Holly and Ivy

by AnnaJ


Solstice Challenge   for The Academy of Bards   December, 2010  

Holly Cohenů most of the year it is no big deal but for the winter holidays?  How many people ask if that is my real name?   Try being Jewish with the name Holly at Christmas time.. Do my friends all crack up EVERYTIME they hear Burl Ives sing "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas"?  You bet.

So, here I am in Market Basket, just trying to buy a few things before going home for a quiet evening and that song is on (again).  Teeth gritted, I continue through the aisles buying tissues, tortillas ,and fruit .  And right in front of me is Carrie, the one person in the world who brings up both my first AND last name in conversation every time she sees me. Loudly.

   "Holly!   Holly Cohen!   They're playing your song!"   Heads turn all up and down the aisle to see who has the unfortunate name to go with Burl's singing.   Burning red in embarrassment, I try to look as though I am not the one Carrie is speaking to, only to crash into a candy cane display.  Carrie is laughing, everyone is staring and over the intercom someone is yelling, "Clean up in the freezer section." 

It is a blessing to go home, at last, to a sweetheart who loves my name, has Vince Guaraldi's music on the cd player and who can laugh with me, once again as the holiday season makes its inevitable journey through our lives.     Holly and Ivy Cohen.  Who would have thought?  




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