The Bard Challenge #24: Good Things Come In BIG Packages and SMALL Ones Too

Category 2

Fandom: Guilding light: Otalia

Disclaimer:Guiding Light and the characters of Olivia, Natalia, Emma and Franchesca are the property of P&G, CBS and Telenext and are not being used for profit soley for entertainment.

Christmas with Eff and Emm

by Alex2

She was certain she had seen something like this before, that was Natalia's last thought before she screamed. A documentary on flying squirrels from some nature show! She would have snapped her fingers in recognition, if the squealing toddler in red footies wasn't pinning her down. Eff, landed on top of them as her older sister Emma laughed from beside the bed. Emma knew that the earlier they woke them, the sooner Christmas would begin.

Olivia groaned and turned over, facing away from the riot.

“Right Liv, that'll work.” Natalia struggled free and hoisted Eff to dangle the teething toddler over her wife, the drool pooling up to ensure an extra slobbery kiss.

“It's still dark out,” Olivia whined. “The moon is still out. It's not morning until Santa has is back home and asleep.”

Emma groused and Eff simply giggled, enjoying playing airplane for the second time that morning.

“Moooom, how will we know when?”

“Santa's elf will call and tell us. Back to bed. Otherwise it's coal.”

“A grumpy elf,” Natalia chastised, strategically hovering the child over her mother's face. “Christmas kisses!”

“Eeew,” Olivia shrieked, tempering her response, as her daughter slimed her under the guise of a kiss. She hugged the baby before juggling her safely out of the way to tackle her lover.

“You're dead, Rivera.”

“Help!” Natalia yelled, as Olivia tickled and kissed her simultaneously.

Emma joined the Christmas morning torture with her family, until they were all gasping for breath, awake and merry.




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