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Xena and Gabrielle,

A Turn of Fate,

By Ahkiken

Chapter 4: Ruined Paradise

Xena quickly finished brushing Argo and checked her horseshoes for wear when her young lover came over.

"You handled that well." Gabrielle announced.

"Hopefully she'll get it together." The raven-haired warrior tossed the bard her boots. "You were amazing today, Gabrielle. You kicked ass and saved a life."

Gabrielle sat down, but hesitated putting her foot ware back on. "I took a life today, Xena."

"I thought you were accepting your path as a warrior?"

Gabrielle let the boots slip from her grip. "I did... I do embrace it, but it gets difficult for me occasionally."


"Xena." Tanya interrupted without knowing, saddled atop her dark-brown horse. "I am on my way to Scione. Maybe I'll hitch a boat back to Thessaly. Either there or some place else."

"We're heading in- Ow." Gabrielle was cut off with a pinch to her shoulder from Xena.

Tanya was sadden that the light and dark duo's destination wouldn't be disclosed. "I am forever grateful to have met you two and in y'all debt."

"You're most welcome, Tanya. May your travels be safe and full of kind wonders." Gabrielle replied.

"Safe ventures." Xena said casually.

Tanya pulled the reins to get her horse in motion.

Moving pass them, she avowed, "I know you told me to find my own destiny Xena, but I'm sure our paths will meet again."

With that pronouncement, Tanya trotted off.

"Xena." Gabrielle mildly smacked her arm. "Why didn't you want me telling Tanya we were going to Scione?"

"She'll be fine. Besides, this is a good place as any for us to talk, now we're by ourselves." The Warrior Princess moved closer to Gabrielle, grinning seductively. "Don't you want to talk, hmm?"

She pushed Gabrielle's boots aside, lowering herself in between the Amazon's legs.

"Forget about putting those on. Matter-of-fact..." Xena begun lugging at the straps of the blonde's halter. "Let's get naked and jump back into the water."

"You didn't have to be so mean to her, Xena. Tanya is young and learning herself."

"She can learn herself somewhere away from us." Xena responded, her hands trying to peel the scarlet top off.

Gabrielle jerked from her and walked over to the saddle-bag on Argo. Taking out the item she wanted to give to her soul mate, Gabrielle made her steps back towards Xena. Noting the worried expression on her lover's face, the bard wanted to relieve her by slowly removing her red halter, the ornate silver belt, her skirt, and undergarment, completely erasing the concerned look.

Indeed, Xena was fully allured by the naked woman as she watched her relax deeper in the stream. Xena hastily unclothed, joining her lover.

"What do you want to chat about?" Gabrielle queried, fighting back the battle-lust.

"Are you alright about earlier?"

"No, I'm not. Will you make it better?" Gabrielle asked, closing the remaining space to Xena's sexy body.

"How can I?"

"Taking a life is still something I am learning to deal with. I don't like it and, who knows, maybe later in our lives we can stop the bloodshed. The Greater Good is draining me. I just want to be with you, Xena. You are my family, my home. I love you." The bard proclaimed.

"I love you too, sweetheart. That's what I wanted to speak with you about when we got to Scione." Xena tried to hold Gabrielle's hands, but the younger woman encircled them around her lower back.

'That's even better.' She thought once Gabrielle's body pressed firmly with hers. "When we reach Scione, we'll go wherever you choose."

"Seriously, Xena. The choice is mine?" Gabrielle was taken aback.

"I wanted to surprise you, but like I said, what better place than here, now we're alone."

Gabrielle kissed Xena's breast lightly. "You have been full of surprises lately. You astound me. Who are you and what have you done with the real Xena?"

Xena chuckled. "I can still be a tad gloomy and impassive. Nevertheless, the woman who'd always tried to discard you is gone. You are the best thing to have ever happen in my life and I am going to show you how much you mean to me. As long as breath course through my body, I will treat you like my Queen; the true ruler of my heart."

Next, their lips came together in a calm kiss, becoming a storm of tongues fighting for dominance. Gabrielle was on the verge of losing grip on the small gift in her hand from the need to touch every part of Xena's skin.

"Xena, wait. Wait."

"What is it?" Xena questioned, her wet, pink muscle sucked the spot on Gabrielle's neck.

A hard moan shot out from her throat, but Gabrielle fought to regain control.

"I... Mmm... I wanted to... Aw, yes, Xena... Be more romantic when... Mmm... I asked you to... When I asked you to marry me." The nude Amazon groaned the words barely.

Xena's tongue made its trail back into Gabrielle mouth, teasing, "We've done this already. I'd proposed to you, remember?"

Gabrielle unwrapped her arms from Xena, causing the tall warrior to be puzzled.

"Just say yes." She demanded.

"Yes, Gabrielle. I will marry you." Xena did what was commanded of her.

Gabrielle grasped Xena's left hand, placing the gold ring on her index finger.

"Whoa, what's this? Where did you-" The bard ceased her future wife's tirade with a kiss.

"You are my world, Xena. We have been through a lot. Some events I don't care to remember." Gabrielle repeated what Xena had said to her a fortnight ago. "During the times when you absolutely needed me, I have not been my best. I've failed you sometimes as well. But I swear to you Xena, from now till the end of my life, I'll be faithful to you, and you alone. I'll never put another above you. I will never abandon you. I'll be yours forever."

Surprisingly, Gabrielle's declaration coaxed tears of joy to spring from Xena's eyes.

"Xena, don't cry." Gabrielle wiped her soul mate's teardrops. "You'll make me cry, too."

"I... You didn't have to get me anything Gabrielle, but thank you." Xena inspected the golden circlet, reading the words inscribed on it, "My Soul, My Life. Oh, Gabrielle, where did you get this? It must've cost you a lot of dinars."

If the query wasn't asked in such a jubilant manner, Gabrielle would've found herself getting miffed.

"It didn't cost 'me' a lot of money. It cost 'us' a lot of money. What's mines is yours now, and vice versa." Gabrielle retorted with a gleam of mischief in her greenish blue orbs. "It doesn't have any gems in it like the one you gave me. I hope that's alright."

"It's perfect the way it is. Plain is good." Xena affirmed. "You know I'm not a show off."

Gabrielle giggled, amazed her soul mate would make such a comment.

"Okay. Maybe I'm a bit showy." Xena admitted. "That's because, I have many-"

"Skills." Gabrielle ended the famous phrase. "You should hope and pray I'll never get tired of hearing you say that."

Xena scooped the petite blonde up, allowing Gabrielle to wrap her legs around Xena's waist.

"You should hope and pray I'll get tired of saying it." Xena shot back in advance of her lips sharing a searing kiss on Gabrielle's.

Their mouths opened, joining as one, passionately tasting each other. Xena slowly began to grind Gabrielle's clit against her stomach. The friction was incredible and it genuinely gave the bard something to write about later in her scrolls.

With her feet no longer touching the bottom of the stream, Gabrielle kept her eyes locked on Xena's, imagining her as a sea goddess, sprung from the depths to take her. In her imagined mind, the Warrior Princess was one with the water that surrounded them, taking her body to pleasurable heights, which no one has ever done, nor ever would do.

Xena's speed picked up slightly and Gabrielle knew she wouldn't last long.

"Xena." She moaned. "It feels so intense. I'm not going to be able to hold out much longer."

"You shouldn't, Gabrielle." Xena stated, without interrupting the rhythm. "Let me just pleasure you."

"But I want to make love to you also." Gabrielle protested.

"You're making love to me right now. Giving you pleasure, brings me satisfaction too."

That was the last Gabrielle heard of Xena's husky tone before the dark-haired beauty started sucking and biting her neck again. Xena's tongue trailed to her pale pinkish nipples, bringing Gabrielle sensual bliss. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she heard somebody moaning real loudly, wishing they would shut up, soon realizing it was her voice the whole time. Instead of muffling down, her tune got louder.

"Xena!" Gabrielle yelled when her orgasm hit.

Her hands wanted to be everywhere on Xena's body, but could only find support cuffed underneath the strong woman's arms and upper back. Xena continued licking Gabrielle's throat, carrying her into the deepest body of the stream, towards a stone boulder that was embedded in the water. She laid the delirious Amazon on top of it, and immediately feasted on the bard's nether lips.

Again Gabrielle screamed aloud as Xena's tongue delicately licked her sex. She tried to lift her head up to gaze at her future spouse going down on her, but her strength was fading fast. So, she laid back, closed her eyes, and felt the wonderful things Xena was doing to her.

A tongue passed over her engorged clitoris, then two digits entered into her, pumping in and out. Xena ascended Gabrielle's lithe body, her fingers still busy at their task.

"Gabrielle." Xena called, caressing the side of her fair face.

Gabrielle opened hooded eyes, her mouth still making erotic sounds.

"Watch me. Can you do that?"

"Mmm, yes."

Their tongues met again and the fingers inside Gabrielle's sex plunged deeper, faster, easily accepted by the silky wetness that flowed. Gabrielle looked on as Xena bit and licked the harden crest of her breasts. Her hands intertwist in Xena's hair while Xena nipped at her chest, descending once more to her soaked core.

Gabrielle remained a spectator, taking in the sight of Xena's mouth moving in unison with her invading fingers. Her grip tighten on dark tresses when Xena started to moan whilst sucking and stroking her pussy. The cropped blonde couldn't take it any longer. She cried out her soul mate's name, coming again, this time into Xena's accommodating mouth.

After Xena was done licking her clean, she gently pulled Gabrielle into her arms, kissing her softly. Gabrielle was well sated and wasn't sure she could reciprocate the same treatment to her lover even if the warrior begged her.

'No, nothing could keep me away if she pleaded with me.' Gabrielle mused in a haze.

"I can see you're spent." Xena jested.

"Give me a moment... Or several. I will be back in top form, you'll see."

Xena glimpsed at the sun. "We got a few hours before nightfall. That will be plenty of time for you to rest."

Gabrielle stifled a yawn. "What about you?"

"I'll be fine. In all the excitement of the day, we still haven't eaten. I'm going to catch us some fish, cook 'em and feed ya. I told you I'm treating you like my Queen."

Gabrielle snickered, wrapping her legs around Xena. "That's great and all. Just don't burn the fish; I like my food edible."

Xena waded to the shore with her lover in tow when she retorted, "Gabrielle, I have many skills."


Some time later, after a small rest, a nice quiet meal, and getting freshen up, Gabrielle was contented holding onto Xena, making their way on Argo II to the port of Scione. She ecstatically looked forward to reaching the harbor so she could repay her blue-eyed soul mate for the lovemaking they'd shared.

"Have you decided on where we will spend our wedding and honeymoon?" Xena queried.

"Um, actually my mind is on another thought."

"Seems I've left an impression." Xena boasted.

"You're a good lay." Gabrielle quipped. "I'm not sure where I want us to go. I'm still excited about becoming your wife and I can't wait to taste you tonight."

"Turnabouts are fair play, I guess." Xena said, steering Argo onward. "You got to have an idea. I would like to know before we get to the docks."

Silence stilled the air while Gabrielle tried to think of a destination. She had the whole of Greece in mind; Athens, Attica, Delphi, Acarnania, Corcyra. Then she thought about going some place in the Peloponnese; Sparta, Phocis, Arcadia, Thasos, Epidamnus.

All of a sudden, Gabrielle wasn't certain she wanted to stay in Grecian lands. 'Maybe some sights abroad. Rome is definitely out. The Celtic lands? Naw, too close to Britannia. Crete could be alright. No, still Grecian.'

In an effort to jolt Gabrielle's thought process, Xena expounded, "Sex can't be the main activity going on in that head of yours. If you want, and keep in mind this is completely up to you, we could go to the Amazons. Check up on them, make a home there. You could even claim your rightful place as Supreme Queen, and we can have an Amazon Bonding."

The Warrior Princess had a high cheerful tone, until she felt Gabrielle's arms grasp her sides tightly. The blonde woman haven't seen her Amazon sisters since their last great battle against Bellerophon. To Helicon and back, it was hell for everyone, including Gabrielle, if not more. The courageous Amazon-bard had usurped leadership from Varia, the former Supreme Amazon Queen, after her failed attempt on Gabrielle's life.

Gabrielle knew Varia had began facing charges for betraying the united tribe by trying to murder a fellow queen. When they returned to Amazonia, Gabrielle left Cyane IV as Regent, an opposite act compared to the entire tribe wishing for her to stay and rule. Sadly, she just couldn't.

"You don't want to rejoin the Amazons?" Xena questioned.

"No." Gabrielle responded. "Not yet. Probably in the future if a tranquil life gets boring."

Xena was thrown off by Gabrielle's reply. "Are you sure?"

"By joining the Amazon Nation, we'll be participating in one war or another."

Xena scoffed. "There will always be battles, Gabrielle."

"I thought it was my choice, Xena." Gabrielle hid her irritation.

"It is."

"It's not only war that concerns me. Being with the Amazons, there's always some type of contention. I want peace. We deserve some peace."

"Forgive me, Gabrielle." Xena professed, dismayed with herself for trying to force her will on her beloved.

Gabrielle's lips pecked Xena's shoulder. "All is fine. I know troubles are always capable of occurring anytime, anywhere. However, I don't want to be in a predicament where fights are common and we don't have a choice but to engage in it."

"And the Greater Good?" Xena wondered aloud.

Gabrielle took a moment to ponder the inquiry. "I don't mind helping others... Just not for a very long time."

Xena laughed, causing Gabrielle to join in. "Point taken. I will not forget it. Hmm, how about Egypt?"

Gabrielle was ruminating on the subject. Their last visit to the land of Pharaohs wasn't the happiest moment in Gabrielle's life.

"We'll get married, then me and you will have a very romantic time there. No Greater Good, no problems, only us. I promise." Xena averred.

"Okay, but I'll hold you to your word." Gabrielle agreed.

"I swear it'll exceed any expectations you'll have. It will be paradise."

The blonde dwelled on the sexual acts Xena and Marc Antony partook in while they were there. How envious she was of the Roman as he had honey-coated strawberries fed to him; its juices kissed and licked off his lips. The memory didn't make Gabrielle jealous now; Antony was dead, Xena was hers. On the contrary, the memories enliven Gabrielle to great extents. Her mouth absorbed the skin below her soul mate's ear.

"Do you know how much I want you right now?" She asked, her aperture initiated a suction motion.

Xena brought a cessation to Argo II's ambling. Whirling in her seat on the Palomino, Xena captured Gabrielle's tongue in a deep kiss. She knew her petite lover was still under the influence of battle-lust, and Xena have grown to love it when they had sex with Gabrielle being dominate.

Gabrielle and Xena moaned together as their souls became one. Gabrielle's hands felt all over Xena's body, touching every inch of flesh that were available, proceeding to unbuckle the warrior's clasps on her armor unsuccessfully, while Xena commenced pulling the straps on Gabrielle's top down, grasping her breasts.

They were so enthused with each other till a distant noise caught both their attentions, coaxing them to cease their exertions at the same time.

"You heard that?" Xena and Gabrielle inquired in sync.

Xena twirled back in front of the saddle, grabbing the reins.

'Please. Not a ruined paradise.' Gabrielle feared, pulling her top back up to cover her exposed chest.

"Yah!" Xena shouted.

There were no need in being silently cautious. The sun was slowly sinking from the sky and whoever, or whatever caused Xena to feel that something was amiss, would be standing directly in their pathway. Finally looping the bend, she pulled Argo to a grinding halt, beholding three warriors in different colored armor. Each with elaborate helmets that covered their heads and face, making it impossible to see their identity.

Xena instantly pegged them to be Samurai from observing their accessories of Japian armor and weapons. One wore sunfire yellow armor with an assortment of blades circling his hip; a wakizashi, a tachi and tanto. Another was wearing blue armor, a naginata on his back and a tanto. The last was donned in purple armor, a kusarigama chained to his left side as well as a tanto. They all were equipped with a sword Xena swore she would never see again.


"Reveal yourselves. Is it a fight you all want?" Xena queried, getting off of her mare with Gabrielle following suit.

"No." An accented voice replied.

The three Samurai shifted aside to allow a man dressed as a monk and armed with a staff to step forward.

"Are you Xena Sama, the Warrior Princess?"

"Who wants to know?" The petite Amazon cautiously prompted.

The monk bowed in respect. "My name is Kenji. We'd traveled all the way from the land of the Rising Sun to seek her out. We are in a perilous situation and need her aid. She said we would find her here in Greek lands."

Xena became curious. "Who sent you for me?"

"Akemi." Came the answer.

Gabrielle felt Xena's discomfort with the avowal of the name. "Xena. What's wrong?"

An astonished expression was replaced with a stoic one while Xena asserted, "Akemi."



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