Picture #13

By Meretsegar




Jaime stared at her pocket watch, now marking 44 minutes into what was supposed to be a seven-pm dinner date with Erin. She wasn't sure why she was still there. She'd thought this time would be different, after two previous cancelled dates due to missing keys and a missing cat, or so Erin's calls had claimed. Her blue eyes turned icy as she thought What a sucker I am! Well, this is it. She didn't even bother to call with a lousy excuse this time.

She flicked a glance at the rain-streaked window next to the table, the weather now a perfect complement to her mood. She was starting to rise when a commotion at the door made her look up. She froze and her jaw sagged as she saw a soaked, bedraggled blonde push past the maître-d', her bobbing gait marked with pock-squish sounds as she made for Jaime's table.

“I'm soooo sorry, I ran out of gas but when I opened my purse my wallet wasn't there and my cell phone was dead and I started to walk but then one heel broke off but I couldn't break the other one to make it easier to walk and then it started to rain but I needed to get here to let you know why I was late…” Erin said with one breath, only halted by a sneeze.

Anxious green eyes relaxed as Jaime snapped out of her bemusement and said, “Maybe I should take you to my place. You can take a hot shower – my sweats will be big but warm, and meanwhile I could order a pizza?”

Erin sighed with relief. “I'd love that!”

She needs a keeper – and I guess I'm the woman for the job, Jamie thought as she smiled and walked Erin out.


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