Bard Challenge #24
Small (250 words)
Word Prompt: Holly

An original story

The Holly and the Ivy

by Wildcat Winnie

She's a prickly one, that Holly. And never more so than in the early days when we first met. I don't think she was consciously trying to push me away; it's just her nature. She has firm opinions about everything, especially relationships; she used her prickles most when protecting her independence and her friendships. I admit, that there were moments when I wondered if it was worth it, if those prickles would ever be wielded in defence of me. But when I looked at her; how does the song go? "of all the trees that are in the wood..." I have patience and a thick skin. I know how to get what I want.

She creeps up on you, that Ivy. So slowly that you don't notice; or if you do, you ignore it because secretly you don't mind. In the early days I worried that she might be too clingy. She said 'I love you' way too soon; but then, she never seemed to mind when I didn't say it back. She never asked anything of me but my company and fun, and perhaps to meet my friends. "I enjoy being with you. That is enough. "It's been enough now for more years than I can remember and I find her tendrils have grown into every part of me. I wouldn't know how to extricate myself, even if I wanted to. I don't. If you ask me the carol's wrong; it's the Ivy wears the crown.




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