Party Games

By Akiela Xal

Copyright: Most of the characters are owned by Renaissance Pictures/Universal, etc, etc, etc, but the story is entirely from my imagination. The story is written purely for enjoyment and not for profit.

Violence: There may be violence on par with what you would see in a regular episode.

Subtext/sex: Oh, yeah. Most definitely

Teaser: While attending a friend’s birthday party, Xena and Gabrielle discover the joy of party games.

Timeline note: This story takes place between the second season episodes A Necessary Evil and A Day in the Life. Though only aired a week apart, I’ve always felt that there was more time between the events depicted in these episodes, as there is a definite change in the nature of Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship. This is one possible event that might have taken place during that time.

Written: June 1, 2007 

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“Tell me again, why we’re going to Elgracia?”

Xena sighed giving the bard ‘the look’. “King Vis invited us to his birthday party. Personally, I think he’s feeling a little old this year and wants to get together with a few of us from his ‘glory days’ hoping that’ll make him feel young again.”

“So how do we… or I guess I should say you fit into all this?” asked the petite blonde batting her eyelashes at her raven-haired companion.

The flirting was lost on the warrior as her gaze remained steadily fixed on the road ahead. “Vis wasn’t always a king. He was in my army back when I still rode with Borias. When we were in this neck of the woods he came across the princess swimming in that lake we passed earlier. He was so taken with her beauty that he stole her clothes just to get a chance to talk with her. Needless to say, she didn’t like that, but didn’t have much choice – maintain her modesty and talk with him, or run home naked. Modesty won out, and she discovered that she like him. Eventually he returned her clothes and even turned around while she dressed – or so he told me later,” Xena smirked. “Anyway, he left my army so he could court her and the old king eventually allowed him to marry her. Vis wrote me about it and said that Cilla convinced her father that Vis had seen her naked, though that was only partly true, and that he’d have to let them marry as no other man would have her,” Xena laughed outright at the memory.

Gabrielle frowned, “So he got to marry his Princess after all, huh?” She glanced sidelong at her friend and thought, Sure hope I get to do that someday… “Think there’ll be anyone else we know there?”

“Well…” Xena mussed. “Herc and Iolaus helped him out of a jam a few years ago, so he might have invited them, too.”

The bard’s eyes lit up at the mention of her friends. “It’ll be nice to see Iolaus again – under better circumstances this time.”


“The last time I saw him was when I was trying to return your…” her face fell, “body to Amphipolis… It wasn’t exactly a happy reunion.”

“Oh,” intoned the warrior letting her gaze drop to the road not knowing what else to say. Xena’s death and subsequent return was still a touchy subject between them. Xena didn’t know how to tell her friend that she came back because she loved her. It was all too true, but Xena just couldn’t find the words… that was Gabrielle’s specialty.

Gabrielle was lost in thoughts of her own about that dark period in her life. A time when she thought she would have to go on without Xena. She thought about the choices she’d made at the time. She had desperately missed Xena and thought there was nothing left for her. Ephiny had convinced her that taking the Mask of Queenhood could give her life new meaning. At the time it was either take the mask or kill herself. She didn’t have the courage to take her own life so…

Then she’d discovered that Xena had a plan to return and the bard had done everything she could to bring the raven-haired woman back, even going so far as to let Xena inhabit her own body to retrieve the ambrosia. It was only later, when it was all over and Xena was back that Gabrielle realized that Xena might have been able to pick up on her thoughts and feelings while inhabiting the petite blonde. She’d tried hinting around the subject in an effort to get Xena to say what she’d found out inside the bard, but the tall warrior would never say anything about it, so Gabrielle had given up trying and the subject had become taboo.

“Well,” the bard finally said to break the silence, “if it’s a party, it can’t be all bad, can it?”

“Hmm… guess not,” replied the raven-haired woman.

The party was in full swing and had been for hours. It had started off with a lavish meal and plenty of wine and other beverages. Most of the partygoers where thoroughly enjoying themselves and moderately intoxicated to boot.

Suddenly King Vis piped up, “I’m bored.” He grinned ferally and added, “How about a game.” No one noticed the slight emphasis on the word game.

Many of the guests looked at each other blankly for a moment before a chorus of half-hearted ‘Sure’s’ went around the room.

“Alright,” said the king, rubbing his palms together gleefully, “how about a game of ‘spin the bottle’ – my way.”

Groans went around the room at the thought of the silly kid’s game until one brave person finally chimed in, “Your way? What do you mean by that?”

The king laughed. He knew he had them now. “Weellll…” he drawled, “first off, we all play the game naked, and when you spin the bottle, you don’t just kiss the person that it’s pointing at, you have sex with them.”

“But what if it points to another man,” asked a man in a purple tunic.

“Or another woman,” said a woman in a yellow dress with a shocked expression on her face.

With a wicked grin Vis explained the rest of the ‘rules’. “In the case of two men, the spinner must ‘take’ the spinnee through anal penetration and there must be a release of seed for the ‘turn’ to count.” He paused for effect. “In the case of two women, the spinner must bring the spinnee to orgasm. And in the more traditional pairing, the man must release inside the woman.” He paused again. “And all of this takes place in front of everyone playing the game.” Another pause while everyone digested the rules. “Ok, who’s in? Everyone who’s playing meet in the throne room in a quarter candlemark, and leave your clothes at the door.” With that he strode in the direction of the throne room already working the laces on his clothing.

By the end of his explanation, several of the guests were pale and some were edging toward the doors in search of escape. Many other guests were making their way toward the throne room, some eagerly and some with bemused expressions on their faces.

Hercules stood staring at the retreating back of his friend Vis momentarily before slowly turning in the direction of the stairs that would take him to the room he shared with Iolaus.

Iolaus danced in front of him before he could take a step taunting, “You’re not afraid are ya, big guy? I mean, since when have you backed away from an opportunity like this… all those women…”

“I’m not afraid Iolaus,” answered the big man gruffly, “but you heard him. There’s no guarantee that it’ll be a woman. I’m not too sure I can do that…”

“Aw, c’mon Herc. It’ll be fun,” quipped the blond man playfully.

“I don’t think so, Iolaus.”

“Gee Hercules… you mean to tell me that you’re afraid to do something that I think’ll be a lot of fun?” Gabrielle chimed in.

“What?!?” cried Xena and Hercules simultaneously. The raven-haired woman went on, “You don’t mean to say that you’re actually thinking of playing this game are you, Gabrielle?”

“Yes, I am,” answered the bard. “In fact I think it will be very enjoyable,” she continued.

The petite blonde turned to follow the crowd to the throne room, but didn’t get far as she felt a vice grip on her bicep and was turned forcefully back to face the warrior princess. “You can’t do this Gabrielle. This isn’t like you,” Xena whispered pleading with her eyes for the bard to rethink this.

“I can, and I will,” Gabrielle snapped. “I’m not a little girl anymore Xena. You can’t keep telling me what to do. I can make my own choices. Now let me go,” she said roughly shaking the warrior’s hand off her arm and storming off in search of the throne room. The petite blonde muttered under her breath, “At least this way I can get some action – not like I’ll ever get anything from you.” Her last remark went unheard.

“Gee, Herc… I guess Gabrielle’s got more guts than you,” said Iolaus before running to catch up with the bard.

Hercules and Xena were left staring open mouthed at their friends’ retreating backs. Finally Xena said, “I can’t believe… I can’t let her… I’m going…”

Herc sighed and said, “I know, me too,” and with a jerk of his head to indicate direction, “Let’s go.” They headed off to find their friends.

They entered the throne room in time to see Gabrielle dropping her skirt, the last of her clothing, to the floor. Both Xena and Hercules swallowed and muttered, “Wow.” They stared briefly at one another before Herc said, “I knew she was gorgeous, but… wow!”

“Hey! That’s my best friend you’re ogling mister,” said Xena a little more forcefully than necessary. I can’t believe I slipped up like that, thought Xena wildly, I can’t ever let anyone know how I feel about her – it might get back to her, and I couldn’t take it if she rejected me.

“Ow!” cried Hercules jerking his arm away from the punch Xena directed his way. “Hey, it’s a compliment.” He glanced back in time to see Iolaus turn around, and was surprised at his own reaction when he noticed there was already a slight stiffening of Iolaus’ manhood – he felt his own respond, but denied the true cause assuming it to be a reaction to the naked Gabrielle now standing before him.

“So, have you two come to join the game, or are you just going to stand there ogling us?” she quipped nastily.

“Um… we’re gonna play too,” managed the big man.

Xena however said nothing, merely beginning the process of removing her armor and other gear. “Here, let me help you with that,” said the bard, tenderly assisting her friend to disrobe. Both women kept their gazes averted from each other in embarrassment at their earlier actions. “Look, Xena, I’m sorry for the way I spoke to you…”

“S’okay. You’re right, ya know. I don’t have any right to treat you like a kid,” answered the warrior. “You’re a beautiful, intelligent woman and you have the right to make your own choices.” She could not meet her friend’s gaze afraid of the reproach she was sure to find there. What she didn’t know was that the only thing she would have found in the bard’s gaze was unabashed love.

When the four friends finished undressing they found seats together on the floor in the partially completed circle. King Vis waited until all the participants were seated in a big circle before walking to the center. “Since it’s my party… and I’m the king…” everyone chuckled at that, “I’m going to go first.” With that he placed the bottle on its side on the floor and watched eagerly as it spun around, finally pointing at a pretty redhead. Vis grinned wickedly at her and held out his hand to the blushing woman.

And so it went for quite some time. The bottle, for some mysterious reason, neglecting to find itself pointing in the direction of the four friends. Finally it was Vis’ turn to spin again. He grinned lasciviously at Xena before spinning the bottle. He never removed his gaze from the beautiful raven-haired woman, knowing instinctively when it stopped it would be pointing in her direction – he was right. He laughed aloud and gestured for her to come to him.

Xena gritted her teeth. She was sorely regretting having chosen to play this stupid game, though she had to admit she had been aroused by all the sexual activity going on around her. She glanced to her left to see that Gabrielle appeared a little paler than normal. The tall warrior didn’t know what to make of the expression on the bard’s face, but didn’t have time to think about it as Vis taunted her over her delay.

Xena got up and sauntered over to the king raking her eyes up and down his body, as one would examine a horse before purchasing it. She was not overly impressed with what she saw – a middle-aged man with the beginnings of a potbelly and thinning hair. She knew by the rules of the game that she had to do this, but she was not the least bit interested in or aroused by Vis. She did her best to click into her warlord mentality – when she had used sex as a weapon or as a tool.

The raven-haired woman smiled as an idea hit her. She let the king kiss her passionately, though she didn’t feel the passion herself, and let him run his hands over her body. His touch was tantalizing, but not what she wanted at the moment. She only let him do it so that he would be aroused and she could get on with what needed doing. Finally she felt his member digging into her thigh seeking entrance to her sex.

Xena denied him access and kissed her way down his body until she was poised over his erection. She nipped the tip lightly smiling wickedly up at him before fastening her lips over his manhood. She continued working him with lips, tongue, and hands until she felt him finally, finally release. When he was finished she let his limp member slip out of her mouth and spit out his seed. She glanced at Gabrielle as she reached for the bottle and noticed that the bard had her face buried tightly in her hands – Iolaus’ arm around her shoulders.

“Ah, ah, ah…” Vis intoned. “My turn isn’t over yet. I haven’t gotten what I wanted.” He grinned evilly at the tall warrior.

“Ah, but you have,” drawled Xena. “According to the rules that you set, your turn was over when you released inside me.”

“But I didn’t…” spluttered the king.

“Yes you did.” Xena gave her most winning smile. “You released inside my mouth. The last time I checked, that was a part of me and you were inside… so, your turn is over.”

Vis stared at her a moment, finally shaking his head. “You’ve got me there, Xena, but I won’t let you get away with that again.”

That’s fine, the warrior thought as she watched the bottle spin, ‘cause I won’t let you get your hands on me again you bastard! The bottle finally slowed and halted pointing directly at Hercules. The raven-haired woman groaned inwardly. Well, she thought, I’ve been with him before and it wasn’t bad… He’s just not who I want to be with right now…

Slowly Herc got up and started on his way toward the warrior princess. As he passed Gabrielle, he heard the bard let out a muffled sob and glanced at her tear-streaked face. He felt pity… he thought he finally understood why the petite blonde had insisted on playing this stupid game – she was in love with Xena. He gazed at the tall warrior and saw that she was staring at bard in concern. Yup, he thought, the feeling’s mutual, I see. Wonder why they don’t just talk about it and get it over with?

Hercules placed his hands gently on the raven-haired woman’s shoulders and asked just loud enough for those nearest to hear, “You’re not going to play the same trick on me, are you?” He gazed into her striking blue eyes while waiting for her response.

“No, Herc,” she finally said. “I’m not going to pull the same trick.” She dropped her gaze and said so softly that only the demi-god could hear, “I care about you Herc, but not that way… not anymore.”

“I know. You should tell her how you feel,” the tall man whispered back before cupping her face with his hands and kissing her gently.

Xena let herself fall into the kiss, drawing on her memories of an earlier time. This was nice, almost like she’d remembered it. They stood that way for a few moments letting the kiss deepen before letting their hands begin wandering.

Finally, his manhood throbbing, Hercules gently lowered Xena to the floor positioning himself between her legs. He broke the kiss long enough to softly whisper, “I’m sorry,” before plunging his member into the raven-haired woman’s silky center. He continued thrusting; Xena’s hips rocking to match his movements. He felt himself begin to release and stilled his motion while his member pulsed his seed into the warrior princess. He kissed her again, wiping a glistening tear from her cheek before removing himself from her. He sat up and hung his head in shame at what he’d done. It was true, he still wanted Xena, but not like this… and not when she was in love with another – with Gabrielle.

Xena slowly got up and made her way back to her seat. She was disgusted with herself. Disgusted that she’d allowed things to go this far. And ashamed that Gabrielle had had to watch her with someone else. She let tears of shame trickle down her face, not caring who saw them. As she sat there lost in her grief and shame she felt a small hand on her shoulder. She looked over to see the bard offer her a watery smile before she laid her head against the warrior princess’s arm. Xena smiled inwardly – at least their friendship was still intact…

“Go on Hercules,” growled Vis, peeved that the demi-god had gotten what he himself had wanted from Xena, “It’s your turn to spin the bottle.”

The tall man glanced from the king back to the bottle. Slowly he reached out to spin it. He didn’t know if he had the heart to continue this game… He prayed to every god on Olympus that it didn’t face Gabrielle when it stopped. The demi-god got his wish, but his jaw hit the floor when he realized where it was pointing.

“Well… it’s just a game, right buddy?” smiled Iolaus wistfully. When the smaller man stood up it was evident that he had been aroused by what he’d just seen as he was already sporting an erection the size of an Egyptian pyramid.

Hercules glanced down surprised at his own reaction at seeing his friend’s manhood so prominently displayed. The demi-god was actually turned on by the appendage waggling his way. He stood to greet Iolaus, blood pulsing to his own member, raising his flag in greeting. The big man glanced down at his blonde friend. Placing his hands on the smaller man’s shoulder’s Hercules whispered, “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to…”

“No, no,” Iolaus stammered, “It’s ok, big guy, really. It’s your turn… and I’m here.” There was no mistaking the desire in his eyes this time.

The demi-god felt his own passion stirring and leaned down to kiss his friend for the first time. The kiss deepened, both men’s tongues fighting for supremacy. The big man pulled his friend closer – their members pressing into each other’s bodies.

Iolaus broke the kiss chuckling, “It doesn’t work that way, buddy… you’ll have to try something else to end your turn…”

Again, Hercules bent down to kiss his friend passionately. He let his hands slide over the smaller man’s body – one hand coming to grasp Iolaus’ manhood the other bringing the blonde man’s hand to grasp his own member. They worked each other’s appendages in a frenzy until the demi-god could stand it no longer. With a moan, he slid his lips down the smaller man’s torso coming to rest on the site of his desire – Iolaus’ firm erection.

The blonde man stopped him with a hand to the side of his face, saying, “Herc… you don’t have to do this…” but wishing all the while that the big man would give him release.

“No, it’s ok, really,” Hercules whispered. “I want to do this before…” he let the sentence trail off as he took Iolaus’ manhood into his mouth – his friend knew what he meant anyway… The demi-god used his considerable, though yet unrealized skill, to further excite the smaller man. Finally Iolaus cried out in release. The big man stayed, catching every drop of his friend’s seed and swallowing it gleefully.

Slowly he worked his way back up the smaller body and again embraced Iolaus’s lips in an impassioned kiss. I can’t believe I’m gonna do this, he thought, I’m actually gonna have sex with my best friend… and I’m looking forward to it… Slowly he lowered Iolaus to the floor, whispering, “Are you ready?”

“Oh, yeah,” groaned the smaller man… desire lacing his voice and his features. He turned over to give ‘his buddy’ better access, ripples of anticipation coursing through his body.

With a new eye, the big man observed the view now presented to him. He ran his gaze over the strong, muscular shoulders, the toned body, the firm ass. He positioned himself between his friend’s legs and reached out tentative hands to began a slow massage of his friend’s body. He worked his way down to Iolaus’ behind lifting and spreading his butt cheeks to view his goal. Hercules lay down sliding his member up the inside of Iolaus’ thigh, coming to rest at his friend’s anus. He paused glancing at his friend for confirmation. Iolaus gave a barely perceptible nod and the big man thrust his manhood, penetrating his goal. He continued thrusting, both men moaning in blissful pleasure until he finally released. His member pulsing his seed steadily into his best friend.

Both men lay sweating and spent for several minutes before Hercules finally extricated himself and slowly returned to his spot in the circle. As he passed his friends, he noticed they were sharing a look. Gabrielle had her hand out. Xena sighed and extricated several dinars from some unknown location and passed them to the bard who then deposited them in an equally undisclosed location on her person. Huh, he thought, wonder what that was all about?

“It’s your turn, Iolaus,” sneered Vis.

“I know,” the blonde man held up a hand, panting, “Gimme a minute to catch my breath, huh?” He looked up gazing at the demi-god. Gods, he thought, that was even better than I ever imagined. When he regained his composure, the small man reached out to spin the bottle. He wondered where it would stop, but was too tired to care at the moment. The bottle spun around and around, finally coming to a stop. Iolaus glanced up to see the bottle pointing squarely at… Gabrielle.

The bard blushed but stood up to walk to the center of the circle. She felt her progress halted by a strong hand on her wrist. She glanced down to see Xena pleading with her eyes that she not do this. Gabrielle smiled warmly at her friend and leaned down to whisper in her ear, “It’s ok… I’m alright with this. Don’t worry, ‘k?”

This last was said with a longing reflected in her own eyes that the warrior princess was startled to see. Was the longing for Iolaus, or for her? She couldn’t tell, but she’d gotten the distinct impression that the bard wanted her… could she have been wrong all this time? Did the petite blonde have feeling for her? Xena shook her head to clear her thoughts, but avoided looking at the action in the center of the room.

Iolaus smiled at the woman approaching him. This was something he’d been desiring for a long time – almost as long as he’d wanted to experience Herc… He’d wanted a chance with Gabrielle since he first met her, but the fates had conspired to keep them apart. Now, he would be able to have her, at least this one time. He shook his head. What am I thinking! he berated himself, This is Gabrielle I’m thinking about. Gods! What have I gotten myself into… Yes, I want her, but not like this. I want it to be her choice. I want her to want me, not because of some stupid game…

Gabrielle could feel the dampness between her legs as she approached Iolaus. It was true, she’d desired him almost from the time they met, but the timing was never right. Now she was in love with Xena, but her body betrayed her and responded to the small man in front of her. Responded to his gaze on her, and to her gaze on him. There was no doubt that he was attractive, and she didn’t think this would have been an unpleasant experience, but the person in front of her was not the one she wanted to be with.

Iolaus looked down at the petite blonde before him and placed his hands on her shoulders to halt her progress. “Gabrielle, you don’t have to do this,” he whispered, his throbbing manhood belying his words. No matter what she said, he had no intention of forcing her. He cared for and respected her too much to do that. Her close proximity was wreaking havoc on his self-control and he could feel his not inconsiderable erection returning.

“It’s alright, Iolaus,” replied the bard equally quietly, “I’m ok with this… I’d rather it be you than almost anyone else in the room.” She closed her eyes and took the remaining step to bring herself within the circle of his arms.

The slight emphasis on the word ‘almost’ was not lost on the blonde man. He heard the words, and suddenly it clicked! He glanced over the top of her head at Xena, and saw the confirmation in her eyes. “I’m sorry,” he mouthed and saw the warrior princess blush and drop her gaze, tears glistening in her eyes.

Gabrielle was wondering what was taking the blonde man so long to get started. She tilted her head to look up at him just as his gaze returned to her. They locked eyes for a moment and he whispered, “You love her, don’t you?”

The bard swallowed the lump in her throat and licked suddenly dry lips. “Yes,” she breathed.

Compassion evident in his gaze, Iolaus whispered, “sorry,” as he bent down to capture the luscious lips of the beautiful woman in his arms.

The kiss was gentle at first, but then Gabrielle opened her mouth, thrusting her tongue into that of the small man. She knew if she was going to get this over with, she would have to take action… As the kiss grew in intensity she allowed her hands to glide all over the body in front of her. It was not what she wanted to feel, but was enjoyable nonetheless. As she reached the small of Iolaus’ back she pulled him forcefully against her – both of them eliciting a small moan as his manhood made rough contact with her pubic bone. The bard continued to grind their bodies together as she felt his member engorge.

When she could stand it no longer, she gently pulled the blonde man to the floor with her, spreading her legs invitingly. The small man came to rest in the offered location, but refused to enter the bard, instead kissing his way down her neck to her breasts. He took his time there with first one breast, then the other, finally returning to the petite blonde’s mouth, his erection slipping along her leg in the process, coming to rest once again at the young woman’s opening, but going no further.

The small woman groaned, both desiring release and knowing that Iolaus’ heart really wasn’t in this – for that matter, neither was hers, but she did what she had to do. Lifting her hips and firmly grasping the blonde man’s behind, she pulled him into her with one quick motion.

If either participant had been aware of anything else at that moment, they would have heard a choked sob from Xena before she buried her face in her upraised hands.

Finding himself in Nirvana, Iolaus began his thrusting motion. Slow and gentle at first, but becoming more frenzied to match the bard’s wildly thrusting hips. Finally they came, him pushing her over the edge just before himself releasing. His motion stilled as his throbbing member continued to pulse his seed into the petite blonde.

The blonde man lifted his head up, grinning at the beautiful woman beneath him, “So… wanna consider a change in partnership?”

A month ago, she might have considered his offer. A month ago, before Xena had died and come back to her. A month ago before she realized that she was in love with the warrior princess – it wasn’t hero worship; it was love. Of course, a month ago, she would not have found herself in this unlikely position. A month ago she hadn’t wanted Xena so bad every minute of every day that she could taste her thwarted desire like ashes in her mouth. She’d been so sexually frustrated the last few days that she’d snapped when Vis had suggested his game. She was hoping to get paired up with Xena, but that backfired, and now she found herself with a different friend atop her asking her to join him. “No, Iolaus, I’m… happy where I am”

Iolaus glanced down at the floor, then down the length of their still joined bodies before returning his gaze to her sea green eyes.

“I mean that I’m happy with Xena,” the bard amended, a slight blush creeping up her neck.

“Ah,” chuckled the small man, “You really should tell her how you feel, ya know…”

Gabrielle nodded, “I know… I will when the time’s right.”

“Don’t wait, Gabrielle,” he said extricating himself from the bard with a small ‘sploot’ as he came free, “you might not get another chance.” With that he strolled back to his seat in the circle.

Gabrielle scrubbed angrily at her face to wipe away the damning tears before reaching down to spin the bottle. She watched it spin around, praying but not daring to hope that it would come to rest facing Xena. She closed her eyes briefly and when she reopened them, the bottle had stopped its spinning. She followed the direction it was pointing right into the sky blue gaze of Xena – the woman she loved with all her heart and soul. Their gazes locked and the bard smiled as she saw a look of relief flit briefly across the warrior princess’s face to be replaced by one of desire. The petite blonde beckoned to her friend and Xena got up and slowly crossed the distance between them her gaze never wavering.


She sat back down on the floor and gathered the bard into her arms, content to just hold her. She sat there holding Gabrielle, the younger woman’s head on her chest, stroking the strawberry colored hair, mesmerized by the feel of the woman in her arms – a woman she never thought to have in her arms, at least not in any situation remotely resembling this one…

“Xena,” said the petite blonde huskily as she tilted her head up to look into the eyes of her love, “Kiss me. Please?”

The look on Gabrielle’s face was finally clear to the raven-haired woman. The bard desired her… desired her the same way that the warrior desired the small woman in her arms. She returned the look, letting all the love and desire she felt show on her face. Slowly, gently, the warrior princess bent down brushing her lips against those of the bard.

Gabrielle reached up a hand to the back of Xena’s head and brought her down for a second more powerful kiss. Both women felt a jolt run through their bodies ending with a sharp stab of desire in their loins. It felt like their bodies were on fire, the bard hungrily thrust her tongue against the raven-haired woman’s lips demanding and gaining entrance into the warm cavity of her mouth. Their tongues sparred with each other unlike any other sparring match they had ever had.

They were lost to their surroundings as passion overcame them. The petite blonde leaned forward coaxing Xena to the floor, coming to lie half atop her, not ceasing in their battle for dominance in each other’s mouths. Gabrielle let her hands roam all over the warrior princess’s body as Xena did the same to Gabrielle. Each touch, each move sending jolts of passion through them.

Gabrielle finally broke off their tongue battle and kissed her way to Xena’s ear where she whispered the words she’d been longing to say, “I love you Xena. I love you with all my heart and soul.” She flicked her tongue around the shell-like curve of the warrior’s ear before gently nipping on her earlobe.

The warrior princess gasped at the sensations she was feeling and felt overwhelming joy at the bard’s words. She found her way to the petite blonde’s ear lapping at it with her tongue before whispering, “I love you too, Gabrielle. I love you with every fiber of my being. You have my heart and soul.” She let out a little gasp as Gabrielle’s lips traveled from her ear down the side of her neck to the hollow of her throat. The warrior princess arched her neck to allow the bard better access.

Both women could sense their climax rising, as Gabrielle made her way unhurriedly toward the raven-haired woman’s breasts. First teasing one, then the other, before popping back up for a quick kiss, and then gradually, torturously bringing her mouth down to Xena’s aching center, moaning in ecstasy when she finally reached her destination. She nipped and teased the warrior’s clit; oh so glad to finally get the chance to taste her heart’s desire. She lapped at her lover’s silky sex, greedily collecting her juices before thrusting her tongue inside the raven-haired woman and claiming her as her own.

Her tongue worked almost magically, causing Xena’s eyes to pop open. She raised her head to look down at the petite blonde and gasped, “Gabrielle! Where’d you learn to do that?!?”

“Amfom skrofz,” mumbled the bard, sea green eyes twinkling merrily at the warrior’s sky blue ones over the gentle rise of the dark haired mound. She did not however cease her ministrations of the warrior princess.

Xena knew she was close, so close, but she wanted their first time to be together. She wanted to feel the bard’s juices flow over her at the same time that her own released to the bard’s gentle ministrations. She weakly tried to pull the petite blonde up her body, but the bard refused to leave her prize until Xena managed to utter, “Together. Please?”

Understanding dawned on the bard’s face and she reluctantly left her treasure to crawl seductively up the warrior princess’s body.

Xena instantly regretted asking Gabrielle to stop her actions as her throbbing sex began to ache again for release.

Reaching her destination, the bard arranged herself in such a way that the raven-haired woman had easy access to her own golden center before hungrily seizing the warrior princess’s lips in a passion filled kiss. She gasped in pleasure as Xena’s fingers entered her depths for the first time, pumping in a rhythm as old as time. Maintaining the kiss and rocking her hips in time to the warrior’s ministrations, the bard plunged two of her own fingers deeply into the raven-haired woman. The two women rocking in time to each other, faster and faster until – bliss. They fell over the edge at the same time crying each other’s names and collapsing into one another’s arms.

As the two women regained some sense of themselves, Gabrielle nuzzled closer to Xena’s shoulder and began nibbling in preparation for another assault on the warrior princess’s senses. For her part, Xena hugged the bard closer to her and began running her hands up and down the petite blonde’s back.

“Ahem,” coughed Vis, unable to believe what he had just seen. “I believe, Xena that it is your turn to spin the bottle…” He trailed off on the last word, noticing the glower sent in his direction by both women.

“No,” Xena drawled, rising and pulling the bard up beside her. “I don’t think it is.” She looked down at the love of her life and speaking to the king said, “We’ve got an early start tomorrow, so we’d better call it a night.” She smiled lovingly at the petite blonde in her arms, and knew in that moment that neither would get much sleep that night.

“Um… ah… yeah, that’s right… early start and all that,” replied a blushing bard. “We need to get to bed now,” she continued grinning at the raven-haired woman. Both women walked over and picked up their clothing – not bothering to put anything back on as they both knew they’d just be tearing it off each other once they got back to their room.

“Ah… we need to get an early start too,” Hercules chimed in standing up and clasping a firm hand on his friend’s shoulder, “Right Iolaus?”

“Sure… uh… yeah… early start,” answered a slightly confused Iolaus. When he looked into the eyes of his friend, the big man mouthed, ‘We need to talk,’ and the smaller man got hurriedly to his feet. Both men practically ran to their piles of clothes and jammed their legs into their pants, not bothering to lace their flies. They gathered up the rest of their belongings and hurried from the throne room.

The two men hurried down the corridor leading to the bedroom they shared. As they passed the door belonging to Xena and Gabrielle they could already hear moans of pleasure through the closed door. Iolaus said, “Well… I’m glad they got together… I could see how much Gabrielle loves Xena… before… um… before she and I…” he trailed off a crimson blush rising from his neck.

“Ah… yeah… I figured it out too… before… ah… you know…” stammered the demi-god. “Nice color there, by the way,” he finished with a grin at his friend.

Iolaus got to their door first and pushed it open dropping his bundle of clothing in a nearby chair. Hercules followed him closing the door securely and making sure it was locked to avoid embarrassing interruptions later. The big man followed and let his burden fall into another chair. He stood quietly looking at his friend who still had his back to the demi-god.

He closed the distance to his friend and placing a hand on the smaller man’s shoulder gently turned him around so that they were face to face. Hercules gazed into the eyes of his friend… they were windows into the blonde man’s soul and the big man thought he understood what he saw there. Tilting his head slightly he asked, “Why didn’t you ever say anything, buddy?”

Iolaus blinked back what looked suspiciously like tears before answering, “I… I didn’t think you’d want me around if you knew… I thought it would ruin our friendship and you’d never want to see me again…”

The big man pulled his friend into a tight embrace and mumbled into his hair, “Never, Iolaus. I’d never send you away.” He pulled back slightly so that he could see the blonde man’s face. “I have to admit, though that I never thought of us that way until tonight… When I walked into that throne room and saw your… uh… excitement… it started to get me aroused. All night… all night, I kept wondering what it would be like to take you, make you mine and then when I finally got the chance, it felt so right. Then when I saw you with Gabrielle and you seemed to enjoy it so much, I… I got jealous…” he trailed off gazing into the eyes of his friend. He smiled as he could feel their members swelling against each other threatening to escape the laces of their pants.

“Um… yeah, well… don’t get me wrong Herc, I’m still attracted to women and am glad to have a good time, ya know, but I’m hopelessly in love with you. I was boiling when I saw you with Xena… it didn’t help remembering the first couple of times we met her, though. I kinda figured if there was every anyone who could keep you from me it would be her… not that I ever expected you to return my feelings…” Iolaus said, surreptitiously trying to use his protruding manhood to loosen the drawstrings on Hercules’ pants.

The action was not lost on the demi-god. “You’re pretty talented with that there, Io. Wanna show me what else you can do with it?” asked the big man with a huge grin on his face.

“You mean that? Do you mean what I think you mean?”

“Yeah,” said the demi-god, slipping out of his pants to show his own manhood fully engorged. “Yeah… I do,” he continued pushing his friend’s pants down over his hips. “This time it’s your turn to ride,” he added as he led the blonde man over to the bed.

After a passionate kiss, Iolaus took the big man for the first time of many that night, claiming him as his own. They traded favors many times that night, neither wanting or getting much sleep.

In the next room two women lay entwined in each other, the sheets hopelessly tangled. “So, Amazon scrolls, huh?” ask the warrior princess, cocking an eyebrow.

“Yup. Very educational, those scrolls,” smirked the bard.

“Apparently,” said a grinning warrior.

Gabrielle was idly playing with one of Xena’s breasts when the warrior princess cocked an ear in the direction of the neighboring room. “Hmm,” the raven-haired woman said, “Sounds like they decided to continue their ‘discussion’ after all…”

“Uh huh,” replied a smiling bard, “You can give me the other 20 dinars in the morning, but right now… I want another helping of what they’re having.” And the petite blonde made her way seductively to her friend’s center.

So, that night at least two rooms were rockin’ as two sets of old friends discovered a new level to their relationship.


The End

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