"Sweet Anticipation"

by Cousin Liz
2000 Sep 20

Disclaimers: The characters of Xena: Warrior Princess are owned by RenPic and Studios USA and used here without permission. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this story.

More Disclaimers: To be honest with you, this story is just an excuse for our two grrls to have sex -- better known as a PWP(Plot, What Plot?) story. I'm thinking you could possibly call this a "conqueror" story too. I mean, there is some conquering going on, though Xena isn't a despot and Gabrielle isn't a slave. Now, what happens between these two after the story ends, well... after a rousing game of charades Gabrielle may not have much trouble talking Xena into being her slave... <eg>

I hope you all enjoy.

Gabrielle's eyes sparkled as she poked her tongue out and playfully licked the tasty morsel she held between thumb and forefinger. The fine hairs tickled her senses, making the bard giggle out loud. She knew it would taste sweet, and savoured the idea of wrapping her lips around its firmness and slowly biting into the succulent flesh. Knew that its juices would soon be running down her face, following the same path that had already taken up sticky residence on her chin and neck. Gabrielle inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with the sensual aroma. "Ahh... this is ambrosia," she murmured, "and it's all mine." She continued to stare at the ruby-red coloured flesh before her, her eyes beginning to glaze over as all of her senses inched closer to overload.

When the bard was certain she couldn't wait one more moment lest she burst, she did just that. In retaliation her whole body screamed at her to give it what it wanted, what it craved. Her stomach lurched into her throat in a desperate attempt to take over control of those mealy-mouthed teeth that just sat there and let her get away with this gods-forsaken torture. A few muscles a bit farther south also awoke and stood at attention, and Gabrielle soon found her free hand traveling between her legs, her thighs clamping down tightly on her awakening need.

In the end the bard's body won out and the ripe berry met its maker, as well as a number of its siblings, when a set of eager teeth bit it cleanly in half. A long, guttural moan of appreciation escaped from her as a burst of juice dribbled down both her throat and chin. She eagerly chewed and swallowed the delectable fruit, slowly regaining control of her senses.

'There's something good to be said about berries,' she concluded. The fingers of her hand that was still trapped between her thighs quickly became coated with another kind of sweet juice. Closing her eyes, she turned her face up to the bright sunshine filtering through the leaves of the large tree she was seated beneath. "Yes, definitely ambrosia," she decided, her fingers beginning a slow, deliberate rhythm against willing flesh.

The mound of berries sitting to her left was soon forgotten as thoughts of another bit of tasty flesh flooded her mind. And the six-foot tall, wrapped in black leather package it came in made the bard's mouth water. "Mmm... you better get back here soon, Xena." Her fingers picked the pace up a bit as her senses began to tingle. "You don't know what you're missing."

Her thoughts soon focused on the return of the woman who dominated every pore of her being. 'Like the coming of a storm...' Words scribbled in a private scroll years ago while Gabrielle was trying to make sense of her growing feelings for her reticent traveling partner. Gabrielle turned her face slightly into the beginnings of a stiff breeze and drank in the scents it carried from other parts of the valley below. 'The very air that precedes her arrival takes on a life of it's own.' The bard's nose twitched in anticipation, her fingers continuing to move over her heightening ache.

Gabrielle felt the hair on the nape of her neck stand up moments before she heard the sound of approaching hoof beats. The air surrounding her had become electrically charged, pushing through her hair and dancing swirls around her body. The bard knew, without even looking up, that Xena would soon be coming into view. She smiled, hoping and praying that this was something that would happen to signal her lover's approach until her dying day -- and beyond. Closing her eyes, she lost herself in the feeling of the approaching warrior as she forced herself to still her fingers. A long shudder shot through her body when she extracted her hand. She ran shaky fingers through the short blond hair on her head, trying to regain control of her body. "All in good time," she muttered. "All in good time."

Looking up, the bard's eyes riveted upon the sight of the approaching warrior riding atop Argo. Gabrielle sat transfixed, watching the wind whip back both long black tresses and golden mane. 'There is simply nothing as close to Elysia as the beginning of a storm's approach. To close your eyes and experience the raw power of the forces of nature is practically orgasmic.' Gabrielle hadn't known any other way to describe what she felt whenever Xena approached, and even that wasn't fully adequate to convey how the warrior made her feel.

It took all of Gabrielle's strength not to spread her legs wide and repeatedly thrust three fingers deep inside herself as she raked her eyes over the leather-clad form that was quickly approaching. She always thought Xena looked great in anything, even a burlap sack, but there was just something about a warrior in leather that was an instant turn-on to her. Especially a certain woman warrior who enjoyed paying close attention to her. And if anyone had ever cared to ask her, she would have had to admit that while sometimes there were advantages to skin-on-skin contact, she appreciated it when Xena indulged her occasional hunger to feel the warrior in her leathers moving against her. The leather felt like a second skin on Xena, all soft, yet powerful.

The golden mare charged with wild abandon up the grassy slope from the valley below with Xena bent over her neck. Even from her vantage point under a blanket of trees, Gabrielle could see the stunning smile the warrior allowed herself. People called Xena reserved, stoic, and most of the time they'd be right. That's the nature of a warrior, or at least the warriors that haven't yet paid Charon the price of crossing the river Styx. But she knew another side of Xena -- a woman who was learning again how to love life and more importantly allow a certain bard to love her.

A smile formed on her lips to match that of Xena's as she idly played with a berry. She watched her lover's eyes track up the slope and lock on her, and felt her chest constrict and her heart start to beat erratically as the forgotten berry turned to jam mashed in her clenched fist. Gabrielle squeezed her thighs together tightly, certain that her insides were attempting to come gushing out of her. 'Xena, you better get your ass up her soon, and remember to bring the rest of those delectable parts of yours.'

Xena's piercing warcry preceded her as the warrior covered the remaining distance between them by suddenly launching off Argo's back and doing a twisting double somersault, easily landing in front of Gabrielle. Sometimes the bard wondered about Xena's keen sense of hearing, especially when the words were not spoken out loud. This would have been one of those times, if Gabrielle didn't have other warrior flesh on her mind.

It was a full-out smile that greeted the bard as Xena smoothed her leathers. Gabrielle knew that not many people were honoured by the warrior to receive such a welcome, and she reflexively smiled back in return. "I hope you didn't mind the wait. It's been a while since Argo has had a good run and I think she really enjoyed herself."

"I can see that." The bard's eyes roamed over six feet of leather and bronzed flesh that was flushed and covered in a fine sheen of sweat. "It looks like you enjoyed the ride too," Gabrielle commented. She absent-mindedly licked the last of the berry remnants from her fingers. The smell of herself on her fingertips caused the bard's insides to churn. On the pretext of removing a berry seed from between her teeth she slipped a finger into her mouth, tasting herself.

"I did." Xena followed the bard's eyes downward and let out a half disgusted groan. "But now I think I need to go find a stream and jump in." The warrior turned to where Argo was patiently awaiting some attention. "Just let me get this saddle off first, and -- hey, I almost forgot. I went hunting on our return trip and got two rabbits for dinner. They're already skinned and dressed. Maybe you'd like to get a fire started and we can-" One of Argo's non-existent eyebrows crept up her face and threatened to get lost in her mane. This did not go unnoticed by the ever-observant warrior, who turned to find one very naked bard with one helluva fire already raging.

Gabrielle let out a low chuckle at the raised eyebrow response she got from the warrior, and almost lost it when she spotted Argo practically mirroring the same look. "I was thinking maybe we could skip dinner and get right to the dessert? I know how much you like it when I make those little dumplings with the red stuff inside, but I'm afraid I don't have all of the ingredients for dumplings." The bard spread her legs wide, a mischievous grin on her face. "I do have the red stuff... and some cream though..."

Xena watched, mesmerized, as Gabrielle revealed a luscious, red berry enveloped in the folds of her sex. The rabbits fell listlessly from her hands as she noted how the berry's flesh glistened with the bard's homemade "cream." With a snort, Argo turned and flicked her tail at the warrior's head then headed off. Xena chuckled as her mare gave one last backwards glance and neighed in exasperation before turning back to look for something to amuse herself with. The tall woman glanced back at the retreating form of her horse before turning back to her partner. Finding her voice she quirked a wry smile asking, "Skip dinner? What would your mother say, Gabrielle?"

The bard plucked the succulent fruit from its resting place and held it up for close examination. "I think she'd approve. She always told me that fresh fruit's good for you." Gabrielle locked eyes with the warrior and took a small bite, reflexively closing her eyes when she tasted herself mingled with the sweetness of the berry. Small shots of desire bombarded her center and she swallowed both the flesh of the berry and the lump forming in her throat. Gabrielle nearly choked as she slowly exhaled a low moan and then suddenly inhaled sharply when the rest of the uneaten berry and two of her fingers were captured. The bard's eyes flew open to find herself surrounded by a sea of black, supple leather holding back a barely restrained warrior.

The hunger in Xena's eyes was intoxicating. Gabrielle sat there speechless as the warrior, crouched before her, sensuously chewed and swallowed the rest of the fruit. "Mmm..." she purred, sucking one of the bard's fingers into her mouth. "It tastes like you've started in on dessert without me."

"Started, yes," she admitted. Gabrielle ran a lingering finger over Xena's jaw line and down her throat to her chest, ending curled in the leather between the warrior's breasts. Tearing her eyes from the valley her finger rested in, the bard forced her gaze upward to meet her lover's. Xena's eyes were only inches from her own, and Gabrielle could see that her pupils were dark and dilated, and knew they were a reflection of her own. Maintaining eye contact, her fingers made quick work of the buckles and clasps of the warrior's breastplate. "But I need-"

The rest of the bard's words were swallowed as Xena's lips covered hers. Her heartbeat fluttered, and her skin was on fire wherever the warrior's hands caressed her cheeks and neck. Kisses were soft, so soft, and Gabrielle returned them, wanting nothing more than to lose herself in the heat that was building. The bard lightly flicked her tongue over Xena's lower lip, enjoying the lingering taste of berry. Running her tongue between the warrior's full lips seeking entrance, the bard moaned when permission was freely given.

Sticky fingers tangled in the warrior's long, thick hair as Gabrielle felt two strong hands grasp her at the hips and draw her close. As her sensitive nipples rubbed over the leather below the swells of Xena's breasts, she groaned and deepened the kiss. She had neglected her breasts earlier, and was surprised to find them so responsive. "Xena?!" the bard cried out as contact was suddenly broken. She forced herself to focus as the warrior backed away, crouching on the balls of her feet.

"Everything's fine, Gabrielle," she reassured her, but the rawness of the warrior's words and the unchecked lust in her eyes told a different story. Xena's hands were at the shoulder straps of her leathers, pulling them down. "I just need to get this off, then we can-"

"No!" The bard almost scared herself with her forcefulness. "No, that's okay," she continued in a quieter voice as she leaned forward and covered Xena's hands with her own, moving the straps back up. "Leave it on."

The smile Gabrielle received because of those three simple words was both devastatingly beautiful and devilish. The bard's jaw dropped as a low rumbling purr helped to transform Xena's look into an exotic cat as she slinked slowly forward on all fours. Gabrielle leaned back as Xena slowly began moving over her. Closer and closer she crept as the bard continued to lean further and further back, their bodies close but not touching. Soon Gabrielle found herself disappearing into the tall field grass, the warrior's sensual, slithering body now looming over her.

Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, Xena lowered herself. She was so close now the bard could smell the warrior's sexuality roiling off her, the very air between them alive with the crackle of unspoken promises.

Gabrielle's breath caught.

Silently, she watched Xena's face hover over her breasts. The warrior twitched her nose and then proceeded to sniff her way upwards.

Small whimpers escaped the bard's mouth.

Xena was directly over her now. Gabrielle could feel her body starting to turn to liquid fire when first lips, then hands, and finally warm, living leather descended on her, claiming her. The kiss was thorough and deep, both quenching and leaving the bard thirsting for, "More. Ahh yes... more," Gabrielle urged, barely capable of forming words around the tongue that was seeking out the depths of her soul. Grasping the warrior's muscular biceps, she motioned for the woman above her to stop propping herself up on her forearms, and moaned into Xena's mouth when she was rewarded to feel the weight of the warrior's body completely covering her.

Gabrielle reveled in the feel of leather as Xena's body pinned her down, covering her so completely that it was hard for her senses not to think that it was she who was wearing the warrior's battledress. Xena's tongue and lips continued to claim her. Gabrielle felt her body instantly responding and pulled the warrior closer, sucking on the tongue that was probing her, filling her. Closing her eyes the bard found herself in a world that consisted of nothing but Xena, herself, and an intense ache that needed to be satisfied -- would be satisfied.

She felt the warrior's body shift, felt a hard, sinewy thigh slide over her leg and push downward, parting her. The bard willingly opened herself up to the woman above her, and if it was physically possible to do so she pulled her even closer. Xena sucked the bard's tongue into her mouth, massaging the muscle with her lips as she slid her leg upwards and pressed firmly on Gabrielle's sopping center. This time it was Xena's turn to moan into her lover's mouth as Gabrielle's nails raked over her shoulders and upper arms in response. The bard's breath was ragged with need as she thrust herself against the warrior.

It wasn't enough.

Placing her hands on her lover's shoulders, she tried to push Xena down her body.

It didn't work.

All six feet of warrior stayed right where it was, moving against her in an all too agonizingly slow and soft motion.

Wrapping her fingers in the warrior's hair, she pulled Xena's head back, fiery green eyes ablaze with lust and need. Xena raised an eyebrow slightly in response, and Gabrielle answered in turn by sucking the warrior's lower lip into her mouth and biting down on the soft flesh. She was rewarded when Xena's thigh jerked hard against her center. "Ungghhh... ohh..." was the bard's best articulated response, every nerve ending in her body applauding the contact. Nibbling her way down a tasty chin and neck, she ran her tongue over Xena's throat, finding the warrior's pulse point fluttering wildly. The bard inhaled deeply. "Mmm... I love the smell of warrior sweat in the afternoon, and the evening, and the morning." Sliding her teeth over the soft flesh where she'd felt Xena's blood throbbing, she sucked it in, enjoying the sounds of need it elicited from her lover as she left her mark.

Hands were everywhere at once, caressing and stroking, urging and begging. Unfortunately for Gabrielle, it was Xena's hands that were caressing and stroking, and her own that were urging and begging. The warrior was back to her slow torture session, which prompted the bard to start wondering if the ex-Destroyer of Nations was beginning to miss the good old days. A nervous giggle escaped Gabrielle as her eyes searched the tree above, looking to see if there were any hanging vines within her lover's grasp.

Xena paused from her careful placement of a mark at the hollow of the bard's throat. "I've never known you to be ticklish there," she murmured. With a glint in her eyes, she brought the bard's hands together, clasping both of her wrists in her left hand and bringing them behind the bard's head, pinning them to the ground. A wicked smile spread across her face as green eyes widened in surprise. Skimming her right hand down Gabrielle's body, she paused at the left side of her ribs. "Now here...," she lightly caressed her lover's sweat-soaked skin and the bard squirmed, "...I know about."

It was all Gabrielle could do to keep her mind from screaming. Being the consummate tactician, the warrior above her not only had a map of the most sexually sensitive spots on her body, but she had no problem reading that map. The bard squirmed futilely as Xena's fingers continued their assault, the feel of the warrior's full weight pinning her down only adding to her body's spiraling need.

Xena's fingers trailed further down and brushed the back of a knee that was helpless to get away from her advances. "And here," she continued mischievously.

Gabrielle yelped at this assault of her sensitized flesh, and redoubled her efforts to squirm free and pay back the smug-looking warrior above her. She almost, but not quite, made it. "You're enjoying yourself, aren't you? she asked, after catching her breath.

"Oh yeah," the warrior husked. She too was breathing heavily from the exertion. "It's a pity I don't have a third hand, or maybe some-" The bard's eyes shot skywards causing Xena to glance up also, tracking them.

A momentary glimpse of disappointment flashed over the warrior's face, and Gabrielle wondered if Xena really would have made use of a hanging vine if one had been handy. She also found herself curiously disappointed that there were none. She had always wondered if "Xena, I have many skills, of Amphipolis" still had a trick or two to teach her -- and right now she was an apt pupil.

Gabrielle's body stilled, bringing Xena's focus back down to her. The warrior stared intently at her for several moments, and Gabrielle watched Xena's face transform from a playful friend to a seductive lover. "I wonder where else you might be ticklish," the warrior whispered. Xena released one of Gabrielle's hands and brought the other to her lips. Her tongue slithered out and wrapped itself around the bard's index finger before sucking it into her mouth.

"Xena..." The bard gasped. She squeezed her eyes shut at the exquisite feel of the warrior making love to her finger. Xena sucked the finger all the way into her mouth and then lightly drew it out, running her teeth and tongue over it. She lightly nipped the fingertip before claiming a second and sucking them both in, moaning as they delved into her warm, dark recesses. Gabrielle moaned in response and forced her eyes open, brushing the long, damp hair from the warrior's eyes with her other hand so she could watch. She just couldn't figure out how Xena could affect her like she did. The bard had experimented once by sucking on her own fingers, but there was something about the way the warrior used her lips and teeth and tongue. It was a promise of things to come. A promise of a sweet release to the fire that was raging inside of her.

"You are so beautiful, and so tasty..." Xena whispered, as abandoned the bard's fingers and nuzzled her neck. Her lips worked their way up to Gabrielle's right ear, "...and I just want to eat you up." Her tongue darted out and flicked a reddening earlobe before sucking it into her mouth.

In response, Gabrielle tilted her head to give the warrior better access. She was beginning to realize that Xena would literally be doing just that, "eating her up," one tortured body part at a time. Through all of this, the warrior kept her thigh planted firmly between the bard's legs, but provided only enough pressure to her center to let Gabrielle know she hadn't forgotten what her goal was.

The sounds of lips smacking together and sucking echoed through the bard's head as her lover continued her feast. Gabrielle felt her center pumping out more and more fluid and her senses spiraling higher and higher. "I... I don't think I'm going to last much longer, Xena," Gabrielle gasped. "I need, I need--"

"All in good time Gabrielle," the warrior promised, as she placed a ripe berry between the bard's lips. Bending over, she carefully bit it in half. Mashing her half of the berry with her lips and teeth, she allowed the juice and tiny bits of berry to drip down Gabrielle's neck and over her chest. "I will give you what you need, and so much more." The rest of the warrior's words were lost to the bard as Xena began to studiously follow each and every trail of red juice that rivuletted down Gabrielle's body, her hot breath and tongue leaving a fire in their wake.

'Exquisite torture.' Gabrielle couldn't think to call it anything else when the warrior took her time, kissing and licking her way down her chest. Xena was methodical and thorough, lavishing attention everywhere but at the two pinpoints of her desire. The bard entangled her fingers in the warrior's long hair and with one word directed the warrior's path. "Please." A simple word, said not as a command or a plea, but with the low, ragged whisper of someone on the verge of insanity.

Gabrielle felt Xena's entire body respond. Felt the muscles in the warrior's thigh bunch and tighten between her legs; felt Xena beginning to place soft kisses all around her right breast. She lolled her head back in utter bliss, quiet mewling sounds escaping her throat. Her pleasure was the warrior's, listening to Xena moaning in contentment as she slowly circled in on Gabrielle's rock hard nipple. Xena's tongue flicked out, lightly grazing just the tip, sending spasms through Gabrielle's body. The warrior continued a slow dance of desire with her tongue, Gabrielle crying out in pleasure as she squirmed uncontrollably under the persistent warrior.

The other half of the berry that had been all but forgotten in the bard's mouth suddenly turned to pulp when a set of hungry, warrior teeth claimed its prize. Gabrielle had all she could do to swallow as she cried out in pleasure when Xena raked her teeth over her puckered flesh and then bit down while pinching the other nipple between her fingers. White hot flashes of light danced before the bard's eyes. She urged Xena on, arching her back while pushing the warrior's face further into her chest. Xena obliged by sucking as much of the bard's breast into her mouth as she could, one hand under her lover's back for support and the other still attending the other nipple.

A ragged cry was ripped from the bard's throat as Xena consumed her. The look in the warrior's eyes, Xena's lips sliding over more and more flesh, was captivating. Gabrielle could feel her nipple pressed against the roof of the warrior's mouth, inching further and further back toward her throat. The bard loved not only what Xena did to her, but that the warrior knew exactly what she liked and never hesitated to give her everything she desired. And Xena did just that when her teeth scraped over the bard's flesh as the warrior slowly pulled away from her. Kissing her way over, Xena lavished just as much attention on Gabrielle's other breast, then continued to alternate between the two, never allowing either one to feel neglected. "Gods, Xena," she whispered, "I can't begin to tell you how good this feels." The bard ran her hands through the warrior's sweaty hair, pulling it back off her face.

"It only gets better," the warrior husked. She looked up from between the valley of the bard's breasts. Reaching up, she brushed sweat-soaked blond bangs out of the bard's eyes, and trailing her hand down, removed a bit of errant berry from her partner's cheek. "I promise." With that, Xena began to trail her fingers downward. Reaching Gabrielle's left thigh, she slid her hand down and inward, coaxing it to move.

Gabrielle gladly consented, clenching her teeth as the fingers, which felt like hot slivers of ice, lingered on the inside of her thigh, toying with her. The bard wanted nothing more than to feel Xena thrust those long fingers deep inside of her, pulling from her the last bit of coherent thought she possessed. Instead, the bard whimpered as she felt the hand disappear, but groaned in semi-relief when Xena slid her body between her fully and she clamped her thighs down on Xena's hips, eliciting a gasp from the warrior above.

A last kiss was placed in the valley of the bard's breasts, then another an inch lower, and then another. Xena took her sweet time, pausing to kiss each bardic rib as she worshipped at the altar of her lover's abs. Her progress had been slow but steady until Gabrielle realized that the warrior was lingering. "Xena?! What are you doing?" she gasped.

"I'm paying lip service to this adorable mole," she replied, before going back for more meditation.

"Well, I'd rather you pay lip service somewhere else," the bard admonished, trying to push Xena's head lower. And with one last swirl of her tongue, the warrior relented.

Blond, damp curls were but an appetizer as Xena lovingly ran her tongue through them. Spreading Gabrielle's thighs wide, she moved down and ran the flat of her tongue along the length of the bard's glistening folds. Gabrielle thrust her hips up to meet the warrior's mouth in unspoken urgency but was rewarded for her efforts with only a fluttering of feather-light kisses.

"ARRGGGHHHH!!!" the bard screamed in frustration. Gabrielle had always thought of herself as a very patient person, but even she had a breaking point and Xena had finally found it. 'Sometimes when you want something done right, you have to take matters in your own hands,' she thought to herself. 'And other times you just have to take the bull by the horns and rassle a little common sense into it,' she concluded. With a strength born of sexual frustration, Gabrielle had the startled warrior flat on her back and pinned beneath her before she knew what was happening.

"Ah, Gabrielle," the warrior smirked, looking up into the fiery green eyes looming above her, "You rise to every occasion."

"Well, *somebody* has to around here," she shot back, a small smile softening her features. "Now, where were we?"

Looking down at her upper arms that were pinned to her sides by the bard's knees, Xena conjectured, "That's entirely up to you, seeing as you have me at a distinct disadvantage." Gabrielle shifted forward slightly, bringing the apex of her thighs directly over the warrior's face. "Or maybe a distinct *advantage*," Xena mumbled.

"I'd say we're both at a distinct advantage, wouldn't you?" Getting no response, Gabrielle looked down to find the warrior's eyes lock onto her womanhood. Smiling in triumph, she slowly began to lower herself. Gabrielle listened as Xena inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with her lover's sensual aroma.

"Ahh... this is ambrosia," the warrior murmured, "and it's all mine." She continued to stare at the ruby-red coloured flesh before her, her eyes beginning to glaze over as all of her senses inched closer to overload.

The bard needed no more prompting.

She settled herself on Xena's face and pushed herself onto her lover's mouth and nose. "Ohhh, yes, Xena," she groaned in satisfaction when she felt the warrior's tongue and teeth moving under her. "That's more like it," she gasped, starting to rhythmically rock herself on her lover's face.

"Mmphrumph mgrmpheh."

"Hey! That tickles," Gabrielle squawked. "Stop talking with your mouth full," she admonished. She felt more than heard the sigh of resignation from below when Xena gave up trying to hold a conversation and got back to the task at hand.

Soon the bard was thrusting herself onto the warrior's face, Xena's deeply probing tongue keeping time with the bard's needs. Gabrielle loved the feel of Xena beneath her, pleasuring her, loved the feel of her slick folds sliding over her lover's face, but most of all she simply loved Xena. "I love you Xena," she whispered, running a hand through the warrior's sweaty hair. "I love you."

Gabrielle could feel the tension within her start to build and moved her hips with more forcefulness. Xena's tongue was coaxing and prodding, her lips speaking of eloquent battles fought and won, and her teeth - oh, those teeth. They would leave their mark on willing flesh before the day was out. "Ungh... ohh, yes, Xena. Please," the bard pleaded, all of her nerve endings now originating from between her legs. Gabrielle's left hand wound through the warrior's raven hair, and she clutched the woman to her as her whole body began the shake uncontrollably.

Xena's teeth had pinpointed her need with deadly accuracy. She had all she could do to stay prone with the warrior nibbling, and pulling, and biting at the raw bundle of nerves that had become the center of her universe. "Oh gods, Xena!" she panted through gritted teeth. "I... I don't think I can take i-ah - ah -- AHH... ohh gods, yes, yess, pleaseee!!!" The bard didn't think she had it in her to continue, but had learned long ago that Xena was very adept at bringing out the best in her. Sometimes again, and again, and again.

Gabrielle had been making sure to lift herself off of the warrior's face at regular intervals to allow Xena to draw in a breath of air. Unfortunately, her mind began to swim in a hazy, thick fog that seemed to come alive and draw her upward. She was now barely conscious of the warrior below her lifting her now and again for a moment before the long tongue worming its way back inside reconnected her to the source of her pleasure.

Gabrielle continued to float higher and higher, feeling herself slipping away. The tenuous connections between thought and pleasure were reaching their limit. She was certain she could feel each and every one of them stretch and stretch until they were pulled taut and one by one began to snap. 'What exquisite things you do with your tongue,' was the last thing her mind faintly registered. Her thighs locked steadfast onto Xena's head and a scream of her lover's name tore from her throat for all the world to hear. The ecstasy on Gabrielle's face was almost too pure to witness as millions upon millions of colourful lights that had been swirling around her burst into glorious sparkles that filled her vision and swept her away.

Gabrielle didn't have to open her eyes to know that all was quiet and warm and right with the world. Strong arms held her. Soft lips kissed her tenderly. Soft, berry-flavored lips? Curiously, the bard opened her eyes and regarded the warrior that she was so intimately sprawled over. "Hello."

"Hello yourself." Xena smiled up into the sated face of her lover and scrubbed her hand through the bard's disheveled hair. "You okay?"

"I'm better than okay. Thank you."

"No, thank you. You were just amazing." The warrior lifted her head slightly and captured Gabrielle's lips with her own, a slow, lingering kiss with invitations given and accepted for further exploration. Quiet moans and small whimpers passed between them before they broke apart to look intently into each other's eyes, their breath already growing ragged with need.

Gabrielle licked her lips, a question in her eyes. "Berries?"

"Mmm hmm. Berries and cream," Xena replied seductively. She reached over and plucked another berry from the dwindling pile. Slowly she ran it over her glistening cheek, still coated with the bard's essence, before slipping it into her mouth. "My favorite."

"Mine too," Gabrielle informed her, the bard's hand quickly disappearing under the warrior's battledress in search of her favorite dessert topping.

"There's something good to be said about berries," Xena concluded.

The End

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