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Xena & Gabrielle,

A Turn of Fate

By Ahkiken


Chapter 1: New Beginnings


"I don't like the mist of spring." Gabrielle announced, walking beside Xena atop Argo II.

The dark-haired warrior looked down at Gabrielle with a perplexed expression. "Mist of spring?"

"Yes." She answered. "After that rain pour last night, the mist it left behind shrouds the beautiful greenery this season has to offer."

Xena let loose a small chuckle.

"You going to let me in on the joke?" Gabrielle asked.

"And here I thought you had lost your bardic skills, but now I see there's still a bard in you yet." Xena teased.

"Well, it may have a lot to do with that lovely poem you gave to me from Sappho on my birthday." The short-haired blonde smiled, caressing Xena's leg. "It may have awoken something within me."

Xena stopped Argo and bent down to face her soul mate. "What might that be?"

Almost face to face, Gabrielle stood on the tip of her toes to capture Xena's lips with hers. Breaking away, the warrior-bard enjoyed the lust filling in the older woman's eyes.

"You may never know." Gabrielle said.

"I'm positive if I wanted to, I could discover all of your secrets."

"Dream on, Xena."

Xena straightened herself upright and started Argo moving again.

While they traveled in comfortable silence, Gabrielle was thinking about her last birthday two weeks ago; all the practical jokes Xena played on her, and the one she pulled off on the warrior. After helping Genia escape religious zealots, then stopping a crazy marriage due to Aphrodite, the goddess of love's influence, the Amazon knew Xena wasn't going to allow her to get away with the bathing in fish guts prank.

Little did she know that Xena had a big surprise in stored for her. Not only did she secure a poem for her, but before giving back the helmet of Hermes to King Thoas, Xena took Gabrielle on a flight around Thebes and to the kingdom of the king. With the return of the helmet, King Thoas offered them to stay for the night as special guests. Xena accepted once it was agreed she and her bard would have their privacy. Gabrielle was reluctant to just leave all their belongings at the campsite, but Xena assured her everything would be well; the king's men would guard their items and Argo.

That night, Xena treated Gabrielle like a bonafide queen. From serving her delicious dishes of food, bathing her with water and jasmine, to ravaging her sexually in the soft bed till the younger woman begged her to stop. It was a fantastic birthday and one of the best days of her life since they'd awaken from their icy slumber. Xena only made it even more joyous by giving her another gift after their intense lovemaking.

'Who would have thought the great Warrior Princess would ever ask me? I was happy with the poem, and nothing beats birthday sex with her. But this!' Gabrielle paused her musings to gaze at her index finger, a wide grin graced her features. 'Many happy returns indeed.'

Noticing her companion, Xena wondered what had her in such a happy mood. "I kiss good, but not that good."

The statement brought Gabrielle's attention.

"Are you thinking about your sister and niece? We can go back if you want."

Gabrielle and Xena stayed in Potidaea for four days, helping around the barn while seeing how Sarah was coping after what happened in Africa with Gurkhan, before sharing the news that was only shocking to Sarah, but not Lila who had huffed, ' Bout time.'


Their stay there had also served another purpose for Gabrielle. The item she purchased would be given to the warrior, her soul mate, tonight.

"I had fun with my family. Our family." She corrected with a smile. "But unless we are settling down in Potidaea, I rather much be on the road with you."

The sentence caused a thought to enter Xena's head; something she'd been thinking off and on about for a while now. "When we get to Scione, there's an important matter I would like to discuss with you."

"Oh, yeah. There's something important that I want to do, too." Gabrielle concurred.

"Hmm, since we both have matters of importance at our destination, why don't you get up here with me." Xena proclaimed.

"I don't think so. I doubt I can keep my hands to myself. Then we'll never make it." The bard replied.

Next, Xena galloped her mare ahead to stand in front of the petite woman. "Who said I was asking."

She used her deep tone that use to scare Gabrielle in the beginning of their travels, but now caused her to shiver in delight. The young Amazon liked it a lot when Xena became demanding in this fashion because it was fun sometimes to deny her, and after many years in the bedroll, it was exciting to break her.

"See, times like these, I really miss Horse." The blonde affirmed, making her way towards the Palomino and its mistress, ruminating about the mare she had nearly twenty-seven years passed.

"Probably in the future we can get you one of your own again." Xena stated.


The raven-haired warrior reached down, lifting Gabrielle up, setting her comfortably behind her.

'Damn, she's strong.' Gabrielle thought as she felt up and down Xena's muscular biceps to finally rest her arms around her waist.

"No." Xena said.

"No?" Gabrielle repeated.

"You're not getting your own horse. I don't want to miss you being this close to me."

Leaning her head on a strong shoulder, Gabrielle playfully slapped Xena's thigh. "You'll pay for tricking me."

"Promises, promises." She retorted, kicking Argo into full speed down the dip.


A couple of hours into their travels, Gabrielle struck up a conversation about the alternative life they had when Caesar's disruption of the Fates' loom caused him to become emperor of Rome, her to become a renown playwright, and Xena to become his empress, ruling beside him.

"I don't want to talk about that, Gabrielle. I'm just jovial you fixed it and brought us back to normalcy."

Feeling Xena's discomfort, Gabrielle tried explaining, "I agree it was a huge ordeal for us, Xena. That's why I only wanted to talk about the time we spent together."

Xena expelled a breath. "If you recall correctly, I died. And I would gladly die for you again if it meant saving your life."

Gabrielle hugged her lover tightly, resting her head on Xena's back. "I know you would, and when you went to the cross, I felt when you died. It left an unbearable pain inside me. Tenfold more than when I ever had lost you before. I was so distraught that even when the Fates warned I would destroy all of time by destroying the loom, I didn't care."

Gabrielle squeezed a little tighter and continued, "God damn the whole world if I can't have you, Xena."

Smiling, the Warrior Princess was speechless from hearing such conviction in the bard's words.

'You would sacrifice the whole world for me. What did I do to deserve a devote woman like you?' She asked herself, placing one hand on top of Gabrielle's arms that were gripped around her waist.

Gabrielle wasn't at all upset nor baffled that Xena didn't make a comment to her declaration of their love, because inside of her heart and mind, she knew the warrior loved her equally, if not more. But sometimes, just sometimes.

She wished Xena would say more.

"I'm sorry, Gabrielle." Xena spoke out, making the Amazon think she read her mind.


"Here you were trying to make idle talk and I had to somber the mood." Xena responded.

"True, you did." The shorter woman concurred, causing Xena to pinch her arm. "But I have a remedy for situations like these."

"Hmm, what might that be?" Xena was curious.

"When I was bringing up the topic, I wasn't speaking about our trials at all." Raising herself to Xena's ear, Gabrielle silently queried, "I wanted to know how long it would have took you to ask or take my virginity?"

The warm breath mixed with the bard's voice made Xena quiver slightly as she felt herself become, somewhat, aroused. "Virginity? You were a virgin?"

"Yes. And to be honest, I wanted to give it to you so badly." Gabrielle finished by kissing and sucking Xena's neck.

Sensations almost forced Xena to steer Argo II in the wrong direction.

"Answer me. I'm sure you could sense our love, however, did you feel lust as well? Come on, Xena. Tell me how long before you would had laid claim to my body?"

"Probably on that stage." Bringing Argo to a halt, Xena twisted her torso to look at the young blonde.

Inching closer to an inviting mouth, the dark-haired woman purred, "But most definitely when you were on the balcony. I was seconds from summoning you to my most private chambers."

When the two women's lips touched, Xena apprised, "There, I would have taken your maidenhand, making you scream my name."

With each kiss, she whispered, "Over. Over."

Xena darted her tongue inside the bard's mouth. Their tongues tangled together as Gabrielle succumbed to Xena's dominating pink muscle.

Pulling away, Xena stated one last time, "And over again."

Grasping Gabrielle with one arm surrounding her, Xena began sucking her neck, coaxing a low moan from the blonde. The next sound came from Gabrielle's stomach, signaling that food was overdue.

Xena laughed lightly. "Your stomach reminds me of Alti; they both interrupted me from taking you."

Xena turned around to get her tan, cream horse walking again.

Although Gabrielle had a hunger for food, it didn't compare to her sexual arousal.

"My fault, Xena. I should have eaten more than an apple before we left Potidaea. If it matters to you, I'm more horny than hungry." She admitted, laying her head on Xena's shoulder once more.

"No doubt. I could make you hot in a snow storm." Xena bragged.

"A snow storm, possibly. How about a full-blown blizzard?" Gabrielle jested.

"Now you're asking too much." Xena retorted. "There's a clearing farther ahead. We could hunt some game and rest, or head towards Mende. It's a small town, but we could buy some extra provisions for our trip to Scione."

Not really contemplating the options Xena offered, Gabrielle only wanted to be close to her lover for a while longer, forgetting she spent most of their dinars on the gift in Potidaea.

"Mende is fine with me." Next, she placed a chaste kiss on Xena's neck. "I told you."

"Hmm?" The warrior hummed.

"I'd vowed I'll make you pay. Now you're turned on and can't receive release."

"What make you surmise I am turned on?" Xena inquired.

Small hands grazed Xena's thigh, delicately rubbing the bronze skin. With her fingers going higher under the Warrior Princess' battle dress, Gabrielle relished in the fact her soul mate was shuddering against her petite body.

"We both know the truth." Gabrielle placed a second kiss below Xena's ear, lingering for a short time to gently suck it.

"Mmm, fine." Xena conceded. "Now stop it before I take you on top of Argo."

"Oouuu, we'd never done that yet." Gabrielle cooed as Xena swatted Gabrielle's hands off her.

Loud laughter filled the air while the three females continued their journey.


A half hour pass the clearing field Xena had mentioned, the trio were close to Mende.

"We're almost there. I'm going to slow Argo down to a steady pace." Xena pulled the reins, causing the mare to stop running and to walk instead.

The bard took notice. "How far along are we?"

"Nearly there, Gabrielle. Once we get out of these woods, you'll be able to see the town."


"Oh, I'm sure you are delighted."

"And what that's suppose to mean?" Gabrielle asked.

"You are hungry. Food is probably the only thing on your brain." Xena verbalized in a statement of fact.

"Well, you'd be wrong. Besides, if what you said was true, why did you slow Argo down to a trot when we were making better progress at the speed we were in?" Gabrielle questioned.

"We have been pushing Argo for a while now, and I don't want her exhausted." Xena replied.

"So I starve? That's a great answer, Xena. I'm glad I am use to this."

"You are?" Xena wondered what her young lover was getting at.

"Like mother, like daughter. I came second to Argo, now I have to play second fiddle to Argo Jr." Gabrielle joked.

The Palomino that was in discussion let out a snort of understanding, causing the duo to burst in merriment. After the laughter died out, Xena turned to Gabrielle in the silence.


Noting the serious tone, Gabrielle inquired dutifully, "Yes?"

"What do you hear?"

The petite Amazon began to quiet her mind, attuning herself to the environment they were occupying. Gabrielle listened to the leaves on the branches of the trees as they bristled against the wind. She could also hear a bird calling; a hawk most certainly scavenging for unlucky prey. Although the fog from earlier had cleared, it didn't matter, Gabrielle heard what she needed to.

Gabrielle leaned her forehead on Xena's back and started counting, "Five, four, three, two, one."

When she had finished her countdown, as if on cue, five bandits jumped from behind the trees that littered the area.

Xena brought Argo II to a complete halt, taking a quick detailed look at the men in front of her that looked like every run of the mill ragged robbers, except one. Instead of being all men, it was a woman who stood in front of the four males with her right hand on the handle of her sword. She had long auburn hair, a firm build that was covered by a sleeveless red tunic, and dark brownish trousers with brown boots.

She seemed to be the leader of the scoundrels when she spoke out to Xena, "My, what a pretty horse you have."

Casting a leer at Gabrielle, she went on, "And what a pretty little thing behind you as well. She'll do fine for my men."

Xena ignored her and cocked her head to the side, whispering in Gabrielle's ear, "Nice job. You even counted them all out. I'm proud of you."

The gracious Amazon couldn't help beaming at the compliment.

"Alright, you know what this is!" The woman yelled, getting the couple's attention. "So get off your horse, turn it, your blonde friend, your money, and your weapons over to us. I promise once you do, things won't go bad for ya."

"I don't turn my girls over to anyone." Xena professed. "And if you want to offer some kind of payment to buy them..."

"We're not interested." Gabrielle picked up.

"Ha, would you look at that. Not one, but two mouthful whores. I can't wait to put something in it to shut them up." One of the goons asserted.

The auburn-haired leader started to look pensive. "You leave me no choice. Ready boys!"

The men unsheathed their swords, shouting in unison. "Aye, Xena!"

"Xena?" Gabrielle was as puzzled as the real Xena.

"Now you're scared, huh? Yes, I am the legendary Xena, the Destroyer of Nations, and you two will be added to the list of those I have conquered. Oh, and your tan horse, too." The imposter claimed.

The dark-haired warrior let out a condescending laugh.

"Legendary Xena, please don't harm us." The Warrior Princess playfully pleaded, dismounting Argo.

Drawing her sword free, she pointed it at the blue-eyed woman, pondering why she looked familiar. "You mock me!"

Unleashing her blade also, Xena taunted her more, "Sure I am."

The pretender let out a shrill cry as her sword connected with Xena's. The other four bandits made their way to Argo and the bard while Xena and the imposter's swordplay took them several steps away.

Gabrielle took note that Xena was playing with the other woman.

"You mind well give up. No one can defeat Xena." The man who made the earlier rude remark boasted.

"Hey, that's my line." She corrected.

Her words of morass caused the men to be confused, so Gabrielle seized the opportune moment. Flipping off the saddle, the red scarlet-clad Amazon kicked the closest man in his chest, dropping him. Next, she gripped her sais from her boots, twirling them in her hands to display her skills with the farmer tools that were very deadly and effective to her foes.

A tall bandit foolishly decided not to be chicken and swung his blade at her. Catching the steel between her sais, Gabrielle quickly locked the long sword in her prongs, then with a strong twist of her wrists, she snapped his weapon in two. After the cheap blade was broken, the cropped blonde turned the sais handle up, hitting the guy a couple of times in his throat. He too had fallen.

'Only two left. Not including that fake Xena's fighting. I wish she would hurry up and beat her-'

"You're one lucky piece of ass, girlie." Another unsightly bandit pronounced, cutting off Gabrielle's thoughts.

"But that's about to change." The last one declared, before they both charged her.

Gabrielle did a backhand flip, to a jumping backflip that could almost rival Xena's. She landed at the rear of Argo, and started to walk backwards as the two men slowly moved towards her. With haste she deposited her twin weapons back into her boots' straps. Next, she raised her hands in the air, giving a gesture of surrender. The men stopped, shocked by the bard's tactic, and when she let loose a whistle, they really were at a lost until they both felt something incredibly painful hit their backs, launching them into the air to descend awkwardly on the forest floor.

"Good girl." Gabrielle cheered to Argo II for the double kicks of justice she dished out on the two bandits.

Gabrielle patted the tan, cream-colored mare while focusing on Xena still fooling around in battle with the auburn-haired woman. Becoming impatient, the Palomino neighed loudly.

"Don't worry, Argo. Let Xena have her fun. Soon she'll be done and we can move on." Gabrielle elucidated before cogitating, 'We have new beginnings to sort out.'

To Be Continued...


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