The Bard Challenge #24: Good Things Come In BIG Packages and SMALL Ones Too

Category 2

Fandom: Venice: the Series

Disclaimer:Venice and the characters of Ani, Gina and Lara are the property of Openbook productions. No profit will be made, this is simply for fun

Author: ???

Title: My L-words


My L-words

by Alex2


It can't be a coincidence. Our friends scatter each time we're together; it's as though they know we need to talk. They give us privacy but it doesn't matter, I can't get the words out. I'm not hiding this very well. I look at you and look away, a bird, a bicycle—my Perrier bottle becomes fascinating. Any distraction is better than letting you see what you don't want to see. Ani, I can't look at you without feeling some L-word, longing, lust, and love.

I remember I have the ultimate distraction: a present for you, a small one. You'll recognize the bow, the ribbon. I saved it. You are surprised, charmed just for a moment, and then you remember those other L-words. Lara and lover. You hold my eyes for just a moment, I'm confusing you. I know; I had my chance, no, many chances. The wind is tangling your hair and self conscious, you brush it away from your face. You are stunning and I don't look away.

You smile that awkward and uncertain smile. With just your lips and your eyes you ask, ‘Gina, what are you doing?' Your lips purse together, remembering. You carefully slide the ribbon from the box and don't bother to open it. You turn the ribbon over in your hand, caressing the real present. All the air in the world is suddenly held hostage. My heart stops. You don't look away this time and neither do I.



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