Chapter VII


RJ settled back into her seat, glancing sideways as her friend took her seat behind the steering wheel and buckled her seat belt. The tall woman looked over at the shoulder strap to her right and sighed. It couldn’t possibly happen twice. And if it’ll keep Leigh from getting into trouble…. Taking a deep breath, she reached over and pulled the belt across her chest. Her eyes fluttered shut as she clicked it into place just as she had seen Leigh do to hers.

RJ exhaled slowly, trying to push past her current anxiety. "So, I hope you’re not too mad at me for that little stunt back there. Your friend was getting on my nerves with the way she was treating you."

Leigh smiled wryly. "Mad?" She laughed. "I don’t think so. Though the look Judith gave you when you said you wouldn’t ‘press’ for what could never be was pure evil. I was surprised you didn’t disintegrate on the spot." Leigh had noticed that RJ had slipped on her seat belt but didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that she’d noticed.

"Yeah, it did get a bit chilly in there." RJ smirked. "Now, I don’t mean any disrespect to you, Leigh Matthews, but I’d really like to know – are there gonna be a lot of women who will want to slap you and hate me when they see us together?"

"Are you asking if I have a girl in every city?" Leigh wiggled pale eyebrows at RJ.

"Girl in every city, dame in every port." RJ gestured aimlessly. "You know what I mean." She wiggling her brows right back. "I just want to know if we’re gonna be in constant danger."

"Nah," Leigh scoffed. "We should be safe." Then she bit her lip. "Mostly."

"Mostly?" RJ thought about that for a second and decided she could live with it. "All right then, I can accept that. You are a beautiful woman; I totally understand why so many women would be after you. But next time could you just warn me ahead of time?"

"No need," Leigh assured her, still grinning at RJ’s compliment. "There’s just a few places in Seattle that we won’t be going. It won’t be a loss, trust me."

There were a few moments of comfortable silence in the cab before Leigh’s brows drew together and she wondered aloud, "Did you mean what you said to Judith? Or was that all just to get her?"

Deciding to invite RJ to spend a week with her had been a spur of the moment decision. When she’d come out of the garage after her shower and found RJ still sitting in the dirt with a sheepish look on her face that Leigh found totally irresistible, the trucker heard the invitation tumble from her lips before she had time to think about it. RJ had said yes so quickly that they really hadn’t discussed it again.

"I meant it." RJ shrugged one shoulder. "I really enjoy your company, Leigh. And I umm … am willing to take anything you’re willing to give, but I won’t be pressuring for more."

Leigh didn’t know what to say. No woman had ever been so gracious or aboveboard in seeking a week of uncomplicated companionship and mind-blowing sex. "Wow." It was exactly the way she felt about RJ. Wasn’t it? "That’s … a relief, RJ."

Eager to change the subject, Leigh brought up their plans for the upcoming week. Or their lack of plans, as happened to be the case. "So tell me, what would you like to do and see in Seattle?" Leigh passed a slow moving car. "I’m assuming you’ve never visited there before?"

"No. I’ve never been there. I’m at your mercy." She gave the blonde an ornery grin. "Do to me what you will."

"Oh, RJ." Leigh burst out laughing. "You do like to live dangerously, don’t you?"

"Is there any other way? In case you haven’t noticed, I’m Irish. Have I mentioned that?" Her smile broadened. "I work hard, I drink hard, if need be, I even fight hard. I’m a lover of beautiful women. Living dangerously is the only way to do it. It comes as naturally as breathing." Though I haven’t done that in a while and I was a tad woozy at first.


"And that’s when I finally knew I wanted to try the open road for myself. I mean … I think it was the right thing to do, even though I’ve sort of outgrown the reasons why I did it in the first place." And talking to you is making me realize just how much I’ve missed that. The CB is nice. But it’s just not the same. You're such a good listener. Leigh glanced over at RJ, who had been quietly listening to her talk for the last few minutes.

The woman’s mouth was hanging open, and she was sound asleep.

Leigh rolled her eyes. "Why is it that our best conversations take place when you’re paying no attention whatsoever?"

"I’m listening!" RJ suddenly jumped up, her eyes popping wide open. She looked around in utter confusion and began tugging wildly at her seat belt.

"Hey. It’s okay! Shit," Leigh mumbled as she crossed two lanes of traffic and pushed down hard on the brakes, barely resisting the urge to slam the pedal to the floor. Still, she brought the truck to a screeching halt just as RJ began to wildly thrash in her seat. "Calm down! It’s just me! It’s just your seat belt."

RJ turned wild eyes on Leigh. Her heart was thudding painfully in her chest, threatening to burst free. She was trapped and panic overwhelmed her. "Get … me … get me!" She sucked in a ragged breath. "Help me." Tears welled in her eyes and instantly spilled over. "Please."

Leigh felt like she’d been hit in the gut and swallowed hard, redoubling her efforts. "Stop moving …" She continued to wrestle with the belt. "I … can’t." Click. And the seat belt came free.

RJ jumped to her feet, then faltered. Before Leigh could say or do anything, she wrenched the handle on the door and half-jumped, half-fell out of the cab.

"RJ!" Leigh scrambled over her seat and jumped out after RJ.

Leigh lost sight of the auburn-haired woman for a moment in the dusky twilight. But she heard retching into the ditch, which drew her eyes to RJ’s kneeling form. Leigh shoved her hands in her pockets, at a total loss as to what to do. She turned her head to the sound of a car whizzing past them. "Are …" Leigh licked her lips nervously, taking a few steps closer to RJ and brushing away a butterfly that seemed to want to light in her hair. "Are you okay?"

"I’m, I’m sorry." RJ took a slow calming breath as the wild rush of adrenaline began to slow. She realized that she was shaking, and she wrapped her arms around her stomach. "I didn’t mean to doze off on you like that." God.

"I don’t care about that." Leigh took a hesitant step closer. "Wasn’t such a great idea to buckle up, huh?" The question was obviously rhetorical, but the empathy in her voice was unmistakable. Her father had been a Vietnam vet and she remembered vividly the nightmares he had when she was a child that broke her heart.

RJ shook her head and eyed the truck. "Probably not but I didn’t want you to get into trouble with the law." She cleared her throat and spit hard into the weeds. "If you’ll just give me a minute, we can get going again." She took a deep breath and wiped tears from her eyes. "I really am sorry. I feel very silly."

"It’s okay." Leigh took the final step to RJ and put her hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently. "Just ‘cause we’ve had a bumpy start doesn’t mean things are ruined. Heck, my whole life has been a bumpy start." She shrugged self-deprecatingly. "But things still seem to work out in the end, somehow." Leigh’s hand drifted to RJ’s hair, and she gently combed her fingers through it. "Don’t feel bad, okay?"

She smiled at her friend, finding the feeling of her fingers in her hair extremely comforting. "Is that an order, Leigh Matthews?"

"If I say yes, will you obey it?"

"For you, lass?" RJ gave the back of Leigh’s hand a gentle kiss. "I’ll most certainly obey it."

Leigh looked at her hand and fought the urge to wipe it on her jeans. The gesture was romantic as hell. But the fact that RJ had just finished puking did manage to keep her from swooning. "I’ve got a bottle of water in the truck. Why don’t you lie down? We’re only about thirty minutes outside of Jackson."

"Are you sure? I don’t know why I’m so tired." I know perfectly well why I’m so tired. Being alive takes a HUGE amount of energy. "But I don’t want to leave you all alone."

"I won’t be alone," Leigh said easily. She smiled and offered RJ a hand up. "You’ll be right behind me and I’ll wake you up when I find us a motel."

"You know, I really like smart, sexy women who baby me like this. You keep this up, and I’ll just follow you around forever," RJ teased as she pulled herself into the cab.

"Watch out, RJ," Leigh warned in a semi-serious voice as she climbed back into her seat. "I had a cute puppy once who followed me around." She turned the key. "He got hit by a bus."


The male squirrel sighed dejectedly. The female humans were gone. "Who will we spy on now? Our entire recreation schedule revolves around watching humans and making snarky comments about their pathetic lives."

His mate could only nod. Purgatory was really starting to suck. "We could wreak havoc on that diner. It’s full of unsuspecting humans. And it really wouldn’t take too much to knock over those flimsy garbage cans out back."

"Or," the male’s face brightened, "we could get in touch with ourselves, embrace our inner spiritual squirrel children, and make the world a better place through our own journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and love!"

His mate glared at him. "You’ve been peeping in on Oprah again, haven’t you?"

The male looked ashamed.

"I miss her old shows about shopoholic, hypochondriac, spouse-cheating, kinky-sex-addicted, cross-dressing, born-again, nipple-pierced, infertile, crack-using suburban housewives."

"That guy was great!" A nostalgic look flickering across his fuzzy face. "Those were the days." Why couldn’t people leave well enough alone? But damn if they didn’t know how to produce a theme song! ‘I’m ev-errrry squirr-ellll,’ he mentally sang.

The female shivered as she saw a black, vicious figure slink into the shadows created by the garage. It was a cat. The one the humans called ‘Flea.’ The one who had nearly murdered her beloved squirrel soulmate. There was something she didn’t like about that particular feline. Sure, the fact that she would tear off her head and gorge herself on her mangled flesh if she could didn’t help. But there was something else. Something she couldn’t quit put her finger on …

The male snuggled up to the female for his nap. She was soft and warm and he fell asleep immediately as his mate watched Flea with narrowed, wary eyes.


It was 9:30 p.m. when Leigh pulled around the back of the Sleepy Night Inn, located just on the outskirts of Jackson, Wyoming. The building looked like a small ski chalet, and she’d stayed there many times on her route when she couldn’t stand to be cooped up in her truck for another second. She smiled inwardly. The rooms of this particular motel were beautiful, each holding one or two king-sized beds, a hot tub, and a private balcony that allowed you to gaze out at the stars and enjoy the peace of your surroundings.

Yawning, Leigh unbuckled her seat belt and pulled the curtain open to the sleeping area of the cab. RJ was curled up on the bed, sound asleep. She wore only a soft, pale yellow t-shirt and white cotton underpants. The rest of her clothes, ruined by mud, grease and ketchup, lay pooled on the floor.

The trucker grinned and perched on the small bed next to RJ. She ran her fingers gently through the reddish-brown locks, now in total disarray. I didn’t know she snored. But the sound was light and rhythmic and, at least for the moment, Leigh found it more endearing than annoying.

"RJ," she said softly, very aware of how RJ had woken up in a sheer panic earlier that day. She was bound and determined to have things go a little more smoothly this time. "Time to wake up."

RJ stirred but didn’t wake.

"We’re here," Leigh coaxed, giving RJ’s shoulder a gentle rub. Then, purely on impulse she bent down and softly kissed her slightly parted lips. It only took a second for RJ to respond by kissing Leigh back and wrapping her arm around the shorter woman’s waist to hold her in place. The kisses were more tender and friendly than sexual, and Leigh hummed with pleasure at feeling something she had rarely known — contentment.

RJ pulled back slightly, her emerald eyes picking up the reflection of the streetlights outside the truck. "Hi," she said softly.

Leigh swallowed, feeling the intensity of the moment and RJ’s gaze washing over her like a warm bath. She licked her suddenly dry lips. "Hi."

They froze, not even breathing for long seconds, hearing only the pounding of their hearts.

"We’re at the hotel?" RJ finally asked, her voice still a little hoarse from sleep and the unexpected intimacy of Leigh’s stare.

The blonde woman sucked in a breath. "We sure are." She stood up, suddenly feeling very awkward as she broke off eye contact and glanced down at RJ’s clothes. "I … I hope those aren’t all you brought."

RJ’s brows furrowed at Leigh’s hasty escape from the bed. "I’ll be fine. Got another pair of trousers and several more shirts in my duffel."

Leigh nodded, backing up a step. "I’ll wait outside while you get dressed."

"You don’t –"

But before she could finish her sentence Leigh was out the door, slamming it firmly behind her.

RJ’s mouth dropped open. "What in the hell was that?" She quickly slipped into a pair of loose-fitting cargo pants. "Leigh," she called as she scrambled over the seat and opened the door. "Leigh."

No answer.

It was dark, except for the twinkling lights from the motel and the muted glow of a few street lamps and stars. "Leigh!" RJ spun in a circle. She winced and pulled her feet up a bit as the small rocks from the parking lot dug into her bare feet as she walked around, looking for her companion. "Leigh!"

Still no answer.

She began to curse under her breath, then out loud. "Bloody hell! Leigh!"

A truck to the side of RJ pulled away, bringing Leigh into view. "Over here," came Leigh’s somewhat sheepish reply.

RJ let out a deep breath as she stalked over to Leigh, who was standing with her hands shoved deeply into her pockets, leaning against a light post. Its yellow light cast her in a soft, golden aura.

A small, slightly embarrassed smile curled Leigh’s lips. "You sure got dressed fast. But you could have finished." She stared pointedly at RJ’s feet. "It wasn’t like I was going to leave my," she grinned unrepentantly, "truck."

RJ arched a slender eyebrow. "Very funny. I’m not used to women running away from me as though I was a leper."

"That’s not –"

"That’s exactly what you did, Leigh Matthews." Inexplicably, RJ’s temper flared. Why had Leigh jumped out of the cab that way? And more annoying still, why hadn’t she answered her? "So don’t bother denying it!"

Pale eyes narrowed dangerously. "Don’t yell at me, RJ."

"I’m not yelling!"

"Oh, yes you are!" Leigh shouted back, marching up to RJ and standing toe to toe with her.

RJ bristled at the challenge in Leigh’s voice and at the top of her lungs cried out, "This is yelling!"

Several women who were walking out to their cars turned to stare at RJ and Leigh. The oldest in the group put her hands on her hips and pointed directly at RJ while she spoke to Leigh. "You don’t have to take that crap. You’re not going to let her bellow at you like that, are you?"

Leigh glared back and wrapped her arm around RJ’s waist. "Yes! And mind your own damn business!"

RJ lowered her voice and smiled, bending her head until her lips brushed Leigh’s ear. "You are?"

"Hell no!" Leigh ground out quietly. She turned smacked RJ’s arm hard, causing the taller woman to slap her hand over her stinging skin and scowl.

The group of woman launched into a round of applause and began moving away once again.

"Be nice." Leigh’s voice was reprimanding but considering she was now gently rubbing the spot on RJ’s arm where she just had smacked her, RJ wasn’t inclined to complain.

"I am nice!" RJ insisted, all the while shooting the group of women an evil look as they disappeared into their cars.

Leigh bit her lip. She didn’t want to smile, but it was nearly impossible not to. "I really shouldn’t find someone who loses their temper and yells at me for no reason whatsoever so utterly attractive."

"Only a brat hides when someone is looking for them," RJ informed her blithely.

"I wasn’t hiding. You just hadn’t seen me yet."

RJ rolled her eyes. This conversation wasn’t getting them anywhere. Something had spooked Leigh. But whatever it was, it was obvious that she wouldn’t find out more about it until later. "Can we go inside at least? I’m dead on my feet."

Leigh jumped back a step when, for some unknown reason, RJ burst out laughing so hard her entire body was shaking. "What?" She looked down at her friend, whose arms were wrapped around her stomach as she howled. "What?"

"Inside …" RJ snorted loudly. "Inside joke."

Leigh regarded RJ carefully. Was the woman insane as Rooster had hinted? She thought for a moment. If she was, did it really matter now?

"Well, lass, are we going in or not?" RJ stepped forward, a large but tired smile spread across her face, and drew her fingertips down Leigh’s bare arms. "Please?"

Leigh nodded, any lingering doubts about RJ vanishing in the wake of the tiny tingles rushing down her arms at the taller woman’s tender touch. Being such a ho is going to be the death of me yet. "C’mon." She reached for RJ’s hand, deciding to go back to the truck for her overnight bag later. "Let’s see if I can make you scream for a completely different reason."

"I don’t scream," RJ complained, giving Leigh a mock aggrieved look. "Yelling and screaming are two very different things."

The trucker laughed, recognizing the gauntlet when it was tossed at her feet. "We’ll see, Irish. We’ll see."


RJ slowly rolled over from her back to her right side. She inhaled deeply and smiled. Eyes closed, her other senses heightened and took over. She heard the water dripping in the bathroom, felt the slightly rough sheets against her skin. Her nostrils flared in delight. Leigh had used a lilac-scented shampoo recently and maybe just a drop of perfume. So sweet, she mentally purred. The fragrance was light and citrusy and you had to be very close to notice it at all.

It wouldn’t do for ‘Tom Cat’ Matthews to be smelling nice in front of the boys, now would it? RJ snuggled closer to her companion. But as much as her arms ached to reach out and draw Leigh close, she didn’t make any attempt to touch Leigh in a restrictive way. A British nurse in ’43 had taught her the hard way that some women don’t like waking up that way. It took RJ a week to convince her commander that two broken fingers shouldn’t keep her from flying. And the truth was they didn’t. RJ sniggered privately. It had kept her from doing a lot of other things she loved, but flying wasn’t one of them.

But just because she didn’t feel quite comfortable in wrapping Leigh up in a bear hug didn’t mean she wasn’t going to stop just short of that. Despite the early hour she felt alert and focused. Unlike the night before.

Much to both women’s chagrin, the motel had been booked solid. With a quick glance at the clock, the clerk told them that a room reservation had been made without a credit card, and if the guest didn’t show up within the next hour, he’d cancel the reservation and give them the room. Leigh had been ready to simply drive into Jackson and find another motel, but RJ convinced her that an hour wasn’t too long to wait. They made their way to a smoke-filled bar and enjoyed several drinks before the hotel clerk kindly sought them out and told them they could have the room.

RJ had quickly jumped to her feet, only to have the world begin to spin. Leigh had laughed and made a comment about how such a tall girl really should be able to hold her liquor better. It wasn’t the liquor, the pilot had groused to herself. It was this being alive crap. The liquid sat warm in her belly, making her feel sluggish and even more tired. By the time they got to their room, she was so tired that she lay face down on the bed and instantly fell asleep. She didn’t even remember undressing or getting under the covers.

RJ made a face. Leigh had mostly undressed her and she had missed it all.

But now … now she wasn’t missing a thing. She’d wanted this woman in a nice soft bed for weeks. She snuggled close to Leigh, her body barely touching the smaller woman’s, as she drew a deep satisfied breath, the smell of Leigh’s shampoo and perfume now mixing with the scent of the trucker’s skin. How wonderful is this? My God, if I were a man, you’d be awake by now. Good thing for us both I have such fantastic self-control and restraint. She clamped her hand over her mouth to smother a snort. Yeah, right. Who in the hell am I trying to kid?

Her hand slid up onto Leigh’s outer thigh just above her knee. Very, very slowly, she let it travel up the firm leg. Damn, woman. How does a trucker get muscles like this in her thighs? Then her mind flashed back to the bathroom at the diner, when those legs were wrapped around her waist as they were leaning against the wall. Oh, yeah. That’s one way.

RJ shivered with pleasure when she recalling their encounter in the garage and the feeling of small fingers digging into her upper arms — Leigh’s hips thrusting into her and then her body stiffening slightly as she leaned forward and bit down on RJ’s shoulder to keep from crying out. She closed her eyes as she remembered the deep, tortured groan of pleasure torn from Leigh’s throat as she came hard … again. Their time together had been so intense, so … breathtaking, that it was all RJ could do to hold on for the ride. Thank God my mother didn’t see that bruise. I’d still be saying Hail Marys.

RJ’s fingertips drifted up from Leigh’s thigh to her hipbone. A low hum from the trucker drew her back to the present.

Leigh stretched, the shift causing RJ’s hand to travel a bit south of its last destination. Her fingers lightly traveled across baby soft skin. She smiled when she heard, then felt the quiet gasp as the Leigh’s body shifted back, melding itself to RJ.

"Nice," Leigh mumbled. Reaching down and back she twined her fingers with RJ’s and slowly guided the warm hand to her breast. She carefully released her hold on RJ’s hand when she felt a thumb gently brush across her sensitive nipple, which had begun to tighten the moment she felt RJ roll over, her warm breath caressing Leigh’s ear. It was all she could do to keep from moaning then. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, unsure that she could stop herself now.

Leigh was amazed at how soft RJ’s hands were. She should have calluses from the hard work she seems to enjoy so much, shouldn’t she? But they were smooth and soft and very warm. The blonde let her hand travel across the back of RJ’s, and she swallowed hard at the thought of those long, skilled fingers and what they could do for her later.

The trucker cleared her throat and opened one eye, giving her bedmate a tiny smile. "Hiya, beautiful," she muttered softly.

RJ leaned in a little closer, her breasts pressing softly into Leigh’s back. She placed a gentle kiss to Leigh’s cheek. "Same to you. Sorry about last night. I didn’t realize I’d fall asleep like that." She smiled at her friend, never ceasing in her soft caress of the blonde’s breast, which had now become open-handed massage.

"Ooo," Leigh sighed. God, that feels so good. "That’s okay. Riding in a rig can take its toll if you’re not used to it. But I’ve seen you drink more at the diner than you did yesterday."

"Must be the travel." Or having to deal with a body again. She kissed Leigh for a second time, her lips lingering as she said against the downy soft skin, "It may take a day or two for me to get used to it. You’ll need to be patient." RJ smirked. "If that is even possible."

"I can be patient," Leigh protested, knowing she was lying through her teeth. "Very patient. So long as I don’t have to wait, there’s never a problem," she said innocently.

A soft chuckle. "Somehow I knew that."

The tall woman placed a tender kiss to Leigh’s shoulder. "Hmm … don’t know how you drive around all the time. Don’t you get tired of moving in a big circle?" RJ’s hand shifted slowly to Leigh’s other breast. Her thumb played idly over the nipple, hardening it to the same state of painful arousal as its twin.

Leigh slightly arched into the touch, craving more contact but not wanting to leave the warm nest of RJ’s body. "It’s …" A tiny gasp. "It’s not easy but, I … I manage pretty well. Grew up around trucks. Traveled with my …" her words trailed off. She really didn’t want to think about her rig or her dad or anything else right now.

Leigh rolled over to face RJ and let her hands caress RJ’s bare shoulder. "This is a very nice shoulder, Ms. Fitzgerald." She traced a slow path down the shoulder until her fingers glanced over a particularly sensitive patch of skin, earning a slight jerk from RJ, who grinned at her friend. "I have fond memories of this shoulder."

"Evil," RJ whispered.

"Nope." Leigh nodded, kissing just slightly to the left of RJ’s pulse point. Her lips curled into a sexy grin when she saw her companion swallow hard. She could feel the gradual but steady increase in the beat of RJ’s heart.

"Me and naughty," she whispered.

"… Intimately acquainted. I remember." RJ moaned when Leigh reached down and pulled the tall woman’s leg over her own legs and hip, bringing their bodies together. "Ohhh, yeah … that’s good …" RJ’s eyes closed as she felt a spark travel through her body, igniting her blood.

"You like this, do you, Irish?" The blonde pushed closer to RJ until the tall woman had no choice but to roll onto her back, finding herself covered in feisty blonde. "Because if you like this –" She gave her thigh, which was now nestled securely between RJ’s legs, a hard flex and a slight upward thrust, sending RJ’s head back and a muffled groan tumbling from her chest. "– then you’re gonna love what I come back and do to you after I brush my teeth."

RJ grabbed for her lover as Leigh jumped off the bed and dashed into the bathroom, giving RJ a very nice peek at her luscious body. "Oh, you are a wench!" She fell back into the bed with a groan, hearing Leigh laugh just as the water came on in the bathroom. "And what would be so funny, Leigh Matthews?"

"Sometimes your–" she paused to spit into the sink, losing sight of RJ as the brunette climbed out of bed. "Sometimes your accent adds a surreal quality to all this and then," she stopped again, taking time to quickly but thoroughly brush and rinse. Laying her toothbrush on the sink she said, "When you say something like ‘wench,’" Leigh shrugged one shoulder, "I dunno. It kinda adds a kinky quality to the encounter." She wriggled pale eyebrows.

"Kinky?" RJ’s eyebrows disappeared behind disheveled bangs. "My accent is kinky? And here all this time I thought that ropes and whips were kinky." RJ put the canister of baking soda back in her duffel and gave her own teeth a quick brushing in the tiny kitchen area of the room. She returned to the bed, straightened the covers and fluffed the pillows, placing two under her head and then resting with her hands laced behind her head.

"You know the difference between erotic and kinky, don’t you?" Leigh peeked out from around the corner of the bathroom with a silly grin on her face.

"What?" RJ was already smiling.

"Erotic is using the feather." She waited a beat. "Kinky is using the whole bird."

"Oh, Lord!" RJ rolled her eyes and laughed. "All right then." She sat up in the bed allowing the covers to fall to her waist as she extended her hand. "You’ve been on the road for far too long, lass. It’s time to come and have your oil changed."

"You should know that truck talk drives me wild." The blonde slid out of the bathroom and clicked off the light. She closed the door behind her and then leaned back against the wood. Its cool surface felt good against her overheated skin. She rubbed her back against the door wantonly, an innocent, youthful smile contrasting sharply with the vision of her writhing, naked body.

RJ’s nostrils flared.

"Would you be interested in rotating anything while I’m here?"

RJ crooked her finger and spoke in a husky voice. "Come here and we’ll give you a complete once over." She grinned. "Twice."

"Now how can I refuse that offer?" Leigh replied seriously. She moved slowly to the bed, squaring her shoulders and walking with confidence toward her lover. She could feel her pulse quicken with every step, and she purposely slid back on top of RJ, resuming her former position with her thigh planted firmly between RJ’s legs. A hot coating of moisture met her thigh, searing her to the bone. Her jaw clenched, and her eyes darkened with desire.

RJ cleared her throat. It had been a long time since a woman had managed to captivate her body so completely. She actually worried that if Leigh became any more purposeful she’d completely lose control of her body and come on the spot.

Her hands rested on Leigh’s hips and she looked up into playful, but undeniably aroused blue eyes. "You are truly adorable, Leigh Matthews," she began sincerely. "And one of the most beautiful and sexy women I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Thank you for letting me have this time with you." She slid her hand up Leigh’s back, pulling her forward a little so she could tuck an errant lock of fiery blonde hair back behind Leigh’s ear.

Their gazes never left each other and the same silly little smiles they’d shared earlier broke out on each of their faces.

Leigh’s voice was warm and sure. "I feel the same way about you, RJ. Thank you right back."

RJ brought her head up slowly to meet Leigh’s and they fell into a deep, passionate kiss. Each of them moaned softly. The moment was sweet and tender, each opening up to the other in a way they hadn’t experienced before. Their encounters at the diner were generally fast and furious, if for no other reason than they were taking place in a garage — not the most romantic or private spot on the planet.

Now they were well rested, in a soft, warm bed, and already thoroughly enjoying each other. Their kisses were painfully slow, deeply erotic and on the verge of sending them both into the type of sensual haze that, once entered, left a woman utterly helpless until a final spasm of pleasure uncoiled from her body — releasing her from its spell.

Leigh’s lips strayed from RJ’s mouth to her jaw, then neck, where she nipped and nibbled on skin that had gone damp and carried with it a faint taste of salt.

RJ groaned loudly and began to massage Leigh’s bottom. Losing all patience, she used her grip on Leigh to pull her closer and find a gentle rhythm between them.

"Your skin tastes salty sweet, RJ." Leigh sighed contentedly as she traveled down RJ’s long firm body with her hands and mouth. "Very sweet." The blonde rubbed her cheek against the silky skin of RJ’s upper breast, then in a quick move licked a broad stroke over RJ’s nipple. She took it into her mouth, sucking gently at first, savoring it. Then she suckled with more vigor, earning a loud groan from RJ and a renewed flood of heat against her thigh.

RJ’s heart thudded wildly.

Leigh smiled and continued her quest down the body of the beautiful woman beneath her. She’d wanted RJ like this since the very first moment she saw her. Now she was going to have her. She felt the heat building between them as their bodies continued to rock and slide against each other. Leigh pressed her palms into the mattress on either side of RJ’s shoulders. She pushed up and away from her lover and closed her eyes as she concentrated on the rhythm of her thigh between RJ’s legs. The intimate contact sent a wild thrill through her own body as she felt RJ press against her … all but coming off the bed to meet her.

The trucker loved the fact that she was eliciting the most sensual sounds and erotic scents from her lover. The temperature in the room continued to rise and it took on the aroma of passion and sex.

Leigh whispered brokenly, "I need to –" She suddenly stopped and shook her head, deciding to let her actions speak for her. She slid farther down RJ’s body and stopped just below her belly button, kissing the spot tenderly.

The pilot was dizzy with pleasure and anticipation. Leigh was most certainly a talented woman. She kept her eyes closed in an effort to stay grounded because when she opened them, the room would start to spin a little. She clutched at the sheets helplessly, twisting them and balling them into her fists. Every cell in her body cried out for her to lift her hips from bed and demand attention from her companion. She was trying to be patient and allow Leigh to proceed at her own pace, but she was rapidly disintegrating under the insistent, maddening, sensual onslaught of Leigh’s lips and fingers. Get on with it, woman! Before I die — again!

Leigh slowly extended her tongue and took a small taste, dipping down into dark, soft curls that tickled her nose and sent her senses into overdrive. She kissed RJ’s flesh tenderly, moving reverently lower and lower, making sure RJ knew how much she enjoyed loving her like this. Her hands traveled up until she felt the white-knuckled death grip that RJ had on the sheets. She gently caressed the tall woman’s hands until they released the bedding.

Their fingers wove together naturally, and Leigh turned her head and began a serious exploration of her lover, her own center pulsing in time with RJ’s.

"Ah, God!" RJ’s eyes snapped shut as she threw her head back, hissing loudly. She tried not to hurt Leigh with the grip on her hands. RJ opened herself further, shifting to give the blonde more room.

"Hmmm, yes." Leigh moaned softly against the slick, sensitive flesh as she gladly took what was being offered. "So good," she whispered. Her mouth watered as she took a second taste of the essence that was completely RJ, losing herself in the task.

RJ was helpless to stop or even slow her body’s reaction to Leigh. She felt the muscles expand and contract all over her frame. Her heartbeat was so loud and furious that she feared it would never return to normal. RJ’s enjoyment began to spiral upward as she listened to Leigh moan and groan while performing for her pleasure. She had truly forgotten that some women found a great deal of gratification in this, the most intense and intimate of acts. She thanked God that Leigh was among them.

"Oh, Leigh …" RJ breathed. Her stomach muscles contracted, sending her hips upward. She felt the trucker release her hands and then wrap her hands around her thighs as Leigh continued to take total command of her body, pleasuring her. With a mind of their own, RJ hips began to rock with Leigh.

"Please … don’t … stop." The pilot pushed the words from her throat even as it closed and her orgasm began to take hold of her body. She dug her heels into the bed, bending her legs and trying not to push away from the ecstasy she was experiencing. The sensations were overwhelming, and she felt as though she wanted to cry out in utter delight and burst into tears at the same time. Before she realized it, her hands had slipped into Leigh’s hair, tangling there and holding her exactly where she wanted her most.

Leigh gently nipped at tender, swollen flesh, feeling RJ’s fingers slide tentatively over the back of her head and into her hair. She didn’t mind that in the least, admitting privately that she would have done the same thing. Only much sooner. The sound of RJ begging her not to stop and whimpering for her to take her ‘faster’ and ‘harder’ nearly sent her over the edge herself. But it was the quaking in RJ’s thighs and the long languid moan as she finally succumbed to her lips and tongue that sent the trucker over as well.


Leigh closed her eyes and pressed her cheek against RJ’s damp, musky, inner thigh as she dug her fingers into RJ’s hips, her own release causing her to shake from the inside out. Damn. That’s never happened before. Not from just … Unwilling to leave this haven too soon, she continued to gently kiss RJ intimately for a few moments as their bodies relaxed and their heartbeats began to approach normal. Then she crawled up to her lover’s side, a little shaken by the intensity of the exchange.

RJ was quick to pull the sheet across them and take Leigh into her arms. The sun was just peeking through the curtains, but she couldn’t think of a single reason to move from this very spot. "I need to hold you, Leigh," she gasped, first kissing the top of Leigh’s head, then her forehead, and finally capturing her lips.

"You’re amazing woman." RJ gently touched Leigh’s cheek and looked deeply into her eyes. She could see fear and affection warring against each other, and she gently kissed Leigh on the cheek. When she pulled away she was greeted with a tentative but genuine smile. "That was incredible." RJ sucked in another deep breath and let it out slowly as Leigh settled against her. She could feel the smaller woman’s heartbeat against her chest and allowed her eyelids to flutter closed at the sweet sensation. "As soon as I summon the strength to move," she mumbled, "you’re all mine, Leigh Matthews."

A soft laugh that tickled the damp skin of her throat was her only answer.

Chapter 8

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