Entry for Category 2:  Prompt word SNOW

The Christmas From Hell

by The Bard of New Mexico


  Tanya excused herself from her college roommate's family's Christmas dinner table as quickly as she could without offending anyone and went straight to the guest room.  She flopped down on the bed and just let the gathering gloom and quiet surround her. 

In half an hour, her college roommate, Jackie, joined her.  Jackie sat in an armchair in the corner.  “I'm sorry,” she almost whispered.  “That was worse than usual.”

Tanya half-laughed.  “It's okay.  If you'll pardon me for saying so, you seem to be the only sane one in your family.”

“That's a fair assessment.”

Tanya pressed her luck.  “You sure you weren't adopted?”

Jackie's subdued laugh drifted to Tanya's ears.  “We could leave tomorrow.  We could say we're leaving because the weather's expected to turn bad.”

Tanya peeked out the window.  “Wouldn't be too far from the truth.”

“Okay.  Be ready to go by nine.  Goodnight!”

Tanya woke up to find snow falling outside.  She hurriedly dressed, and dashed through the backyard into the forest of bare trees.  She huffed and puffed at the drifting snowflakes as if that would push them back into the sky.  “No!  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  Don't snow until later!  DEAR GOD, PLEASE DON'T STRAND ME WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!” 

To Tanya's relief, she heard the motor running on Jackie's car. She saw Jackie in the driver's seat and their belongings were packed.  Jackie grinned widely.  “Thought the snow would come sooner.  Let's blow this joint!”




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