Entry for Category 2: Prompt word REINDEER

Where the Reindeer Are

by The Bard of New Mexico


Santa stomped his feet before entering the warm kitchen that always smelled like cinnamon and spices. He kissed his wife as she passed by him with a bowl of peeled, sliced, and spiced apples. “I just talked to Joe at the shop. He says the sleigh is about ready. Where are the reindeer?”

“Someone said they were in the workshop basement.”

“What in the world are they doing there?”

“I don't know, dear.”

Santa braced himself against the cold as he walked the 100 feet to the workshop. He entered the workshop and passed through the door immediately to his right that led to the basement.

He smiled and his blue eyes twinkled when he saw the sight. Each of the eight reindeer was sitting on a chair at their own table, had a marking pen, and had multiple cards on their table. An elf drew a ping pong ball out of a large vat. “O-10!”

Blitzen, wearing a green visor on his head, quickly marked five of his cards. He then bellowed and the elf who drew the numbers came. “Whatcha got, Blitzen?” He checked the winning card.

A helper elf saw Santa and came over. Santa whispered, “They're playing bingo?”

The elf chuckled. “Yeah. Gives a whole new meaning to 'reindeer games'.”

Santa laughed his deep, hearty laugh. “Sorry to break up your party, boys, but it's time to hoof it over to Joe's. The sleigh is ready.”



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