The Royal Academy of Bards

is proud to present

The Bard Challenge PunZle #27

punzle 27

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...spring has sprung and we know that all good RAOB readers thoughts will turn to… a PunZle? Yes, we have come up with a PunZle to go with our Bard Challenge currently underway.

The directions are this:

1) determine who or what each picture represents


2) tell us what is missing.

Simple no? you go.

Deadline for entries is April 29th, same as the Bard Challenge. Send your guesses to:

One winner will be chosen at random from all the correct entries. If no one gets all the answers correct than the one with the most correct will be our winner. Good Luck.

The answers to the PunZle are as follows:

1. Saturday (Saturday Evening Post) OR February - Leap Year

2. July - Julyan Stone from the Denver Nuggets

3. Sunday - Sundae

4. May - Brian May from Queen

5. Year - Yeardley Smith from The Simpsons (Lisa)

6. November - International Code of Signals

7. Monday - Alexander Mundy from It Takes a Thief

8. Tuesday - Tuesday Weld

9. Wednesday - Wedneday Addams from The Addams Family

10. Day - Susan Dey

11. December - TV Sitcom December Bride

12. January - January Jones

13. Thursday - Band

14. June - June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver

15. Friday - T.G.I. Friday's Restaurant

16. September - Movie Come September

17. October - Movie The Hunt for Red October

18. August - August Hermann - Mariska Hargitay's Son

19. March - Stephanie March

20. April - Avril Lavigne


Missing: Either Saturday or February depending on which answer was given for picture #1


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