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2010 Feb 09

My site is BACK!!! I have just uploaded as much of my site that I could resurrect.
Unfortunately, because of health problems, there is a "chance" that this may be my last update,
and that my site may disappear at any time.
A friend of mine is copying it,
so possibly it may live on in some form.
*If* I can get back my health,
I promise to continue my site for as long as possible.
Long live Xena -- and all of you -- my friends.
Liz S. -- CousinLiz

2008 Nov 10

Follow this link to get the next great chapter of CJ Wells story "JANUARY THAW". Please enjoy Chapter 16!

2008 Aug 05

My Xena Dinosaur Bards fanfiction pages are now back online. Please take a moment to visit some old friends. Thank you.
Please enjoy.

2008 Jul 28

Have just uploaded Chapter 15 of CJ Well's story "JANUARY THAW".
Please enjoy.

2008 Feb 25

Have just uploaded Chapter 14 of CJ Well's story "JANUARY THAW".


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