly imagined the breath was a howling wind from Hell.

“There is no honor among thieves.”


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