Hole In One

By t e brehm


"Bravo Charlie," could be heard echoing throughout the posh ballroom of the Delta Hotel. The women's amateur golf tournament had been held in Quebec this year and Charlene 'Charlie' Lima had been the victor. Her partner of 3 years, Sierra Romeo stood on the sidelines and watched her accept the trophy from Papa Oscar; he and his son MIke had been sponsoring the tournament for almost 15 years. This was Charlie's 7th win and her lover thought she looked so cute in her golfer's uniform.

Outside the ballroom two couples passed the open doors grimacing in dismay at the amount of noise spilling from the doors. "I told you we should have waited until November for this vacation!" Xena griped. Gabrielle shook her head indulgently at her Warrior lover. "May I remind you, I wanted to go to India" she offered. "But no, 'Bette and Tina are going on holiday to Quebec to tour the Cathedrals why don't we go with them' you said"

Both women turned to glance at the other couple. "Hey don't try to pin this on me." Bette rebutted. "I wanted to stay in New York and see the Yankees." 3 heads turned to glare at the remaining woman. She was wearing a cast; Bette had accidently dropped a one kilo gardening stone on her foot and X-Rays had shone 2 broken bones. "This isn't exactly my idea of fun either ladies! I can't ski, can't enjoy the ballroom..and I so wanted to take some dance lessons; Juliet Martinez is supposed to be a superb tango and foxtrot teacher."

"Ok...that's enough bickering!" Gabrielle exclaimed, stepping between the 3 arguing women. Xena may be the big bad dog, but Gabby was the alpha bitch in their relationship.

"Yes dear," Xena replied, backing off meekly. Just then, Charlie and Sierra came stumbling out of the ballroom; Charlie clutching her trophy in one hand. The other held a bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey and her arm was draped over Sierra's shoulder. The slightly tipsy Charlie grinned at the 4 strangers, obviouly couples. "Hey ladies," she invited, "Why don't you come have a drink with us, join the natives."

Xena looked at her sardoniclly "Zulus?" she inquired.

Charlie's grin widened "No, I won."

:O) The End.


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