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Disclaimer: Xena & Gabrielle belong to each other and to MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures.

Xena's Song




I have, I think, ended more lives than you have lived days on this earth. Most of them with a murderous joy in my soul.

Then there was you, the girl from Potidaea, who talked your way into my life and my heart. You brought out the best in me. D'you have any idea how annoying you could be?

Now you are irreplaceable.

I have brought you to danger, fear, horror and loss more times than I care to admit and for that I am ashamed.

In return you have given me unwavering faith and simple love. Only twice have you wronged me, betrayed me. Why is it so hard for me to forgive that?

Maybe it's frustration: I kissed you once; one kiss was not enough.

I have died and lived for you; I'd die for you again.
Maybe we'll die together. Over the cliff we go.

So here we are in Illusia where they demand of us a song.

I am a woman of many skills.
Expressing my feelings is not one of them,
But still
How can it be
The only song I can think of is:

"Xena and Gabrielle sitting in a tree.


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