Bard Challenge #24
Small (250 words)
Word Prompt: Jolly

Disclaimer: A Battlestar Galactica fanfic: I don't own any of the characters. Lesbian sex implied.


Beware Of What You Wish For

by Wildcat Winnie

"Frak me. Where am I?" Starbuck groaned, her head pounding.

"In your bed. And I did, several times." The naked form of Caprica Six was stretched out next to her, smiling. "Adama's party was a success, the Cylons didn't use the opportunity for a sneak attack and we had a great time" Six purred.

"OK, you were right, there was no Cylon conspiracy and yes, the solstice party was a good idea. I guess even a homeless people fighting for survival need an occasional moment of joy."

"Indeed. 'Tis the season to be jolly, after all" Six murmured between kisses.

"But still" Starbuck pulled away for a moment. "I don't like the solstice. Never have."

"Why-ever not?"

"What's to like? Everyone eats too much, drinks too much and spends way too much money on unnecessary gifts."


"Maybe. I blame my childhood." Starbuck laughed.

"Do tell." Six began kissing Starbuck's neck.

"A distant aunt. Every year as a kid she sent me a doll, then when I turned eighteen she started with presents 'appropriate for a future wife and home-maker'. Do I look like a home-maker to you?"

Six's answer was a nip on her nipple. Starbuck moaned with pleasure but managed to continue: "So now, when friends ask me what I want for Solstice I tell them 'Something appropriate, like a frakking toaster!'"

By your command thought Six as she distracted, enchanted, captivated Galactica's best Viper pilot.




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