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European Summer


A.E. Hammock

Part 2

Tuesday, May 20


I actually woke up early today and had plenty of time to wash my hair and shave my legs. Hell, I even put on a little makeup this morning, what with us heading to the European Parliament this afternoon. We were told to dress nicely for this, so I packed a couple jersey dresses that looked professional but were soft and comfy and didn't wrinkle, since I didn't think I'd have access to an iron.

I pulled on the soft purple dress, a pair of black flats, grabbed my hoodie and bag and headed down to the lobby. It was a surprise to see Stephanie already down there, sitting and reading the packet they gave us. She looked up when I stepped off the elevator and beamed a smile at me which caused me to smile back and wave.

“You're up early,” she said while grinning at me.

“Well it helps that I'm not hung over this morning.”

She laughed, agreeing with me.

“Hey,” I said, “I was planning on trying to figure out the tram this morning, since we just walked along it all yesterday morning. Want to come with me?”

“Sure, I was just planning on walking it again, but that sounds like a good idea.”

I waited while she put her folder in her bag and stood up. I missed something she said when she leaned over, as her dress had a fairly low neckline and she was quite well endowed. It seemed like her breasts were going to fall out of her dress and my brain kind of short circuited.

She looked up at me and noticed I was staring like a stroke victim. “Ashley, is everything okay? Do I have something on my dress?”

“Huh?” I said. “Oh, no, nothing on your dress. You look great, actually.”

“Thanks. Hold on a minute, were you checking me out?” She asked this with a huge teasing grin.

“Uh, to be completely honest, yes I was. I'm sorry if that offends you, but I'm only human and you're very attractive.”

She blushed a bit and mumbled a thank you for the compliment. “It doesn't offend me at all. I'm bi myself, so it would be kind of hypocritical of me to get upset when I've done the same thing.”

I laughed and felt a surge of hope sweep through me at this revelation. God I need to get laid.

We walked down Rue de Sebastopol, ducking into the patisserie we'd visited yesterday to get some breakfast. We got to the central tram stop, Homme de Fer, which made me chuckle. I don't know a lot of French, but the fact that there's a tram station named Iron Man cracks me up. We got on the C line and within ten minutes, we got off in front of the university.

I kept sneaking peaks at Stephanie as we rode, both of us standing and holding onto the rail. Like me, she had worn a dress today, a soft jersey looking knit that made me want to put my hands on her hips. The dress had a v-neck that showed off a mouthwatering amount of cleavage and the hem hit her right above the knee, showing her well toned calves. I really need to snap out of this. Celibacy doesn't agree with me.

The tram gets to our stop and since she was closer to the door, Stephanie got off first. I followed behind for a few steps, taking the opportunity to check out her ass. It was plump and round, causing her dress to be a few inches shorter in the back than in the front. Overall, she had a very lush body with large ass and breasts and a soft, slightly rounded belly.

Seriously, this weekend I've got to find a gay bar or something. I so need to get laid.

Anyway, once we got up to the room, we found it locked as we were the first ones there. I sat down on the bench outside the class and took out the packet and started reviewing today's reading. Class was uneventful and once we let out, as a group we hurried over to the cafeteria to eat. We'd have a couple hours free then we had to head to the Parliament building.

After we ate, I jumped on the tram and headed back to the hotel and took a short nap, waking up when it was time to meet everyone. This jet lag is still killing me. Hopefully I'll get over it soon.

Most of us had gone back to the hotel after lunch, so around two thirty we met in the lobby and headed to Homme de Fer to head to the Parliament. We got there about twenty minutes later and went inside. Security was kind of a pain and then we sat through a fairly boring educational presentation about the same thing we've been learning for the last two days. I still didn't get a good answer to my question about what happens if a member state chooses to ignore an EU directive.

After that we filed into the gallery and sat down. There were speeches being made, but there wasn't a full session. It was kind fun playing with the headphones and all the different translation channels, though. We finally had enough and left. Once we'd passed back through security and retrieved our bags, we all stood outside and took a bunch of pictures before heading back to the city center.

Aaron and I talked a lot on the tram ride back and agreed to split a pizza and have some drinks for dinner and watch a movie on his laptop. We left the door open and Nina and Bridget, one of our fellow 1Ls from Indy came in and joined us in watching the movie.

All in all, a pretty good day.


Wednesday, May 21


This morning was nearly a repeat of yesterday morning. It was another gray foggy morning, so I opted for a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top with my ever present hoodie, grabbed my bag and headed downstairs where once again I saw Stephanie waiting for me. She beamed another one of those smiles at me when she saw me get off the elevator and put her papers in her bag.

“Good morning, Ashley,” she said as she stepped up to me and wrapped me in a warm hug that gave me chills all down my spine.

“Good morning, Stephanie,” I replied, somewhat intoxicated by the smell of her shampoo.

“Please, call me Steph.”

“Only if you call me Ash.”

“Deal. Ready to head out?”

“Yeah, do you mind if we walk? I could use the exercise. If I keep eating and drinking the way I have been and don't up the activity level, I'll be a blimp by the time I get back to Indy. And I certainly don't intend to stop eating and drinking.”

She laughed, though I didn't think what I said was all that funny and we headed out, engaging in small talk as we made our way to our favorite patisserie where I got my customary croissants though I mixed it up on the drink, getting a bottle of whole milk instead of Diet Coke.

We resumed walking to class, which was almost two miles from our hotel. We weren't in a hurry, so we walked along at a leisurely pace, talking about our experiences in undergrad and our impressions of law school so far. Like me, she had gone straight from college to law school and chose Pitt because she still got instate tuition, but was able to stay further away from home and maintain her independence with her family living several hours away.

“It's not that I don't like my family or we don't get along, because we do, it's more that when I'm around them there's all sorts of expectations and a lot of pressure that I hate having to deal with. It's easier for me to just get away from it altogether and only visit on breaks or long weekends.”

“I get that. My family dynamic is a lot different. I was lucky. My parents have been almost completely supportive, though things were really tense for a while when I came out.”

“I can't even imagine what it would be like to come out to parents. I told my sister I was bi, but my parents don't have a clue.”

“Do you ever plan to tell them?”

She didn't reply for the longest time and I started to apologize for asking the question when she finally spoke.

“I don't know. I think right now I'm taking the approach that if there's ever a reason to tell them, I will. Until that happens I don't see the point in making trouble where none exists.”

“I guess that's fair. So I take it you haven't been in a relationship with a woman that got to the meet the parents stage, then?”

“No, just a few flings here and there. The only relationship I had where I introduced him to my parents was my high school boyfriend.”

She looked somewhat uncomfortable when she said this, though I have no idea why. When she decided to change the subject I went along with it and we talked about TV shows the rest of the way to class.

After the half way break, Professor Spencer talked to us about the trip to Brussels next week. We'd be visiting the European Commission and Council, two of the other branches of the EU government, as well as NATO headquarters. She suggested that we figure out who we want to pair up with as roommates since unlike the hotel here, where we all have our own rooms, we'll be doubling up in Brussels .

Steph looked at me, and asked if I wanted to pair with her. I said sure and she got up to put our names on the signup sheet for rooming together. She sat back down and nudged me with her shoulder before we resumed the lecture on the free movement of goods. One funny moment was when we talked about Commission v Germany , a case about the German beer purity law that only allowed beverages made using four ingredients, water, yeast, hops, and barley malt, to be labeled as beer. The professor asked if anyone remembered the four ingredients of beer and the people I had been out drinking with back in Indy and who had heard me basically compose love poems to the stuff all volunteered me to answer the question.

What can I say? I love beer.

After class, we all headed over to the cafeteria and had lunch with a pitcher of beer thrown in. We headed back to the hotel and tried to figure out what people wanted to do. A group of six people, most of them from Indy, but also Nina and the two from Minnesota , wanted to head out and do some sightseeing, taking pictures and all that. It sounded fun to me, so I asked Steph if she wanted to come, too.

“No thanks, I need to spend some time on Skype today, letting everyone back home know how I'm doing.”

“Fair enough. Well, have fun. I'll see you tomorrow.”

I waved goodbye and jogged out to catch up to the rest of the group. We had a fairly fun afternoon walking all over the city. Around sunset we stopped at an Italian place for dinner. It was a great time, though I'm pretty sure we were annoying the other patrons with our loud conversation and slight over-consumption of drink.

Finally, we all ended up loudly staggering back to the hotel, laughing and joking, in very high spirits. We all said goodnight and headed to our rooms. I went to my room and headed off to bed, the sound of the train station outside my window not disturbing me in the least as I drifted to sleep.


Thursday, May 22


This morning was uneventful. The trains didn't keep me from falling asleep last night, mostly thanks to the alcohol, but this morning they woke me up around five and I just couldn't get back to sleep. It allowed me to have a more leisurely start to my day, including enough time to cook breakfast using the room's small kitchenette. I had a ham and cheese omelet with some baguette and a glass of milk.

I lounged around for a while before I got ready and headed downstairs. Steph was headed out at the same time I was, so we took the elevator down and caught up with Aaron in the lobby. The three of us ended up walking to class together. Somehow, we ended up exchanging horror stories from our first year.

“So the professor calls on four people, all of whom completely miss it. Then, she calls on Jason. She's been quite clearly pissed off all day, so everyone is hunkered down trying to avoid being noticed. Jason and I were talking before class and he told me that he hadn't done the reading.”

“You forgot to mention that this is right before we're set to take our midterm,” interjected Aaron.

“Yeah, that's part of the reason all of us were stressed. And we had an hour of lecture first, with the professor in a severely bad mood. So anyway, Jason gives some bullshit answer that makes no sense and the professor, this little old woman who's only like 4'10” walks over to the chalkboard and starts banging her head against it. It was the most absurd, unbelievable thing I'd ever seen. Under other circumstances, I think I would have laughed. But nobody was laughing.”

“Yeah, we were all just sitting there in terror feeling horribly uncomfortable. Then she gives us the exam and at the end of time, everyone starts packing up their computers. Obviously we weren't packing up quickly for us so she yells at the top of her lungs that anyone still in the room in thirty seconds fails the exam.”

Steph has a look of disbelief on her face as we're telling her this. Then I add in the icing on the cake of this particular story.

“Then, when we finally get our exams back a week later, the high score was eighteen out of sixty.”

“Holy shit. That puts all my horror stories to shame. I mean, I had the standard public humiliations and what not, but that takes the cake.”

After class, Steph asked if I wanted to do something. As I was determined to avoid taking a nap today and finally get over my jet lag, I asked if she wanted to browse through some of the shops in the main shopping area of town. She was all for it, so after lunch we went back to the hotel to drop off our class stuff and then set off.

I must have done something seriously wrong to piss off some deity or fate or whatever cause the first shop she decided we should go in was a little lingerie boutique. Don't get me wrong, I love sexy undies as much as the next girl, but this was like torture. While I tried to content myself with browsing and seeing what they had that I liked, she kept holding up the most skimpy, see through little numbers against her body and asking me how I thought she'd look wearing it.

I think I may have whimpered a few times in there. The thought of her in some wispy, black, lace basque with a matching thong and a pair of stockings was making me soak my panties. I was glad I wore dark jeans and a bra with some padding, otherwise I think it would have been even more apparent how turned on I was getting. I mean, she knows I'm gay and I know she's bi and she hasn't mentioned being in a relationship. The only reason I haven't made a move is because I don't want things to be awkward as we're going to be around each other for 11 weeks.

I have got to get laid so I can start thinking clearly and focus on making a friend instead of spending all my time drooling over Steph. Though I'm beginning to suspect she's making me drool on purpose. She tried on the basque and asked my opinion on how it looked. If I wasn't wet before, I sure as hell was then, standing in front of her dressing room with her nipples clearly visible through the sheer lace. I'm sure I was staring with my mouth hanging slightly open as she touched my chin and closed my jaw. She kissed my cheek and I'm pretty sure I heard her chuckling as she closed the dressing room door.

Ugh. Being smooth is apparently a completely alien concept to me. Anyway, I ended up buying a bra and pantie set in a soft lavender as well as a nice blue chemise. She got the set she'd tried on for me as well as a pair of stockings to go with it. God help me.

After we left we wandered in and out of several other shops as we both had souvenirs to buy for people back home. While she ended up picking up a few more items, I didn't see anything that I really wanted to bring back for anybody. As evening started to close in, my stomach started growling. Fortunately the street we were walking down had a brew pub. We went in and ordered a couple beers while looking over the menu.

“To new friendships,” Steph said, raising her glass to me.

“To new friendships,” I echoed, tapping her glass with mine before taking a sip of the amber we had ordered.

“This is a good beer. I'm glad we found this place.”

“Me too. Here's hoping the burgers are just as good.”

Fortunately they were, though they were presented rather oddly, with no bun and a fried egg on top. But they were nice and slightly pink, the cheese was mind blowingly good and the fries were tasty, so why complain about missing bread.

We sat at our table outside the pub watching people walk by, talking and drinking our beers until night finally set in.

“We should probably head back,” I said. “We've got an exam tomorrow after all.”

“Yeah, that's a good call.”

We paid and got back on the main street and retraced our steps back to the hotel. The conversation was light and I tried to not think about how attracted to Steph I was becoming. When we finally got off the elevator on the top floor of the hotel, we both stopped in front of her room as mine was the next to last on hall. She set her bags down inside the door before wrapping me in a hug and placing a lingering kiss on my cheek.

“I had a great time tonight, Ash,” she said, her hands still resting on my shoulders. “Good luck studying.”

“You too, Steph. Sleep well.”

She smiled at me before closing the door. I had to stand there for a few minutes gathering my thoughts before picking up my bags and turning to go to my room, calling it a night.


Friday, May 23


This morning was par for the course. I met Steph in the lobby and we walked to school just like the previous two days. We stopped for breakfast and once she had finished her pain au chocolat Steph looped her arm through mine and leaned her head against my shoulder. I was so taken aback by this that I started coughing up the bite of croissant I'd just taken. She started thumping me on the back and had an alarmed look on her face. Finally I got my coughing fit under control and looked into her brown eyes.

“What the hell is going on with you?”

“What do you mean?” She asked, looking like she sincerely has no idea what I was talking about.

“I mean all the touchy stuff, the asking me my opinion on lingerie, the hugs and kisses. Are you hitting on me? Cause if so, take me on a date first before you start acting like we're dating.”

“You mean to tell me you've never linked arms with another woman who was just a friend?”

“No. Never. I'm not a very touchy feely person. I rarely even hug people. The last person I touched as much as you've been touching me this morning, I slept with.”

“Well, I'm sorry you feel that way. I like you and I just felt like touching you. I'm a very tactile person. Always have been.”

“You still haven't answered my question. Yes or no. Are you hitting on me?”

She looked down at the pavement before she whispered, “I don't know.”

“Seriously? What the hell Steph? Look, I can't deal with this right now. We've got two hours of lecture followed by our first exam for the summer. I need to focus. We'll talk about this later.”

I turned and walked off to class. I felt bad that I had to ignore Steph this morning, but I couldn't let my grades suffer. I settled into my seat and went into a kind of tunnel vision, studying my notes and the looking over the readings as we waited for the class to start. I stayed in the room and continued to study through the break.

The exam was pleasantly brief and I finished within an hour. I turned in my exam, grabbed my bag and got out of there as quickly as possible. There was a market set up in Place Broglie, so I took my time browsing through it, though I didn't find anything there I felt like buying. I stopped at a kebab place on my way back to the hotel and ate as I walked. When I got back to my room, I was so exhausted I kicked off my shoes and flopped down onto the bed. I was asleep within seconds.

I woke up a few hours later to a knock on my door. I opened it to see Aaron standing there.

“Hey, Ash. Any plans for dinner?”

“Not really. What time is it anyway?”

“It's six. I was gonna order some pizza and thought I'd see if you wanted to split one.”

“Yeah, sure,” I replied, still rubbing my eyes.

“Alright. You want the same thing we ordered the other night?”

“Yeah, that sounds good. I'm gonna take a shower real quick and change, then I'll be down in the lobby.”

“Alright see you in a few.”

I closed the door and stripped, jumping in the shower and making sure I shaved all over. Twenty minutes later, I was in the lobby dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans and a white tank top. The pizza was good, as was talking to Aaron. It's good having a fellow geek to talk to from time to time. We arranged to meet up the next morning with Bridget and Heather, two of our fellow Indy students, and take a train to Heidelberg for the day.

After sitting and chatting for an hour or so, I excused myself and went over to the front desk. I asked the clerk if he knew of any lesbian bars nearby and he pointed me towards a place just a kilometer from the hotel. I took the map he handed me and went back upstairs. Walking down the hall, I paused in front of Steph's door. I hadn't seen her since I left class that morning.

Making a decision, I knocked on her door. After waiting about fifteen seconds, I knocked again, saying, “Steph, it's me, Ash. If you're in there open up.”

No response from the door, but Nina walked by.

“Hey, if you're looking for Steph, she went out with Jason and those guys. I think they went out to that bar on the corner.”

“Thanks. Hey, if you see her before ten or so, would you tell her I was looking for her?”

“Sure, no problem. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything's fine, we just had a kind of intense conversation this morning before class that we didn't really resolve.”

“Wanna talk about it?”

“No, but thanks for the offer. I'm actually gonna take it easy tonight,” I said with a kind of half smile, knowing that if all went well, that would be the last thing I actually ended up doing.

I ended up sending emails and playing a little Civilization to kill some time before I got ready to go. I put on makeup, going heavy on the eyeliner and changed out my bra for a black lace one and put on a tailored white button down and a pair of black high heeled ankle boots. I noticed the chill coming in from my open window, grabbed a light black leather jacket and headed out. I avoided walking by the bar that Steph was supposedly at and before too long I was at the bar Jean, the hotel clerk, had recommended.

I unbuttoned the top few buttons of my shirt until my bra was visible and opened the door. I walked inside and noticed the crowd was almost entirely women. The place was full but not packed. I saw a stool open by the bar and moved to grab it, taking off my jacket and draping it over the back of the stool.

The bartender, a cute, petite brunette in jeans and a black t-shirt came up to and asked what I wanted to drink. Looking over at the taps, I asked for a glass of Hoegaarden. She poured it for me without comment and placed it in front of me asking for four euro. I handed her a five and when she started to hand me back a one euro coin, I gestured for her to keep it. She nodded at me and went on to take care of another customer.

I turned around and sipped my beer as I sized up the room. While there were plenty of women there who had already paired up, I noticed quite a few who seemed to be in the same situation as me. I just sat observing the crowd and drinking my beer for about fifteen minutes before a tall blonde with her hair in a faux-hawk, who was walking the fine line between thin and emaciated came up to me.

I was sitting with my back to the bar and my legs slightly spread. She stepped in between them and placed her left hand on the back of my neck.

She said something in French. I had no idea what it meant, but the soft tone of voice, her inviting eyes and lips, and the hand that was tangled in the hair at the nape of my neck made her meaning very clear.

“I'm sorry, I don't speak French.”

“Ah, Americaine, very sexy.”

“Sexy, huh?” I said as I set my now empty glass on the bar and wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her in close to me. She smelled like a combination of cigarette smoke and perfume, with the slightest whiff of whiskey coming off her.

“Oh yes, I've always wanted to have sex with an American woman.”

“And I've always heard that French women do the most wonderful things with their tongues.”

“Would you care to find out?”

“I think that would truly be my pleasure, but first, how about I buy you a drink?”

“Thank you. I'll have a scotch neat.”

I signaled the bartender, who was busy, but gave me a nod that she'd be with me soon. I turned back to the blonde, holding out my right hand.

“I'm Ash by the way.”

She took my hand in a firm grip and leaned in and nibbled on my earlobe, sending shivers down my spine before whispering, “Chloe.”

The bartender came back at that moment and I asked for another beer and a glass of Lagavulin.

“So, Ash, what brings you to Strasbourg ?”

“I'm a student.”

“And what do you study?” she asked, taking a sip of her scotch.

“Law. This summer is an international law program. But really, it's a chance to travel somewhere new and see places I've never been.”

“So you have never been to Strasbourg before?”

“Not just Strasbourg . Until a week ago, I'd never been out of the US .”

She shook her head in disbelief. “I truly cannot believe that. I am from here, but Germany is just across the river, I have been to Switzerland , Belgium , the Netherlands , Spain , England , Italy .”

“A woman of the world; I'm impressed. I've been to plenty of different states, but this is the first place I've spent a night outside the US .”

“How do you like Strasbourg ?”

“It's a beautiful city. The cathedral especially, and the canals, too. I think I could happily spend a day just walking along the canals, taking pictures. The shopping's not half bad either.”

“Well, I am glad you are enjoying your stay here. Now what I can do to make you enjoy it a little more?”

She knocked back the last bit of her whiskey and leaned in, her breasts pressed against mine as she took my lips in a passionate kiss. Her left hand tangled in my hair and her right made its way from my waist to cover my breast. I moaned against her lips as she squeezed my breast, her thumb and finger rolling my nipple between them, the roughness of the lace enhancing the experience.

She gently bit my lip as she pulled away. She stood up and asked how far my hotel was.

I took a long drink of my beer and wiped my mouth on the back of my hand. “A kilometer from here.”


I chuckled at that, being a bit of Doctor Who fan, put on my jacket, grabbed her hand, and walked out of the bar. We walked back to my hotel, the streetlights reflecting off the silver of her jewelry. Every few yards, she would pull me against her and kiss me. One time my lips, another she bit my throat, another a combination kiss/bite placed on the top of my breast.

We got back to the hotel where Jason and a couple of his friends were sitting out front smoking cigars.

“Hey, Ash, who's your friend?” Jason asked.

“Jason, Chloe; Chloe, Jason. Good night guys, sleep well.”

As we headed inside, I thought I heard Jason say something about his room being next to mine. The second the doors closed on the elevator, she grabbed my wrists and pushed me up against the wall, her tongue pushing past my lips and rubbing against my own. “Thank god for slow elevators,” I thought as she held my writs above my head loosely with her left hand while her right hand cupped my pussy through my jeans. This was exactly what I needed.

The elevator stopped on the fourth floor and I pulled free, pushing past her into the hallway, grabbing her hand and dragging her to my room. While I worked the key in the door, she stood behind me, grasping my breasts and biting my neck. Finally, I got it open and we went in, both of us rapidly trying to strip the other. Her thin sweater was quickly thrown on the floor, her breasts covered by a red satin bra.

As she pushed off my jacket and rapidly undid the three buttons that were actually fastened I repaid her earlier attention to my breasts, sucking and biting her nipples through the satin. Within moments, both of us were naked from the waist up. She pushed me back onto the bed and took off my shoes, before unfastening my jeans and peeling them off my legs, leaving me in only a black lace thong. I sat up and kept kissing her while working the zipper on the side of her slacks, letting them fall to the floor. She was left in a pair of satin and lace boyshorts that matched her bra and her pumps, which she stepped out of before straddling me.

Our hips ground together as we continued to kiss, our breasts pressed together. She pushed me back and shifted until she had one leg between mine. I ran my hands down to cup her ass, sliding my hands beneath her panties. I slid my right hand around her hip and slipped my fingers between her folds, coating them with her juices. She threw her head back as my finger stroked over her clit and cried out. Seeing her throat stretched taut in front of me, I leaned up and clamped my teeth on her bare throat.

I moved my fingers through her folds, stroking and teasing her. I pulled my hand up and placed it on her shoulder, rolling us over so that I was on top. I began to kiss my way down her body, hearing her moans grow louder, the occasional ‘mon dieu' being said in a raspy, lust filled voice. I got to the waist of her panties and pulled them down, placing soft kisses all over the soft smooth skin.

The smell of her arousal hit me like a punch to the solar plexus, my gut tightening up as warmth flooded me. I had to taste her. I pressed my lips against her, my tongue parting her folds and coating itself in her juices. I dipped my tongue inside her, loving the way her hips jerked at the sudden soft intrusion. I stroked my tongue up to her clit and began to circle it with firm pressure. Her hands tangled in my hair and pressed me hard against her. I felt her body begin to tense and kept up the pressure as she went stiff and released a soft cry that I barely heard with her thighs pressed against my ears.

I lightened the pressure as she rode the wave of her orgasm. As her body began to relax and the tension started to drain from her muscles, I renewed my efforts. With the dam broken, she came a second time very quickly, pushing my head away.

She muttered something in French. I had no idea what she said, but I moved up and took her lips in a firm kiss. Her hair was mussed and no longer in the carefully styled faux hawk she'd sported in the bar. After a few minutes of passionate kisses, she'd gathered her strength enough to flip me over. She slid her right hand between my legs and when she touched my clit it was like she was wearing one of those hidden buzzers that you use for a very lame prank handshake. I jumped, pulling her head firmly against my breast as she carefully slid first one, then two fingers inside me, slowly moving them in and out while rubbing my clit with her thumb.

She used her left hand to tease my breasts mercilessly while her lips and teeth moved over my chest, neck and lips, her fingers now plunging in and out of me rapidly, my hips bucking against her hand. I felt her fingers curl inside me, pressing against my g-spot and cried out, gasping helplessly as my fingers dug into her shoulders and I tried to scream out in pleasure only to realize I hadn't inhaled and didn't have any air with which to scream.

Finally, after what felt like hours of floating in pure bliss, I came back to reality and collapsed bonelessly, completely exhausted. Chloe rolled off me and lay beside me, still panting herself. Just as I was starting to drift off in the aftermath, I felt Chloe shift beside me. I looked over her and stifled a laugh at her ruined hair.

“What is funny?” she asked with a grin.

“Your hair. That's not a style that really keeps its shape when sex is involved.

“Ah, oui. I have had this problem before. May I use your shower before I leave?”

“Absolutely, it's over there,” I said, gesturing towards the bathroom. “I'd join you, but it's a bit too small for that.”

She leaned over and kissed me. It was a long, lingering kiss, but very chaste compared to what we had just done. I stared at her ass as she walked to the bathroom and disappeared behind the door. I got up and took a bottle of water out of the fridge, downing it quickly. I lay back on the bed and listened to the water running. The water stopped and the blow dryer started going. A few minutes later, she stepped out and dressed with little fuss involved. I pulled the sheet off the mussed bed, wrapped it around me, and walked her to the door.

“I had a great time,” I said, my hand resting on her cheek.

She leaned in and kissed me softly once more. “As did I. Be well, Ash. Maybe we will see each other again.”

“Maybe. You never know. Be safe getting home.”

“I will. Bon soir Ash.”

“Bon soir.”

She opened the door and walked away without looking back. I locked up and fell onto the bed, falling asleep within moments.


Continued in part 3.

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