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The Conqueror and Ri,

A Twist of Destiny,

By, Ahkiken

Chapter 7: Interruption

Beads of sweat slowly dribbled off Ri's forehead and neck onto the sheets of the bed that her body slept on. She was having an intense lucid dream that seemed real. In it was the Conqueror, with pure long raven hair. Her appearance was young and she was stunningly attractive, wearing a brown battle dress, that had bronze armor covering it. She wore dark brown boots, with intricate designed gauntlets on her wrists and bracelets on her upper arms.

The Conqueror had a sword in her hand and the circular hoop weapon clipped to her right hip, but it looked different than the one before. She was on the deck of a gigantic ship, preparing to fight against warriors that used carved blades and had the facial features like Akemi's ancestral homeland.

The entire scene was mute as the Conqueror gave the sword in her hand a couple of twirls before engaging one of the men. She made short work of him by sweeping his feet so he'd fall to the deck. The second warrior jumped in the fray, swinging his sword towards her neck, but the Conqueror deflected it and then swirled both their locked blades together until the man let his loose. After he was disarmed, the raven haired woman did a jump kick, knocking him down.

A third stepped up to the challenge and the Conqueror feint a right swipe with her weapon to his abdomen. When the challenger went to block it with his sword, she roundhouse kicked him on the left side of his temple. He somehow managed not to fall, but the force of the blow did make him spin. While his back was to the Conqueror, she humiliatingly smacked him hard on the rear with the flat part of her sword. When he spun to face her, she hit him with a left hook making him finally swivel in mid-air onto the floorboards. The Conqueror grinned and yelled out something, causing all the unbeaten warriors to attack her at once.

Suddenly the scenario changed, with the Conqueror still standing on the deck as the victor, while all the men that was her opponent laid on their backs, writhing in pain. Another warrior adorned in blue armor and a helmet that concealed his identity, stood alone to face her. He had a long pole on his back that he chose to attack with. A wide smile graced the Conqueror's lips as she sheathed her blade and instead equipped herself with the circularized weapon, holding it by the S shape that ran from the middle of it. A brief moment passed, then the two combatants charged each other.

Next, the scene was altered again and showed Ri, with short hair the color of white gold. The towhead was dressed in a sky blue robe, not unlike the kind Akemi wore once in a while. In a large room that had an assortment of weapons, she was standing in an open space for sparring, wielding the identical curved blade the others used, pointing it at a woman with auburn colored tresses. The light brown eyed woman withdrew her sword and squared off.

The scenery dissolved into another, where in the same room, the young Conqueror was reaching out her hand to the back of the short haired Ri. The petite blonde quickly took out the circular disc and threw it at the cerulean eyed Conqueror, who reflexes instinctively made her duck the projectile that missed her head and became embedded into the wooden walls.

Before the Conqueror knew it, Ri was running towards her with anomalous twin daggers that had three prongs, ready to advance. The Conqueror unleashed her sword as well and the three weapons collided. The scene was sporadic as it skipped from one point to another in an unusual sequence, with the dark warrior and the white blonde haired woman battling each other.

It ended when the Conqueror shoved Ri up against the wall, their faces mere inches from one another, before becoming an erotic scenario. The two of them was now laying naked on a cot. Ri was on top of the young looking Conqueror, rubbing the apex of her thighs onto her's. The Conqueror raised up and began to tongue the short haired woman's pinkish pale nipples, licking it lavishly, then biting them gently, before drawing it into her mouth, sucking roughly.

Ri's head fell back in ecstasy, her hands clutching the raven mane of the strong ruler beneath her. The Conqueror reversed their positions, with her now on top, wrapping the smaller woman's legs around her waist, she gyrated their drenched vaginas together, bringing exquisite pleasure to both of them. You didn't have to hear anything to know that the Conqueror and Ri was in bliss. Their facial expressions conveyed as much. The two women's mouths connected in a sear kiss while their sheen coated bodies continued to grind as one.

Ri was roused from slumber with a jolt, her upper frame lifting from the bed. "Gods!"

She laid back on the bed, her hands wiping the perspiration off her neck, before stopping to play with the jade pendent.

'Strange.' Ri thought as she gazed at the gemstone that glowed brightly.

Ri was amazed by it, even when it dimmed down to its original tone. 'Wow. Milady sure knows how to give a gift.'

Putting the wonderment of her necklace aside, her dream was nonetheless bizarre, for she had never seen the Conqueror fight, nor train on the practice field, or anyone else for that matter. Yet she was able to have a vivid mental picture about it in detail as her Lord mopped the deck with all that dared to battle her. The Conqueror was still handsome in her older age, but she was magnificent young.

Ri then recalled her own appearance with cropped hair and felt it was a beautiful look, but dismissed the idea. The Conqueror would hate what it symbolized. Slaves cut their hair in submission to their masters and although she would be any type of servant to her Lord, Ri wouldn't ever wear her hair in that style.

She was slightly uncomfortable with the scene of her threatening that brownish red head woman with a unique looking sword that she had never seen before, and strongly disliked the notion of raising a weapon, or anything that could harm the Conqueror.

Hypnos could've kept that, but she enjoyed the part when her and the Conqueror was making love. Ri hadn't fathom that she could conjure up something so salacious, but it was worth more than gold. The only lewd thoughts she had was tame in comparison. A chaste kiss here, confessing absolute undying love there. Nothing to that degree of sexual relations. Ri wondered if, or better yet, when her and the Conqueror make love, will it be to the extent that she had dreamed, or greater. Gods forbid, less.

Ri started to think about the sex fantasy more. The way her Lord devour her breast, which appeared bigger in the dream, before flipping them over with the Conqueror atop her rubbing their bodies together. Ri imagined how that would really feel, when she felt wetness flow between her legs. She haven't ever masturbated before, because she never had any visuals to use as a outlet to entice her, but right now she was beyond horny. Ri's right hand leisurely travelled to the source of her sexual discomfort. Touching herself tentatively, she became intrigued with the sticky hot liquid she'd discovered.

Next, she coated her fingers in it, before moving to her harden nub. The instant she had made contact with the engorged flesh, a low moan emitted from her. She continued to caress it, bringing forth fulfillment and more erotic sounds while she visualized the Conqueror taking her the way she did in the dream.

"Gods." Ri groaned sensually, moving a tad faster.

The strawberry blonde began feeling a fire growing in her loins and knew what it was her body wanted.


With her fingers working in tandem, Ri was close as her moans grew louder. Instantly a desire filled her mind to go inside herself. Finding the strength to postpone her orgasm, Ri placed one digit at the opening of her virginal vagina, slowly entering it. She found pain mixed with pleasure and as she pushed deeper the pain increased, so she halted the action to deflower herself.

She was indecisive whether to continue her masturbation, or not, but then chose to stop. 'Milady will be the first to have my maidenhood as well as the first to make me cum.'

She could see Helios peeking over the horizon out her window. Rising from the bed, Ri's arms reached upwards in a wonderful morning stretch. Little toes made their way over to her table where a clear bowl containing water was sitting on top of it. After cleansing her face and hands, Ri sat down, picking up her comb to straighten her half curled, half matted strawberry blonde locks. The memory of her dream was still fresh in her head, from the alpha to the omega, particularly the conclusion.

Lust was surging its course throughout her body again. She had to see the Conqueror, before she set out on her mission.

'One more kiss from her will hopefully calm my libido. Or incite it.' Ri mused. 'Maybe I'll give my virginity to her, so she'll be well sated for her journey.'

Combing her hair with a lascivious smile, Ri rushed the finishing touches. Standing up, she was ready to surprise her Lord, after she took care of her morning calling.



Meleager was resting on the sable divan in his temporary chambers. Akemi had just left to bring him breakfast, when a soft knock was heard on the antechamber door.

"Unless you are the chambermaid, come back later." he called out.

"Uncle Meleager? Uncle Meleager, it's Ri!"

The Chancellor of the Realm got off the couch and opened the door. "Ri. Get in here girl."

The older man pulled her into a warming embrace which was returned with equal esteem.

"What are you doing here? I was told that you were to focus on your studies."

"I am. I came by to see our Lord. Word had it that you were on vacation. What are you doing here?" Ri asked, ending the hug and closing the door.

"I arrived back in Greece yesterday." he answered, gesturing for them both to sit down. "The Conqueror mentioned that you had accompanied her to Minerva's temple. She didn't relay my greeting to you?"

Ri acceded the invite. "No, she haven't."

"Well she is preoccupied with other matters." Meleager said, then he gazed at the attire Ri wore. "By King Jupiter. Why are you only wearing your night shift and nothing on your feet?"

In her haste to visit the Conqueror, she hadn't bothered to get fully dressed. "I needed to speak with Milady. It's an urgent concern."

"Is everything alright? It wouldn't have anything to do with your travel plans to Athens?" Meleager was worried.

Ri was perplexed. "You know of that?"

"The Conqueror passed that knowledge onto me not too long ago. She instructed me to make sure that you get there."

'At least it was Milady who told him, instead of Prince Lyceus.' Ri thought, before saying. "No, it doesn't concern my apprenticeship in Athens." Her facial expression was bashful. "It was something else, between me and her. Nothing bad."

Meleager relaxed. "Don't scare me like that. You had me thinking it was a huge problem."

"No problems. Actually, I'm looking forward to Athens now."

The Chancellor smiled. "I'm almost envious. You're going to be learning from Aristotle. The Conqueror surely set you on a marvelous path to success."

"I am forever grateful to our Lord generosity." Ri became eager. "Uncle, where is she? Is she in the bed chamber?"

"You've just missed her. The Conqueror departed the castle a quarter candle-mark before you came." Meleager answered.

The long haired strawberry blonde felt dejected. "I didn't get a chance to say good-bye."

"Don't be sad, Ri. She'll be back soon."

She nodded in understanding as her small fingers twirled the pendent that was around her neck, drawing Meleager's attention to it.

"Hey, that looks exactly like the same necklace Prince Lyceus had. I'm glad he had taken my advice and got a new chain, because the old one was rusty pass repair." His expression was happy. "He told me that it was a gift from a citizen at the Agora for the Conqueror. I should've known he was giving it to someone he liked. I haven't expected it to be you."

"This isn't a present from the Prince. It is a symbolic promise, that Milady had chosen to grace upon me." Ri corrected.

"The Conqueror gave that to you?"

"Yes." she replied.

The Chancellor of the Realm examined the jewelry with a keen eye. "I thought the necklace was silver, but now I can see that it's made from the platinum orbs."

"Platinum?" Ri questioned, while fingering the sparkling ornament.

"You are wearing an accessory worth two hundred thousand dinars and that's not including the gemstone."

'Two hundred thousand?' Ri was flabbergasted.

At Ri's consternation, Meleager begun prying. "The Conqueror is more than altruistic to grant a gift like that. So far as I know, the platinum orbs has only been used for a couple of things. That happens to be, building materials and minor weapon crafting."

"Like the altar in Minerva's temple." Ri said, remembering the similar gleam.

"Yes, yes. So, if you do not mind an old man asking. The symbol that is around your neck, is that the reason you are here in our Lord's chambers donned in only a night gown?" Meleager inquired.

Ri deliberated the best way to answer. 'I can't tell him, I came with obscene intent.'

Sex was distant from her mind now. She didn't want to lie to her surrogate Uncle, but wasn't positive that she could avow the truth, because honestly she was uncertain what direction her and the Conqueror was going in.

A playful grin formed on her rosy lips. "Let's try a game, shall we Uncle Meleager? Like we use to when we were younger."

The Chancellor's face matched her's. "Alright. What's the rules?"

"We only get to ask three questions, but you have to be careful with specifics, because the answer could be simple and not fully revealing of what you are inquiring about. For example. I could ask, what are you doing today? Although we both know that you'll have a busy day to an extent. You can simply say, you're doing nothing. Which wouldn't be a lie, because you will have moments in your day to do just that. Deal on the rules?" Ri's nose crinkled.

Meleager loved his self proclaimed niece. She always created fun silly games for them to play. He knew this was a conception to deprive him of information, but unlike the games they had played in the past, he was determined to win this one.

"Deal." he consented. "But I get to go first."

"Fine by me." she responded, anticipating his inquiry.

"What is the promise, the Lord Conqueror-"

"Chancellor Meleager." Akemi cut him off unknowingly, entering the antechamber and began walking towards them carrying a tray of food and a scroll.

Placing it on the table, she said. "Pardon my interruption. I didn't know you had a guest. Good morning, Ri."

"Morning, Akemi." Ri greeted as well to the hair braided Japa servant.

The chambermaid handed over the scroll to Meleager. "This came for you."

Recognizing the seal to be from Macedonia, the Chancellor risen from the divan.

"Excuse me." he justified himself, taking another seat at the Conqueror's desk to read the contents of the parchment.

Akemi was about to dismiss herself until she caught a glimpse of the jewelry around Ri's neck. "Qoutis made that necklace for the Conqueror. How did you come to have it?"

Ri's hands self-consciously touched the item of interest. "Milady, gave it to me yesterday evening."

Akemi hid her displeasure. "It becomes you. Good day, Ri."

Then she strode off.

"You too." she replied back to an empty space, puzzled by what had occurred.

"Ri." Meleager called her attention. "We're gonna have to put a hold on our little game. I have to take care of some things."

"I understand." the petite woman assented, rising from the sable couch to exit the chamber.

"When I am finished, we'll do a late lunch if you got the free cronus for me."

"I have a session with Master Eramus." Ri said.

"Want to get out of it?" he asked.

"I would love to, Uncle." she beamed.

"I'll see you later than, niece." he smiled.

The strawberry blonde opened the door to leave when Meleager teased. "And be dressed appropriately next we meet."

Ri laughed as she closed the door.

The Chancellor of the Realm glanced down at the scroll on the wooden desk and sighed. "You're going to be difficult, aren't you, Alexander?"

To Be Continued

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