Twas the Night Before Solstice...

by FluffyŻ email - not on this planet <g>


Twas the night before Solstice,

and all through the trees.

Nothing was moving,

no wind and no breeze.


The campfire was burning,

so warm and so bright.

It gave quite a glow

to this special night.


And Gab in her fuzz covered blanket,

and I right there too.

Had just settled in together

for a nap, long overdue.


When out in the trees

there arose such a clatter.

I sprang to my feet

to see what was the matter.


I grabbed my sword,

and my Chakram too.

I readied them both,

a sure fight to ensue.


The noise it grew louder,

quite a din, I confess.

But Gab kept on snoring,

still totally clueless.


I patiently waited

for the dumbbell to arrive

and wondered how badly

he would fight to survive.


Then he stepped out of the trees,

a goofy little fellow.

Jolly and happy

and anything but mellow.


There he stood in the firelight,

and in spite of the armor,

looked less like a Warrior

and more like a farmer.


His eyes how they twinkled,

but his leather pants were quite shabby.

He looked around quickly

and then he spied Gabby.


His smile grew wider,

he practically glowed.

This man was in love,

and, boy, how it showed!


Peeking out from the cover

was the bard's lithe shapely limb.

He stared at her tanned leg.

I arched an eyebrow at him.


I counted to ten

as I stood there glaring

and imagined 42 ways he could die,

if he didn't stop staring.


He felt my hard gaze,

and turned for a look.

He found cold blue eyes there,

and that's all it took.


His heart beat a loud tattoo

"Please spare his life", he would beg.

But he just gulped quite loudly

like he swallowed a whole egg.


Then he just put his finger to his lips,

my silence he implored.

He went straight to his work,

the task he came for.


Out of his bag,

he pulled a small tree.

Decorated with lots of red ribbon,

an absolute beauty to see.


He set the tree by the fire

and went back in the bag.

Pulled out a small present,

wrapped in a purple rag.


Out came a gold polished pin

that looked like a crown.

Then a bouquet of daisies,

which he set on the ground.


He kept digging in the sack,

it took quite a while,

finding more presents

to add to the pile.


The bag was then emptied,

he placed the last gift under the tree.

You could see by it was a knife.

He gestured, it was for me.


He turned back to the forest,

now that his task was all done.

Stopping only to pet Argo,

as his last bit of fun.


When he reached the treeline,

his silence was to be broken.

I listened quite hard,

for the words to be spoken.


I'm sure I did hear,

in a voice high and flighty...

Happy Winter Solstice to all,

from Joxer the Mighty!

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