by Alex Tryst

Disclaimers/Warnings: These characters are all mine. This is a story about women trying to find their places in the world and does include sexual scenarios between consenting adult women. Some violence is involved, including one (although not graphic) sexual assault. Additionally there is some derogatory, homophobic language used. If this kind of stuff offends you or is illegal where you live, it's best to turn around now. I feel compelled to mention here that the name of one of the main characters was borrowed from the book Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. For those of you who have read this classic novel, I think you will find my young maiden aptly named. If you'd like to drop me a line concerning the story, you can e-mail me at Please know that I am a sensitive soul and harsh criticism will immediately be deleted. However constructive comments are welcome.

Dedication: To my wife, you are my fondest wish.

Now on with the show.......


Part 2

Chapter 6

When Drew awoke her eyes took a moment to focus. There standing over her were her parents. Confused as to how they got there, she tried to open her mouth but found it immobile. "Mom? Dad?" she mumbled.

"Try not to talk too much, sweetheart. You've broken your jaw." her mother explained.

Drew looked at her dad. "You gave us quite a scare there, tiger." her father mentioned.

Drew could see both her parents' faces showing tears and obvious relief. "Where am I? Where's Kate? Is Lola okay?"

"Kate's in the waiting room, and Lola's fine. She's at school right now. She'll be by to visit you later."

"But it's Sunday, her birthday."

"Drew, tiger, listen. You were in a serious fight. You were shot. The doctors weren't even sure you'd pull through. Lola's birthday was ten days ago. You've been in a coma."

"Kate." Drew mumbled.

"Okay, we'll get her for you. She said she wanted to talk to you alone when you woke. Are you up to it?" Drew gave a weak nod. "Okay, but don't wear yourself out. We'll be right outside if you need anything."

A few minutes later Kate entered the room. It was obvious she'd been crying by her smeared mascara. Slowly Drew raised a hand to her. Kate was instantly by her side. Leaning down she kissed Drew lightly on the mouth. "Don't ever do that to me again. I couldn't bear if I lost you and Paul."

Pulling Kate's body as close as she comfortably could, Drew whispered, "I'm so sorry."

"I am too, Drew." They held each other silently for awhile before Kate sat up. "Drew, I want to talk to you about Lola when you're feeling better. She's going to come by after school. After all that's happened, you two need some time alone together." Drew looked at her with confusion. "I know I said I didn't want you around her, but over the last ten days, I've realized I may have overreacted a little. Lola helped me see that. She needs you, Drew, just as much as I do. We'll talk more later. Right now I have to go back to your place and help your mom clean for when you get home. She was complaining about what a mess it was." Drew smiled. "I'll be back later tonight. I want to give you and Lola some time and space."

That afternoon Drew was resting with her eyes closed when she heard the door to her room open. Drew immediately recognized the perfume as Lola's. Resisting the temptation to open her eyes, Drew just listened as Lola made her way to the bed. Lola sat next to her and was silent for a few moments.

Finally Drew felt her take one of her hands. "Oh Drew, there's so much I want to tell you. I'm afraid that if I don't say it now, I'll never get the chance. I don't know how long I have before someone comes in, but I'm glad for this moment alone with you." Lola paused. "The day of my birthday I did something I now regret. I had planned all along to confront you in only a robe. I thought if I could just show you what I had to offer, you might be enticed, and you were, at least for a few minutes, but once we were in bed, you started to cry. I've never seen you like that, and I didn't understand until later what that was about. Mom sat me down and told me what you had said to her. You told her it was a mistake, and you were ashamed for doing it. That's when I realized your tears were agony. It was a mistake, Drew, my mistake. I've been selfish, and I've deeply hurt you and the friendship you and Mom share. I never wanted to do that. You know, on my birthday you asked me how I felt about you, and because of this horrible incident I've had to face those feelings. I want to tell you what they are now, because I believe that you can hear me. Drew, for as long as I've been conscious of what it means to have intimate relationships, I've felt something for you. I didn't know what it was or what it meant at the time, but as I progressed into high school, I realized what I wanted. I wanted you the way my friends wanted boys, and I was scared of what that meant for us. I went out of my way to try to hide it from you, but secretly I savored every touch, every embrace, every kiss we ever shared. Then the thing with Steve happened. I was so afraid. I kept screaming for you hoping somehow you'd hear me. I kept thinking if I could just fight him long enough, you'd save me. As frightening as it is to admit, I know I would've been raped if it weren't for you. I have you to thank for that. That night when we were on the couch, and I was lying in your lap, I decided I couldn't keep the secret to myself any longer, especially since I then knew about you being interested in women. I began trying in anyway I could to interest you, but you turned on me and went running to Lisa. I was so hurt by that. That's when I devised the robe plan. I wanted to make sure that would never happen again, but it backfired horribly. I hurt you, Drew, and I regret that. Mom and I have had many talks over the last week about you. She finally admitted to me that she knows how I feel about you, because she once felt that way too. I always suspected it, but I never expected her to admit it. She said she knew that you were in love with her in high school and that she shared those feelings. Then she met dad and closed the door on you forever. She adamantly denies having feelings for you now, and I want to believe her, because I couldn't bear losing you to my own mother. Drew, I love you with all my heart, and I am completely in love with you with every fiber of my being. However, I now know I can't push that on you. You don't feel that way about me. I just wanted you to know finally. I would rather you hear it from me than Mom. I'll always love you." she whispered in tears.

Leaning down, she kissed Drew's mouth. Drew began to cry as she wrapped her hand around the nape of Lola's neck. Lola quickly sat up, shocked to see Drew awake. "Hey, angel." Drew mumbled.

"Oh my God. How long have you been awake?"

"Since you walked in."

"So you heard everything? I was pouring my heart out to you, because I thought you were still unconscious."

"I know, but once you started talking, I couldn't stop you. I wanted to hear what you had to say."

"If you weren't already hurt, I'd slap you."

"Save it for later, love. I'm sure you'll have reason to do it some other time." Drew replied with a smile.

"Did I just hear you right? It's hard to tell with that broken jaw. Did you just call me love?"

"I did, and I meant it. I talked to your mother today. She and I have a lot to talk about, but she does understand where you're coming from, and I need to tell her my feelings."

"What are your feelings, Drew?"

Drew tentatively took Lola's hand. "I could easily fall in love with you, Lola. That's what scares me. I'm afraid you'll go off to college and realize I'm not everything you want. My heart couldn't take that. The last person I loved so dearly was your mother, and even though there was no physical relationship, it still hurt when she met your father. Now you are here, Kate reincarnate, asking me to love you. It's like I have a chance to relive part of my life. I know my heart would love to take the plunge, but my mind is fighting it. I'd want to fall in love with Lola, not Kate at eighteen again. Does that make sense?"

Lola nodded. "Are you in love with Mom now?"

"No. I do love her, and I always will, but I'm not in love with her. Furthermore, she's not in love with me. She's in love with the idea of me. She's hurting over your father's death. It was so sudden and unexpected. She hasn't come to terms with it yet. The physical affection is what she misses most about him. She wants the physical intimacy that she shared with him, and since she and I have always been physical, she's looking to me in her moments of desperation to fulfill the void. In her heart she knows it wouldn't be the same. We've talked about it, and we know it wouldn't be right for us to become lovers."

"You know, that night when my friends and I walked in on the two of you, I really thought we had caught you in the middle of foreplay. I thought you had had sex when I came home, and that hurt me so much."

"I'll be honest with you, Lola. Had you not come home, I think we would have, and it would've been a mistake."

"Do you want her sexually?"

"No. It was just the moment. We both were longing for physical love, she out of missing her husband and me out of trying to deny my desires for you." Lola looked at her with peaked interest. "Lola, I admit that I'm physically attracted to you. How could I not be? I just don't want to fall for you for the wrong reasons. I really need to talk this out with Kate. I need her to tell me it's okay to feel this way about you before I proceed, and if I do proceed, I have to do it with extreme caution for both our sakes."

Lola leaned in to kiss her softly. "I love you, Drew." she said putting her head lightly on Drew's shoulder.

Drew held her gently whispering, "I love you too."


Once Drew was released from the hospital, her parents stayed with her at the house. Her routine for a couple of weeks was monotonous. After drinking the breakfast her mother had made, Drew dressed for the day. Her father helped out in the barn, and her mother tended to the house. Every other day Kate would drive her to the office, and Lola would pick her up after cheerleading practice. However after three weeks, Drew adamantly insisted that her parents go, knowing they were contemplating not going on their annual cruise.

They morning they were scheduled to leave Drew and her mother were talking quietly after breakfast. "You know, dear. This might not be any of my business, but are you and Lola actually dating?"

"That's hard to say. We're very slowly heading in that direction I think."

"What does Kate think about her daughter and ex-girlfriend dating each other?"

"Mom, you know Kate and I never dated."

"You know you should've. It was so obvious that you two were in love with each other."

"Maybe but it was years ago. Besides, if we had, I think it would've killed me when she met Paul. It was hard enough as it was."

"Speaking of Paul, can you tell me what's going on with the case?"

Drew shrugged. "Not much to it. Pretty cut and dry really. The guy was charged with vehicular homicide, because he was DUI. With his history of moving violations, he'll go away for a long time. However, it'll never replace Paul. He's gone forever."

Her mother nodded. "Anyway, back to the question at hand. How does Kate feel about you two?"

"We actually haven't talked about it. The day I told her was the day Steve shot me. We've never had an opportunity to discuss it. I think she and I are both worried about what's going to happen when Lola leaves for college. Right now she thinks she wants to be with me. What happens if she goes away and decides she doesn't?"

"Sounds like you're the one with problem, Drew. You're insecure in your abilities to keep her happy, because you don't want to end up broken hearted again. She's not Kate, Drew."

"I know that, Mom."

"Are you in love with her?" Drew shrugged not really wanting to admit that to anyone just yet. "You know you've never been good at opening your heart to people. Based on your past, I can understand why, but do you want to be alone forever? Drew, you're thirty seven years old. Don't you think it's time to give love a chance?"

"You wouldn't object to me being with someone nineteen years younger than myself?"

"Not Lola. Maybe someone else but not her. I've known her as long as you have, and I've seen the signs. She's not confused, Drew. She really is attracted to women. I knew that even when she was a toddler and small child. I know you probably never even noticed it, but when you would come home from college, she would want to be with you. She wanted to go everywhere you went. I think even at that age, she knew how to grab your attention, and you let her. At age two she single handedly managed to alienate all your girlfriends, and you didn't care. You preferred her company as she preferred yours."

"I'm not sure I like where this is going. Are you saying that you knew all along that Lola and I would end up together?"

"By no means. What I'm saying is that from day one you've been soul mates. I know you think Kate is your soul mate, but she isn't. Lola is. You've always complimented each other. As a matter of fact, I think Lola was ten or twelve before I noticed her sexual awakening was occurring. I saw the way she looked at you. It's always been plainly written on her face. She's continually wanted it to be you that gave her that first taste of physical love. I'm surprised it's taken you this long to figure out."

Drew shook her head. "I'm scared, Mom. I don't want to be alone, but I don't want to be hurt either."

"Drew, I don't know the future. I don't know what's going to happen with Lola. I do know this, though. Regardless of whether she meets someone in college or she ends up with you, you will forever be soul mates. It's my opinion that she will go through some trying college times. She's going to need time to find herself and find where she belongs in the world. She will do a lot of experimenting, but I think she will become my daughter-in-law within the next 5 to 10 years, and she'll provide me with beautiful grandchildren."

Drew looked at her mother in shock. "What makes you so sure?"

"I'm not, but I have an instinct. I will tell you that she'll do some exploration before she's ready to settle down with you. She will have other girlfriends, but it's always been you, Drew. It'll be a long, bumpy ride if you decide to undertake it, but I believe that she will want to be with you when it's all over."


The week after her parents left, Drew got her jaw unwired. In celebration Kate took her to dinner, since Lola was at a football game. Drew knew the conversation about Lola was coming, so she decided not to wait on Kate. "Kate, over the last few weeks I've had a lot of time to think about what I want from Lola."

"Good. I've done some thinking too. Tell me what you've decided."

"If it's all right with you, I'd like to have a relationship with your daughter."

"And if it's not?"

Drew shrugged. "Then I guess we'll still have one. Kate, I love her."

"Well, she loves you, Drew. I just don't want either one of you to get hurt. After all she's my daughter, and you're my best friend. Nursing either of your broken hearts would be difficult."

"I know. I'm afraid of being hurt myself, but I want to take the chance. Please tell me I have your consent."

"Consent, yes but not my blessing. I'm going to have to learn how to deal with this. I need time to adjust. For now, please keep the physical aspect out of my house. I don't want to walk in on you two in my home."

"Fine. I understand. You have my word."

"Promise me something else."


"Promise me that I'll still have my best friend alone from time to time."

"Of course. You mean the world to me, Kate. I'll always have time for you."

"And one other thing." Drew looked at her expectantly. "Try your damndest to make her happy."

"I will. I promise."

"Oh, I also expect the same rules to apply to you as with anyone else. She has a curfew. She won't be breaking it, and she won't be spending the night at your house. I'm not going to promote a sexual relationship between the two of you."

Drew nodded. "Anything else?"

Kate shook her head. "The rest we'll adapt as we go along."

Once dinner was over, Kate took Drew home. Watching Drew make a fire, Kate reclined further into the couch. "So, what are your plans for the evening?" Kate inquired.

"Actually, Lola's supposed to be coming over after the football game. She should be here by ten. It's only 8:30 now."

Kate nodded. "I'll be sure to be out of here by then. I wouldn't want to interrupt anything. I'm sure you two have a lot of talking to do."

"Kate, I don't want you to feel that the three of us can't spend time together."

"I know, but knowing Lola, she'll be anxious to have you alone. If it were any other woman, I'd do the same thing." Kate pointed out.

As promised Kate left shortly before Lola rang the bell. Opening the door, Drew smiled down at her, looking over her outfit. She was still in her cheerleading sweater and skirt with her letter jacket wrapped around her shoulders.

"Hi." she softly greeted leaning up to give Drew a light kiss, but Drew caught her mouth in a more intimate greeting. As soon as Drew's tongue slipped into Lola's mouth, Lola pulled away in surprise. "You got your jaw unwired?" she asked.

Drew opened her mouth to let Lola see for herself. "Now may I give you a proper hello kiss?" Drew inquired pulling Lola's body closer. Their lips met again, their tongues doing a slow, provocative dance within each others mouths.

"Wow." Lola whispered when it ended.

Escorting her inside Drew mentioned, "I had dinner with your mother tonight. We came to an understanding concerning you."

"Oh really? What understanding was that?"

"I get to date you, but I don't get any special privileges. She's going to consider me like any other girlfriends, which means you can't break curfew with me or spend the night here. We also can't do anything at your house. She doesn't want to have to see it."

"I guess under the circumstances that's pretty good."

"Yep. So, it's 10:00. What shall we do for the next two and a half hours?" Drew inquired opening the refrigerator to look for a beverage.

Gently embracing her from behind, Lola tentatively touched Drew's gunshot wound on the outside of her shirt. "How are you feeling?"

"Better now that I can actually eat real food again. My chest does ache a little though. I'm sure it'll be awhile before it's completely healed."

"I'm sure. It's only been six weeks. You shouldn't push yourself."

Drew turned around giving Lola a mischievous grin. "Guess that means no sex for awhile." she teased.

Lola showed obvious disappointment. "Well, I'm going to go change. This uniform gets uncomfortable after awhile."

It was Drew's turn to look disappointed. "But I've always had this fantasy of seducing a cheerleader."

"You can seduce me any time, Drew." Lola whispered leaning up to kiss her. Drew's hands found their way under Lola's skirt. "I want you so badly, Drew." Lola gasped as Drew dove into her neck.

"I want you too."

"Then take me to bed."

Drew caught Lola's eyes. "If I didn't love you so much, I would, but I do love you. I love you enough to wait. I want to make you feel good, and there are many ways to do that without sex."

"Show me." Lola begged.

"You are so anxious." Drew mentioned escorting her to a chair. Taking a seat, she pulled Lola into her lap. Lola took the opportunity to face her. "Why are you so anxious to try me on, Lola? Are you this easy for everyone or just me?"

"Just you. I swear it. I just feel like we've had weeks of foreplay."

Drew softly chuckled. "Oh boy do you have a lot to learn. We haven't even started serious foreplay. That was just all flirting. I'll tell you what. I'll let you set the pace with the understanding that we are not having sex. I'm not fully recovered." Lola nodded. "So, tell me. What do you want?" Drew inquired slipping her hands under Lola's sweater to her bare waist.

"I want you." she answered.

"No. You can do better than that. Tell me what you want. I want to hear you say it."

"I can't." Lola shyly said.

"Why not? Lose your inhibitions. Listen, love. I think it's sexy when a woman is confident enough to tell me what she wants from me. Would you rather I start by telling you what I want?" Lola nodded. "Well, I don't know if you'll do what I ask of you, so if I say something you don't want to do, just tell me." Lola gave another nod. "All right." Drew began leaning back in the hair and closing her eyes. "I want you to unbutton my shirt and ever so lightly caress my chest. I want to feel your nails lightly raking over my skin as you tenderly kiss along my jaw and neck." Drew smiled when she felt Lola's lips on her neck as her hands slowly worked open Drew's shirt.

"You feel so good." Lola said softly.

"So do you. Please tell me what you want me to do." Drew whispered relaxing with each of Lola's caresses.

"I want you to kiss me all over. Slowly undress me and kiss every inch of my body, Drew. I want to feel you inside of me, making me a woman, your woman, Drew."

Drew groaned deeply at Lola's words and hands. Opening her eyes, Drew gave Lola an unguarded lustful look. "Your wish is my command, my queen, but remember no sex until I'm healed. However, I will kiss you all over and make us both yearn for the day I'm well enough to make you that woman you long to be." With one quick movement, Drew removed Lola's cheerleading sweater. "Stand up and turn around, sweetie." Drew cooed. Timidly Lola complied. "Close those pretty eyes. I promise it'll be even better if you just feel me." Drew breathed as her hands worked on the zipper of Lola's skirt. It fell to the floor. "Why, aren't you the sultry one? Are these for me?" Drew inquired twirling her index fingers in the waistband of Lola's black g-string. Lola whimpered. "I'm sorry. I didn't hear you. Could you repeat that?" teased Drew, beginning to relax into her dominating role. Drew usually avoided games of domination and submission, but she knew this had hot potential with such a willing submissive partner. Drew was brought out of her thoughts by Lola's voice.

"Yes, Drew. They're for you."

Drew pushed them off her hips letting them fall to the floor. "Nice matching bra too." she mentioned beginning to unclasp it, making sure to have as little body contact with Lola as possible. Once Lola was naked, Drew stepped back to admire her for a moment. She was beautifully vulnerable. "Has anyone else had the pleasure of seeing your body like this?" asked Drew quietly beginning to pull off her own shirt and bra.

"No, only you. It's all for only you." Lola answered obviously getting into the swing of her role.

Once the top half of her body was bare, Drew stepped back to Lola. "Keep your eyes closed, love." she instructed brushing Lola's long hair over to one side to feast on the nape of her neck. Drew wrapped one arm around Lola's waist while the other hand ventured up to her breasts. Lola cried out softly at the combination of Drew's mouth, hands, and bare torso against her back. "That's it. Let me hear you." Drew's hands and mouth gave Lola's backside a through inspection before her fingers found their way into Lola's wet nest of curls. They both groaned.

"God, Drew." Lola whimpered.

"You're so wet." Drew growled. Turning Lola around Drew ravaged her breasts with fervor as her hand continued its teasing pattern. Drew knew Lola would start begging at any moment, and Drew also knew she wouldn't deny the request. Pulling away momentarily Drew shed the rest of her clothes. Then she set Lola on the kitchen table as her hand went back to work on Lola's pleasure.

"Drew, please. I can't take any more." Lola pleaded. "I have to feel you inside of me now. Please make love to me."

With the desperate plea, Drew's resolve slipped away. Climbing onto the table, she pushed Lola onto her back and plummeted into her tight depths. Lola screamed, arching herself into Drew's body as she clung to Drew's naked frame. The table creaked beneath their weight and movement.

"God, you feel so good, Lola." Drew moaned.

"Drew, Drew." Lola called out softly. Drew blinked her eyes, slowly coming back to reality. Lola was curled up in her lap. "You must be tired, babe. You went to sleep on me. Must have been some dream." Lola teased.

Drew realized she was still sitting in the chair with Lola playing with her shirt. "Oh yeah." Drew whispered. "I'm sorry. It just felt so good to have you rubbing my chest. I guess it lulled me to sleep. I've had a long day. I had to help out at the barn, go to the doctor, the office, then out to dinner with your mom. I'm sorry. I guess I'm just a little worn out."

"Well, you shouldn't push yourself. Why don't I put you in bed and keep you company until I have to go?" Lola suggested.

Pulling Drew to her feet, Lola led the way up to the master bedroom. As they ascended the stairs, Drew watched Lola's hips and wondered if Lola would be an active participant when they finally made love. Drew knew it was only a matter of time before she caved to Lola's wiles, but she hoped that their love making wouldn't be one-sided.

Drew prepared for bed in her bathroom while Lola changed clothes. Settling into bed, they began to watch a movie. Lola kept looking over at Drew curiously until Drew whispered, "What?"

"Nothing. I was just wondering about your little dream downstairs. Must have been action packed, lots of moaning going on."

Drew flushed. "All right. Enough of the harassment. It was a fantasy about taking you on the kitchen table. Okay? Now give a girl a break."

"You dreamed about having sex with me on the table?" Lola inquired in surprised. "Well, maybe we can make that dream a reality soon. I'd like to." Lola mumbled turning back toward the tv.

Drew glanced over at Lola with growing lust in her eyes. Drew unfortunately knew her mother was right. She was falling for the eighteen year old vision. "Lola, I wanted to talk to you about something. I was wondering what your college plans were. I know you've applied to several schools. Is there anyone in particular that is your favorite?"

"Well, American University and Georgetown are my two favorites, but they are both long shots. If I don't get in either of those, I'll probably end up going to George Mason University."

Drew nodded. "You know, there are hundreds of colleges in the country. Is there a reason you picked three within a two hour drive from home?"

Lola shrugged. "They're all good schools."

"I know that. I just can't help but wonder if your mother and I are holding you back. We'd never want to do that. We both want you to have the college experience, to live your life as your own."

Lola smiled. "Drew, I love you and Mom, but let me assure you. I haven't chosen schools just so I can be close to you. It was really hard to decide what I wanted, but I picked these schools before you and I ever became an item." she teased.

Drew laughed. "Is that what we are?"

"I'd like to think so. I just wish I could share this happiness with my friends."

"So, you haven't told them? That's probably for the best. I wouldn't want history to repeat itself. You don't deserve that close-minded discrimination. Nobody does."

"That's another reason why I chose the schools I did. They seem more diversified."

"Have your friends questioned why you're spending so much time away from them?"

"Well, yeah, but for now it's easy. They know about the incident and that you're a family friend. I just told them you needed some help until you recovered. I guess when the time comes I'll have to think of something else."

When it was time for Lola to leave that night, Drew walked her out to her car. "I don't really want to go." she confessed as they hugged closely.

"I know, but you have to. The easier we make this on your mother in the short run, the more accepting she will be. It'll pay off. I promise you."

They kissed quickly before Lola said, "I'll call you when I get home."

"Fine. I'm timing you. Drive safely."

Half an hour later, Drew had just begun to drift to sleep when the phone rang. She mumbled a sleepy greeting.

"Hey. You miss me yet?" Lola teased.

"Of course." Drew yawned.

"Well, I just wanted you to know that I was safely tucked away in my bed. Too bad I'm alone."

"Yeah, too bad."

"You want to know what I have on?"

"Sure." Drew mumbled.

"Your old UVA t-shirt. It's so thread bare it's like I'm naked."

"Anything else?" Drew asked suddenly becoming more interested.

"No. That's all. It barely hangs below my hips, and I have nothing underneath."

Drew moaned as the image formed in her mind. "Is your light on or off?"

"Off. I'm in the dark longing for you. I wish I could be wearing you right now."

"God, you're such a temptress. I'd like that too."

"What would you do if you were here right now?" Lola seductively whispered.

Unsure of whether she wanted to venture into this game with Lola right then, Drew gave a vague answer. "Everything you wanted me to."

Lola's breath caught in her throat. "Oh, the things I want you to do."

The desire dripping from Lola's voice pushed Drew further. Unable to resist she asked, "Like what? Like lying you on your back and sliding my naked body between your thighs? Like gliding my hands under the hem of your shirt up your firm body to your voluptuous breasts?"

"Yes." Lola growled. "Please, don't stop, Drew."

Closing her eyes, Drew pictured the scenario as she remembered the excitement of times long past, times when she was younger and lived a more adventurous life. "Then I'd slowly work your shirt over you head, so we could feel each others skin. My mouth would move from yours methodically down to your neck where I'd leave a several day reminder of our passion. Meanwhile I can feel your body anxiously rocking under mine as my fingers continue to tease the peaks of your breasts. Your whimpering tells me you want to venture further, and I oblige enveloping one of your breasts in my mouth." Drew paused to calm her breathing but found it impossible with Lola's matching her own.

"Please." Lola begged urging Drew to continue.

"I'd let my mouth stroke and explore every contour of both of your breasts. Your hips are steadily rocking into my abs now, and I can feel how much you're enjoying my attention."

"God yes." moaned Lola.

"Feeling a deeper need driving you, I slip down your body, kissing along your stomach as my hands stroke your thighs. I kiss your wet heat teasingly making you cry out with longing. You're pleading with me to stop my torture."

"Oh, Drew, please. I have to feel you inside me now." Lola begged.

Drew's body was on fire with passion she hadn't felt in years. As she listened to Lola's labored breathing, she realized Lola was acting out the fantasy as they spoke. The thought of the young goddess pleasuring herself while dreaming almost put her over the edge as the first twinge of climax tingled in her stomach. "Lola." she groaned deeply.

"Drew, almost there. Please don't stop." Lola panted.

Responding to the urgency in her voice, Drew whispered, "Oh God. I can feel your thighs quivering and your body arching to meet mine as I push my way into you. You're so tight and wet and hot. I feel your muscles contracting around me as I push deeper, claiming you, making you the woman you've always wanted to be."

Drew heard Lola calling out her name repeatedly signaling her peak. The sounds shoved Drew over her own edge as waves overtook her. There was only strained breathing for several minutes.

Finally Lola whispered, "Drew?"


"I love you."

"I love you too, baby."

"Drew, did you..."

"Yes. I didn't stand a chance against the sound of you reaching climax."

"Good, because I don't want it to be just about me. I want to bring you pleasure too."

"You do, Lola, you do. Why don't we try to sleep now? It's late."

"Okay. Good night, Drew. I love you."

"Love you too. Good night."

The next morning Drew was having coffee in her kitchen when she saw two familiar figures waking up to her back porch door. Smiling brightly she waved them inside. "Morning, ladies. To what do I owe this pleasure, Kate?" Drew inquired noting the radiance that surrounded Lola. Recalling last night Drew squirmed in her chair as her sexual core began to pulse.

"Well, I have a favor to ask of you, but I'll tell you after a make a quick phone call." she stated.

Drew nodded. "Why don't you use the phone in the office?" As soon as they were alone, Drew stood to embrace Lola. They kissed slowly. "God, I missed you." Drew whispered making Lola giggle.

"I had so much fun last night. I can't wait to do it in person." Lola stated pulling Drew's head down into another lip lock.

Quickly Kate was forgotten as they physically reminisced about the previous night. Drew inched into Lola's neck to taste her sweet flesh. "You taste so good, Lola." Drew groaned.

Lola moaned throwing her head back to allow Drew further access. Lola's blonde hair was cascading down her back, and Drew was firmly gripping the seat of her jeans, pulling and grinding their hips seductively against each other. After a few moments, Lola growled, "Take me, Drew. Make love to me on the table just like in your dream." Drew open her eyes to reply but saw Kate fear stricken in the doorway. Instantly Drew pulled away. "What's wrong, baby?" Lola asked trying to embrace her again, but Drew staved her off, pointing behind her. Lola turned to see her mother. "Oh." she mumbled before an awkward moment passed between the three of them. "Well, I'm going to go on my ride. I'll see you later." she told Drew quickly kissing her cheek.

Once she was gone, Drew and Kate just stared at each other silently. It took several minutes before Kate finally moved from her spot. "So, about that favor." she began. "I bought some antique furniture, so I was wondering if you'd drive me over in your truck to pick it up." she stated nervously.

"Yeah, sure. No problem. Let's go." Going out to the truck, Drew mentioned, "I have to run down to the barn quickly to let Lola know there's been a change of plans."

Kate gave a quiet nod and waited in the truck while Drew went off to find her daughter.

Lola was in the process of saddling her horse when Drew encircled her waist. "Baby, I've got to go on an errand with your mom. I'm not sure when I'll be back."

"But I thought we'd get to have some time alone today." Lola pouted.

"I know, but try to work with me on this. Your mother is visibly upset by earlier. I promise to make it up to you somehow."

"Okay. Go do what you need to. I'll try to call you later. I'm going out with some friends tonight."

When Drew got back in the truck, there was silence except for Kate's directions. Drew wasn't sure if she should approach the subject, so she remained quiet until Kate stated, "I guess that was bound to happen sometime, but no mother is really ever prepared to see their baby acting that way. I mean I know I was a flirt at that age, but I never propositioned anyone for sex. It just wasn't done."

"Times have changed since we were kids. Give her a little credit. She's at least waited this long, and she is now a legal adult."

"She's not my baby any more. The person I saw in your kitchen was a woman. It's just awkward for me. It's undeniable that she's a woman in your arms, but I still wish she were my little girl. It's hard to see her acting so wild. If it were any other woman, I'd think she was a tramp for acting that way, throwing herself at you and flaunting her body. It makes me uncomfortable to think that even with a proper upbringing she could still act like that."

"Kate, she claims to be in love with me. As I recall, I saw almost the same behavior with you and Paul when you were only nineteen. Obviously you two had sex at least once before you were married. Otherwise you wouldn't have been two months pregnant with Natalie on your wedding day."

"Drew, I'm not saying that she shouldn't have sex until she's married. I admit I had a sexual relationship with Paul before we were married, but I was twenty-one years old. Paul and I had been dating for a year and a half and were already engaged before having sex the first time, and before you ask, you know he was the only one I've ever been with intimately. I wasn't sleeping around in college like other people. The situations are very different, Drew."

"All right. So they are, but she's dreamed of this for years. She's sure this is what she wants, and it's damn hard to resist such persistence. If it were any other eighteen year old, I would have already taken the plunge."

"You mean you haven't?"

"Not that I should tell you, but no, we haven't. Being so much older, I'm trying to be the voice of reason. It's too soon. If we're both serious about this, it can wait."

"Are you serious?"

"I'm cautious, Kate. There is so much at stake emotionally for all three of us. I have to know it's right before committing myself to her intimately, and I'm not sure of that yet."

Kate showed some relief. "This is just weird. I wonder what Paul would think if he were still alive."

"I think he'd be more upset about Lola claiming to be a lesbian. That's not an issue you've seemed to address yet."

"Well, obviously I don't think it's wrong. That part doesn't bother me. I'm just in shock I guess. I mean Lola is one of the most beautiful girls in the county. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying beautiful women can't be gay. After all, you were quite the looker in high school and you still are. However you were always obvious. I've never seen any inclination from her towards other girls. I think I'm experienced enough by watching you to know what I'm looking for."

"I never saw it either. I think I've misread her so many times, because I never imagined that she was thinking of me that way. How could I think that? How could I look at a twelve year old and think she was having sexual thoughts about anyone but especially me? Now I know differently. Looking back I remember times when I should've noticed. My mother even noticed. She said she knew what was going on from the beginning. I wish I had."

"I wish she had told one of us." Kate stated.

"Well, she said she didn't want to upset either of us or disrupt nature's course. She even thinks Lola and I will go as far as getting married and having children."

"She actually said that? What do you think about it?"

"Well, it was unnerving to say the least to have my mom feel that way all along and not say anything until now."

"But do you think there is any merit to her words?"

"Well, this is all new for me. My love for Lola is changing quickly. There's depth that I never imagined there could be in just a short amount of time. I haven't felt this way in years, twenty-one to be exact."

Kate met Drew's gaze as she interlocked her fingers in Drew's resting on the stick shift. "Is it too late to ask for forgiveness? I knew, and I hurt you anyway, because I was scared."

"You know I've forgiven you. It's history. Besides had it happened, Natalie and Lola wouldn't be with us, so in a way I guess I'm glad."

"You think so?"

"I know so, Katherine. Paul never would've been able to pry you away from me. I would've made you happy, but seeing as how I couldn't have given you children as you had always desired, it was for the best."

"I know you would've made me happy, Drew, but I suppose you're right." A moment passed before Kate looked out the windshield and mumbled, "Although sometimes I regret not having not having that experience."

"Me too." Drew confessed.

"If it weren't for Lola, do you think we would have eventually acted on those feelings?"

"Yes. I think your bed would've been a regular stop for me and probably the only one, but the feelings wouldn't have been the same as they were twenty years ago. We've both changed. Lola is in the picture, and I'm not going to do anything to hurt her if I possibly can."

"What an ironic twist of fate." Kate stated looking out the window again. "I can't believe my own daughter took your heart. For so many years you've given me affection, and I thought I'd always have that. Guess I took it for granted. When Paul was killed, I thought for sure you'd pursue me, but instead my youngest child came right under my nose and stole you." she mentioned with stinging hurt in her voice.

"I didn't realize I was yours or that I was stolen. I think you might be feeling a little bit jealous." Drew stated feeling defensive.

"Jealous? Of my daughter? I don't think so." Kate sharply replied yanking her hand away from Drew's. "I have no reason to be jealous of Lola. She's a kid. She doesn't know what she wants. She's going to hurt you, and that upsets me, because you deserve better."

Both sat in silence stewing over the conversation, neither really understanding where it was headed. The rest of the afternoon followed in awkwardness. When they arrived back at Kate's, Lola was home, but Drew ignored her as she moved the furniture.

Once it was finished, Kate offered her some lunch. "It's the least I could do for you, Drew." she stated.

"No thanks. I'd rather just get going if it's all the same to you." Drew replied earning her a curious stare from Lola.

"All right. Would you like to get together this evening?"

"No. I'd rather not, not tonight. I'm sorry." Drew answered letting Kate know she wasn't over their earlier disagreement. Kate reached to touch Drew's arm, but she pulled away quickly.

"Well, all right. You know where I am if you change your mind." Kate mumbled walking into the other room.

"Walk me out, will you, Lola?" Drew asked moving toward the door.

When they were outside, Lola inquired, "Are you all right? Did you and Mom get into a fight?"

"Yeah, kind of, but don't go in there and pick a fight with her. It's between us. We'll work it out eventually."

Around 9:00 that evening Drew was relaxing in front of a fire when her doorbell rang. Thinking it might be Lola, Drew rushed to answer it. However Kate was standing there. "What are you doing here?" Drew asked letting her into the house.

"I came to talk to you about today, but I didn't want to do it over the phone."

"Well, come in. Sit down." Drew suggested gesturing toward the couch.

They both sat for a moment before Kate said, "I don't really know what upset you today, or why I got upset. I guess I am jealous that Lola has you. It's not so much that it's you, though. I guess it's just that I wish I had someone in my life who made me feel as good as you make Lola feel. She loves you, and I can see that the feeling is mutual. You both deserve to be happy, and if it's with each other, I should be supporting you. It's pointless for me to try to stop a relationship between you two. After today I know it's going to happen regardless of what I think."

"I'm glad you realize that, but I'm sorry that I upset you. I know this is hard being without Paul. I can't even imagine the pain you're going through."

Kate gave a weak nod as tears began to flow down her cheeks. Drew embraced her closely, and they were quiet. After Kate had composed herself, she mentioned, "Lola's lucky to have you, Drew."

"We're both lucky to have you being so understanding about this."

"I should get going. I don't want to be here when Lola arrives. I don't want her to see me like this right now. Would you mind if she stays with you tonight?"

"You sure you're okay with that?" Drew inquired suspiciously.

"Yeah. I just need to be alone right now. I know she'll be in safe hands with you. I won't have to worry."

"All right. I'll tell her when she comes over, but you call me if you need anything."

"I will. Tell Lola that I expect her to be at church on time tomorrow. Maybe we could see you too."

"I'll think about it."

At about 10:00 the phone rang. "You still up for some company?" Lola inquired.

"Yeah. Listen. I talked to your mom. She wants you to stay over here tonight. She says she'll meet you at church in the morning."

"She said that? Is everything okay?"

"She just needs to be alone for awhile. She's been in mourning most of the day."

"Well, okay. I have to stop by home and get some things for church. I'll see you in a little bit."

When Lola appeared at Drew's, Drew asked, "Everything all right at home?"

She shrugged. "You were right. She's upset, but she said she'd see me in the morning."

"Okay. Well, it's kind of late, and we have church early. We should probably get some sleep."

"You're going with us? You only go on holidays."

"I know, but I thought I'd give it a try. I get to spend more time with you that way."

As Drew and Lola settled into to bed for the first time as a couple, they were quiet as they cuddled. "It is so nice to be able to hold you like this, Lola." Drew confessed.

"It is wonderful. I'm glad I'm here with you." Lola mumbled.

Drew sensed Lola's sadness in her far off voice. "You okay, sweetheart?"

Lola shrugged, but soon the dam of tears broke, and she was weeping into Drew's chest. Drew held her tightly as sobs racked Lola's petite body. "I miss my daddy." Lola sniveled clinging tighter to Drew.

Drew hadn't heard Lola use such a tiny voice since she was a little girl, and her heart ached hearing her pain. Slipping back into a parental role momentarily, Drew held her tighter whispering words of sympathy. "I know, baby. Just let it out. I know you're hurting. Cry it all out. I've got you."

"She's hurting so much, Drew. I can't stand to see her like this. Why did this happen? How could God take my father away? It's not fair." she whined.

"No. It's not fair, and I don't know why this happened. I wish it hadn't." Drew replied softly caressing Lola's blonde locks. Lola continued to weep until she cried herself to sleep, leaving Drew holding onto her protectively.

Chapter 7

Christmas time proved to be interesting for the Emerson and Bailey families. Drew's parents had gotten in on the fifteenth and were planning on staying through the twenty-seventh, and Natalie was scheduled to come back in town on the twentieth of December, the same day Paul's parents were arriving. The day of the arrival, Kate asked Drew to pick up Paul's parents since they were coming into a different airport than Natalie to which Drew agreed, even though she wished she could be picking up her goddaughter whom she hadn't seen since she'd left for school.

By the time Drew returned to Kate's with the Emersons, the girls were home. Instantly Natalie ran to Drew, embracing her tightly. "Wow, Natalie. You are quite the young lady, aren't you? You look wonderful."

"Oh, Drew, I missed you." she said as they hugged again.

After hugs, Drew watched Natalie and Lola snuggle up to each other on the couch and start chattering, making Drew smile. Even as children Drew remembered them to be incredibly close. The bookends she used to call them, because they were almost identical with the exceptions of their one year difference and Natalie's dark hair. Drew sat watching them giggle with each other like she had so many times before as she wondered if Lola had told her sister about their growing relationship.

Finally breaking into the conversation, Drew inquired, "So, how's school going? You liking California?"

"Oh it's so great! I love it there, but it's so expensive. School's good too. I've made lots of friends, and I met the coolest guy! He's so cute! I think he might actually come see me for New Year's."

Drew attentively listened to Natalie carry on about her new boyfriend for several minutes before checking her watch. "Oh my. It's getting pretty late. I need to get going. I'm sure my parents are back from their party by now." she mentioned standing.

Both girls sprang to their feet when Drew stood. Saying good night to everyone, Drew headed toward the door followed closely behind by her two favorite teenagers. Going out to the Jeep, the three of them spoke for a few more minutes before Drew mentioned, "You two better go inside. You'll catch colds being out here without coats on." Natalie gave a nod moving to hug Drew good night before turning to the house. However when Lola didn't follow her, she turned to look at her younger sister.

"I'll be right in. I just want to talk to Drew for a minute." Lola stated wrapping her arms tighter around Drew's waist.

Natalie eyed them suspicious. "Lo, something going on?" Lola shook her head in denial, but obviously Natalie didn't buy it. "Oh come on. Something's going on. What is it?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to tell Drew good night in private." emphatically she replied.

Natalie's gaze went back and forth between the two for a moment taking in the situation. "Oh my God." she suddenly stated. "You two are..."She pointed between the two of them not finishing her sentence at first.

"What?" Lola inquired, trying to act innocent.

"You know, a couple." Lola's face showed her surprise at being caught so easily. Natalie laughed. "It's true then?" she asked in delighted surprise.

"How did you know? Did Mom tell you?"

"Mom knows? Cool. Look, Lo, I've seen a lot my first semester at school. I know how to spot a couple, same sex or not."

"Then you're okay with this?" hesitantly Lola inquired clinging tighter to Drew.

"Oh sure, yeah. I have lesbian friends at school. It's no big deal to me. I'm just glad you finally found someone. That goes for both of you. I am surprised, though. I never would've imagined this. How long has this been going on?"

"A couple of months." Drew answered feeling Lola relax in her arms.

Natalie smiled. "That's so cool. Well, I'll let you say good night then. Lo, you have to give me all the dirt later tonight."

Once she was gone, Lola looked up at Drew. "I'm glad that went well. Makes me feel better."

Drew nodded in agreement. "With your grandparents around, we have to be careful, though. I don't know if they would react to this really well."

"As long as I can steal you away for a few moments, that's all I care about."

Drew smiled. "You should get back in the house. It's cold out here."

"But we haven't had any time together today. I want to be with you for awhile. Please don't go yet. Come back inside. Nana and Gramps already went to bed. They'll never know."

"I can't. I promised your mother we wouldn't do anything in her house." Lola moped playfully. "Well, we could sit in the Jeep for awhile and talk." Drew suggested caving to Lola's pouting lower lip.

Lola gave victorious smile. "Oh, I hope we can do more than talk." she whispered coyly opening the back door to the Jeep.

Both of them slid into the backseat, and Lola was instantly in Drew's lap as they kissed softly at first. However their need became more apparent as their kissing became deeper and more intimate. Drew's hands slipped Lola's sweater off of her body, leaving her in one of Drew's old denim shirts. Yanking it out of the jeans, Drew found her tiny waist and kneaded her lower back as they continued their sensuous tongue tango. Lola finally pulled back meeting Drew's gaze. Ever so slowly she unbuttoned her shirt but held it closed to watch the growing desire in Drew's dark eyes. Provocatively Lola opened her blouse as if to present herself for Drew's inspection. Immediately Drew filled her hands with lace covered malleable flesh as she dove into Lola's neck.

"God, I love your breasts." Drew growled feeling the crests harden under her fingers.

"Well, they love you." Lola erratically panted reaching back for the clasp. As soon as they were freed, Drew seized one in her mouth causing Lola to whimper her name.

"Lie down." Drew instructed gently pushing Lola's back onto the seat and wedging between her thighs. Drew was fascinated with Lola's responses. Even though she was regularly exploring Lola this way, Lola still responded like it was the first time in vocal awe and satisfaction. Drew cupped the apex of Lola's thighs, pressing her palm into her with persistence, but her body was needing more. Leaning up to Lola's mouth, her hands started to work open Lola's belt.

"What are you doing?" Lola inquired with surprise.

"Please, Lola. I have to feel more of you." begged Drew.

"Oh God, yes." Lola replied assisting Drew in her efforts to unzip her jeans.

When they were open, Drew kissed her again passionately as her hand slipped between the folds of denim. It was the first time she'd ever touched Lola this way, and she was not disappointed by the flood awaiting her searching hand.

"God, you're so wet." Drew growled into Lola's neck.

"I want you so much, Drew." Lola admitted cradling Drew's head deeper into her chest.

Drew focused on Lola's pleasure as she worked her fingers slowly over Lola's throbbing core. Lola responded wildly, her chest heaving as her moaning became constant and her hips bucked fiercely to increase the pressure. Drew was patient in her play, enjoying the sight, sound, and feeling of her lady's unfolding fervor. Lola was by far the most erotic creature she'd ever laid eyes upon. Drew could feel herself swiftly moving toward climax just by watching her. Drew moaned Lola's name deeply.

"Don't stop, Drew." Lola implored digging her nails into Drew's bare back in an effort to bring their bodies closer. One of Lola's hand traveled down Drew's back, over the seat of her jeans to palm the wet crotch of her jeans from behind.

Drew growled Lola's name as that tiny action sent them both over the peak. Heavy breathing was the only sound for several minutes as they settled back into reality. Finally Drew withdrew her hand from Lola's jeans. Lola watched in wide-eyed surprise as Drew brought each finger to her mouth to clean them of excess fluids. Lola whimpered as her hips rocked insistently at the sight.

Drew grinned. "Well, Miss Emerson, I really should get going before this gets out of hand. Much more and I don't think I could control myself."

Lola nodded in consent as they moved to straighten their clothes. Once they were presentable, Drew got into the driver's seat, and they whispered their good nights as they kissed gently.

Upon reaching home, Drew tried to sneak in quietly in case her parents were already asleep, but as soon as she locked the door, her mother called to her. "Lola's on the phone for you." Drew came into the kitchen where her mother handed her the cordless phone before squeezing her shoulder. "Your father and I are going to bed. See you in the morning."

"Good night, Mom." Drew mumbled kissing her cheek. Bringing the phone to her ear, she said, "Hey, hon. Miss me already?"

"Yeah. Hope you don't mind me calling. I just wanted to hear your voice once more before I went to bed."

"Aren't you the sweet one? I miss you too."

"Well, Natalie is dying to use the phone to call her boyfriend, so I should go. Sweet dreams, Drew."

"You too, love. Good night."

Over the next few days Drew spent most of her time with Lola and Natalie shopping for Christmas presents. Kate's parents arrived on the twenty-third making the house overcrowded with company. Reluctantly Kate agreed to allow the girls to stay with Drew.

Drew's house was lively that night as everyone came over for dinner. As the older women fussed over the meal in the kitchen, Drew tended to the roast outside on the grill. She'd been alone for a few minutes when she felt Lola's presence. Drew turned to see Lola walking toward her, hands behind her back. Drew eyed her suspiciously but said nothing. Once Lola's body brushed into hers, Lola pulled out the mistletoe, hanging it over Drew's head.

Drew laughed lightly. "Naughty woman." she whispered as they kissed. Momentarily they forgot their company as their mouths warmed each others in the cold night air. They never even heard the door open.

"What the-what's the meaning of this?" Paul's mother exclaimed in shock.

"Nana!" Lola screamed in shock as she jumped out of Drew's embrace. "Nana, it's okay." she tried to assure her.

"It certainly is not, Lola Emerson!" Nana yelled. "Drew Bailey, how dare you take advantage of my granddaughter! Katherine is going to hear about this!"

"Mrs. Emerson, she already knows."

"Surely she doesn't condone this behavior! You're coming with me, young lady!" Nana yelled taking Lola by the arm.

Lola resisted looking to Drew for help. Drew's heart twinged at the fear in Lola's eyes. "Go with your grandmother, Lola. I'll be right behind you." she stated in defeat, knowing she couldn't resist Mrs. Emerson's authority if things were going to turn out all right in the end. Drew followed them inside.

"Katherine, you will not believe what I caught this poor excuse for a woman doing to my granddaughter!"

Kate's eyes met Drew's. Shaking her head in obvious disappointment, Kate mumbled, "I can probably guess."

The screaming had gathered everyone into the kitchen to investigate. "This spawn of Satan has corrupted my grandchild!"

"Hey! That's my daughter you're talking about." gruffly Drew's father interrupted.

"Dad, no." Drew warned. "I guess since everyone is here and seems to be interested, I might as well try to explain."

"You've done enough, Drew!" Nana scoffed.

"Then I'll explain." Kate stated. "First of all, take your hands off Lola. She's not in trouble and shouldn't be treated like she is."


"No, buts." Kate sternly stated. "Now let go." When Nana had released her, Lola scurried into Drew's arms. "Now no one has said anything to anyone, but since you brought it to everyone's attention, we might as well address it, because I know they are tired of sneaking around everyone's back. Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, Mom and Dad, you've always known Drew was a lesbian. We all knew, except for the Emersons and the girls. Well, about two months ago when Drew almost died in a gun fight, I learned that she and Lola had feelings for each other. Needless to say, I was shocked and upset at first, but it was my own daughter who convinced me to allow this relationship. It's become more obvious to me as time passes that they really do love each other, and for that reason alone, I've allowed it."

"But it's immoral and wrong!" Nana protested.

"Don't tell me about immoral! All you have to do is look at them to see this is not wrong! Have you ever seen either of them so happy? It's not wrong to love someone else so deeply." Kate said looking at her daughter and best friend. Lola moved to her mother's embrace.

"Paul would never have agreed with this, and you know it!"

"Maybe, maybe not, but he's gone, and I have to go it alone now. This is Lola's life. These girls have had a proper upbringing. Drew is the kindest, most compassionate woman I know. She's a good person and has a sincere heart. Personally, I think if Lola has concluded this is who she is, I know she's in good hands with Drew. I know Drew would never intentionally hurt her, and that's my greatest fear for my children, being hurt maliciously. At least I know that's not going to happen in this case." Kate stated grabbing Drew's eyes. Drew was misty-eyed as she smiled her appreciation.

"Well, I don't agree with it. Surely you agree with me." she stated looking to her husband for support.

He shifted on his feet as all eyes went to him. "Lola, honey, I want you to be happy. You have to understand. The way I was raised this was wrong, very wrong. That's what I've always believed, but I've never had to face it. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I'm willing to try for your happiness. I've never seen you this happy before, and I had wondered what had caused it. If this is what you truly want, I'll do my best to support you. I'd rather rethink my values than lose you. Just give me time to adjust to this idea?" he quietly asked.

"Of course, Gramps. Thank you for understanding."

All eyes fell on Nana. "I can't believe any of you!" she huffed storming out to the porch.

"Everyone just leave her alone for awhile. She'll be fine." Mr. Emerson stated.

Once everyone had dispersed back to their original activities, Gramps extended his hand to Lola. "Come here, sweetie. I want to talk to you privately."

When Kate and Drew were the only ones left in the kitchen, they embraced. "Thank you." Drew simply stated.

"I guess you just never know how family is going to react. I better do damage control on my parents. They were too quiet."

Drew stared out her kitchen windows to the porch. Mrs. Emerson was standing close to the grill shivering in the chilly night. Drew went to get a coat and then softly opened the porch door. "Mrs. Emerson." she called to get her attention. When she did, she extended the coat to her.

"Thank you." she mumbled putting it on. Moments passed as Drew idly poked at the meat, hoping to get the older woman to speak. A few minutes passed before she did. "What are your true intentions toward my granddaughter?"

"To make her happy."

"And you don't think she could find that happiness with a nice young man?"

Drew heard the bitter tone, and decided to try to disarm it with an honest answer. "I think Lola's life would be easier with a man. With that I can't argue, but she wouldn't find the happiness she deserves."

"How do you figure that?"

"Well, Lola could've chosen to go against her feelings. People do it all the time. She could've chosen the easy way, married a man, had three kids, and a little white picket fence, but she decided not to go down that path. She decided to be true to her feelings. Her heart tells her that she needs the company of a woman to make her feel complete and happy. That can be hard for anyone to accept, especially an eighteen year old. However she's accepted that, and she's fully aware of what that means. She's giving up a lot to follow her heart. She knows what could happen. Kate can tell you the things that have happened to me. Lola's aware they could happen to her, but she's willing to risk that for what she believes."

"What's happened to you?"

"Well, people cursed at me and beat me up when I was younger. I still get the cursing today at times. I've grown accustomed to it, so it doesn't bother me any more, but it hasn't always been easy."

"I would never want that for Lola."

"Neither do I, Mrs. Emerson. That's why I will do everything I can to protect her. Whether she's with me or someone else, she will always have my protection. She needs it from those that care about her, her family, her friends."

"What if it's not enough?"

"I can only pray that it is." Drew answered. "She's going into this with open eyes, Mrs. Emerson. She knows it's a battle field, but she wants to walk into it anyway. She's showing great strength, far beyond her years. She needs support."

"Regardless of that, she's been raised as a Christian. The Bible says it's wrong. You know that, don't you?"

"Mrs. Emerson, I know about the Bible. Not many people know this, but I had a minor in religion in college. I know a lot about many religions, including Christianity. If you'd like to have a religious discussion concerning the Bible's view on homosexuality, I'd be happy to do so, but I must tell you I've spent extensive time researching the subject. Based on that research, I've concluded that it's not defined as immoral. If you want to go down that road with me, we can talk about this in depth. It would be my pleasure."

"You're that sure of your research?"

"Yes, but you have to go into it with an open mind, without your preset ideas."

"All right. I can try to do that, for Lola's sake."

"Good. We'll talk about this in depth later. Right now I have to take this meat inside. You coming in?"

"In a minute." Drew turned to leave, but Mrs. Emerson called her back. "Thank you for trying to protect her, Drew."

Drew simply nodded before going into the house. She was just about to start cutting the meat, when she heard Mrs. Emerson's voice ask, "Need help with that?"

Drew grinned. "Sure. You can help me." The two worked in companionable silence for several minutes before Mrs. Emerson inquired, "What's the latest news on Paul's case? Have they set a trial date yet?"

"Not yet."

"I still can't believe he's gone. My baby boy was just ripped away from his family for no reason." she stated in disbelief.

"I know. I'm so sorry that happened. It's been rough on Kate and the girls. I've tried to look out for them just as Paul asked, but it hasn't been easy."

"When did he ask you that?"

"Right before he died. I still remember it vividly, coming up on the scene of the accident. It haunts me. I guess it always will. The sight of him lying on the ground, glass and metal everywhere. He was barely conscious. I held him in my arms and talked to him, trying to keep him awake, but he wouldn't do it. I tried everything I knew." Drew's voice began to shake in emotion. "I couldn't save him. He died in my arms, and I couldn't do anything to bring him back." she sobbed.

"You did everything you could." Mrs. Emerson whispered touching Drew's arm.

"It wasn't enough! Lola and Natalie are without a father! Kate is without a husband! You're without a son! All because I couldn't help him!"

"No. It's not your fault, Drew." Mrs. Emerson tried to reassure her as her own tears began to fall. "You tried to save him. You held him and comforted him in his final moments. When he needed someone the most, you were there."

Neither realized Kate had been listening in the doorway until she came and wrapped an arm around each of them. "It's going to be okay." she stated quietly comforting her mother-in-law and her best friend.

"I'm so sorry, Kate." Drew whimpered.

"No. You have nothing to be sorry about, Drew. You did everything you could for him. I know that. At least you were there at the end, so he didn't have to die alone. I'm sure it brought him great comfort to be in the arms of a friend."

Drew continued to cry quietly for several minutes in the arms of her best friend. For so long she had held in her feelings for the sake of her loved ones around her, but once the tears began, she couldn't stop. Mrs. Emerson was the first to recover as she gently touched the back of Drew's head. Drew gazed at her with pained eyes as Mrs. Emerson cupped her cheek gently. The stare lasted several moments. Seeing as that no words could describe the emotions of either woman, Mrs. Emerson grabbed Drew pulling her into a tight embrace.

Finally in a strained whisper, Mrs. Emerson said, "Thank you for being with him at the end. You're a kind spirit, Drew Bailey."

Once the women had recovered enough to continue meal preparation, there was no tension between Drew and Mrs. Emerson. In fact they spent most of the evening in one on one conversation, and when the evening came to a close, she hugged Drew good bye at the front door.

"Way to go, tiger. You're on your way to turning her into you greatest champion." her father mentioned as she settled down in the living room with her parents and the girls.

"Well, that's what I'm hoping for, but I didn't do anything. She made the first step. After that I just made sure we didn't lose her again."

Lola curled her arms around Drew, whispering, "Thank you."

"You're welcome. Just give her time, Lola. I think she'll be your advocate."

At bedtime that night, Drew held Lola as she slept. Looking down on her, Drew thought about the direction of their relationship. Drew had come to accept that she was in love with the eighteen year old. However the thought of losing her to school cast dark insecurity in her heart. She knew she had lived an eventful life in her twenties and early thirties, and she didn't want to deprive Lola of the opportunity to explore the world's options. She knew she would only hinder her if she tried to hold on too tightly. She had to give Lola space to grow. Drew knew there were trying times ahead, but the idea of finally having a chance at a lifetime partner was enough for Drew to put her heart at risk. She did wonder how deep Lola's commitment extended, though. Would she ever consider Drew as a mate, or was this part of her coming of age process? Drew feared the later, but she knew looking into those hazel eyes, she was powerless to resist.

The day of the twenty-fourth was fairly uneventful. Kate asked the girls come home, leaving Drew with just her parents. Her mother worked on the Christmas meal to take to Kate's the following day while Drew spent time in the office and her father worked in the barn. That evening Drew's family met Kate's at church, but instead of taking her usual place next to her parents, Drew sat between the two girls. Drew tried to concentrate on the sermon, but her mind kept drifting to the beauty sitting beside her. Casting a sideways glance, Drew noticed Lola sitting with her legs crossed, hands covering her knee as she dutifully focused on the preacher. Drew's eyes trailed down Lola's slender neck to her oversized holiday sweater, past the swell of her breasts to her hips before settling on her thighs. Lola was wearing a free flowing black skirt. She look so beautifully feminine it made Drew ache with desire. In the past few months, Drew had been shy about escalating their sexual involvement. Once Lola had gotten over her initial need to rush into things, she seemed content with the pace at which they were progressing.

Drew's eyes settled on her own legs. As usual she was dressed in a dark pants suit. She couldn't even remember the last time she had worn a dress, figuring it had been Kate's wedding almost twenty years ago. It had caused a big fight between she and her best friend, but finally Drew had given in, knowing how much Kate wanted her to be in the bridal party.

Moving her gaze back to Lola's legs, she gazed longingly, letting herself fantasize about the soft, smooth skin of Lola's inner thighs that she knew would be waiting if she had the courage to touch her there. Drew didn't even realize she gave a labored breath until Lola nudged her in the arm. Their eyes met, Lola's questioning Drew's. Drew leaned into Lola's ear and whispered softly, "You look so sexy. I want you so much right now. You have to come home with me after church."

Blushing profusely, she replied, "I can't."

"Please, honey. See if you can get away for a few hours." begged Drew.

At the end of the service, Drew hung around her Jeep waiting for Lola. She could see Kate and Lola discussing the matter on the far side of the parking lot before Lola strolled over to her.

"I'm sorry, Drew. I can't come with you. I wish I could." Drew leaned into her car door, sighing deeply trying to reign in her raging desire. "Are you okay?" Lola inquired stepping closer.

"I just really needed to be with you for awhile tonight. I'm aching for you, Lola."

"You know I want that too. I want to come with you, but Mom would kill me."

Just then Kate pulled up in the car with the family. "Let's go, Lola. You'll see Drew tomorrow."

Lola looked up at Drew before her mother. "I'm not coming." she stated firmly, obviously surprising Kate.

"Young lady, get in the car. We're going home." Kate demanded.

"Katherine, let her go. It's fine with us." Kate's father said.

Kate looked at her parents, then at Paul's. "It's obvious see wants to go. Let's not have a family feud on Christmas Eve." Nana stated.

"All right. I want you home by 11:00, or else you're grounded. Do you hear me?"

When they got to Drew's, her parents settled themselves in the den. "Lola and I are going to go down to the barn." Drew informed them picking up a present off the kitchen table.

Taking Lola's hand, they walked silently to the stable. Drew escorted her through the office to the back room that served as a break room for riders and staff. Pulling the string to the overhead light, it clicked on harshly. Lola sat on the old twin bed that had been pushed into the corner and was now used as a couch. She patted a spot next to her, which Drew took. Nervously Drew twirled the ribbon on Lola's present.

"I wanted us to be alone when I gave you this. I hope you like it, but if you don't, I can always return it."

"I'm sure I'll love it." Lola assured her taking it out of Drew's lap. Lola quickly opened it. "Oh my." she whispered pulling out the red, silk chemise by its spaghetti straps.

"There's a matching robe too." Drew mentioned pointing into the box. Lola just nodded as her eyes were transfixed on the negligee. When Lola didn't comment at first, Drew anxiously stated, "Maybe it was too soon to give you a gift like this. I saw it, and I knew it would look so beautiful on you."

"No, Drew. Don't apologize. This is the most beautiful piece of clothing I've ever been given. I'm just surprised. I never expected something like this. I love it, and I love you. I can't wait to wear it for you." she said leaning into Drew for a kiss.

Their mouths met slowly, deeply, communicating rising need. Drew quickly was becoming aroused again as she pulled Lola in further for a probing kiss. Lola's body felt so good pressed into hers. Drew slowly put Lola's present back in the box without ever breaking their kiss before knocking it off her lap to the floor. Pushing Lola's body back onto the bed, Drew slid between the cradle of her thighs. Her hand worked under Lola's skirt to her outer thigh as the kissing became more intense. After several minutes Drew pulled away to gaze questioning Lola's eyes, seeking permission to venture further.

"What is it?" Lola asked softly cupping Drew's face.

"I want to make love to you." Drew confessed, her voice cracking with sincerity.

"God, you don't know how long I've dreamed of you saying those words to me, Drew." she replied leaning up to met Drew's mouth gently. "But it's getting late. You have to take me home in less than an hour. I don't want to feel rushed." Drew dropped her head as she tried to slow her breathing, knowing she was right. "Drew, look at me." Lola tenderly demanded raising Drew's chin to meet her eyes. "I want you so badly, but I want us to take our time. I want our first time to be leisurely, to take all night. I want to feel you deeply within me. I ache for that but only when we have time to explore each other completely."

"I know you're right. We'll wait and do it however you want. I want it to be perfect for you."

"It will be, because it'll be you loving me." Drew nodded rolling off of her onto her side. Lola curled up into her, and they just held each other until it was time to go.

When Drew dropped Lola off that night, she walked her to the door. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow. Sleep well." Drew whispered embracing her.

Lola moaned at the full body contact. "Good night, Drew. I'll be dreaming of you. I am looking forward to the holidays being over. Then we can spend some real quality time together. I want so much to open myself up to you physically. I'm on fire for you. Every time I look at you, I just ache for you all the more." seductively she growled biting Drew's earlobe.

Drew groaned. "Don't torture me like this, Lola. Much more and I'll be leaving a puddle on your mother's porch."

"And what if I do this?" quietly she asked running her hand up Drew's inner thigh to the crotch of her slacks and squeezing gently.

"Lola." Drew grunted bringing their hips together in earnest.

"I can feel how wet you are." Lola teased. "That's all for me, huh?"

"You know it is." Drew growled, in the back of her mind thinking she might enjoy Lola being aggressive more often. "If you don't stop that, I'm going to start begging."

"Oh? What if I do this?" Lola teased unzipping Drew's trousers and sliding her hand into them.

"God, Lola. You better stop. Please. I can't control myself much longer. I'm going to have to have you right here and now." Drew's eyes focused intensely on Lola's letting her know she was serious.

"Oh all right. I guess I don't really want to lose my virginity on my porch. Soon though. Promise me soon." she demanded zipping Drew back up.

"Oh I promise. I'm going to give you a night you'll never forget, little lady, but after the holidays when we have time."

"I'm counting the minutes." Lola whispered desperately.

"Me too." Drew admitted as they gave each other a final kiss before parting ways.

Chapter Eight

Valentine's Day that year fell on a Saturday. Drew picked Lola up early that morning for their excursion into Washington, D.C. Knocking on the door, Drew prepared her best smile. When Kate answered, Drew greeted her sweetly extending a dozen yellow roses. "Happy Valentine's Day."

"Oh thanks, Drew. You're always so sweet." she said kissing Drew's cheek. "Lola's still getting dressed."

"Katherine, would you mind if I kept Lola with me all day today and dropped her off at church tomorrow?"

Kate looked at Drew seriously. "I suppose you have a reason for wanting to do that."


"Do I want to know about it?"

"Probably not."

Kate looked to the floor for a moment. "You know, Drew, you might be ready to take this relationship to the next level, but she's still very young. Be careful with her. Don't push her into something she's not ready for."

"You know I would never do that, Kate."

Kate nodded. "She needs to be at church at 9:00. Don't do anything that would make me regret this."

"I'll take care of her. Don't you worry."

"I am worried, Drew. I know full well how Lola feels about you. I know what she thinks she wants. I don't want to see her get hurt."

Drew simply nodded mumbling, "I'm going to let her know I'm here." Drew knocked on her door before entering. "Hey, beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day." Drew stated extending a dozen red roses to her.

"Wow. Thank you. They're beautiful."

"Listen. You're mom said you could spend the night at my place tonight, so you might want to pack a bag for church tomorrow." Lola's eyes flashed in excitement. "I'll just wait for you in the other room."

The first part of the day they just hung out in Du Pont Circle, window shopping before having lunch. After that Lola expressed interest in spending the rest of the afternoon back at Drew's in front of a fire. By the time they reached Drew's, snow had begun to lightly fall outside.

Drew started the fire while Lola made hot chocolate for them. Turning to the couch, Drew saw Lola reclining comfortably. Drew sat on the far end, bringing Lola's socked feet to her lap for a massage.

"Ah, this is heaven. Can't get too much better than this." Lola mumbled closing her eyes. "How did you convince Mom to let me spend the night?"

"I asked. Although she did lecture me about moving too fast with you. She thinks I wanted you here for sex."

Meeting Drew's gaze Lola hopefully inquired, "Don't you?"

Drew smiled. "Lola, honey, I do want you, but I have to be honest. I have serious reservations about taking us to the next level."

"Why?" Lola asked in concern. "Don't you love me?"

"Yes, of course I do. It's just that we're in two different places in life. I've realized that I want to settle down, maybe even start a family. You're so young with so much ahead of you. When you go off to school, there will be so many things to experience. Right now you think I'm everything you need, but you could go off and find out that's not true. I wouldn't want you to regret giving yourself to me."

"That would never happen, Drew. I love you. I always have. I couldn't regret anything between us, and I want the same things you do. I want to be the one you chose to settle down with if you'll have me."

"But how can you be sure when there is so much you haven't experienced?"

"I just know, Drew." she whispered moving toward her. Lola kissed her tenderly. "Please, Drew. Make love to me. I want you so much. I need to feel you."

Drew groaned as they kissed again. "You want to go upstairs?" she asked after a few minutes of kissing.

Lola shook her head mumbling, "Let's stay here by the fire."

Lola pulled Drew down to the floor in front of the fireplace as they methodically undressed each other, the feeling of skin on skin pushing them both further toward the point of no return. Drew took her time moving over Lola's body kissing and caressing it leisurely, enjoying the throaty moans issued forth from Lola's lips. Lola was gently thrusting her breasts up toward Drew's mouth until Drew began to lavish them with undivided attention. Dipping lower Drew traced a path down Lola's abs past her navel. Lola's hands were on Drew's shoulders urging her further until Drew felt the wet heat radiating from Lola's core. Drew closed her eyes as her mouth instinctually moved with Lola's hips in needful time. Drew directed her body slowly to peak, encouraged by the urgency in Lola's whimpers of delight. As much as Drew wanted to be inside of her, she ignored her own desire and committed herself to giving Lola the ultimate pleasure. She felt Lola's climax in her quivering thighs and as it erupted through her, ending with Lola screaming her name as she clung to Drew tightly.

They were silent for several minutes as Drew rested her head against Lola's stomach. Feeling Lola's body shiver under hers, Drew sat up to retrieve a throw form the couch, and spooning her body into Lola's back, she draped the blanket over their bodies. They watched the fire in contemplative silence.

"That was... earth-shattering." Lola whispered as her body shuddered into Drew's.

Drew smiled into Lola's neck. "Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did."

After a few moments, Lola spoke again. "Drew, as mind-blowing as that was, why didn't you go inside? You know I wanted you to."

"I know, but we have all night for that. There's no rush. I want us to take our time."

Lola nodded snuggling closer. "This is nice. I love feeling your skin on mine."

Neither noticed how much time passed as they watched the flickering fire as snow fell outside. After awhile Lola turned in Drew's arms so they were facing each other. Drew watched the blanket fall down to Lola's waist as she propped onto her elbow. Their eyes met in a long gaze as Lola moved her hand to Drew's stomach, tracing over it lightly. Drew wondered what Lola was thinking until she felt Lola's hands move up to a breast. Drew sucked in a quick breath as Lola's fingers flicked over the peak. Lola leaned into her neck kissing it sensuously before dipping lower into Drew's chest. Drew's first feelings were of panic. She had never allowed Lola to touch her this way before, and furthermore, no one had been this intimate with her body in years.

"Lola, do you have any idea what you're doing to me?" hoarsely Drew whispered.

"No, but I hope to find out." Lola mumbled as her head disappeared under the blanket.

Drew groaned feeling Lola's mouth shower her chest with kisses. Lola shifted her weight between Drew's thighs, rewarded with the wetness she found there. Drew's eyes rolled closed as Lola moved her hands and mouth over her frame. Feeling Lola's mouth move past her abs, Drew threw back the blanket to see her face inches from its final destination. Lola locked eyes with her as she lowered her head towards its prize. They both groaned at the feel of Lola returning the attention Drew had given her. When Drew felt her tongue explore curiously, she moaned deeply. Drew knew she couldn't fight against the feeling any longer, nor did she want to. Longing and love seared through her body, shaking her to the core, and she no longer questioned Lola's sincerity in her pledges of love and devotion. Knowing she would fulfill Lola's long standing fantasy once she had finished her probing, she let herself relax and enjoy the caressing, murmuring loving encouragement to her young lover. Drew felt her body teetering on the edge of oblivion as she worked her hips harder to reach its peak, but the final push came when she suddenly felt herself be deeply and fully filled. Drew screamed at the invasion as the crescendo of pleasure shook her. When she finally floated back to earth, she felt her emotions slip as tears trickled out of the corner of her eyes.

"Oh God, Drew. Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you?" Lola inquired in worry.

Drew shook her head as she crushed Lola's head between her breasts. "No. I just never thought, never imagined it could be this way."

"So does that mean I did okay?" nervously she inquired.

"Oh it was more than okay, baby. It was-God, I love you so much, Lola. No one's touched me that way in a very long time."

"I'm glad you're pleased, Drew. That's all I've ever wanted to do, please you in every way I can. I love you so much."

"I love you too. Where did you learn that?"

"Just used my imagination. I've only been dreaming of this moment for six years, you know." she teased meeting Drew's eyes.

"That long, huh? Well, time to make those dreams come true." Drew whispered rolling Lola onto her back. Settling between her thighs, Drew gazed at her longingly. "I want to make love to you, Lola. I have to feel you. I want to make you the woman you've always wanted to be if you'll let me."

Taking Drew's hand, Lola moved it into position so all Drew had to do was slide in. Holding Drew's gaze Lola softly confessed, "I'm yours, Drew, always have been. Take me. I want to feel you inside of me."

Drew leaned down to give Lola a deep, reassuring kiss as she made that wish come true. Lola cried out faintly as her innocence slipped away with Drew's tender entrance. Drew shuddered at the feel of her from the inside and was humbled and honored to know she was the first to touch her this intimately.

"You're so tight and wet." Drew moaned. "Let me know if I begin to hurt you. I don't want you to feel any unnecessary pain."

Lola nodded clutching Drew's back tighter as her muscles stretched to accommodate Drew's gentle manipulation. Drew worked her steadily knowing the worst pain would come when she finally push through the thin barrier that separated Lola from womanhood. Every time Drew pushed against it, even in the slightest, Lola jumped in anticipation. Trying to distract her from it, Drew began to kiss over her bare torso. Lola quickly approached fulfillment, and Drew knew the moment Lola has longed for was at hand. Looking to Lola's face, she met her hazel eyes to see the love that mirrored her own.

Drew lingered momentarily until Lola urgently begged, "Please, Drew."

Resolve slipping away, Drew pierced through to claim her as Lola had always dreamed. Drew saw the pain in Lola's face quickly be replaced with pleasure as spasms rocked her body, draining her. Drew remained deep within her until all the contractions subsided. They were both crying softly as she pulled out. Their wet eyes met.

"I love you, Lola Emerson." Drew confessed.

"I love you too, Drew Bailey." Lola replied pulling Drew's body down into her own.

"I hope I lived up to your expectations." Drew whispered.

"It was even better than I imagined, Drew."

"I'm glad." Several minutes of silence passed. "Well, I think I'm going to start on diner. I'm pretty hungry. Is there anything special you'd like?"

Lola shook her head. "Whatever you want is fine. I'm just going to go to the bathroom."

Drew helped Lola to her feet and watched her form retreat up the staircase before grabbing the blanket off the floor. As she wrapped it around her waist, she noticed the evidence of their passion slightly discoloring the rug beneath her feet. Drew smiled as her mind replayed the moment. She hadn't felt this wonderful with a woman in her entire life. Sighing with content, she sauntered into the kitchen to start dinner. After several minutes Drew heard Lola descending the stairs. Turning she saw her young love wearing her Christmas present. "Wow. You look really good in that, very sexy." Drew commented with a smile as her eyes appreciated the way the chemise clung to Lola's curves.

"You look pretty sexy yourself." she teased nodding at Drew's bare torso. "I brought you your robe in case you were cold."

Drew took it, slipping it over her shoulders. "Thank you. It's nice to be looked after. I could get used to this."

"So could I." Lola mentioned. "I'm going to pick up our mess in the den." When she returned to the kitchen, she cuddled into Drew's back. "Sorry about the rug. I tried to clean it up, but it wouldn't all come out." she mumbled in obvious embarrassment.

Drew pulled her into a loose embrace and tilted Lola's head up to meet her eyes. "I'm not sorry, and I never will be. You've given me so much, Lola, and I'm honored to be the one you want to be with. You complete me in a way I've never known."

"I love you so much, Drew. I knew this could be wonderful."

"Well, you were right."

After a quiet but content supper, Lola suggested they watch a movie upstairs in bed, so they spent the rest of the night wrapped in each others arms watching tv and exploring their new love. In the morning Drew escorted Lola to church to met Kate. One look between Drew and Kate, and Drew knew Kate realized the transition that had taken place.

"Drew, nice of you to make it." she stated turning to her daughter. "Have fun yesterday, sweetie?" Lola simply nodded and smiled as she shifted closer to Drew. Drew returned the smile curving her arm around Lola's back. Kate shifted uncomfortably a moment before suggesting, "Why don't we get out seats?"

Once church was over, Drew left Lola in her mother's care. Drew was down at the barn later that day checking on the horses and reminiscing about the most passionate love making she'd ever experienced when she heard the barn door slide open. Assuming it was her lover, she prepared her best smile as she stepped out of the office. However she was met by Kate's expressionless face.

"Tell me you didn't have sex with my daughter." Kate spoke. Drew dropped her head with a sigh. "Tell me!" she demanded.

"I can't, and I won't." Drew mumbled.

Kate's eyes watered. "Why, Drew?"

Drew lifted her head and smiled with a far off look. "I don't know if words could possibly explain what happened to me over the past twenty-four hours, Kate. I've never really known the love of a woman until now. I have never felt my heart so filled with joy and happiness in my entire life. I have been blessed to have such an angel by my side. I am totally and completely out of control, and for the first time I don't care." Drew's smiled grew larger as she continued, "I finally know the happiness my parents have and told me was out there. It's like free falling without ending. The exhilaration and the pounding, tightening feeling in my chest when she's near is such a rush. I am so blissfully in love with a woman who returns it whole-heartedly for the first time in my life. For the first time my soul feels like it's found its missing piece."

Kate dropped her head. "Drew, if it was anyone else, I'd be the happiest for you, but I can't."

"What happened between Christmas when you gave Mrs. Emerson that big speech and now?"

"What happened?" rhetorically Kate inquired. "Drew, you had sex with my eighteen year old daughter, my sweet, innocent, eighteen year old! She doesn't know what love is! She only thinks she does! You robbed her of her innocence!"

"I didn't rob her of anything! Lola is not a child! She's an adult, and she can make her own decisions!"

"Not as long as she lives under my roof! As her mother it is my duty to protect her, even if it's from herself! I trusted you with my child, Drew!"

Drew took a deep breath trying to remain calm. "You know, Katherine, you can say all you want, but I will never feel bad about what happened yesterday. There's nothing you can say to make me regret the way I feel. It's obvious you can't handle this new development, and I'm sorry for that. I thought our friendship was stronger than anything else, but maybe I was wrong." she stated before exiting the barn. Drew made her way up to the house ans settled in front of a fire where she remained until the phone rang several hours later.

"Hello there." Lola whispered.

"Hey. How are you?"

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing. You?"

"I'm at the end of your driveway but don't feel comfortable driving my car through all that unplowed snow. Will you come pick me up?"

"Yeah. Be right there." As Drew slowly made her way up the driveway in her Jeep, she saw Lola emerge from her yellow Beetle in her cheerleading uniform and letter jacket. Coming to a stop, Drew rolled down her window and grinned ferally. "You want a ride, little girl?" she inquired making an obvious show of perusing Lola's body.

"How do I know if I can trust you, beautiful stranger?" Lola flirted shyly.

"Oh, you can trust me. Trust that if you get in, I'll take you on the ride of your life."

"You wouldn't try to take advantage of me, would you?" she asked moving toward the Jeep.

"Only if you want me to." Drew whispered.

Lola smiled before making her way to the passenger's side. Hopping in she asked, "So what's your name?"

Drew grinned deciding to see how far Lola wanted to take this game. "Most people call me Bailey. What about you?"

"You can call me Lo."

"All right. Lo it is."

"I guess it's a good thing I broke down where I did." They made their way back to the house. "Nice place. Yours?" Lola asked keeping up the charade.

"No. Actually it belongs to my wife."

"Oh? She here?"

"No, she's out of town on business."

"Lucky me." Lola whispered just loud enough to Drew to hear.

"So what about you, Lo? You have a boyfriend or girlfriend?"

She shook her head. "I've never been on a date."

"A beautiful girl like you? I don't believe it. That mean you've never been kissed?" Lola shook her head as she turned her back on Drew. Drew stepped closer, one hand touching Lola's hip the other her long blonde hair. "Ever wanted to know what it was like to kiss a woman?"

Lola brushed her back into Drew's body whispering, "Yes."

Drew dipped her head to nibble her neck until Lola moaned softly. "You like that, Lo?"


Drew turned her whispering, "How about this?" Drew descended onto Lola's mouth gently.

"Oh, Bailey." she moaned, making Drew grin.

"You want more?"

"Please." Lola begged.

Scooping Lola up into her arms, she walked up to the bedroom. An hour later they lay naked on the bed entwined in a close embrace.

"That was fun, babe. Thanks for playing along." Lola mumbled.

"That was fun. I think I'm going to like having a playful girlfriend."

"We'll play all the games you want." seductively Lola whispered.

"I love you, Lola Emerson."

"I love you too, Drew."

"So, what's up with the cheerleading outfit? Part of the game?"

"Well, cheerleading is officially over, and I should've giving it back two weeks ago, but I kept hanging on to it just in case. I always had a fantasy of you taking it off me."

"That makes two of us. Thanks for dressing appropriately then." she teased. "You want dinner? I'm starving." Drew asked after a few minutes.

"You always going to be hungry after we make love? I should know now to make sure the refrigerator is stocked at all times in the future."

"We're going to be making lots of love then?"

"Any minute I can get you in bed is a minute well spent." Lola teased.

Rolling Lola onto her back, Drew kissed across the slopes of her breasts as she inquired, "Seriously, are you hungry for dinner?"

"Not yet, but since you're hungry, I'll volunteer to be the appetizer."

"Believe me. I'm going to take you up on that." Drew replied diving into Lola's mouth as her hand found its way home between Lola's thighs again.

Continued in Part 3.

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