Picture #18

By Meretsegar



“You wait here,” ordered Mel. “I'm going in the baker's.”

Janice saw a curio shop across the bright, dusty Cairo street and pointed defiantly. “There.”

Mel pursed her lips. She couldn't object to Janice's destination, however, nodding before sweeping into the bakery.

Janice wanted to stomp across the street but could only shuffle, due to a night spent playing cards, drinking cheap whiskey and smoking expensive cigars. The night also led to the shopping trip: Janice knew she was being punished for her ‘bad habits'.

The dim interior of the shop soothed her headache and she looked around. A flash of color caught her eye: a pendant with a black and white Yin-Yang symbol and a beautiful blue-green surround.

Grievance curled her lip even as she bought it: she'll think the light is her, for sure. Then she noticed each side had a dot of the opposite color in it. There's that temper of hers…. But … I guess I do look pretty bad compared to her.

“How beautiful,” Mel breathed in her ear.

Janice jumped, then thrust the pendant at her. “For you. Sorry.”

“I'm sorry too,” Mel confessed. They left the shop together, arms linked.


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