Now or Never

By Catrina Wolfe

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 “Lay on MacDuff, and damned be him who first cries!” Sam shouted spiritedly as he tried to add yet another impersonation to his repertoire.

Tuning out the reenactment of the last scene of Macbeth, Quinn instead looked at Rachel sitting on the other side of the room furiously taking notes and wondered if Berry wasn’t yet again writing critiques of the performances.  She grinned imagining a passionate Rachel arguing with Sam over why the intonation of his lines was wrong.  It was actually a possibility for the fiery, determined brunette who seemed to be occupying Quinn’s thoughts far more than necessary these last few days. 

Thankfully the bell rang and Quinn laughed when, just as she had predicted, Rachel steered Sam to the side and immediately started gesturing furiously.  Quinn’s laughter stopped abruptly as, frustrated, she realized she could not summon an ounce of annoyance at Rachel.

“Damnit Fabray you do not have a crush on her,” she muttered angrily.  No matter how hard she tried these feelings for Rachel just refused to be swept away.  She glanced again at the pair and Sam caught her eyes desperately.  Sighing, she made her way to them all the while wishing away the butterflies merrily dancing in her stomach. 

She was queen of this school, a nobody like Rachel in her unfashionable sweater shouldn’t make her this nervous even if she was the soul and best singer of glee club.  There was only one thing to do before she went crazy over these feelings.

“Rachel it wasn’t even a real play, just two guys reading aloud from a book.  Let it go and walk me to the choir room.” Quinn said looping her arm smoothly through the brunette’s and steering them both away, ignoring Sam’s grateful expression.

“It was not unimportant.  If you miss the spirit of that final scene then all the emotion….” Rachel began.

 “Ok you’re going to be quiet even though I know that’s a difficult concept for you,” Quinn said smirking at the indignant expression on Rachel’s face.

“There’s this song I want to sing to you and I need you to listen to the words because I mean every one of them and forget about my pitch.  I didn’t plan or rehearse this, it’s just something I have to get out before I choke on it.”

Glancing out the window at the falling snow to calm her nerves, she gambled her heart and sang “The Rose” pouring all the confusion and longings into every note in the only way she knew for sure would reach Rachel.

“That’s really how you feel?” she whispered in wonder when Quinn was finished.

Nodding Quinn struggled to look more confident than she felt.

Rachel grinned as she dug into her bag and pulled out a small bakery box.

Opening it Quinn laughed in relief. 

“I guess we think alike,” Rachel said.

 Inside was red velvet cupcake with the words “Be Mine” iced on top.

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