Bard Challenge #24
Small (250 words)
Word Prompt: Sleigh

Disclaimer : A Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic: I don't own any of the characters. Eternal thanks to Joss Whedon for his creations.


A Woman of Not-So-Many Skills

by Wildcat Winnie

"Guys, I have a plan--"

"What is it this time Buffy? Vampires? Demons? Sundry evil? I'm right behind you" Xander was enthusiastic.

"Ready with the book learning" Willow added.

"--for the Sunnydale Christmas parade. I'm going to take part; I thought I'd go in character."

The scoobies stared, dumbfounded but Giles spoke for them all: "Perish the thought."

"What? You don't want to help me? Fine I'll do it myself!"


The float was only big enough to carry a child's small wooden sled, sprayed rather badly with metallic silver car paint, and two second hand model reindeers that had seen too many years on the carousel. Each reindeer had a souvenir alpine cow bell tied round its neck and some tired old tinsel stuck to its tail. Piles of brightly wrapped and beribboned cardboard boxes completed the ensemble. To be fair, the wrapping was immaculate. Standing in the middle was Buffy, wearing a way-too-big Santa suit, minus the beard; with her face painted deathly white, false fangs and fake blood dribbling down her chin.

Giles and the scoobies stared, once more dumbfounded. All except Cordelia who spoke what the others were secretly thinking but would never say: "That's so lame! Don't give up the day - night job. And what are you supposed to be anyway?"

"Ah c'mon guys, don't you get it? Buffy the Vampire Sleigh-er!"




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