I looked from the passenger seat, over to my new house-mate, Eathan. I was new in town and after spending months in a cheap motel, I found an ad in a paper for a house-mate. I answered it, figuring that anything would be better than "Mike's." So far, Eathan and I got along very well, but now we were adding a third person, Eathan's best friend, to the mix.

I asked, "What's she like?"

Eathan replied, "She'sÉwell, just Brody." She swiftly made the turn into the parking lot of what appeared to be a school.

I asked, "Why are we here? I thought you said she was twenty-two?" It wasn't that I didn't trust her; it was more or less me being wary. Truthfully, we had been getting along nicely for the past few days. I found Eathan to be rather charming. She was maybe an inch taller than me, which probably made her five-five, with these brownish puppy eyes. Her hair was really short, like a trooper cut, and usually a mess. She was definitely an interesting character.

Eathan sighed and parked her car. She replied, "She is twenty-two, but she's different. She had an accident a few years back and she had to relearn everything. She knows things like us, and mentally she can be her age. It's just hard sometimes, because she can have moments where she's mentally six. Sometimes it's a cross between both. There were just some things that she couldn't get back. I should have told you before, but trust me, she's harmless."

I processed the information as I exited the vehicle. Eathan circled the car and met me in the back. "What happened?" I knew I was probably being too nosy, but I wasn't quite certain that I could deal with someone who was going to be very dependent.

Eathan shook her head, "We don't really knowÉjust that she was hit by a car going really fast."

"Oh." I replied. We made our way to the building each lost in our own thoughts.


    Eathan and I entered the building and headed toward the front. I made a face, remembering my high school years and how much I hated them. I looked around the cafeteria and the first thing I noticed had to be the clothing, or lack there of, and make up these young girls were wearing. "Their parents let them leave the house like that?"

"They aren't all like thatÉ" Eathan pointed to a table of girls in the corner.

I arched an eyebrow at the scene they were making. Four of them, the tallest in a pair of ripped jeans, a white T-shirt, and a pair of sunglasses was sight to behold. While I couldn't see her eyes, her hair was long and dark, which complimented her olive colored skin. One blonde and one brunette, both casually dressed, were laughing loudly at the fourth. The fourth had to be the only butch, aside from Eathan, I had seen in months. She had a variation of Eathan's haircut, and was dressed in a pair of black jeans, a man's undershirt, and a red flannel over it.

To my dismay we approached that table and Eathan rested her hands on the tall one's shoulders. She asked, "Whatcha doin'?"

The tall one responded, "I was waiting for you, and I was listening to Butch make herself look bad. Now I'm wondering who that woman next to you would be."

Eathan grinned and pointed at me. She said, "Taylor Brody, this is our new house-mate, Jennis Greer."

She stood up and smiled at me. I noticed right off that she had a number of scars down her left arm. She said, "HiÉI'm Brody." She blushed a little bit.

"Jennis." I responded with a smile. She took off her glasses, and her eyes met mineÉkind of. I noticed that while her eyes could only be described as electric blue, one was slightly lazy. I didn't really care; she was beautiful.

"Eathan said I could get a puppy." She told me with a proud smile. She her voice filled with childlike excitement.

A bell rang and the trio at her table all stood. "Later, Brody!" The blonde called out.

The brunette echoed, "See ya tomorrow, Brody."

Butch said, "Pick ya up for work around, five, yeah?" She smiled at me and nodded toward Eathan.

Brody nodded and replied, "See ya later, Dusty." A neutral tone replaced the excitement.

"Behave, Dusty." Eathan added.

"Will do." She replied and made her way out of the room.

"Eathan said I could get a puppy." Brody repeated, this time seriously. I could already tell this would be one woman who would be impossible to figure out in a day.

"Really?" I asked with a smile. I liked dogs, and I really liked Brody. I knew that if the circumstances were different I would have been putting the moves on her moments ago.

We headed out toward the car and she asked me, "Do you like puppies?"

I nodded, "Sure, they're cute."

Brody thought for a moment and then stated, "You're cute."

I blushed as Eathan scolded, "BrodyÉ"

"SorryÉ" she sulked. Her head hung down a little. As we all walked to the car her eyes started to water.

"It's all right, Eathan," I whispered. I watched Brody get into the back seat of the old Jetta. She wiped her face with the back of her hand. "I don't mind."

"She likes women, ya know?" Eathan questioned. She added, "She's really honest, Jen, if she thinks something she usually says it."

"Don't worry, Eathan. I'm rather fond of women myself, and I know you are." I glanced over my shoulder at Brody, who was still wiping tears from her cheeks.

"She gets upset easily sometimesÉ I know you do, but I don't want to see her be led on, is all. Not saying you intentionally would. It's happened quite a few times, and she's always the one that gets hurt. People don't understand what it actually takes to be with her." Eathan explained. She seemed to care about Brody an awful lot, and my respect for her multiplied tenfold at that moment.

"I'm not jumping into anything, Eath. I don't know her. If ya don't mind though, I'd kinda like to make her feel better." I stated. Eathan nodded, so I made my way to the back of the car and climbed in next to Brody.


    Eathan started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. I reached over and rested my hand on Brody's knee. She looked at me, another tear falling from her eye, and repeated, "I'm sorry."

I shook my head, thinking how much of a child this woman seemed to be. I wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks and said, "Don't be sorry, I'm not mad."

"You aren't?" She asked. She seemed to be very surprised, but quite pleased.

"Nope, I'm flattered." I told her. I was flattered, as no one had ever been that straightforward with me from square one.

"So I'm allowed to think you're cute?" She asked with a hopeful smile.

I nodded, "Yes, if you want."

She smiled widely and caught me off guard with a giant hug. She said, "Thanks for not being mad."

I shyly returned her hug and laughed softly. I caught the amused look in Eathan's eyes, as she glanced back in the rearview mirror. I thought, "If I can make Brody smile like that all the time, I'll be a very happy woman. This could work."



    Life with Eathan and Brody was interesting to say the least. While Eathan worked a full schedule, Brody worked three days a week, cooking at a local bar. I managed to get a job at the same place, for the same days. Eathan preferred someone to be home with Brody when she couldn't be, so I volunteered. Occasionally, Brody would get in a mood, but it wouldn't take much to coax her out of it. Sometimes a movie would do it, other times talking with her, and then there were times when ice cream was my saving grace.


    About two weeks after moving in, I realized just what life with someone like Brody could be like. We were both up at six in the morning; actually Brody was up at six in the morning. I woke up because I heard her throwing up from down the hallway. I knew Eathan wouldn't be home from her zoning meeting until at least eight or nine tonight, so it was pretty much down to me.

Rolling out of bed, I pulled on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I made my way to the bathroom, to find Brody naked, with her head hanging in the toilet. I stopped mid-step, unable to think. The body that this woman had was incredible as far as I was concerned. I shook it off quickly, however, when she started to vomit again. I approached her and knelt beside her asking, "What's wrong, Taylor?"

She looked at me with bloodshot eyes and shook her head. She replied, "I don't feel well is all. Go back to sleep, and I'll be okay in a while. I got school today."

I rested my hand against her back and rubbed circles against it. "Let me see if you've got a fever." I requested softly.

She turned to face me, but turned away quickly. She threw up once more and seemed to finally realize that she was very naked. She asked, "Close your eyes?" Her face went from pale to bright red in a matter of seconds.

I averted my gaze and suggested, "Let me get your robe?"

"Please?" She asked, as she tried to cover herself.

I nodded and made the trek down to Brody's room. Every time I looked inside I had to wonder what kind of person she was before her accident. The walls were white, barring a U2 poster, and a shelf of football trophies. I grabbed her robe from her bedpost, and made my way back.

I knelt down beside her and draped the garment over her shoulders. I pressed my hand against her forehead, only to find that she did have a high fever. I told her, "We need to get you cleaned up, and then back to bed. You think you can take a shower?"

She nodded and then tried to stand up. Her legs were so unsteady that she nearly fell as soon as she was half up. I grabbed hold of her and helped her steady herself. "Sorry, Jennis." She groaned. Her robe fell from her shoulders, but now she didn't seem to care. "Can you help me?"

"Don't be sorry, Brody. Come onÉ" I helped her into the tub, and turned on the water. "It's gonna get cold in a second, okay?"

"All right." She agreed as she nodded. When the water started to turn cold, she started to shiver. She mumbled, "Holy fuck, that's cold."

I smirked a little bit; that was the first time I had ever heard her swear. Unlike Eathan, she was usually able to get through more than a sentence without using any expletives. I replied, "I know, go on and wash up. I'll wait outside, all right?"

"Okay." She agreed.


    I stood in the hallway for nearly twenty minutes before I heard Brody call out. "Jennis? I'm cold!"

I felt bad, and I opened the door slowly, so as not to frighten her. I picked up a large towel and held it out for her. She grinned a little and wrapped it around herself. I said, "I'm going to call you out of school today, all right?"

"Okay." She agreed. She allowed me to lead her back to her room and help her dry off. I handed her a T-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts, and turned around while she changed. She asked, "Can you stay with me for a while, please?"

"Yup." I replied. I asked, "You wanna lay down in bed, or on the couch?"

"Couch. I wanna watch cartoons." She stated. I smiled and followed her to the sofa.

I sat down at the end of it, and without hesitation she stretched out and placed her head in my lap. I asked, "Uhhh, Brody?"

She looked up, and frowned. A crimson colored blush took over the paleness of her skin, and she bowed her head. "SorryÉ I forgot. When I don't feel good Eathan usually takes care of me." She sniffled a little bit, apparently embarrassed about not thinking.

I felt like shit! I suppose it was her looks that made me feel as though she were a complete adult. I knew that part of her was, but the rest of herÉthe rest of her was buried. "Brody? Come here, BrodyÉ" I coaxed.

"You're mad." She stated.

I shook my head and then sighed. I told her, "I'm not mad, just a little new. Come here?"

She nodded and then placed her head back in my lap. I flicked on the television and turned on the Cartoon Channel. Soon, I found myself smoothing her hair down and she was almost asleep in my lap. She mumbled, "I like you, Jennis."

"I like you too, Brody." I did like her, a lot. While living with her was a bit of a challenge, there were times where it was completely worth it. Brody was a wonderful person, and Eathan was more than willing to work around the clock to make sure that Brody would never have to be on her own. I didn't mind staying with Brody, and I knew that Eathan was relieved that Brody would always be safe.

    It was around eight-thirty when Brody woke me up. The first thing I felt was someone gently shaking me, and then a soft whisper, "Jennis? JennÉwake up?" I tried my best to ignore it, but apparently someone wanted me awake. A few minutes later I felt a gentle hand against my shoulder. I felt my eyebrows softly being traced, and then my jaw-line. Finally, a light caress across my lips brought me out of my slumber. My eyes fluttered open to find Brody on her knees in front of me, forearms resting against my thighs. An ardent smile graced her lips, which left me once again thinking that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen

I returned her smile and sleepily asked, "Whatcha doin'?"

"Thinking about how pretty you are. What are you doing?" Brody asked me. Her arms fell, leaving me practically pinned between her and my seat. When she spoke it sounded nothing like the Brody I had been living with for the past weeks. There wasn't a thing childish about the way she spoke, and I loved it.

Caught off guard, I wracked my brain for a reply. I finally managed to stammer, "I was sleeping. You feeling any better?"

"My tummy and my head hurt, but I'm kinda hungry." She admitted. She again rested her head in my lap and sighed a little bit.

I smiled and ran my fingers through her dark hair. I asked, "Want something to eat?

"Will it hurt my tummy?" She asked in a childlike manner.

I suggested, "We'll make it light, okay? Toast and jam with some tea?" I brushed the back of my hand against her cheek. I noticed that is was still a little bit rosy and warm.

"Okay." She agreed as she lifted her head. She climbed back onto the couch and rested her head against my shoulder.

As if it were the most natural thing in the world, I gently pressed my lips against her forehead. This earned me a big, warm smile. We sat there for some time, until I finally spoke up.

"Toast, tea, and jam?" I confirmed.

She nodded, "YupÉcan I come?"

"Sure can." I told her.


    For me, the day passed all too slowly. I knew that Brody's touches, caresses, and her need to be held were innocent, but I was having trouble with controlling my own emotions. As the evening wore on, Eathan didn't come home. Finally, during dinner the phone rang.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Jenn, it's Eathan."

"What's up Eath, where are you?" I asked, my voice slightly concerned.

"Ahhh, stuck in Honesdale. There's a building permit problem, so I'll be here for a few days. Friday; Sunday the latest. You mind staying alone with Brody?"

I shook my head, although I knew she couldn't see me. I replied, "Not a problem, but she's sick. She was throwing up this morning and I kept her home."

"All rightÉ if you can keep her home until Friday it would be a good thing. It could be anything, but good luck getting her to a doctor. Won't happen." Eathan told me.

"Okay, but she'll have to come run some errands with me. We have no food, and my shoes fell apart yesterday."

"Yup. See ya Sunday. Can I talk to Brody?" Eathan asked.

"Yup." I called Brody and handed her the phone. I went to leave the room, but her hand on my forearm stopped me. I sat down by the table and waited.

Brody rolled her eyes at me and began responding to Eathan. She replied, "YupÉI willÉEathan, I don't wannaÉ NoÉNoÉYeahÉYou can't stop meÉNot if I decide it's best for meÉYes I doÉBye Eathan." She looked at me, with tears glistening in her bright blue eyes. She said, "HereÉ"

"Yeah?" I asked. I was a bit pissed over the fact that Eathan made Brody cry. I didn't really want to talk to Eathan. I wanted to go make sure Brody was okay.

"It sounds like she's in love with youÉ" Eathan stated.

I asked, "Is that why she's crying?"

"She's crying!? Shit! Look, I just told her to try to control herself, and she doesn't want to. I want her to be happy, but I don't want to see her hurt." Eathan sounded more than a little distraught at the fact that she had made Brody cry.

"I won't do that to her, but she'll never be happy if you don't let her take a chance." I reminded.

Eathan sighed, "I'd rather have her take it with youÉ"

"Thanks Eath." I told her.

She said, "Bye Jennis."


    I approached Brody and knelt down in front of her. Gently, I tipped her chin up and asked, "Wanna tell me why you're crying?"

Brody nodded her head and began to play with my hair. She said, "You're hair is pretty. I like it short like that, ya know? It looks like the sun." I smiled and rested my hands on her thighs. She continued, "You're eyes are greenÉkinda like a frog. I like them."

I smiled again, and was flattered beyond words. The simple words coming from her meant more to me than anything else any one person had ever said to me. I asked, "Is that why you're crying?"

"No. I'm mad cause Eathan said I can't like you- like you. Like more than a friend likes a friend." She admitted. A slight blush graced her cheeks.

I corrected, "You can too."

Brody's eyes started to tear up again. What came out was less of a sob, and more like a whimper. She leaned her head forward and whispered in my ear, "Just because I like you doesn't mean you like me like that."

Oh, she broke my heart. That little bit of reasoning combined with her crying just tore at my heart like the sharpest piece of shrapnel. It hurt. I cupped her cheeks in my hands and I answered, "Not always, but this time it does."

"Really?" She asked. Her frown turned to a brilliant smile; now she was crying, I think because she was happy.

"Really, Taylor." I assured. I guess by using her first name, I hoped to make her feel a little more mature or something. I also just liked the way it sounded.

She asked quietly, "So does that mean that I can kiss you?"

I nodded my head, and she stood, pulling me up in the process. It was as though she wasn't sure what she should be doing, so I decided to help her. I moved her hands to my hips and placed my hands against her shoulders. I asked, "Would you like to?"

"Yeah." She replied as she lowered her lips to mine.

She gingerly pressed her lips against mine, and our bodies moved closer together. While the kiss was short, it was the sweetest thing that I have ever had the pleasure of feeling. She asked, "Was I good?"

"Taylor, you were perfect." I promised her.

"I don't remember my first kiss, Jennis, so this is like doing it all over again. I mean I dated people, but I'd never touch them, and they didn't like that. You're different I thinkÉI want to touch you." Brody rambled.

While I was pleased with the knowledge that I was her "first kiss," I also wanted her to know that I was different. I whispered to her, "When you're ready you can touch me all you like."

"I'm not ready for that, but can I kiss you again?" She asked me. I smiled, knowing that it takes a lot to admit that you aren't ready.

"Whenever you want to." I told her.

She smiled again and asked, "Can I sleep with you? Not like, ya know, but just so I can be close to you?" She was hopeful.

"Uh-huh." I agreed.

She leaned down once more and drew me into a long, sensual kiss. By the time we broke apart we were both breathless. I asked her, "Where did you learn that?"

"Don't know, but I liked it." She responded with a grin.

I looked at the microwave clock, and realized that it was almost nine o'clock. I asked her, "You tired?"

"Yeah." She admitted, and then asked, "Did Eathan say I have to stay home tomorrow?"

"She said until Friday." I replied.

"Friday? That's forever, though!" She protested. She didn't sound thrilled about being home, and I didn't blame her. It was only Monday night.

I rested my head on her shoulder, just glad that I could. I pointed out, "So? We'll be together for it. We don't have to stay here; we need food and I need shoes."

"Tell me you're not one of those 'shoe women.' Please?" She asked. Her voice was amused and a little bit on the husky side. I liked itÉa lot! She rested her toes over my foot.

I replied, "Nope. Mine fell apart yesterday, though."

Out of nowhere, Brody kissed me. Her tongue ran across my lips and I could feel the passion building between us. I opened my mouth for her and let her in. My knees began to trembled, so I held onto her neck tighter; her arms tightened around my waist. I wanted to be in her.

I turned the tables with ease. I slowly slid my tongue into her mouth and began a gentle exploration. Her hands moved up and down my back, and mine tangled in her hair.

I knew that we needed to stop before things got out of hand. I pulled back and rested my hand against her flushed cheek. I asked, "What was that for?"

"You said whenever I wanted to. I wanted to, so I thought I could. Was I right, Jennis?" She asked me. She seemed very unsure of herself, and insecure.

"You were right, baby." I told her.

She asked, "You called me baby?" While her tone was disbelieving, her smile went straight to her eyes, making them sparkle like new diamonds.

I placed one more kiss on her lips and replied, "Yup, and I will for as long as you like."

"Forever?" She asked.

I nodded, "If that's the way you want it."

"I want it. Can we go to bed now? I don't feel too well, I don't think." She asked.

I nodded and took her hand. I led her down the hallway and stopped in front of my room. I asked, "Mine or yours?"

"If it's okay, mine?" She more asked than told me.

"Let me get my shorts and shirt, all right?" I asked.

"You don't have tooÉI know you usually don't." She stated.

I smirked. Of corse she knew! Sleeping with the door open, there wasn't a reason in the world she shouldn't. I confirmed, "You're okay with that?"

"Yup." She said. So we made our way to bed, and comfortably settled in.


    About a half hour passed and Brody said, "Jennis, I feel funny."

"What's wrong?" I asked her. I turned to my side and scooted into her arms. I rested my hand on her stomach, and began rubbing in circles.

"IÉuhhhÉdon't really knowÉthat's making it worseÉ" She stammered. Her voice lowered a little and she continued, "I'm warmÉand I can't think. I'm kindaÉummmÉwet, ya knowÉdown thereÉIt's a good kinda funny, though."

"Brody, maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Maybe we're moving too fast?" I tried to explain.

"What?" She asked dejectedly.

I knew she didn't understand, and I would be damned if I would hurt her like all of the others. I started again, "I just don't want you to think I'm taking advantage of you. What you're feeling is normal, Taylor. I feel like that too, but there isn't much I can do about it yet."

"Why?" She asked again. I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was trying to make sense out of everything.

I decided to be quite honest with her. I told her, "Unless you want to take another cold shower, the only other solution is to make love. You said you weren't ready and I'm not going to pressure you." I felt her muscles contract under my hand, so I pulled it back.

"If I asked you to stop, you would." She remarked.

"You know I would. It's all down to you, baby. Any way you want it, an any way you need it is how it will be." I tugged on her arm and she rolled on top of me, smiling in the darkness. I assured her, "Just say the words and it's over until you're ready."

She nodded her head and whispered, "I can't belive I'm touching you like thisÉ" Her voice was no longer childish or innocent. It was deeper and filled with an adult kind of need.

I rested my hands at the small of her back and whispered, "Believe it, Brody. This is for real."

"What can I do?" She asked me as she rolled so she was half on me and half on the bed. Her hand trailed from my hip, up my side, and came to rest on the side of my breast.

"Anything you can handle." I told her.

She asked, almost begged, "Show me, Jennis?"

I nodded and covered her hand with my own. Carefully, I slid her hand to the top of my breast and then guided it downward. I removed my hand, and let her take over.

Her hands were rough, yet tender in their explorations. She would pinch or roll my nipples between her fingers, or massage me until I would moan in pleasure. Finally she asked, "Will you touch me like that?"

"Are you sure?" I asked her, seriously. I didn't want to overstep my bounds and ruin one of the most perfect things in my life.

"Please, Jenn, I need you too." She almost whined. She placed her hands on my cheeks and told me, "I know you might not think I understand what's happening. Maybe you might not think I'm thinking like an adult. Jennis, I know what I want right now, and that is you."

"I don't want to take advantage of you. I just want to make sure you know what you're getting into with me. I don't want another fling, or one nights stand, not with you. I want everything that comes with making love." I explained to her. There was no way that I would have her thinking that I just wanted sex. I would not hurt her, and I needed to make sure she knew that!

"You're not taking advantage of me. I'm an adult, and I usually do think like one, no matter what any doctor, therapist, teacher, or even Eathan tell you. They aren't in my head. I just don't understand things, so please don't feel like you are doing anything that I don't want. When I don't want something I will tell you!" Brody explained. Her voice was passionate, and full of arousal. She leaned down and kissed me softly before adding, "HonestlyÉI promise, Jennis."

I believed what she was saying. I had no reason not to. I lightly nudged her, so that she would turn to her back. When she did, I pulled myself up and straddled her tummy, slightly leaning forward. My hands brushed over her chest, barely touching at all. My finger tips occasionally grazed her nipples and she would moan and writhe a little bit. After a few long minutes of teasing I whispered to her, "I can kiss you there too, you know?"

"Will you?" She asked curiously.

I replied, "Will you let me?"

"God yesÉ" She trailed off after my lips slightly closed around her nipple. She panted, "I like that, Jenn. I really like that."

"I know you do." I whispered. I kissed the other and swirled my tongue around it.

It was getting harder for me to control the urge to grind down against her stomach, so I slid down and slipped my thigh between hers. I pressed against her and almost immediately she did the same; it felt so good that I almost sighed.

I felt Brody writhing underneath me. "Jennis?" She asked and sounded afraid.

"Do you want to stop?" I asked her. I honestly would have if she asked me to. It didn't matter how close I was, I wouldn't have forced her.

"No." She breathed out. She began to thrust her hips and rub against me, ultimately falling into rhythm with me. I felt her arms curve under mine and her hands grip my shoulders.

Even in my state of arousal, I found it easy to soften my tone. I tried my best to soothe her and make her relax. I whispered, "Come on, Taylor, let it go. Everything's all rightÉ" I could feel the muscles in her thigh tense. I let my head drop to her shoulder and moaned, "You feel so good."

She couldn't reply, she just rubbed against me harder. "Oh GodÉ" she groaned, as her body began to tremble. She kept rubbing against me and no sooner had she calmed down, she came once more. She repeated, "Oh God, Jennis. Oh my GodÉ"

Her words went straight through me and I let myself go. As I rode out my own climax I could only pant, "TaylorÉbabyÉpleaseÉ." I didn't even know what I was begging for. Finally, I relaxed and crumbled in her arms, unable to support myself any longer. I placed a small kiss against her collar bone.

"That was amazing, Jennis." Brody remarked. She let go of my shoulders and started to rub her hands against the small of my back.

I promised her, "You ain't seen nothing yetÉ" I kissed her neck and then her shoulder again.

"I thought that was it?" She asked, "You mean it gets better?"

"You said you weren't ready for 'that,' so I modified it for you." I explained as I settled between her legs.

Yawning, Brody told me, "I loved every minute of it. Thank youÉ"

"Me too, baby." I smiled and much to my surprise, Brody placed a lingering kiss against my lips. Soon after, she drifted off to sleep, leaving me to do much the same thing.


    Tuesday morning I woke up slowly and happily. Brody was still underneath me, slumbering peacefully, so I took a moment to take it all in. I snuggled closer to her, and felt her arms tighten around me. I laid comfortably on top of her until I heard her yawn. I looked up, to find her looking down at me. She asked almost immediately, "Do you feel bad about it?"

I was dazed, and knocked off balance by the question. I asked her, "About what?"

"Last night. I'm not an easy person to live with you know? I forget things, I don't think right anymore, and sometimes Eathan thinks I'm five." Brody pointed out. I thought she was trying to figure out where we stood, or if I would hurt her. She added, "I'm not fiveÉ"

I crawled up her body a little bit and looked down into her eyes. "I'm not an easy person to live with, and my mother tells me that I'm twenty-one going on two. I think you think just fine, and as long as you don't forget me, I don't care. I feel good about what I've got with you." I smiled at her and kissed her lips. I added, "I know you're not five."

"That's good, because I feel really good too." She told me, after returning my kiss. She asked, "What are we gonna do today?"

"Shoes and Grocery shoppingÉthen whatever." I replied as I rested my head on her shoulder.

She began running her fingers through my hair and caressing my arms. She asked, "Can we do that later?"

"What do you want to do now?" I mumbled, more than asked.

Brody was silent for a moment and then sighed. She replied, "Eat breakfast, get cleaned up, and be with you. I've never been with anyone, not like this anyway, and I just want to see what it's like."

"Well then, I think that can be arranged. Especially since I've never done this before either." I told her.

"So we can learn it together?" Brody seemed to reason.

I nodded against her and said, "That we can."


    I've never really been big on sticking around for the morning after. In fact I had never done it before. For me sex was a physical thing, only to be felt where it mattered. That was the way things were, and up until last night, the way they should have been.

There I sat at the table eating my breakfast with the woman whose arms I woke up in. It was such a super feeling for me- - being so close to her after the sun came up. I ran my foot up her leg, and she smiled at me, still chewing a mouthful of Froot Loops. She was beaming; I could see it in her eyes.

Brody swallowed and treated me to a full smile. "Whatcha thinkin'? She asked.

"Not much." I replied, "Just about you and how good it felt to wake up in your arms this morning."

Brody asked, somewhat baffled, "You liked waking up with me?"

"I did very much." I assured her.

Brody took another mouthful of cereal and chewed. Upon swallowing, she agreed, "It was nice. You make me feel safe."

"I do?" I asked. I never even considered the fact that I could be more than a girlfriend to her, or anyone.

"YeahÉlike safer than I feel with Eathan. You make me feel happy, Jennis." She added as she rested her hands over mine.

I smiled and felt something change in my heart. One of the greatest feelings came from knowing that I could simply make her happy. I told her, "You make me very happy too, baby."

"Good." She replied.


    Some time later I lay on the couch, Brody nestled between my legs, head resting on my chest. I was catching up on the news, and "America's New War." One of her hands rested on my shoulder, and her other arm draped over my stomach. I wrapped both of my arms around her and lightly kissed the top of my head.

Brody asked, "Why did they do that?"

"I don't know." I told her.

"It's not fair." Brody told me.

I shook my head and replied, "I know it's not."

"Do you think I'm stupid for not understanding it?" She asked me. When I looked into her eyes, I could tell that she felt this was something she should understand.

"Brody, I don't even understand it. The only people who do are the people who did it." I told her. I placed a kiss on her forehead and smiled. I said, "I'll never think you're stupid, because you're not."

"In English I got a 'D' on my test and my teacher said I was. I mixed up nouns and pronouns, and verbs and adverbs." She told me. I could tell by her tone of voice that it hurt her.

"What's an adverb?" I asked her. The sad part is that I wasn't kidding. I really had no idea what an adverb was.

Brody smiled and asked, "Are we going shopping?"

I shrugged, not much caring that she didn't answer my question. It didn't matter that she changed the subject completely; I didn't care. I replied, "SureÉsoon as we're ready."

So we got readyÉ


    Brody and I arrived at the mall around one o'clock. As we were got out of the car, and I started walking, Brody stopped dead in her tracks. I turned around only to find her with a deer stuck in headlights look plastered across her face. I went back and stopped in front of her. I asked, "What's wrong?"

"IÉI don't like parking lots. That's where I got hit." She explained. She sounded a little bit embarrassed to admit that.

I put one arm around her, resting my hand on the small of her back; my other hand settled against her cheek. I assured her, "Take my hand and I promise you'll be safe."

"You won't let go until we get out of the lot?" She asked as she grasped my hand in her own.

"I promise." I told her. We started walking, and I could feel the tension building in her. I stopped and whispered in her ear, "I promise."

She smiled at me and squeezed my hand. After that I felt her loosen up her grip. We made it to the entrance and she made no move to take her hand back, so I didn't let go either. She asked, "You're okay with this?"

"Absolutely." I replied. Her smile was priceless, and I knew that I would see that smile again. I would do anything I could to make sure of it.

"Good, because it's more than okay by me." She told me.

We headed toward the shoe store, both of us happy for the same reasons.


    No, I'm really not a shoe woman. In fact I hate shopping with a passion; to me it's just another complication. However, when I buy shoes they need to fit, because they have to last at least a year, so I'm thorough. I had finally narrowed it down to two pairs of shoes, when I caught sight of Brody fidgeting in the seat next to mine. She leaned over and asked, "You almost ready?"

I rested my hand on her forearm and replied, "Yeah, just one more minute." I asked, "Black ones or the blue ones?"

"The blue." She told me.

I looked at the clerk and said, "The blue ones."

The clerk gave me and then Brody a disdainful look, and I returned it with one of my own. We followed her to the register, and she totaled my shoes, telling me, "Fifty-nine-ninety-nine."

I was about to argue when Brody growled from behind me, "They're only twenty-nineÉthey're on sale."

"Sale ended two minutes ago." The snotty clerk replied with a smug grin. She pointed at the clock and then the sign.

The sign read, "From two o'clock to three o'clock: One hour sale!" I looked at the clock and it was two minutes past three.

"Cut me a break?" I asked. I really didn't have that much money on me, and if I paid full price, our grocery list would have to get cut in half.

"Nope, now lets go. You're holding up the line." She snapped.

I sighed and went to pay her, but Brody stopped me. She took out her wallet and handed the woman sixty dollars. She placed a small kiss on my cheek and said, "On meÉ"

"I owe you." I told her.

"Nope." She replied as she took her change and my bag. She took my hand in her other and we made our way out.

As we left I heard the clerk tell the next people in line, "We'll I'll cut you a break. It's only five afterÉthirty even."

Brody frowned and stated, "That's not fair."

"No it's not."

"Why are people to like that? You didn't do anything to her." Brody remarked. Although I had never seen her angry, I knew she was.

I responded, "My loving you is cause enough for some people to hate both of us."

"Well that sucÉwait. You love me?" She asked, surprise present in her voice.

I didn't even realize that I said love. Now that I had, I couldn't take the words back, because I knew in my heart that it was true. I did love her. "Yes." I confirmed.

"IÉummÉJennis? I reallyÉI can'tÉ" Brody stammered.

"Brody, don't say anything you don't want to say." I squeezed her hand and told her, "I don't expect anything from you."

She squeezed my hand in return and was quiet for a few minutes. She finally admitted, "I don't know what I feel. Can you help me?" She asked.

Even though almost every part of me wanted to say yes, what I knew in my heart won out. I couldn't help her with this; I couldn't make her love me. I shook my head and told her, "Not with this. I just want you to know that I'm here for you."

"Oh." She replied. "Okay." She sounded a little bit disappointed.

I sighed, "It's not that I don't want to help you, but I can't. I don't know how to, baby. It's just something you have to figure out with out me."

"Are you going to leave me?" She asked. Her voice was laced with fear.

"No!" I swore. "I'm not going to leave you, baby. I won't hurt you." I stopped in front of an ice-cream stand and shot her a questioning glance.

Brody nodded her head and stood behind me in line. She wrapped her arms around my waist and I rested my hands over hers. She said, "I don't care if people know that I like you."

I smiled and leaned back into her. I replied, "I don't care either."


    After that our day passed quickly. We went for groceries, and then we stopped at the liquor store. I have this thing for Budwieser. True, people call it piss in a can, but when you grew up with parents who grew up with parents who drank it, it kind of grows on you.

We got home and put our groceries away, and I grabbed a beer. I asked Brody, "Want one?"

Brody looked over and said, "Yeah, but Eathan doesn't let me drink on weeknights. She said I'm not allowed to." She sounded a little bit resentful.

I took another out and brought it to her. I said, "You're an adult, so you decide."

"Thanks." She said as she opened the bottle. "Eathan doesn't let me decide things. She wants me in bed by nine, I can't go to the bar after work, and I can't go out on school days."

I couldn't belive how strict Eathan was with her. Brody was an adult, maybe in not all ways, but she could make her own decisions, and had the right to. I did know Eathan thought she was doing what was best for Brody. I asked her, "Are you happy like that?"

Brody chewed her lower lip and thought a moment, "No." She continued, "I'm an adult, but no-one but you thinks so. Like I told you last nightÉI just don't understand a lot of things, but I know what I want."

"You are an adultÉif you're not happy then you need to tell Eathan." I said, adding, "If you want to go to bed late than do it."

"It might hurt her, Jenni." Brody pointed out.

I didn't want to come between them, and I knew Eathan was only trying to look out for Brody. I also knew that Brody needed to be more independent and make her own decisions. I sat down in her lap and asked, "What about you?"

She wrapped her arms around me and asked, "What about me? You're my girlfriend now, so you tell me when to do stuff, and not Eathan?"

"No." I corrected, "You have me now, and I want you to make your own decisions. I'll only tell you what I think if you ask me." I kissed her cheek.

"Well it's eight-thirty and I don't want to shower yet, because I'm not tired enough to go to bed at nine." She told me.

"Fine, because I'm not either." I agreed.

Completely off the subject, Brody asked, "Can we go to the carnival on Friday? Eathan doesn't like them, so she never takes me."

I shrugged, "Why not? I like them well enough."

She asked seriously, "You want to make me happy, don't you?"

I replied, "Since the day I met you."

She turned me around, so I was straddling her lap. Cupping my cheeks, she placed a sweet kiss on my lips.

I let my hands drift from around her neck, and into her hair as I deepened our kiss. This was completely new to me. I just wanted to kiss her and make her happy, and I could!

Brody slid her hands down and over my back, finally resting on my behind. She gently squeezed and I moaned into her mouth. Like she had been burned, she pulled away. She apologized, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to touch you thereÉ"

I wasn't sure if I should tell her it was all right or show her, so I decided to do both. I took hold of her hands and placed them back where they were. I told her, "This is okay. I like it when you touch me, anywhere."

"Really?" She asked, a little bit amazed.

"Yeah, anything that feels right to you, probably feels just as right to me." I explained.

She blushed a little bit as she admitted, "Dusty told me that before my accident I was with a lot of women. Like not just by them, or out with them, but ya knowÉwith a lot of women. Funny thing, I don't remember any of them. I don't remember what I did, or what I'm supposed to do. I just kind of remember how to do it."

"Well how is good. I've been with a lot of women too, but I never wanted anything from them. Now I'm with you, and I just want to be hereÉwith you." I said.


    It was Wednesday morning and Brody and I had to be at work for four. Neither of us cared much, as it was only eight in the morning. I was lounging on the couch, sniggering at the bickering couples on the television, when Brody entered the room.

"What's so funny?" Brody asked.

I looked over and saw her standing there, still wet, clad only in a small towel. I stammered, "Uhhhmmm, just the TV." The sight of her was driving me mad.

She asked, "You okay?"

"Fine." I mumbled, still staring at her.

Brody eyed me quizzically and asked, "Why are you looking at me that way?"

"You're beautifulÉ" I trailed off after she approached the sofa and sat down beside me.

She leaned over and positioned herself on top of me. "You are too," She said, "I could look at you all day and never get tired of it." She lowered her lips to mine and kissed them sweetly.

I removed the towel she was wearing, and let my hands slide down and rest on her behind. She quickly pushed my shirt over my head and slid my boxers down. She pushed herself up and looked me over, for the first time in the light. "Jenni, you're soÉ" She trailed off.

I watched her move slightly, and lower her lips to my breast. She caught my nipple between her lips and let go quickly. She assured me, "This is what I want." I nodded and she continued kissing my chest. She moved back up and kissed my lips once more. She asked, "You said I could touch you anywhereÉdoes that mean anywhere?"

"Anywhere you're comfortable." I confirmed.

She smiled at me and trailed her hand down my side and over my thigh. I felt her getting close to my center and I moaned, anticipating her next move. As her finger gently began exploring, the phone rang and I groaned. "I think I should get that." I breathed.

"I don't want you to." She stated as it rang again. She started to pout at me, and I pouted back.

"One minute, baby." I told her, my voice still husky. I picked up the portable phone, on the fifth ring and answered, "Hello?"

"Hi, Jennis." Eathan replied, sounding a little annoyed.

"Hi, Eathan." I replied, as Brody smirked at me and put her hand back to where it had been.

"How's everything going there?" Eathan asked me.

I was about to reply when Brody slid her thumb over my opening. My breath caught, but I couldn't be mad at her if I wanted to be. I tried to sound calm, but it didn't work. I told Eathan, "Everything's fineÉ"

"Sure it is." Eathan replied. She then asked, "Is Brody there?"

"Is Brody here?" I repeated. I finally nodded, "Uh yeahÉhere's Brody." I handed her the phone.

Brody scowled and took the phone. She said, "Hi EathanÉ"

I managed to flip Brody onto her back and pin her down. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to swirl my tongue around it.

"UhhÉyeah Eathan, I'mÉGodÉ being goodÉ" She managed to breathe out.

I decided that she should have the same treatment I received. I ran both of my hands over her stomach, and let my thumb circle her clit. I trailed down and smiled as my fingers became coated in her wetness. I moved back and began gently rubbing her.

"Umm...Eathan, I gotta goÉNo, Jennis is busyÉbye Eath." Brody stammered as she hit the "off" button on the phone. "Oh God, Jennis, don't stop!"

"You're sure?" I asked.

"YesÉ" She whimpered.

So I didn't stop; I slipped one of my fingers into her and she started to breathe heavier. I added another and she started to grind down on them. She panted, "JennÉpleaseÉharderÉ" I used my thumb to continue rubbing her clit, and in moments I felt her contracting around my hand. "PleaseÉ" She begged.

I didn't pull out of her until she was completely calm. I crawled up a little more and asked, "How was that?"

"Can we do it again later?" Brody asked me. I could feel her chest still heaving and her heart pounding beneath me.

I smiled and told her, "Anytime you wantÉ"

"EXCUSE ME!?" We heard. Brody and I looked at each other and then down to the phone.

I mumbled, "Oh shitÉ"

Brody whispered, "I'm so sorry, Jennis, I thoughtÉIÉ" She looked as though she were about to cry.

I kissed her forehead gently and assured, "It's okay." I picked up the phone and asked, "Eathan?"

"No, The Battling BardÉwhat the hell is going on in there?" She demanded.

I told her, "Nothing muchÉwe're just hanging out."

I heard her snort and then ask, "Can I talk to Brody?"

I handed Brody the phone and then wiped a couple of tears from her cheeks. I whispered, "Don't cry, baby. I'm not mad."

Brody nodded and started talking, "Hey EathanÉnoÉShe is good for meÉShe makes me happy, EathÉI don't care, you're my best friendÉNo, you don't make me feel the same kind of happy she doesÉNo, I'm not going to stopÉShe won't hurt me Eathan, she promisedÉThey did, but Jennis won'tÉAll right, EathanÉyeahÉtomorrow."

Brody's lip began to tremble, as more tears fell from her eyes. I wrapped my arms around her neck and rested my head on her chest. She pulled me close and held me tight. I asked, "What happened?"

"Eathan's mad. She doesn't want me to be with you, because she says you're like the rest of them. She said that you're gonna hurt me. She doesn't want me to be happy." Brody explained.

"She wants you to be happy, baby. She's just afraid that I'll hurt you; she doesn't know me well enough to know that I won't." I told her. I could see where Eathan was coming from, but I just wished that she'd drop the subject.

"I'm not gonna listen to her, Jennis. I don't want to, and I don't have to." Brody stated flatly. At that moment she sounded like a young child who didn't get her way. Just from that, I knew that this was something that she didn't understand.

"I know." I replied. I lightly kissed her neck and repeated, "I know."

The phone rang once more and I picked it up. I answered, "What?"

"Jennis? It's EathanÉ"

I frowned and asked, "Did you call to make her cry again?"

"Deserved that." Eathan admitted.

I agreed, "Damn right you did. You shouldn't tell her I'm going to hurt her, Eathan, because I won't."

"Can you guarantee that? What happens when the novelty wares off?" Eathan questioned.

"There's no guarantee in situations like this, but I love her. There is no novelty in this, EathÉthere's me and her and a feeling. What more do either of us need?" I replied.

"She doesn't know what she's feeling! Mentally, she's six!" Eathan exclaimed.

I told her, "Mentally she's twenty-twoÉshe just doesn't understand things. I made sure she knew what she was getting into before I even touched her. She knowsÉ" I was growing angrier by the moment.

Brody, I think, could sense that. She began rubbing my back and placing soft kisses on the top of my head.

"She knowsÉfine. I'm sorry Jennis, and you can tell Brody I'm sorry. I gotta go now, but Jenn- - don't make her cry. Don't make her hurt." Eathan told me.

I replied, "That's not my job, Eathan." I thought, "It's your jobÉ"


    Brody spent the better part of the day sulking around the house. She didn't want me to touch her, hold her, or talk to her, and this hurt me. I left for a few minutes around noon to get a pack of cigarettes. As I walked back from the store I lit up and thought, "So much for my three week record." I inhaled and sighed.

I was half a block away from home when I realized that when I returned Brody would still be there and still probably wouldn't be talking to me. So much for me hurting herÉI was the one crying.

Before I entered the house, I tried to top the tears from falling, but I couldn't. I took another drag of my smoke and opened the door. In the kitchen, I found one of Eathan's ashtrays and sat down at the table with a beer. Stubbing out my cigarette, I lit another and continued to cry.


    Ten cigarettes, three beers, and two hours later, Brody sulked into the kitchen. She looked at me and frowned even more. I knew my cheeks were tear stained, and that fresh tears were still falling.

"Jenni?" Brody asked.

I looked at her and lit up number eleven. I asked, "What?"

"You're crying? Why?" She asked me.

I replied, "You've been ignoring me all day, Taylor! That hurts me." I wiped my eyes and clenched my teeth. I was even more upset, because this was the first time in years that I had lost control of my emotions.

"I didn't mean to hurt you." Brody told me.

I told her, "Well you did."

Brody walked over to me and then behind me; she leaned down and pulled me close to her. Hugging me tightly, she a replied, "I told you I'm not an easy person to live with. I'm just scared, Jennis."

"What are you afraid of?" I asked her, not completely understanding.

"Eathan's mad at me, Jennis. She doesn't want me to be with you, and I don't want her to make you go away. I thought if I wasn't with you, then she wouldn't be mad." Brody explained.

I sighed, realizing that while it didn't make sense to me, it made sense to Brody. I turned in my seat a little bit and said, "If Eathan makes me leave, then I will still come back and see you. She can't be mad at you for this, Brody. She can't make you not be with me."

"She can't?" Brody asked. She continued, "I want to be with you. I really like you."

I kissed her lips softly and replied, "Then you're stuck with me."

"For how long?" She asked.

"How long can you stand to keep me around?" I inquired.

Brody helped me out of my chair and wrapped me in her arms. As she held me close she whispered into my ear, "I don't know, but I don't want to find out what it's like for you not to be here. Don't go away, Jennis?"

Just being close to her made me feel better. I don't think that there was ever a place that I ever felt so loved or important. I also knew that if she felt even an ounce of what I felt for her at that moment, then I was the luckiest woman in the world. In just a few short weeks I surrendered my heart willingly to a woman that most wouldn't think twice about. For me, Brody was the only woman that I'd ever think twice about. I told her, "I'm here now, and I'll be here always."

"So will IÉ" Brody stated.

I smiled, and believed her.


"My love she throws me like a rubber ball
Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing
But she won't catch me or break my fall
Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing
Baby's got blue skies up ahead
But in this I'm a rain cloud
You know she wants a dry kind of love
Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing

I'm losing you
I'm losing you
Ain't love the sweetest thing

I wanted to run but she made me crawl
Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing
Eternal fire, she turned me to straw
Oh oh, the sweetest thing
I know I got black eyes
But they burn so brightly for her
I guess it's a blind kind of love
Oh oh oh, the sweetest thingÉ"

    I sat driving in awe as Brody perfectly sang the lyrics of her favorite song. She had the voice of an angel, and it stopped my heart from beating. "You've got a beautiful voice." I told her.

Brody looked over and smiled. She replied, "Me, Eath, and Dusty used to play. Dusty did drums, Eath did bass, and I sang and played guitarÉsometimes keyboard or piano. I can't play anymore."

"Oh?" I asked, "You and Dusty are close?"

Brody nodded and replied, "Our mom and dad adopted me when I was a baby and four years later, Dusty was born. Then dad died."

I shook my head, processing the new information. I asked, "So you and Dusty are sisters?"

"Yup." She replied.

"How come you never told me?" I questioned.

Brody shrugged and said, "You never asked."

"Does she know about us?" I asked her.

Brody nodded, "She said if I'm happy then so is she. Mom said the same and they both say that Eathan should butt out."

I smiled and then nodded, "She should."

Brody just grinned and started playing with the CD. She put on "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and began to hum. Finally she replied as I parked the car, "She should."

I leaned over and kissed her cheek. I told her, "Give it time, baby, and everything will be alright."

"Okay." She agreed.


    About three hours into work I went into the kitchen and found it empty, barring the dishwasher. I asked him, "Where's Brody?"

"Alley." He mumbled, a tad pissed off.

"We need silverware." I told him and headed toward the backdoor. I heard Brody and Dusty talking.


    Dusty said, "Look, I'm just looking out for you. You're my sister and I want you to be happy, so I'm telling you to follow your heart."

"I'm trying, Dust, I just can't figure out what I'm feeling, because I ain't never felt like this before!" Brody explained. I knew I should move and stop listening but I couldn't.

"How do you feel?" Dusty asked.

Brody was silent for what seemed like an eternity. Finally she responded, "All I can think of is her. When she's not with me, like now, I miss her and when she is all I wanna do is hold her and never let her go. She's pretty and sweet and smart and says she loves me and she doesn't care bout how I look."

Dusty asked, "What do you mean, the way look?"

"My eye, my arm, my backÉbut she says I'm beautiful." Brody mumbled.

I heard Dusty snort and chuckle. After a long silence she replied, "Well big sister, it sounds like you're finally in love."

"Love? I don't know if I ever felt that before." Brody whispered, as though someone could hear her. I heard her.

Dusty stated, "You haven't, Tay. Have you two, ya knowÉ?" She asked.

I stepped out the door and asked, "Have we what?" I smiled as I leaned against the wall.

"UhhhÉhia JennisÉummmÉ" Dusty squirmed a little bit and then snorted.

Brody stood up and rested her hands on my hips. After kissing me softly, she said, "Kitchens closed at nine-thirty tonight."

"We're closing at nine-thirty?" I asked. I always wondered how Brody got so much pull around there. Most nights the kitchen would stay open until ten or eleven, depending on business.

Dusty echoed, "Nine-thirty?"

Brody nodded, "Yup. I've got somewhere else I'd rather be." She rested her forehead against mine.

"Commie ain't gonna be happy." Dusty warned.

I asked, "Commie?"

"ConnieÉour momÉshe owns the place." Brody told me.

Dusty added, "Commie, ConnieÉthere's no difference."

I closed my eyes and realized yet again, that I had a lot to learn about Brody. I asked, "Any other family members I should know about?"

"Nope, and Mom won't say a thing, Dusty." Brody refocused her attention on me and kissed me once more. She nuzzled my neck and asked, "Tell them we're closed at nine-thirty."

"Okay." I agreed and headed off to make the announcement.


    Driving home was a quiet affair. I was thinking about Brody and Brody stared out the window. By the time we got home, Brody was fidgeting and all nerves.

"You okay?" I asked as we entered the house.

"IÉuhhmmÉjust need a shower." Brody said.

I shrugged and agreed, "Okay, you go first."

Brody blushed as she inched toward me. Nervously she started to play with my shirt collar and asked, "Can we try it together?"

"MmmÉ sounds nice, but how bout a bath instead?" I offered.

Brody nodded and took my hand. I decided that she'd have complete control overs this, because for her this was a big step.



    Gentle kisses on my face slowly coaxed me from my slumber. Sighing contentedly, I snuggled closer to the warm body next to me. I heard Brody whisper, "I love you, Jennis, I just don't know how to tell you. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I can't lose you." She kissed the top of my head and continued, "No matter what Eathan says, you're my girl. I love you and no-one can take that from me."

I smiled against her shoulder and asked, "Say it again?" I opened my eyes and looked into hers. I was so close to crying tears of joy. She made me feel so special, so important, and so loved. These were things that I had not felt in a very long time.

"I love you and no-one can take that away from me." She wrapped her arms tighter around me, while I lost myself in her actions and words. She added, "I love you more than anything."

I smiled, "Well it's a good job you do, because I feel the same way." I placed a series of delicate kisses against her neck and throat. Moving down to her collarbones and chest, I whispered, "I want to kiss every part of you."

"Okay." Brody agreed, "I want you to, too." She ran her fingers through my hair, and smiled at me as I looked up.

I asked her, "You'll stop me if it's too much?" Up until then it seemed like and easy thing to ask of her. I thought that she would tell me.

"YeahÉbut I don't want you to stop nowÉ" Brody stated.

"HmmmÉ" I sighed as I kissed my way down to her stomach. I took my time running my hands up and down her sides, and then over her breasts. I reached her hips and placed a kiss on each side. I stopped and pulled away a little, wanting to make sure that she knew everything about what I wanted to doÉno surprises.

I heard her whimper the moment my lips broke contact with her. "You okay?" I asked.

"YesÉ"She gasped.

I thought she was all right, so I continued to brush my lips against her. My hands caressed her thighs before I crawled up and rested my head on her belly. I felt her body begin to tremble, and I wondered what was wrong. I looked up and saw tears streaming down her face. "What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Jenni, IÉI'm scared." She sobbed.

I crawled up her body and held her close to me. I said, "I told you to tell me if you want me to stop. I don't want to hurt you and if you aren't ready, it's okay. You told me beforeÉ" I was glad that I stopped.

"I didn't wanna hurt your feelingsÉ" She cried against me. Her arms circled my neck and she continued to tell me, "I'm scared if I tell you to stop then you'll stop loving meÉ"

I felt like shit. I spoke from the bottom of my heart, with all of the conviction I had. I said, "Baby, don't ever think that! If you're not comfortable then you need to tell me, and not worry that I won't love you if you do. Never be afraid of losing my love, because it's not gonna happen." I kissed the top of her head and brushed the back of my hand against her cheek. I apologized, "I'm so sorry, baby, I didn't thinkÉ"

"Eathan said if I didn't give you what you wanted you'd leaveÉ" Brody muttered into me. She finished by asking, "You won't leave if I tell you to stop?"

"No, Brody. I'm so sorry I hurt you, please don't cry anymore." I practically begged her. I hated the fact that she was crying and I hated the fact that I was the one who made her cry. It was breaking my heart, and if I had my way I would go back and start the entire morning all over again, even if it meant her not telling me she loved me. I didn't care-at that point I would have done anything to keep her from hurting. I added, "I only stopped to make sure you know what I was doingÉI'm glad I stopped, baby."

She turned her head to face me and smiled a little bit. "You didn't hurt meÉyou scared me. I don't know what you were doing, I only know that it felt good. Yesterday, I knew, so I wasn't scared."

"I'm sorry, sweetheart." I told her. All I could do was apologize.

"Don't be sorryÉjust could you explain it to me?" She asked, hopefully. After she finished she told me, "I'd like to continue afterÉI really liked it."

"When?" I asked. I knew that if I could I would give her the world.

She thought a moment and replied, "Breakfast."

"All right." I agreed, knowing all to well that I would be focusing on eating something other than my Froot Loops.


    I chewed on a mouthful of fruit, not knowing how to start a conversation like this. I figured it would be easier than it was, but it wasn't. Finally, Brody broke the silence by asking, "What were you doing?"

I took a deep breath in after I swallowed a piece of banana and I said, "Well, that's another way to make love. Only you use your mouth and not your handsÉ" I could feel a blush creeping up over my cheeks. This shouldn't be a big thing to talk about; I'd done it enough times.

Brody seemed to be processing the new information with a nervous smile plastered on her face. She put another slice of melon in her mouth and chewed. After a few minutes, which seemed more like an eternity to me, she responded, "I'd like to do thatÉI just don't know if I can yet."

"I don't want you to do anything that you're not comfortable with. I told you, baby, I'm here whenever you're ready. I told you, anyway you need itÉ" I stated.

Brody hesitated a moment and looked a little bit embarrassed before she commented, "I really did like what you were doingÉ"

I sat back in my chair and smiled at her. I inquired, "Would you like me to continue?"

"Please?" She requested. Brody seemed sure this time, but I wouldn't make her cry again.

"You're sure? You're ready?" I confirmed.


"Yes." I repeated as I slipped out of my chair and over to hers.

This was just beyond me. In my life I had never wanted to make anyone happy; I had never put anyone before me. There was a time where if a woman had told me she couldn't give it back, I would have told her to find someone else. Now, there I was on my knees before a woman who may never be able to return this, and I didn't care! I just wanted to give her everything I could possibly give; I knew if I did that then I would never ever have another regret about my life.

I rested my hands on her thighs, and motioned for her to lift up a little bit. When she did, I slipped her shorts off of her. I pushed her shirt up over her head and let it drop to the floor. Our eyes met, and she smiled down at me. She asked, "Can I see you?"

I returned her smile and nodded my head. With that I stood and slowly stripped out of my shirt. I took her hand and led her to the living room, where I nudged her down onto the arm chair. I let my hand dip into my shorts and my fingers between my legs. I groaned and then pulled my hand away, so I could lower my shorts. As I did Brody said, "God Jennis, you're beautiful."

My shorts hit the ground and I stepped out of them. I made my way to her and straddled her lap, placing small kisses all over her face and her neck. I told her, "I love you, so don't let anyone tell you different."

Brody rolled her neck to the side and promised, "I won't." Her eyes closed and her breathing increased as I started to grind down against her. She asked, "Show meÉ"

I nodded and kissed my way down her body. As soon as my knees hit the floor I traced the insides of her thighs with my tongue and pulled her closer to the edge of the chair. She moved forward and my arms wrapped around her, resting on her behind. I looked up for confirmation, that this was what she wanted, but was interrupted by the sound of the telephone ringing. I said, "Someone's got bad timing..." My voice was husky, and agitated and I knew it!

Sounding exasperated, Brody sighed, "I know."

"Shit!" I growled as I stood up and kissed her cheek. I grabbed the phone, "Yeah?"

"Chipmunk? It's Terri." The voice on the other line said.

"Go on, I'll meet you?" I asked hopefully with a smirk. I motioned toward the room we now shared.

"Meet you there." She agreed as she headed down the hallway to her room.

"Hey Beastie, what's up?" I asked as I slumped down onto the chair.

"Nothin much. You sounded irritated and horny when you picked upÉ it's the butch, Eathan, you're hookin' up with now?" She asked. Terri was an old flame of mine who turned into a good friend.

I snorted, "NoÉwhat do you need?"

"I'm in town for a couple days and I wanna see you. Come meet me at a bar?" She practically begged.

I shook my head, "Can'tÉI'm busy."

"Awww...With who?" Terri asked.

"Someone, TerriÉmaybe next time you'll meet her." I said.

"I'll be back in a few weeksÉhave fun Chippy." Terri said.

"Ha-ha, beastly."


I made it to Brody's roomÉour room... seconds after I hung up the phone with Terri. I threw my shorts down and leaned against the doorjamb. I smiled, realizing that Brody was standing completely naked in front of me and not at all embarrassed by it.

Brody grinned devilishly and stalked over to me. She quickly scooped me up into her arms and deposited me on the bed. I moved to get up, but she pounced on me and started tickling my ribs. I screamed. I couldn't help it, I've got a ticklish spot there.

Upon stopping, she looked at me quizzically for a moment, and then ducked down her head, capturingd my lips in an exhilarating kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and tangled my fingers in her hair. Pulling her closer, I locked my legs around her waist; she slowly lowered herself onto me.

I don't think either of us heard the phone ring again, and when Brody finally broke away and picked it up, she sounded more agitated than I could ever aspire to sound. "Hello?" She snapped.

Brody turned her head to the side and rested her head on my shoulder. She snapped into the phone, "Excuse me, EathÉit's my house too. You can't tell me how to answer my own damn phone!"

"I don't wanna talk to her now." Brody grumbled. She started to brush her lips against my neck once more and I was so close to giving in.

"We need to settle this, baby." I told her. I knew I was contradicting myself, because I still hadn't let go of her.

Brody nipped at my pulse point and pushed her stomach against my open legs. I grumbled, "Brody, give me the phoneÉ"

She rolled her eyes and pulled herself off of me, but not before cupping her hand between my legs and rubbing against me. I had reached the conclusion that she liked getting me worked up before speaking. I gave Eathan a run down of our day and plans in a less then comfortable state.

A few moments later Brody strolled out of the room and I heard the shower running. For the next thirty minutes, I listened to that instead of Eathan's lecture on responsibility, sex, drinking, and what Brody should and shouldn't be doing. I finally resigned myself to the fact that making love to my girlfriend this afternoon would not be possible. God, was I wrong!


    "Can I ask one final question before I let you go?" Eathan asked me.

"One moreÉ"I agreed. I sighed as Brody strolled back into the room, looking exactly the same as she did when she left. I was baffled, but didn't care either way. I now had the most extraordinary, naked, woman, who also happened to be the love of my life, wrapping herself around me from behind. What was there to care about?

"Do you guys do anything aside from have sex?" Eathan questioned grimly.

I chuckled, knowing that we did do that quite often. Then again I knew that this was new for Brody and that she needed time to adjust, explore, and just plain be evil. I replied, "SureÉwe talk and shop and work and have sex and we're going to a carnivalÉ.We do lots of stuff."

Eathan sighed, "Bye Jennis."

"Bye Eathan." I said. I hung up the phone and then looked over at Brody with a curious smile. "Thought you showered."

"Thought you'd stop talkin' to Eathan and come with me." Brody pouted and then began trailing kisses down my neck, to my shoulders.

I told her, "I'd have loved to, but your friend never shuts up."

Brody slipped her hands under my arms and over my stomach. Sliding upward, she stopped when she reached my breasts. Cupping them gently, she began a gentle massage of my nipples. The feel of her hands on me was driving me mad; I wasn't sure I'd be able to take it if she stopped.

Brody stopped and jumped off the bed. She looked at me and smiled, assuring, "I'll be right back. I forgot somethingÉ"

Moments later Brody reentered the room and knelt down by the phone-jack. With a grin, she pulled the wire out and said, "I disconnected all of themÉyou're mine now."

I sat on the bed, mouth agape watching Brody. I nodded and motioned for her to come closer to me. As she did I slid off the bed and turned her around so her back was to it. There was only one thing on my mind at this point and that was hearing her scream my name, and scream my name she did.


More to Come SoonÉ.

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